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King: The match was real, but the fans in the stands weren’t | Sports | Instant News

Over the years, I have watched great players like Aaron, Maddux, Jones, Murphy and now Freeman, to name a few, come and go. I watched teams win divisional championships, especially in the 90s, over time, several league championships, and one World Series title.

In all these years, I have never seen a season like this.

For one thing, it didn’t start on time. The season usually starts at the end of March, but this year nobody shouted, “Play football!” until 23 July. The team usually plays 162 games in a season. This year they only played 60.

Even though I own another car, I haven’t watched a live match in the last few years. This year, almost no one else. Due to the pandemic, when the games finally started, fans were not allowed to attend. At least no one needs to worry about someone stealing their car.

Can you imagine a game being played without organ music or the roaring of fans in the stands? Now then, someone let the organ players sneak up on the back gates of some stadiums, and they channeled the sound of the crowd. They even have fake fans in the stands.

True fans can submit photos of them, and for a small donation, make life-sized pieces of cardboard and place them in the stands. Several cardboard celebrities were in the stands. Some of the chairs were even filled with life-sized teddy bears.


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Statistics to watch out for in NLCS Game 6 and ALCS Game 7 | Instant News

At least one banner will be picked up today, and there are chances for two, as the Astros, Rays and Braves each seek to get their ticket to the World Series, and the Dodgers hope to impose Game 7.There are 10 days in postseason history where both Leagues

At least one banner will be picked up today, and there are chances for two, as the Astros, Rays and Braves each seek to get their ticket to the World Series, and the Dodgers hope to impose Game 7.There are 10 days in postseason history where both Series The League Championship was won on the same day, but the last time it happened was in 1992. Overall, both pennants have been won (including regular season wins, before the Division Era) on the same day a total of 13 times.

Here are 10 stats to watch on epic baseball this Saturday.

NLCS brought to you by Camping World, Game 6: 4:30 pm ET on FS1
FAQ: Line-ups, pitchers, others

Players: Corey Seager, SS, Dodgers
Stats: Batting 0.400 vs. left-handed this postseason

After a stellar regular season at the plate, Seager has continued his form into October. He’s had a solid 0.827 OPS against left-handed throwers during the regular season, but has crushed left-handers so far this post-season, with six strokes in 15 at-bats. Three of those hits were homers, including a solo shot in the fourth inning of NLCS Game 5 from Atlanta’s Tyler Matzek to start the scoring for the Dodgers. That bodes well for Seager’s fight with Braves Game 6 starter Max Fried. Seager has faced Fried six times – he was 0-for-3 in the regular season and 1-for-3 with one in NLCS Game 1.

Players: Walker Buehler, RHP, Dodgers
Stats: Braves hit .310 on four stitches in the regular season

Buehler didn’t allow more than two strokes in either of his starts for the Dodgers this postseason, and in NLCS Game 1, he hit 100 for the first time in 2020 (including the regular and postseason seasons). His best pitch this season has been his four-seamer, who has averaged 0.102 hitting in the regular season. He only allows one extra-base hit on the court: double. But the Braves are a fast-hitting team – averaging .310 over four stitches, the best in the Major in 2020. He allowed three extra-base strokes at four stitches in the postseason, including Freddie Freeman’s previous home run of the series.

Players: Max Fried, LHP, Braves
Stats: The Dodgers hit 0.183 against the sliders in the regular season

The Dodgers’ offense has been a feast or famine so far in the NLCS, with the star-studded lineup producing two runs or less in two of three defeats so far, and 22 combination runs in their two wins. One trend, in particular, is something to watch out for in Game 6 – Los Angeles hit just 0.183 vs. sliders during the regular season, which is where ranked 27th in the Major. Meanwhile, Fried has been increasing the use of his sliders so far this post-season, and along with that increased utilization has resulted in significantly higher odor levels. Opponents of rods swing and miss against Fried sliders 29 percent of the time during the regular season, and that figure is 37.5 percent (9 of 24) so far in the playoffs. The opponents during this postseason were hit 0.182 against the field.

