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“True Housewives from Beverly Hills” Deserve More Fashion | Instant News

When True Housewife of Beverly Hills premiered in October 2010, there were already five franchises as templates – Orange County, New York, Atlanta, New Jersey and DC. But from the start, Beverly Hills is a fish from a different sea. While the other actors turn the ancestors into a relative family, Beverly Hills has star power built through Kyle Richards and Kim Richards, Paris Hilton’s aunts and former child actors – and Camille Grammer, who was involved in a bitter and very open divorce with Kelsey Grammer to be played during the first season of the show.

Maybe it’s against the formula, but the initial criticism is brutal. “They can hardly speak, or formulate cohesive thinking,” write Salon. “The best thing that can be said for the sixth True Beverly Hills housewife on their opening night is that they are not as bad as their colleagues in New York or New Jersey, ” Read that Daily News. “These women know they can be thrown away,” write that Boston Herald. Well reviewed the event was not. But it later became a cultural juggernaut of judgment and pop culture, thanks to its stars and ability to overcome problems ranging from domestic abuse and alcoholism to crying over rabbit dolls and all-season narratives about women’s right to go to panty-less.

And even though the players have shifted, one Beverly Hills A ten year old staple has become a powerful fashion. From the show’s debut episode, fashion as an extension of wealth has been very important. “It’s kind of designed like a French chateau,” Lisa Vanderpump said during the pilot’s opening moments, as the camera cuts between her fancy pictures. Large house of 17,000 square feet before sliding around her and her husband’s spacious wardrobe, Ken Todd, who would be considered a spacious residence for anyone quarantined.

Since then, clothing has played an important role in the series, whether it’s shopping for women, show off $ 25,000 sunglasses, open and close their own boutique, design a collection of shoes, attend or walk on the runway, become a model for magazine distribution, or launch a swimwear line. There are already tiaras, pomeranians in pastel purple jumpsuits, tinsel, red latex, different hairpins, gold hair foils, T-shirt dresses, run-off-the-Paris-runway looks, and more.

“We are in Hollywood, a country full of smoke and mirrors, and they have access to the best stylists, hair, makeup, lighting, everything,” said Joey Maalouf, a hairdressing artist and celebrity whose clients include RHOBH the star Lisa Rinna. “Serving you glam show girls to go to the dentist on Tuesday, they give you the most because they love what they do.” And that shows. According to Maalouf, women are active Beverly Hills who know how to present a display are the people who bring the show. He quoted Erika Girardi who joined the show in 2015 as a moment that enhances fashion-wise.

“Life is about situational dressing,” Girardi said himself PAPER. “The question is: ‘What did I do today?’ Am I camping or am I in Rome? Camping and Rome need a different approach. “In the case of Girardi, who has been a performer all his life with the stage name Erika Jayne, personal style is always the most important. Its fashion archive goes back more than twenty years, and features everything from costume pieces to designer merchandise from the best of the best. “I never thought about the role that fashion would play on the show, it was just a part of my old self,” he said.

Dorit Kemsley, who joined the event one season after Girardi in 2016, echoes the same lifelong love of fashion, telling her to go to school in grade 6 wearing her mother’s clothes. Kemsley said that from the beginning while photographing he was not aware of the control he had over what he wore. “I remember one of the producers there and he said ‘let me go through your closet and I’ll give you a few choices.’ And she chose these dresses that are a little more typical of Beverly Hills women. So you can see natural progress when I realize that I can dress with who I really am and use the show as my runway, a group of women who improve their fashion game. encourage each of us to improve it too. “

For Lisa Rinna, who has been in business for decades at shows like Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place before joining the series in season five, watching friends like Girardi and Kemsley help encourage him to improve his style of play. “I feel that I always have my own style and vibration Housewife, “he said,” but after a few years of having to dress myself for twenty-one episodes plus shows and trips, I decided to search, interview and hire a stylist. ”

Rinna chose Marie-Lou Bartoli, who placed Rinna in a lime green sequined long sleeve Alex Perry green dress for the latest reunion as well as the Balmain leopard print mini silk, Alexander tuxedo front tie jacket, and blouse wrap Diane von Furstenberg throughout season nine.

Not all wives choose designers. “I am always a little hooch and join the players RHOBH absolutely not changed my style, “said Brandi Glavnille, who joined the show in her second season in 2011 and left full-time in 2015 (though she still appears as a guest).” I think the only thing I really changed was wearing fake diamond earrings because of that [the producers] liked the look of the interview. But I hoochie at heart. That will never change. I hate wearing a bra and like to wear as little clothes as possible. And I am very frugal. I didn’t grow up with a lot of money and as a single mother I saved every penny I got. I think if you watch the show, you know I’m putting on my own makeup in front of a mirror sitting on the ground. “

Still, it can’t be denied Beverly Hills status as that The housewife fashion franchise is among the eight currently in production. Take, for example, Girardi’s look from season nine: a blazer pulled directly from Jeremy Scott’s Moschino SS19 runway. “This display is one of my favorites,” Girardi said. “I have used Jeremy Scott a lot on the show and the design has helped me tell my story.”

There’s more moodboarding than you think. “We think about the things we have done and the things we want to do, inspiration can start from editorial images, old films, places, colors … or even old memories,” Girardi added. “From there, the conversation began between me and my creative team and after several calls / meetings, we narrowed it down to our special appearance.”

Like Girardi, Kemsley said his clothes change depending on his mood, and always with a view towards the runway. “I have a full love affair with Versace this year,” he said, seen on the show through a silk-twill printed silk-top bustier and matching pants – both adorned with iconic baroque prints of the house and Medusa motifs. His first breakout fashion moment occurred towards the end of his first season. “I’m discussing with my hairdresser Justine Marjan how to do something fun and we looked at the runway and saw the kindergarten collection and I thought ‘this is fun, it’s fun, it’s different.’ And he said ‘why don’t we cover most of your head with 24 thousand gold leaves. And I immediately said yes. This will not be for everyone and I fully accept it. I am not dressed for everyone. I dress for myself and for my husband. These are the two people I want to enjoy what I wear. “

And although Rinna and Girardi had used the stylist, for Kemsley the operation remained a team: himself. “You know, I’ve been thinking about the purpose of hiring someone, but I can tell you it’s one of the things I like to do myself,” he said. “This is therapy for me. Most of the time my children are in bed and I go to my closet and I just like to play, or I see something and it starts to show in my head and then it just kind of puts the pieces together.”

The fashion world has noticed. “I was very stripped because under its shiny exterior, I didn’t expect this very sincere heart to tell me that ‘your clothes make me feel who I am,” Scott told me about Girardi backstage during the same Spring / Summer 2020 show with him . “Lisa has the kind of energy that will excite the designer she meets,” said Christian Cowan, who completed Rinna at one of the runway shows recently in LA. “He is passionate, believes in your idea and comes down to creating with confidence that brings new energy to your vision.” And this excitement is brought by the women who give the audience, directly, the same excitement to not only look forward to this week’s drama, but also what they will be wearing.

“Do not hate others Housewife franchise, but Beverly Hills is a symbol of Hollywood’s glamor, “said Maalouf.” The cast gives you the value of production, henny. AF is rich and perfect, head to the little finger. Lace fronts are laid, poppin eyelashes, breasts and buttocks are grabbed and that’s before Balmain, Dior, Dundas, Atwood, and Birkin oh my! You want it, they get it. “

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