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Australia’s long-term strategy for wine success | Instant News

Developed by Grape & Wine Australia, in collaboration with Wine Australia, this strategy goes beyond the immediate and massive challenges posed by forest fires, smoke and COVID-19.

‘Excellent superior cultural potential’

Australia’s wine sector grew strongly from 1991 to 2007: more than tripled from less than 400 million liters to 1.2 billion liters and total revenues of $ 5 billion in 2007. Export value, meanwhile, grew from $ 212 million to $ 3.04 billion.

Since 2007, the sector has had to face a number of challenges – the global financial crisis, the appreciation of the Australian dollar, and increased competition from other wine exporting countries such as Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina and South Africa.

Recently, forest fires and COVID-19 have hit the sector. Meanwhile, climate change, extreme weather events, and an increasingly competitive beverage market (consumers are willing to try new drinks rather than traditional ones) will all continue to present challenges in the coming years.

But there are also opportunities for the industry to build its reputation for quality; further developing wine tourism and its relationship to food; and grow exports.

“To meet these opportunities and threats, the wine sector must be profitable, so that businesses can invest in research, development and adoption (RD&A) and attract the skilled people and capital needed to make this sector innovative and entrepreneurial,” Take note of the strategy.

“While facing these challenges and trying to take advantage of opportunities, the Australian wine sector, in essence, has a number of unique attributes that enable it to produce quality wines across the spectrum of consumer demand.


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Montana Beverage and BBQ celebrates 10 years of beer and local food at Billings | Instant News

BILLS – People enjoy 56 different Montana beers and look at 15 local food trucks at the 10th annual social event. Montana Beverage and BBQ Saturday’s event at MetraPark in Billings.

“I know many people care (COVID-19) and we respect it. That’s why we do what we do this year for social distance, “said Mark Hedin, promoter for Montana Brews and BBQs.

Participants can wear masks if they want, but are not required because the event serves food and drinks. Exceptions to mask requirements for business and events, determined by Montana Governor Steve Bullock last Wednesday.

Hedin said that the organizers worked with RiverStone Health, Yellowstone County and MetraPark lawyers to plan the event.

Sellers at Montana Brews and BBQ are usually tightly packed around the Chiesa Plaza pool in MetraPark. This year the event spread to the sidewalk in front of the Montana Pavilion, Expo Center and Grandstands.

“That makes it more open, far more friendly and not so crowded and tense. This is just a great atmosphere, this is a pleasant day here. The right time for people to come out and make small social contact with each other but from distance, “said Hedin.

On top of all the hand-washing stations scattered throughout the event and the people in charge of cleaning, Hedin said all the beer was poured into disposable cups to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Hedin said the staff had 30,000 disposable cups on hand so people could pour their beer into the warning glass if they wanted.

“Most people prefer to drink from glass. So you can pour it into your glass, drink it, throw away the plastic and when you want to get a new beer, they will give you a new plastic cup to pour. That way there are no germs that touch the spout of other people, “said Hedin.

This event offers a concrete example of the many craft beers offered by many factories in Montana. Hedin said the committee tasted every beer before it was allowed at the event.

“We’ve been much more picky about what flavors we have at this year’s event. I think if you come out, you’ll find the beer selection here this year is just fantastic. Between ordinary craft beer, seltzers that are becoming very popular and sour beer which made by our brewer now, “said Hedin.

Overall, Hedin said if you start in Billing and drive to all 30 factories in a loop back to the city, the journey will be more than 2,000 miles in length.

“They are all Montana. All are handicrafts. Everything is fresh from barrels, as cold as ice. This is just a great way to enjoy an afternoon in Billings,” Hedin said.

The event starts from 1-10 nights with free admission. Hedin said, part of the results made would benefit the Breakfast Exchange Club of Billings and related groups, Family Tree Center who hopes to prevent child abuse and neglect in Montana.

“You can come here, enjoy the sunshine, eat good food, we have a band D’tective starts playing here at 4 pm. You can listen to music. It doesn’t cost anything to come. So you don’t have to drink beer if you come here, just come out and have fun, “said Hedin.


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Pregnancy warning labels about alcohol are mandatory in three years in Australia and New Zealand | Instant News

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https://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/2020/07/pregnancy-warning-labels-on-alcohol-mandatory-within-three-years-in-australia-and-nz/” />

Pregnancy warning labels about alcohol are mandatory in three years in Australia and New Zealand


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Cuomo: There are no alcoholic drinks unless you order food at NY bars, restaurants Political | Instant News

“We are concerned about that,” said Bill Martin, one of the owners of Montezuma Winery & Hidden Marsh Distillery in Seneca Falls. “We are doing things very safe at the moment, but throwing food there is a difficult choice for us to overcome.”