Stars: Freddie Freeman, 1B, Braves
Stats: 0.941 SLG vs. four tailors in the regular season

Freeman, along with many of his teammates, did pretty well fastballs during the regular season. No player with at least 40 plate appearances who ended up four-seamer had a higher slugging percentage than Freeman’s .941. His 0.471 batting average is third, behind team-mates Marcell Ozuna (0.492) and Mets’ Robinson Canó (0.490). As noted above, Freeman hit Buehler’s four-seamer for the homer in Game 1. It was the second time he had hit one of the Buehlers out of the park. Only three other players have had as many homers as Buehler’s four-seamer including the playoffs – Orlando Arcia, Christian Walker and Trevor Story – and none have had more than two such homers.

Players: Cody Bellinger, CF, Dodgers
The stats: Pressing .143 vs. four sutures at postseason

Bellinger struggled in the regular season, never regaining his 2019 MVP form, and that continued into the playoffs. After destroying the fastballs in ’19, he didn’t do well against them in the regular season. And in the postseason, nine of the 14 strikeouts were four-seamers, and he hit .143 in at-bats that ended in four-seamer. The shot Fried has been using the most in the regular season has been his four-pin throw, which could be a problem for Bellinger. Overall, Bellinger 0-for-3 took on Fried with a strikeout in Game 1 of the series.

ALCS brought to you by GEICO, Game 7: 8:30 AM ET on TBS
FAQ: Line-ups, pitchers, others

Cast: Lance McCullers Jr., RHP, Astros
Stats: Rays hit .284 against curveball in regular season

In 2020, the McCullers cast a 37.6 percent curve over time fourth highest ratio in MLB (min. 500 pitches). The Rays, meanwhile, hit a really good curveball. They 0.284 batting average on at-bat that ends with a curve ranked second after Boston in their temporary Major .511 slugging is second only to Atlanta. Mike Brosseau (1,083 slugging) and Austin Meadows (1,000 slugging) were extremely dangerous.

Cast: Charlie Morton, RHP, Sinar
Stats: Astros hit 0.194 against curveballs in the regular season

On the contrary, Astros hitting just 0.194 at the bat that ends with a curve during the 2020 regular season, his ninth lowest hitting average against the court in the Major. Rays starter Charlie Morton curled the ball 32.7 percent of the time in 2020, the Ninth highest ratio in MLB (min. 500 pitches). Morton also relies heavily on his weights, which he throws 20.9 percent of the time in 2020, and the Astros reach 0.285 at the bat that ends with the ballast during the regular season. Interestingly, Morton threw more sinkers (33) than curves (27) in ALCS Game 2 against Houston. Astros batters went 1-for-4 with doubles against curveball and 3-for-10 with three singles against sinkers.

Stars: Jose Altuve, 2B, Astros
Stats: 4 shots vs. ball breaking in the postseason

There are many ways to describe Jose Altuve’s poor performance in 2020, but his performances against field offenses are perhaps the best place to start. MVP AL 2017 was a huge success .135 on the at-bat which ends with a break ball during the regular year, for a total of seven strokes against the breaker. He’s already taken four shots when he broke the ball in the postseason, and hit .307 against the field (4-for-13), including two goals in Game 6 from slider Diego Castillo.

Cast: Ryan Pressly, RHP, Astros
Statistics: Promoted in 3 consecutive days

The closer Astros has not appeared in his previous four straight games, which could be big on Saturday, as he has already sealed off each of Houston’s three straight wins, and may not be available. No other Astros pitcher has had more than one save in 2020, with Andre Scrubb, Blake Taylor, and Brooks Raley being the only runners on the list to have earned one save. If the Astros were in the lead, who would Dusty Baker call to shut him down?

