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The Pantheon of Greek Shipping announces its Acceptance Ceremony for 2021 | Instant News

The Pantheon of Greek Shipping announced that they intend to host this year’s annual Reception Ceremony on the evening of Wednesday, July 7, 2021, as a live dinner event under the stars.

The Pantheon of Greek Shipping’s 2021 Introduction & Dinner Ceremony will celebrate Greece’s voyage and will pay tribute to historical figures who have contributed to its formation.
If public health regulations allowed it at the time, this would be the first time a long-awaited outdoor delivery event has taken place in the summer.
An exciting program will include the recent opening of Admissions to the Pantheon of Greek Shipping. The 2020 admissions will be combined with the 32 “big ones” that have already been admitted to the Pantheon.
The Pantheon of Greek Shipping will continue to support Hellenic Hope and a portion of the proceeds from this year’s event will go to this children’s charity, which focuses on providing assistance to children in need in Greece.

We are proud to support our famous sponsors to date:
ABS, IRI – The Marshall Islands Registry and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co. as Co-Lead Sponsors of the Introduction Ceremony and Dinner 2021.

Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS Chair, President and CEO commented:
“ABS is proud to honor these Greek shipping visionaries and to celebrate their continued insights and business genius. These leaders continue to shape shipping while creating a truly global legacy.” The Pantheon provides a valuable opportunity to reflect on the immense contribution Greek shipping has made to world trade and ABS welcomes it. all comers. “
Theophilos Xenakoudis, Director – Worldwide Business Operations & Managing Director Greece, International Registries Inc. comment:
“The Marshall Islands Registry celebrates the leaders of the Greek shipping community, who for centuries have led the shipping industry to innovate and transform. As we look forward to a decade of advanced technology and environmentally friendly solutions, we salute the recipients of the new Pantheon of Greek Shipping award- recently. ”
Wang Qi, Chairman of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, comments:

“SWS is delighted to once again support the Pantheon of Greek Shipping and pay tribute to its professed shipping legend. We enjoy a very close relationship with Greek shipping and the prestigious Pantheon of Greek Shipping event every year gives us the perfect opportunity to express our interest in history and Greek shipping culture and meeting some of our most important friends and customers. “
Introduction & The 2021 Dinner Ceremony will begin with a welcoming reception from the TMS.
Pantheon of Greek Shipping would like to thank the Navios Group for their generous support as a Dinner Sponsor.
So far, the confirmed Premium sponsors of the event are: Baltic Exchange, Bureau Veritas, Citi Private Bank and Moore Greece.
Sponsors so far include: China Classification Society, ClassNK, The Ecali Club, Isle of Man Ship Registry, Kyvernitis Travel Group, Lloyd’s Register and Marichem Marigases Worldwide Services.


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Scorching ocean: Scientists trace the East Coast’s ‘ocean heat wave’ | Instant News

Scientists are closely watching the unusually warm waters around the North Island’s East Coast – and predict an “ocean heat wave” could develop near Canterbury and Otago within a few days. Image Project / Moana

Scientists are closely watching the unusually warm waters around the North Island’s East Coast – and predict an “ocean heat wave” could develop near Canterbury and Otago within a few days.

Described as an extended period of extremely warm ocean temperatures at a particular location, ocean heat waves can last for several months and cover thousands of square kilometers.

“Scientifically, ocean heat waves are defined when the ocean temperature at a particular location is in the top 10 percent of the temperature normally recorded during that time of the year for five or more days,” explains University of Otago marine scientist Dr Robert Smith.

Events that have never happened before 2017-18 sparked New Zealand’s hottest summer and came with dramatic consequences.

Glaciers are melting as some pockets of sea off the South Island’s West Coast warmed to 6C above average, while elsewhere, seashells are suffering from flowing losses and vineyards are experiencing early harvests.

While sea surface temperatures around New Zealand have been near normal for much of last summer, Smith said a strong ocean heat wave developed during late February to the east of the country – and is still going on.

