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The electricity crisis is suffering in Karachi, PA said | Instant News

KARACHI: While the ongoing electricity crisis has plagued the lives of Karachi residents, the power situation is just as bad throughout Sindh as the federal government is not serious about handling the problem of blackouts in the province.

Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh said this on Friday when he gave a policy statement on the electricity crisis in the Sindh Assembly.

He stated in the DPR that the worst form of burden relief was being carried out in Sindh. He added that he had held meetings with officials of K-Electric (KE), the Hyderabad Electricity Supply Company and Sukkur Electricity Company to get direct information about the electricity problem.

Shaikh told the PA that KE officials told him that the federal government had not supplied enough furnace oil to electric utilities. He blamed the federal government for the deteriorating burden release situation in Sindh and reminded legislators that the federal government still had a 27 percent stake in EC despite privatization.

The energy minister said electricity consumers in rural Sindh had to experience power cuts for up to 18 hours a day while they had to pay exorbitant fees to consume electricity on behalf of a ‘bill of detection’.

The federal government’s inefficient and erroneous policies are responsible for the ongoing electricity crisis, he said, adding that the federal government has imposed a ban on furnace oil imports when oil prices have dropped phenomenally around the world. He stated that the EC had failed to follow the agreement signed with the government regarding the city’s electricity affairs.

The federal government must apologize to the Sindh people for allegations that electricity consumers in the province have been involved in the theft of electricity, Shaikh said. He added that Pakistan’s ruling Tehreek-e-Insaf was responsible for the power crisis in Sindh, and leaders and lawmakers from the same party had staged the drama by holding a protest rally outside the KE headquarters in the city. “What kind of protest happens when the participants receive water, juice and food from K-Electric.”

He regretted that the federal energy minister had not visited Sindh since the rise of the electricity crisis in the province. “The federal Energy Minister must show seriousness because he has to sit better with the Sindh government to resolve this issue.” The statement against the federal government caused a stir in PA when the opposition clashed with treasury MPs. Due to the resulting chaos, Agha Speaker Siraj Khan Durrani delayed the session until July 27.

Mass transit projects Previously, speaking during the question hour session, Transportation Minister Sindh Syed Awais Qadir Shah acknowledged that there had been uncontrolled delays in carrying out mass transit projects in Karachi. He said an agreement had been signed with the Asian Development Bank to get a loan to build part of the Red Line of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) in Karachi. He added that buses that will operate in the BRTS Red Line section will consume bio-gas and tenders for the project will be invited next month.

The transportation minister told the house that agents under federal government administration were responsible for testing CNG cylinders in vehicles. He stated that the provincial government did not have the authority to stop the use of CNG cylinders that were damaged inside the vehicle.

CNG stations must be bound not to fill broken cylinders, he said. He also stated that the provincial transportation authority did not get the cooperation needed from the police for actions against transport operators who violated the law.

He said that the ban previously imposed on schools for banning the use of CNG cylinders was still intact and that correspondence had also been made with the Sindh education department to ensure the implementation of the ban.


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Questions to Khusro, brothers who must be concluded in three months, the LHC said | Instant News

LAHORE: The NAB told the Lahore High Court Wednesday that an investigation of federal minister Khusro Bakhtiar and the provincial minister of his brother Hashim Jawan Bakht about allegations of accumulating assets outside known sources of income would end in three months.

A two-member bench led by Judge Sardar Ahmed Naeem heard a petition moved by advocate Ahsan Abid, challenging the NAB chairman’s order to transfer questions from Multan to Lahore. The petitioner, who was also the complainant against the disturbing minister, requested that in early 2018 he transferred the complaint against the Makhdoom brothers to the Multan NAB office, but they did not heed it.

Meanwhile, the two brothers fought in the 2018 general elections respectively from NA-177 & NA-256 Rahim Yar Khan and won their seats. He said the NAB remained doubtful about the fate of his complaint and he had to approach the LHC Multan bench directing the NAB to expedite their investigation. He said NAB had transferred questions to Lahore without legal justification and did not signal progress.

He asked the court to override the NAB chairman’s order to transfer questions from Multan to Lahore and direct the NAB to conclude the same thing as soon as possible.