Player: Randy Arozarena, OF, Rays
Stats: .111 BA vs. pitch in the inner third of the plate or outside of the inner plate

Arozarena has been the Rays’ best hitter throughout the postseason, but the rookie outfielder scored 2-for-12 from Game 4 to Game 6 of ALCS against Astros. Of his 20 strokes so far this post-season, 11 have taken on pitches located on the outer third of the plate or off the plate, including two doubles, triples and three of his six homers. While he is hit 0.440 about the bat ending in the throw, he hitting only .111 (1-for-9) on the court on the inner third or outside of the inner plate. One hit is a homer, but in the other eight strokes that ended in deep throws, he hit six times. Three of the punches are in the low throw and come in.

Sarah Langs is a reporter / editor of MLB.com based in New York. Follow him on Twitter @JAV_banget.

Manny Randhawa is an MLB.com reporter based in Denver. Follow him on Twitter at @Bayu_joo


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Braves Dodgers 2020 NLCS Game 6 FAQ | Instant News

After surviving one elimination game Friday night, the Dodgers will continue their ascent on Saturday in Game 6 against the Braves in the National League Championship Series of the best of seven at Globe Life Field, led by Atlanta, 3-2.

After surviving one elimination game Friday night, the Dodgers will continue their ascent on Saturday in Game 6 against the Braves in the National League Championship Series of the best of seven at Globe Life Field, led by Atlanta, 3-2.

NLCS brought to you by Camping World, Game 6: 4:30 pm ET on FS1

In Game 1’s rematch, Max Fry of the Braves will compete Walker Buehler of the Dodgers. Atlanta won Game 1, 5–1, scoring four runs in the ninth inning of the Los Angeles bullpen. That same pen allowed Atlanta just one round in seven innings of relief in Game 5, where the Dodgers were rally to win 7-3.

When is the game and how can I watch it?
The match will air on Saturdays on FS1 at 4:30 pm ET / 1:30 pm PT. It’s also available for streaming on MLB.TV.

Who will be the home team?
The Dodgers, because they are the No. 1, being the home team in Games 1 and 2, with the final blow. After serving as the away team in Games 3-5, they will be the home team once again in Game 6.

What’s the starting lineup?
Dare: Freddie Freeman homered from Buehler in Game 1, and Ronald Acuña Jr. did a grand slam against him during the 2018 NL Division Series. But while the Braves have created some great moments against Buehler in the postseason, they only counted three strokes against him on Monday.

1) Ronald Acuña Jr., RF
2) Freddie Freeman, 1B
3) Marcell Ozuna, DH
4) Travis d’Arnaud, C
5) Ozzie Albies, 2B
6) Dansby Swanson, SS
7) Austin Riley, 3B
8) Nick Markakis, LF
9) Cristian Pache, CF

Dodgers: With Chris Taylor outside, Enrique Hernández will start at second base. The day after his big homer, Will Smith would be the designated hitter, and Austin Barnes would catch Buehler.

1) Mookie Betts, RF
2) Corey Seager, SS
3) Justin Turner, 3B
4) Max Muncy, 1B
5) Will Smith, DH
6) Cody Bellinger, CF
7) AJ Pollock, LF
8) Enrique Hernandez, 2B
9) Austin Barnes, C

Who was the starting pitcher?
Dare: Fried gave one of the better starts of his youth career when he recorded nine strikeouts and allowed one run for six innings in Game 1. The left-hander started the postseason with seven goalless innings against the Reds. He’s always been known for his curveballs, but his sliders have been more effective this year.

Dodgers: Buehler will be looking to improve his command after running five in five innings in Game 1, despite allowing only one run on homer Freeman. Buehler continued to have blisters on his right hand.

How did the bullpens line up after the starter?
Dare: The Braves hope they won’t have to line up the bullpen until the seventh or eighth inning. They will seek to stay away from some (including Shane Greene, AJ Minter and Huascar Ynoa) after the bullpen game in Game 5. But manager Brian Snitker has made it clear he will not be afraid to use some of his three pitchers. and maybe four days in a row, if necessary.