“This ocean heat wave is currently impacting the coastline of Wairarapa, Hawke’s Bay and Chatham Islands,” he said, adding that it had pushed temperatures more than 2 degrees Celsius above normal.

“The event was somewhat unusual in that it also covered much of New Zealand’s sub-Antarctic zone during the month of March, which is not, as the name implies, an area normally considered to experience a heat wave.”

At these ecological points, warmer oceans can disrupt all kinds of species, from plankton and seaweed to marine mammals and seabirds.

“They may also impact regional fisheries, including for the pāua around the Chatham Islands.”

As part of The Moana Project – a five-year, $ 11.5 million collaboration aimed at making New Zealand the world leader in ocean forecasting capabilities – Smith and fellow Otago researchers are working to gain a clearer understanding of heat waves and their effects.

The project has also seen the file launch free ocean heat wave forecasting system.

“Currently, we provide short distance forecasts of up to seven days, where and when ocean heat waves are most likely to occur, for specific coastal locations around New Zealand,” he said.

“These sites include Hauraki Bay, Bay of Plenty, Cook Strait, and Banks Peninsula. While the current tool provides us with short-term estimates, we are looking for ways to extend this estimate to several months using machine learning techniques.

“This research will help us predict these extreme events with more certainty and provide a warning to our marine industry and important coastal communities.”

This can guide efforts such as early harvesting, or, at a coastal cultivation facility, even moving stocks.

Heat waves can occur relatively quickly, and are triggered by a variety of factors.

“On a local scale, these factors include ocean currents that build up areas of very warm water, warming through the ocean surface from the atmosphere and reduced wind speeds that prevent the mixing of the oceans,” he said.

“The likelihood of ocean heat waves is also influenced by weather and large-scale climate patterns, such as El Niño and La Niña.”

Research has shown that global climate change is also having a big impact, with heat waves becoming 34 percent more frequent, and 17 percent longer, since the mid-20th century.

Even more concerning, Smith said, is that the number of heatwave days has increased by more than 50 percent each year.

“The recent ocean heat wave has had a devastating effect on marine ecosystems around the world,” he said.

“For example, they have triggered widespread mortality of marine species, shifts in the abundance and distribution of commercial and recreational fish stocks and the need to limit or shut down fisheries due to disease outbreaks, or the growth of harmful algae.”

Over time, he said the increased exposure of marine ecosystems to extreme temperatures could lead to “irreversible loss of important species or habitats”, such as seaweed forests and seagrass meadows.

“Ocean heat waves are therefore of serious concern to our marine life around New Zealand, which has been thriving on cooler seas,” he said.

“The impacts associated with ocean heatwaves are also a threat to aquaculture and fisheries, New Zealand’s industry worth over $ 4 billion per year.”

Scientists solve the mystery of shells

Meanwhile, scientists working on another Moana Project study combined Mātauranga Māori – or Māori lore – with other strands of science to solve the shellfish mystery.

Green-lipped mussels are an important cultivated species in New Zealand, and resources are valued at more than $ 300 million a year.

Although the aquaculture industry relies heavily on wild-caught baby mussels, or saliva, it is unclear which wild mussel beds supply them.

“Knowing the source of the splash enables the protection of spawning stocks and thus helps the future-resilient New Zealand shellfish aquaculture industry,” said Moana project and science director João de Souza.

In their new study, University of Victoria marine biologist Professor Jonathan Gardner and his team will put together what he calls a “unique combination” of science to reveal where shellfish larvae come from, how they travel, and where they end up.

Green-lipped mussels are a marine resource worth $ 300 million annually to the New Zealand economy.  Photo / Paul Estcourt
Green-lipped mussels are a marine resource worth $ 300 million annually to the New Zealand economy. Photo / Paul Estcourt

“By doing that we will be able to predict the movement of larvae now and under different climate change scenarios.”

With population genetics, samples from the collected shells are genotyped – a process that effectively provides DNA fingerprinting linking different populations.

Microochemical analysis, which involves using a laser to take small samples of the shells of shells, can also provide a chemical record of the age of the shells, and where they traveled.