Martin hopes that any food will meet state requirements, such as a small bag of chips or popcorn. He reached the New York Wine & Wine Foundation for further guidance, he said, as to whether he should sell food or just supply it.

As for the new rules on bar walk-up services, Martin said he thought that was already needed by the country’s reopening guidelines. In Montezuma, visitors are asked to sit at a picnic table in the side yard, and are limited to table six to prevent the formation of larger groups.

Like Martin, Good Shepherds Brewing Co. owner Garrett Shepherd also contacted his trading group, the New York State Brewers Association, for guidance.

Shepherd also wanted to know what would meet the country’s criteria for food. He already provided a small, non-priced snack at the Auburn brewery in the city center, but he wasn’t sure if he should start adding extra food costs for drinks to meet the requirements.


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How geothermal enters daily life – interviews with the winners of the competition in Switzerland | Think about GeoEnergy | Instant News

Geothermal caviar (source: video screenshot, Geothermal Pills / YouTube)

Communicating about how geothermal can enter everyday life is the topic of a recent competition launched by Geothermie Suisse. The winners launched Geothermal Pills with interesting stories about beer and geothermal caviar.

The winners of the competition by Geothermie Suisse on “Communicating about how geothermal energy enters our daily lives” were interviewed by the organization.

The winners of this first project competition by Geothermie Suisse were: Luca Guglielmetti and Stéphane Matteo. In interviews, they explained how their ideas for a project came about and why they wanted to talk to a wider audience with their “Geothermal Pill”.

Luca Guglielmetti is a senior research scientist in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Geneva.

Stéphane Matteo is currently the communications manager for platinn, an innovation platform in western Switzerland, while working as an independent videographer.

The video below – in English is also active Youtube, and in French on Vimeo (beer video, caviar video) and with German subtitles (beer video, caviar video)

What is “Geothermal Pill”? What ideas are behind it?

“Geothermal Pill” is a way to communicate with the general public about geothermal energy without going too far into the technical aspects, but rather focusing on how this geothermal energy enters our daily lives. The idea is to reach the general public by producing short clips, “pills”, to explain various aspects of geothermal energy and how everyone can benefit from its development.

You have decided to make your first two films with Tuscan beer and “made in Switzerland” caviar. Why this choice?

Who doesn’t like beer? And Tuscany? We have been in contact with geothermal breweries in Larderello for several years, which is why the choice of this first subject is easy. But in Tuscany, geothermal conditions are very specific and different from what we find here. This is why, besides showing what can be produced with high temperatures, we want to show what is possible in Switzerland with geothermal resources at low temperatures. Thus, caviar production in Frutigen at the bottom of the Lötschberg tunnel waters has proven to be an excellent example of a circular economy and an increase in local area.

What other geothermal products can we imagine being served in Switzerland?

The fact that many projects in Switzerland are ongoing and many more will start soon will bring us various topics. The potential of Switzerland is very important and we believe that people cannot wait to learn more about geothermal energy in Switzerland. We think that the idea of ​​making a short clip is interesting to the public who are also interested in knowing more about geothermal projects “from resources to T-junction”. With every project, there is always an interesting story to tell!

How did this idea develop from its conception to its realization?

We had this idea a few years ago, when we were both at Neuchatel to do our doctorate. The basic idea is to communicate about geothermal food, because we know that in some countries in the world, it is used in the food chain. But only last year we began to formulate ideas by identifying several potential topics to be tackled. Of course, the opportunities offered by Géothermie-Suisse with the help of the project came at the right time! We are very happy to finally have the opportunity to implement our ideas and launch a “Geothermal Pill”.

The first two films are part of the competition. And now what next?

Our idea is to set up a social media platform, which is updated regularly with new clips. In one to two minutes you can give an idea of ​​what geothermal energy is, what is happening in Switzerland or in the world geothermal community. With regard to geothermal energy food, we want to create a European or international project to bring together various national geothermal energy associations and operators and replicate the models we have developed for caviar and beer with other applications such as vegetables, flowers, cooking methods … In short, all Geothermal applications that highlight this energy contribution can make a global energy transition.

Source: Geothermie Suisse


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