Dodgers: After using six busters in Game 5, manager Dave Roberts said they would all be available for Game 6. That included Kenley Jansen, the team’s closest former player who attacked the side in the ninth inning of Game 5.

Are there any relievers that are not available?
Dare: Minter throws 42 temporary throws serves as an appetizer on Fridays, and Ynoa threw 94 throws in relief on Wednesday. They are the only relieving drug that will definitely not be available. Also, Greene likely won’t throw on the fourth day in a row.

Dodgers: Not. Blake Treinen threw two innings in Game 5, but he only threw 19.

Any injury records?
Dare: Adam Duvall was excluded from the NLCS roster after stretching his left tilt while swinging in Game 1.

Dodgers: Taylor left the game shortly after twisting his ankle and hearing a popping sound. Roberts said he was scheduled to undergo tests after the game.

Who is hot and who is not?
Dare: Freeman was 8-for-18 with three doubles and two homers during the NLCS. Ozuna has also taken a hot shot, making 7-for-21 with two doubles and two homers over the last five games. Meanwhile, Swanson is 3-of-19 with nine strikeouts during the series.

Dodgers: Seager is has a record-breaking series with four home runs in five games, but Bellinger scored 3-of-24 with 12 strikeouts.

Anything else fans want to know?
Dare: With an RBI single at Game 5, Pache joins Juan Soto as the only player 21 years or younger to drive four consecutive postseason games.

Dodgers: The Dodgers will have to win three potential elimination games in a row to take the series, a feat they have achieved before in franchise history: NLDS in 1981 vs Houston, where they won three in a row after falling 2-0 down in the draw. best of five.

Ken Gurnick has covered the Dodgers for MLB.com since 2001.

Mark Bowman has covered Braves for MLB.com since 2001.


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Storyline for 2020 ALCS Game 2, NLCS Game 1 | Instant News

The League Championship Series, starting today, both will take place. It can be hard to keep all the madness straight. So join us, throughout the week, for our daily previews – see, for each series, the three main storylines for each team going into the day’s game.

Post-season bracket, schedule

There has never been a postseason like this, but we have now reached the point where things have been resolved and the schedule resembles a “normal year.” Settings have changed, but this is the postseason, and the postseason always tells us one thing is certain: Every night, you’ll be reminded that you know nothing. The story line will change every day. Here are three storylines for each team heading into Monday’s game.

Game 2: Astros-Rays, 4pm ET, TBS
Rays leads series, 1-0
FAQ: Line-ups, pitchers, others

3 Astros storylines

1. Is Jose Altuve back? There’s really nothing more real than looking at Jose Altuve’s baseball card stats and seeing that he’s hit 0.219 this year. Jose Altuve! 0.219! But the old Altuve appears to be back in October: It owns 1,054 OPS and is in charge of the only Astros operating in Game 1, first inning homer. (Yes, I know he scored for the final, but Diego Castillo is no slouch.) Altuve now have more homers than any second baseman in LCS history and more postseason experience than anyone on either team, and he’s had a tough year he wants to forget. Keep warm, this series will really help make it happen.

2. Could the McCullers make 2017 again? Let’s never forget how good Lance McCullers Jr. in the 2017 postseason.He had an ERA of 2.61 in a variety of roles, including closing Game 7 of the American League Championship Series against the Yankees with four goalless innings. He also starts Game 7 of the World Series and sets the Astros on his way to series victory, in a game that Charlie Morton closes – the man he’ll face in Game 2!

The McCullers are doing well in 2020, returning from Tommy John’s operation to look basically the same as ever, although this one postseason start was a shaky one (four innings, five runs allowed in Game 1 of the AL Division Series against Oakland). With no day off in the series, Astros may need a chapter from him just like anything else.