Mātauranga Māori offers local ecological knowledge that can help establish the location of the splash-producing clam reefs.

Finally, a physical model of the flow will be combined with biological data to predict and see the movement of green-lipped shellfish larvae in the Bay of Plenty, where the first samples were taken.

A further trip is planned to collect mussel larvae using a “splash line” – a vertical line of saliva-catching ropes for the walking spit to settle down.

After collection, any saliva that settles will undergo micro-chemical analysis.

“While the Bay of Plenty is the focus right now, we will also be sampling from several other areas, including Ninety Mile Beach which is where most of the shellfish spit is caught free,” said Gardner.

It is also hoped that the study, which is expected to take up to two years, will help combat invasive species, inform marine spatial planning efforts, and assist coastal restoration efforts.


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Western Australian horse tourism is booming as residents explore backyards on horseback | Instant News

When COVID-19 first hit Western Australia early last year, Linda Yates was terrified.

He closed his horse-riding business based on the Margaret River, sold some of his horses, and started thinking about lowering the scale.

The last thing Ms Andrea can hope for is to find herself struggling to keep up with demand once her business reopens.

“This is going crazy,” he said.

“Trying to keep up with all those people is crazy.

“Local business is great. Lessons taken, staff hours picked up … and it hasn’t really stopped since then.”

Linda Yates operates Outback Horse Trails in Collie, WA. (

ABC South West WA: Ellie Honeybone


Growth leads to expansion

Her business continued to thrive so much that Ms Yates decided to expand and open a second driving center, two hours north of the town of Collie.

“The trails here are beautiful, and I’ve always wanted to start a riding school in the interior as a small challenge,” he said.

“Tourism is not that hot here, I think, so it must be a challenge.

Three teenage girls sit on three brown horses in an arena.
Ashrani, Isla, and Aimee enjoy their weekly horse riding lessons at Collie. (

ABC South West WA: Ellie Honeybone


Ms. Yates’s business offers long-term lessons for children, which have increased from two to three days per week to five days of waiting-list classes.

“They booked long before the semester started, and during the holidays we were fine and completely booked,” he said.

“And that’s only for WA clients, whereas previously we served a lot of Singaporean and Chinese visitors.”

Staff who previously worked part-time on a side job have now been offered full hours and Ms Yates can’t see any signs of slowing down.

“They’re on the outside learning and appreciating it a little more after being trapped inside and unable to do anything – I guess it’s more valuable to them now.”

Never too old

It’s not just children who climb into the saddle.

Dorothy Addis is 84 years old and has been hitting the Collie bush trail with Ms. Yates every week for the past few months.

“It was very beautiful and peaceful,” said Addis.

“Sometimes you see a bunch of kangaroos jumping out and we are down the railroad tracks, and all kinds of things, and there are birds flying around.

“I like it very much.”

An old woman standing beside a black horse.
Dorothy Addis returned to the saddle at 84 and she loved it.(

ABC South West WA: Ellie Honeybone


Ms Addis learned to ride cycling when she was young but has recently found herself bored and looking for a challenge.

He decided to try horse riding again.

“I do a few little leg exercises every day that the physio gives me and I find it helps the strength in your legs. And I hope I will get stronger,” said Addis.

“Of course, at my age I might not … but just doing what I do is really good.

Explore our own backyard

Paul and Fiona Brennan also run a horse riding business in Margaret River, and specialize in two to five day trips, complete with glamping accommodation.

They also feared the worst when they had to rest for 13 weeks last year, but that quiet period didn’t last long.

An old man wearing an Acubra and a blue shirt is standing in front of a horse-drawn truck.
Paul Brennan said he has bought more horses to meet the demand for his horse tourism business.(

ABC South West WA: Ellie Honeybone


“During the first big rush, we really had to go out and buy more horses as the orders kept coming,” said Brennan.

“So now we have 60 horses, and a lot of times I think I might need more.”

There are still more than 20 tracks that Brennan will go through through December and nearly every trip is sold out.

