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Our city is in pain and every day it is told to us: Shaniera Akram | Instant News

Shaniera Akram once again raises her voice against the practice of dumping garbage / waste on Karachi beach, Sea View.

Activists / philanthropists took to Twitter to share depressing images of Clifton’s trash-strewn coastline. “I’m sick of this. We clean the beach, again and again, only to dump municipal rubbish into the ocean & sewers, which is eventually swept onto our shores,” he lamented in his scolding.

Akram later added sadly that “I’m not even going to the beach anymore. I’m fed up,” calling the situation an ’embarrassment for the country’.

His first legitimate outburst was followed by a stream of tweets showing a mirror of reality to the Karachiite average. “It’s not just the beach, trash is everywhere. It’s on our street corner, on our street, outside our shop, in front of our office, next to our school, dumped on vacant lots, outside our homes, at one our only beach, and it’s in our oceans. We literally swim in it! “wrote Akram.

He then shared how he always associates the word ‘proud’ with Pakistani people; “We take pride in everything, our family, neighbors, friends, office, home, garden, etc. However, the situation in Karachi is at least sad.

“All I see is rubbish & people breaking the law. Stores with piles of garbage, dumping and dumping tanks at sea, Housing blocks look like they’re destroyed because no one wants to paint or fix them. Karachi is no longer proud,” he wrote.

Akram then walked to the beach in the morning to gauge the reality of the chaos, posting a photo of himself on Sea View surrounded by trash. “Our city is in pain and always tells us every day. We are screaming for help but no one can hear us. This must stop! This has humiliated our city, our people and our culture. This is not who we are,” he wrote.

Akram’s advocacy for garbage / waste dumping on the Karachi coastline has been a long struggle and it is here hoping that his much-needed voice is no longer heard.

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Pantheon of Greek Shipping – Online Introductory Ceremony | Instant News

Watch the Digital Introduction Ceremony and claim the invaluable ocean view

Epamineondas Thomopoulos’ 100-year-old painting will be presented in a competition to the audience of a special Introducing Ceremony on Monday, October 5, 2020.
Audiences attending the 2020 Digital Introduction Ceremony of the Pantheon of Greek Shipping will have the chance to win a prized Impressionist sea view by the important Greek painter Epamineondas Thomopoulos (1878-1976).
A 100 year old painting that is expected to be won by anyone who quickly and correctly answers the simple questions about Greek maritime history that will be asked at this year’s Internet Introduction Ceremony. The ceremony will be broadcast on Monday, October 5 at 18:00 Athens time.
This special event, available for free viewing, will celebrate Greek shipping, its leaders, its history and culture. In addition to the opening of two new Admissions for 2019, the event will pay tribute to the 30 “Greats” of Greek shipping that have entered the Pantheon of Greek Shipping.
“This year’s Internet Introduction Ceremony provides an opportunity to promote the Pantheon of Greek Shipping to a wider audience and to spread even more of this extraordinary shipping history”, stressed Pantheon founder and director Nigel Lowry.
The competition for Epamineondas Thomopoulos ocean views is conducted in collaboration with Greek Moore Premium Sponsor, who agrees to oversee the competition. The first person to submit the correct answer to Greek Moore will win the council. (see Competition Rules & Conditions).
We thank our event sponsors:
Main Sponsors: ABS, IRI – The Marshall Islands Registry, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., TMS Group and Navios Group.
Premium Sponsors: Bureau Veritas, Citi Private Bank, Moore Greece, and Optima Shipping Service.
Answer: Classification Society of China, ClassNK, Deputy Ministry of Shipping of the Republic of Cyprus, Club Ecali, HSBC – Greece, KPMG, Travel Kyvernitis και Marichem-Marigases Worldwide Services.
The Pantheon of Hellenic Shipping will once again support the charity for Greek children Hellenic Hope with a portion of the sponsorship income from Online Events and we thank Julius Baer Bank for strengthening our support for Hellenic Hope.

The Pantheon of Greek Shipping is dedicated to an impressive personality introduction to the history of Greek shipping, but is also an important information center for the excellent contribution of Greek shipping in Greece and to world trade.
Tune in with us for this unique Online Event, open to all.

Visit www.greekshippinghalloffame.org on Monday 5 October at 18:00 Athens time.


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Scattered face masks were found inside the stomachs of dead penguins in Brazil | Instant News

A face mask was found inside the stomach of a dead penguin that washed up on a beach in Brazil, according to a local environmental group.

Magellan penguins were found on Juqueí beach in São Paulo on September 9, the Instituto Argonauta announced in its press release Tuesday.

“This case is clear evidence that this type of waste causes damage and death to marine fauna as well as the irresponsibility of people distributing masks in inappropriate places,” said the institute’s president, Hugo Gallo Neto, in a statement. .

“We have been dealing with marine debris for 23 years, always trying to educate and rehabilitate problem animals. This is a new threat that unfortunately comes with a pandemic, ”he said.

Days before the discovery, crowds packed the beach to celebrate Brazil’s Independence Day, leaving piles of rubbish behind them, the group said.

At least 113 face masks were improperly disposed of on the coast of São Paulo between April 16 and September 13, according to findings from the organization.

The mask inside the penguin was found during a routine autopsy, said the Instituto Argonauta. The group added that the penguins were malnourished.