3. Is it time to make changes to first base? Yuli Gurriel had a postseason nightmare – 2-for-24, no extra-base hits – before she came to the plate with the bases loaded, one out, dropping one after another at the top eight in Game 1.Gurriel’s swinging free nature got her into trouble again, grounded into a double game which wiped out the Astros’ best scoring chance of the night. It’s not easy to figure out who will replace him at this point, but at 2-for-25, and after the DP killer, manager Dusty Baker should at least weigh every option he has.

3 rays of the story line

1. Will Randy Arozarena only win every MVP from now until the end of time? Arozarena takes her 31st postseason shot Game 1, which is almost exactly half the amount he has in the regular season. Between the regular and postseason seasons, he only had 119 games in the two years of his career. He’s averaged a home run every 7.8 at-bats this postseason, and he’s been doing it against the best pitchers in the world. He’s brash and funny and, as we all find, he’s an amazing dancer. His Game 1 homer breaks Valdez’s Framber spell on Rays and lets them return to the game.

Arozarena (born 1995) is only three years older than the Rays organization… and he could emerge as the face of the franchise.

2. Are they going to wear the hat again? Okay, so yeah, it might be a little silly to ramble on about hats when the stakes are this high. But come on: It doesn’t feel so 1999 here since they announced they were doing another “Matrix” sequel. Wearing the old Devil Rays hat on their first ALCS game since 2008 was a bit of a boss move, if you ask us, and considering it just gave them a Game 1 win, it would tempt the baseball gods to make the switch now. You might think the hat is ugly (and believe us who is there: the old Devil Ray is ugly). But Game 1 might be the best thing they’ve ever been on. Who are you, skeptical, screwing up history?

3. Are there enough people who can have great success? You can forgive Rays fans if they feared most of Game 1 that they would lose. It often happens when teams miss as many chances as Sinar did, leaving nine runners behind and missing lots of opportunities to extend a one-round lead. Diego Castillo to be very relieved that Sinar doesn’t pay for it. Arozarena and Mike Brousseau’s exploits have disguised a little that the Rays are not hitting well post-season – Joey Wendle is the only regular hitting over .300 apart from both, and he doesn’t have one extra-base hit.

When did they start throwing around Arozarena? (What a strange thing to say at last.)

Game 1: Braves-Dodgers, 8 p.m. ET, FOX
FAQ: Line-ups, pitchers, others

3 Bold storyline

1. How many of these can the pitcher follow? The Braves knew they had a strong offense going into the postseason: They had three legitimate MVP candidates above their ranks. But the most amazing thing about the Braves so far, and the reason they haven’t lost a postseason match, is the throw: They’ve thrown four closings this postseason. (That’s as much as they do during the regular season.) Max Fried and Ian Anderson are big arms, and they line up perfectly 1-2 for this series, but don’t forget that Kyle Wright also threw six innings goalless in Game 3 of the Marlins sweep.

Dodgers fouls hurt both the Reds and the Marlins, so don’t expect much closure. But if the Braves can keep throwing anywhere near this, they have a great chance.

2. Could Freeman have his life sequence? Freddie Freeman, who may have just won MVP this season, was great in his first two playoff series, scoring 4-for-5 in the notorious Wild Card Game defeat to the Cardinals in 2012 and hitting .313 in a four-game loss to the Dodgers in 2012. 2013. But then his team didn’t return to the playoffs for five seasons, and while he was an established team leader in 2018, his postseason results weren’t what you might expect. In his last four series, he’s hit 0.204 (11-for-54) with only two homers (though he had a single walk-off in Game 1 of the Wild Card Series against Cincinnati.)

Freddie Freeman, in many ways, has become the story of 2020: He was very sick with COVID when the year started, returned to hero’s welcome and then put together the best season of his career in the best team he’s ever played. This is the farthest he has ever achieved in the playoffs. The hot series will make 2020 its year more than anyone else’s.