“It seems like a lot is going on here and they go in and see things, like them, and come back.”

A drone shot of nine horses crossing the ocean.
Paul Brennan takes his horse explorers to shore for a swim after a long journey.(

ABC South West WA: Anthony Pancia


The Brennans’ serve riders of all abilities and take them through state farmlands and forests. They visit caves, local breweries and swim in the sea.

“It was sensational,” said Brennan.

“We ruined the lives of a lot of people like, you know, kids want to buy horses as soon as they see our horses and mom and dad have to go find another job.”


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Karachi: Pakistan Coast Guard recovered drugs, contraband valued at Rs70 million – Crime | Instant News

Published in March 10, 2021 4:50 pm

Pakistan Coast Guard recovered drugs, contraband worth Rs70 million

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Pakistan Coast Guard found drugs, smuggled Betel nuts and other items during various operations worth Rs 70 million.

According to the details, the Pakistan Coast Guard carried out various operations during the crackdown on smuggling and confiscated drugs and other goods worth Rs. 70 million.

On the other hand, 9 and a half kilograms of marijuana were found from the passenger bag in the passenger car at the Naka Khari checkpoint and the defendant was arrested.

Meanwhile, during a vehicle search at the Naka Khari checkpoint, 3,500 kilograms of foreign leather and cloth were found and the defendant was arrested.

During the mobile patrol, 6800 liters of Iranian diesel were also recovered from the truck and 2 people were arrested while 14,000 liters of Iranian diesel were taken from a truck and 2 defendants were arrested.

64,200 liters of Iranian diesel illegally recovered from the dam area. During a patrol at Shadi Kaur in Pasni, 17,000 liters of Iranian diesel were found hidden inside a tanker and 25,000 liters of Iranian diesel were found hidden underground.

During a truck inspection, 16500 liters of Iranian diesel were recovered from the Super Highway in Karachi and 3 people were arrested.

According to Coast Guard officials, 13 people were arrested during the operation, including medicine, Betel Nuts and other items including 143,500 liters of Iranian diesel fuel and six trucks were seized.

According to Coast Guard officers, four migrants were arrested from the Pak-Iran border near Gwadar.


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Hunaid Lakhani, Subhan Sahil PTI candidate for the NA-249 by-election | Instant News

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has formed a parliamentary council for Karachi’s upcoming NA-249 poll, The News has studied. A parliamentary council has been formed to give tickets to candidates for by-election in NA-249 after Faisal Vawda submitted his resignation.

The council is composed of federal minister Ali Zaidi, PTI president Karachi Khurrum Sher Zaman, former opposition leader Firdous Shamim Naqvi, and general secretary Karachi Saeed Afridi. PTI sources told The News on Monday that Hunaid Lakhani and Subhan Ali Sahil were among the party’s nominees for the by-election at NA-249.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has not announced its decision regarding Vawda’s disqualification and holding of polls in the constituencies. In the 2018 general elections, Vawda PTI beat former chief minister of Punjab and President of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Shahbaz Sharif by a narrow margin.

The final NA-249 election was a tough contest, with Vawda securing 35,344 votes to beat Shahbaz, who garnered 34,626 votes. NA-249 is one of the Karachi constituencies bordering Balochistan and consists exclusively of the entire City of Baldia, comprising Pashtun, Hazarewal (Hindko) and Muhajir neighborhoods with several Baloch and Sindhi villages.

Miftah Ismail |

Pakistan Muslim League Secretary General-Nawaz Sindh and former federal minister Miftah Ismail said on Monday he would do his best to fulfill the trust placed in him by the party leadership by including him as a candidate in NA-249.

He said the people in the constituencies would respond to fraud in the 2018 general election through opinion polls. Ismail said Shahbaz Sharif won by majority in the previous election, but then his victory turned into defeat. “The voters in the area know that and they will take their revenge in the polls to come.”

Despite the worst rigging in general elections in 2018, PML-N became part of parliament and exposed this “fake government” at every forum, he said, adding that NA-249 had always been PML-N’s hotbed.


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