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Missing trip? These scents will help | Instant News

Traveling in 2020 is a difficult concept; it’s easier to find a scent that captures the essence of … [+] a holiday. getty This summer, many of us have to rely on memories rather than actual travel. And the perfume, this powerful blow to the senses will have to play its role. “We are seeing a huge increase in sales of fragrances with summery notes and a feeling of vacation escape like Pacific Lime from Atelier Cologne. While travel is still difficult, our customers appreciate being transported to idyllic destinations through fragrances with fresh and sweet accords. »Says Adella Family, Beauty Buying Manager at Selfridges in London. The two behemoths of the beach fragrance scene are Bobbi Brown’s 2002 Beach and Christopher Brosius At The Beach 1966, released in 2005. With a vintage Coppertone hit and a walk hunter and bushy grass, every time I wear At the Beach , I think of all the childhood New England summers I’ve ever had (instead, I had plenty of Scotland, with regular doses of Med.) Byredo’s Sundazed scent brings a languid air of a Baltic summer to experience wearing it. … [+] (Photo by Peter Bischoff / Getty Images) Getty Images Some of the best perfumes make it seem like you are cruising the world before settling into a particular memory. Pacific Lime by Atelier Cologne is one of these, a delicious blend of citrus and coconut that conjures up the sweetest and sweetest tropical beach in my memory, in Anguilla, to the right of the Malliouhana hotel. Diptyque’s Philosykos fragrance refers to a particular grove of fig trees in the Mount Pelion region of Greece. … [+]

getty California Dream is Louis Vuitton’s new fragrance; to me it has a wide-eyed arrival that takes me down a highway of experiences and fear of strangers. Created by Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, there’s citrus to start with, but the hinterland heads inland with woody and amber base notes that play with my locking emotions more than I care about. think. Even the bottle strikes my senses of travel. Designed by Alex Israel, it’s a pink and blue sunset that puts me in a good mood. The right scents, like the trip itself, should always push you a little further. Even the bottle of California Dream, designed by artist Alex Israel, references the place that inspired … [+] he. LVMH If Americans of a certain age are enslaved to Coppertone, for Europeans it is Ambre Solaire, created in 1935 by the founder of L’Oréal Eugène Schueller to prevent it from burning. A sticky brown bottle was a companion on every trip to the beach. Ironically, Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess takes me straight to the deckchair, with its touch of coconut, tiare (Tahitian gardenia) and Sicilian bergamot. An Anguilla beach in the Caribbean getty Le Beau Parfum by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is another Proustian backflip in my childhood. It’s the most perfect evocation of the South of France, with a touch of jasmine, indulgent sleepy parents and comics around a villa pool. Aerin’s Mediterranean honeysuckle has traces of bergamot that also reminds me of Ambre Solaire and mixes the coast and the country – there is both honeysuckle and lily of the valley. The tiare flower (Gardenia tahitensis) is a staple of beach perfumes. (Photo by: Andia / Universal … [+] Images group via Getty Images) Universal Images group via Getty Images Recently, there has been a shift to specificity. Lemon Tree, created in 2016 by Lyn Harris for her bespoke H perfumer, was inspired by Marrakech and the citrus here is springy and sweet, with slices of jasmine and rosemary, plus orange blossom. It takes me from winter to the languid start of summer, just outside Marrakech in the Palmeraie. Brighton in Sussex inspired Miller Harris’ Brighton Rock fragrance (Photo by Andrew Hasson / Getty … [+] Images) Getty Images For Londoners, taking the train to Brighton is like taking the train to New Yorker to Coney Island; no one has ever had a boring weekend in this fun town on the south coast of England. Launched last year, Miller Harris’ tribute is Brighton Rock. This scent brings everything from cotton candy to slightly misguided cocktails, walks along the windy pier and funfair flirtations, enveloped in rose, geranium, salt and a surf of musk. Citrus is featured in many of this year’s new scents. Scandinavian-owned getty Byredo brings a touch of the Baltic breeze to Sundazed, which launched in 2019. Think sweet memories of a musk-enriched 1970s summer on the frankly idyllic island of Gotland. Tom Daxon produced Laconia in 2019 to refer not only to the Peloponnese, but even while drinking a glass of lemonade near the port of Monemvasia. Naturally, citrus is the first hit, but it lengthens and deepens, with mint, a little violet leaf, a touch of cardamom and that essential salinity. It’s not a languid smell, there is anticipation rather than calming down. Diptyque’s Philosykos can be located in a specific grove of fig trees visited by the founders of the Diptych on Mount Pelion in the early 1990s. Cooler, grassy, ​​ripe with coconut giving a hint of beach beyond the grove. .

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23 of the most anticipated board games this summer Entertainment | Instant News

Four thousand years ago on the east bank of the Nile laid the foundation of the Amun-Ra Temple. Over two thousand years, the temple complex gradually expanded and became widely known as the “Chosen Place” (Ipet-Isut), which boasts the largest religious building in the world. Today, the site is known as Karnak, which is located in Luxor in modern Egypt.

Join the ancient Pharaoh in creating and growing one of the most impressive sites in the world, honoring the Egyptian gods, Horus, Ra, Hathor, Bastet, Thoth, and Osiris. You must carefully manage the balance of your actions, preparing calculations by the goddess Maat.

Board game on Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun divided into six parts, each related to the Egyptian god: Horus, Ra, Hathor, Bastet, Thoth, and Osiris. In the center stands the impressive obelisk (Tekhenu) which casts its shadow on various parts of the board. As a result, the area around the obelisk is divided into bright, shady, and dark parts, depending on how the obelisk overshadows its shadow at certain times. As the game progresses, the rotation of the sun changes which parts are bright, shady, or dark.


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