3. Is this an Acuña moment? Our greatest stars seek the biggest stage for their abilities. There is perhaps no more talented player at all of baseball than Ronald Acuña Jr., a man who can do everything and make it look so easy. But, for fair and (mostly) unfair reasons, there is a feeling that he still hasn’t risen to the level of stature and fame as a player overflowing with the talent he should be. In a way that, say, Juan Soto – as close as Acuña has in this game – did the final postseason for the Nationals.

Was it a National League Championship Series when Acuña made the game his, as many would expect? The Braves’ World Series odds may depend on it.

3 Dodgers storylines

1. Will their only “weakness” reveal itself? The Postseason is supposed to test even the most successful regular season teams. But the Dodgers, as Ken Rosenthal points out, seemed to have extinguished all potential fires before they went on a rampage. Got Fernando Tatis Jr. who is ready to do a homer changing series? There’s Cody Bellinger jump over the fence to return homer. Have a great starter ready to stop you? The deep ranks would tire him out in the end.

The only possible drawback may be behind the bullpen, where Kenley Jansen has had a slowdown in the past few weeks and had to be bailed out of Game 2 of the NLDS by Joe Kelly. You can be sure that Dodgers fans will be watching Jansen’s next outing more intense than usual.

2. What’s Mookie’s big moment? It’s easy to forget now that the Dodgers have signed with him for many years in the future, but the whole idea of ​​getting Mookie Betts in first place is to get the Dodgers closer to the title this year – winning one, you know, right now. The Dodgers have been close to winning a World Series for a few years now, and they keep failing. But we all know what’s different now: Mookie is here. He already has a title with the 2018 Red Sox, he has a long-term contract and, finally, now he has some fans to play with in 2020.

Mookie is already a superstar. But now he can become a legend.

3. How do they respond when someone finally refuses? Dodgers don’t actually experience stress for a second the whole season. They’re sailing the NL West, they’re sweeping the Brewers, they’re sweeping the Padres. But when you’re a title team or a World Series destroyer like the Dodgers, eventually something will happen to make you sweat a little. The Dodgers have had enough post-season disappointments to know when an uncertain situation is on the horizon, and no player on this team doesn’t realize how many years over the last half decade the Dodgers have failed.

They haven’t had a reason to recall all those bad memories. But all it takes is one downside to get started.


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Houston to travel to Tampa Bay in ALCS opener | Sports | Instant News

Houston Astros (29-31, second in AL West) vs. Tampa Bay Rays (40-20, first in AL East) San Diego; Sunday, 7:37 p.m. EDTPITCHING PROBABLE: Houston: Framber Valdez (5-3, 3.57 ERA regular season) Tampa Bay: Blake Snell (4-2, 3.24 ERA regular season) LINE: Rays favored by 1 1/2 points; over / under is 8 1/2 innings BOTTOM LINE: Tampa Bay will host Houston in the ALCS opener. Tampa Bay is batting .217 this playoffs, Randy Arozarena led them with a .444 average, including six more hits and four RBIs. The Astros started 9-23 away. Houston has a base 0.353 per team playoff percentage, Carlos Correa leads them with an OBP of 0.615, including four extra hits and 12 RBIs REGULAR SEASON TOP PERFORMERS: Brandon Lowe leads the Rays with 14 home runs and has 37 RBIs Kyle Tucker leads the Astros with 27 more base hits and hits .512. LAST 10 GAMES: Spokes: 8-2, batting average of .233, 2.72 ERA, outscored opponents by 15 points Astros: 4-6, .235 batting average, 3.96 ERA, outclassed by four points INJURIES: Spokes: Chaz Roe: (elbow), Cody Reed: (finger), Colin Poche: (elbow), Andrew Kittredge: (elbow), Yonny Chirinos: (elbow), Jalen Beeks: (elbow), Jose Alvarado: (shoulder). .

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