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Report: Best country New Zealand to visit during a pandemic | Instant News

New Zealand is the best country to visit during pandemic days, as evidenced by its success in fighting the coronavirus, as well as vaccination rates, Bloomberg reported Monday.

Ranked top among 53 countries according to the “Bloomberg resilience score,” where New Zealand scored 76.8%, the report stated that the island nation is followed by Singapore and Australia, respectively.

During the past month, New Zealand and Singapore recorded no fatalities linked to COVID-19, which puts them at the top of the list. The two countries’ total deaths per million are only five while their positive test rate is only 0.1%. In terms of vaccinations, New Zealand won as a country that currently provides 247% access to the COVID-19 vaccine, while Singapore offers 85%. Australia follows these two countries with a death rate of an astounding 0.2% for a month and 36 deaths per million people. Australia also provides 230% access to Vaccination for COVID-19, the percentage only seeded by the leader, New Zealand and Canada providing 330% access to the vaccine. Despite these extraordinary percentages in terms of access to vaccinations, none of these three countries have actually started vaccinating their people. However, according to the report, as long as their COVID-19 cases remain low, their place on the list seems hard to beat for any other country for now.

The Bloomberg resilience score examines the world’s top 53 economies to rank their success during the pandemic, measuring their social and economic disruption. This list was originally introduced on November 24, 2020, and has since been updated monthly in line with the country’s progress in the fight against the coronavirus. New Zealand has led the list for the last three months in a row.

An Israeli man receives a second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine at a coronavirus vaccination center in Tel Aviv, January 25, 2021. (AP)

Another country that stands out on the list is Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which leads the current vaccination race, so far providing 38.05 and 22.58 doses per 100 people. With this dose, the UAE is ranked 11th while Israel is in 15th, in large part because they have had a large number of infected cases, regardless of action against the outbreak.

Mexico took a wooden spoon in the list as ranked 53rd, due to the fact that the country’s deaths hit a record high, reporting more than 1,800 deaths every day.

Turkey, on the other hand, ranked 33rd, the ranking was 12 lines higher compared to the previous month, thanks to the remarkable decrease in the number of cases, achieved during the weekend and constant curfew.

One of the most striking results of the list, according to the report, is the fact that major democracies, such as the US and UK, rank relatively poorly (32nd and 35th, respectively), peers. those who are not so democratic, like China and Vietnam (fifth and 10th respectively). However, the report states that, unlike the surface, democracies have actually occupied the top 10 countries since the list was first introduced, last November.

The report states that a key point in dealing with a pandemic is to inspire trust in your people, rather than oppress them. In fact, Bloomberg revealed, if the government can have strong ties with its people and create a sense of trust, state-led action to tackle the corona virus may not even be necessary because people will follow instructions voluntarily.


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COVID: Italy focuses on delivering second dose of vaccine – UK | Instant News

(ANSA) – ROME, 25 JAN – Deputy Health Minister Pierpaolo Sileri said the government should revise the COVID-19 vaccination plan due to reduced supply from Pfizer, adding that it is currently focused on ensuring people who have the first dose get the second dose on time . Sileri said nearly 1.38 million doses of the vaccine had been given in Italy, 74.4% of the total given so far, and 100,863 people had received a second dose.

“The doses available will be used primarily to make sure people who get the first get the second on time,” he said.

The deputy minister has said that Pfizer’s move and the announcement by AstraZeneca that it will not deliver as many vaccines as promised when approved by the EU means those over 80 will be vaccinated four weeks later than previously planned. .

He said the postponement would last six to eight weeks for the entire population.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte confirmed over the weekend that his government intends to take legal action over the failure of pharmaceutical companies to fulfill their vaccine promises. (ANSA).