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DC said not to show leniency to profiteers during Ramazan | Instant News

Considering that vegetables and fruits are sold at prices far higher than those set by the Karachi commissioner office, Commissioner Iftikhar Shallwani has directed judges to take action against profiteers.

Judges have been tasked with controlling prices for important food items during Ramazan. According to a press statement issued by the commissioner’s office, the judges took action against profiteers in various city districts under the supervision of their respective deputy commissioners (DC) on Thursday. Shallwani has asked all DCs to ensure that important items are available to consumers at prices set by his office. He has also directed DC to take decisive action against profiteers and hoarders and forbid them from showing leniency.

Judges, including additional deputy commissioners, assistant commissioners and mukhtiarkar, monitor the prices of important commodities in their jurisdiction and fine those who violate official government rates.

Food prices, according to the commissioner’s office press statement, were set by the city government and the prices of fruit and vegetables were set every day by a coordinating market committee with assistant commissioner Gulzar-e-Hijri.

According to details released by the commissioner’s office, Karachi-II Additional Commissioner Dr. Waqas Roshan and Assistant Chief Commissioner Syeda Jasiah Fatima along with Assistant Commissioner Landhi Muhammad Asim Abbasi visited various regions of the city to inquire about important commodity prices.

They visited the Babar Market in Landhi and fined two general stores of Rs8,000 for selling over-priced daily necessities. Two vegetable traders were also fined Rs2,000 in Penar Babar for selling tomatoes and onions at a price higher than what was set by the commissioner’s office.

In addition, one spice vendor was also fined Rs 1,000 for the exorbitant price of all types of spices. The Grace Super Market, according to a press statement, was also fined Rs 10,000 for selling food ingredients, especially beans, sugar and flour, at a higher price.

In accordance with the details distributed by the commissioner’s office, during the campaign against profiteers, Javed Dairy was fined Rs 10,000 for selling milk at a higher price.

1,600 shop owners fined

The Sindh Department of Supply and Price Bureau has fined 1,600 shop keepers for giving customers too high prices and not displaying official price lists in the first six days of the Ramazan holy month in all provinces.

Special Assistant Head of the Sindh Department of Supply and Price Bureau, Dr Khatu Mal said on Thursday that department officials along with price judges fined 1,600 shopkeepers and imposed a fine of more than Rs 3 million in the crackdown on profiteers.

About 8,300 grocery stores, vegetables, chicken, meat and other edible items were inspected during the anti-profiteering campaign, he added.

The special assistant said firm action would be taken against profiteers, hoarders and shop owners for selling substandard quality goods.

Over the past 24 hours, a fine of Rs408,000 was imposed on 89 profiteers in Karachi, a fine of Rs. 200,000 were imposed on 300 profiteers in other districts in the province. Dr Mal said the complaint cell established under the department remained active from 9am to breaking the fast. “Residents can contact the complaint center at 021-99244608 or send an email to [email protected]


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NHS staff say ‘wear an apron’ when a protective dress runs out | World News | Instant News

NHS superiors have asked doctors and nurses to work without a full protective gown when treating Covid-19 patients, because the hospital arrived here within hours after working from supplies.

Reversal is reversal UK Public Health Guidelines (PHE) determined that a full-length waterproof surgical gown, designed to stop corona virus droplets from moving into a person’s mouth or nostrils, needs to be worn for all high-risk hospital procedures.

In large rounds, PHE advises frontline staff to wear thin plastic aprons with clothes when the dresses run out, in transfers that doctors and nurses fear could result in more of them contracting the virus and ultimately putting their lives in danger. The PHE announcement on Friday night arrived here shortly after an intentional transfer was revealed by the Guardian. Meanwhile:

  • Nearly 15,000 people have been confirmed dead from corona virus in hospitals in the UK, with a total increase of 847 on Friday to 14,576. After the peak of 980, less than 900 deaths have been recorded in the hospital for six consecutive days.

  • Only 21,000 assessments have been carried out – some of which are duplicates – which puts the federal government in dire need of its 100,000 goal per day at the end of the month.

The authorities confirmed that 1 billion objects of non-public protective equipment (PPE) had been sent throughout Britain this weekend – but hospitals and nursing homes continued to experience shortages, especially dresses. More than 50 frontline health employees have died amid fears the absence of PPE has made them exposed.


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Important note, equipment is missing from PMDC, said IHC | Instant News


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