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Covid 19 coronavirus: The government is expanding pre-departure tests for more travelers | Instant News

The government has officially required nearly every traveler to New Zealand to test negative for Covid-19 before boarding a plane.

The new rules will come into effect at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, January 25 – this is in an effort to minimize disruption to passengers leaving soon.

This regulation was signed last week by Covid-19 Minister Chris Hipkins. Previously, only travelers from the UK and US needed to test negative in order to come to New Zealand.

Starting January 25, it has been extended to any incoming tourists, except Australia, Antarctica and most Pacific Island nations.

But not all Pacific Island countries are excluded – Papua New Guinea, which has nearly 1,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19, is not on the list.

Likewise with French Polynesia, where 17,000 cases have been confirmed and 126 people have died from Covid-19.

Hipkins also said that the Government was “exploring several possibilities” whether they could get a small amount of the Covid-19 vaccine to frontline workers earlier than previously hinted at.

“If we can do it, we will be able to do it very quickly – but it all depends on whether the vaccine company will supply it,” he told a news conference this afternoon.

He would not elaborate because it is “quite a sensitive international negotiation”.

Hipkins said the new measures would not stop Covid from entering the country, but the government’s aim was to reduce the number of cases.

He said nearly all travelers had complied with the rules so far, and airlines were “very supportive”.

“New Zealand is not alone here – many countries are now proposing this.”

Hipkins said airlines have been vigilant to ensure travelers have followed the rules before they board their flights to NZ.

Asked about New Zealand’s access to the Covid vaccine, Hipkins said “we are very close to the front of the queue”. The first deliveries will arrive in the first quarter – “that’s the earliest time we can get … that’s the reality of manufacturing”.

Starting February 8, all passengers arriving in New Zealand – except those from exempt countries – without evidence of an approved negative test or medical certificate will be subject to an offense fee or a fine of up to $ 1000.

Hipkins said that so far only one person from the US or UK has not tested negative for Covid-19.

He added that airlines are increasingly refusing to board people who fail to produce negative tests.

But he said the Government could increase the fine if there was a higher level of non-compliance.

In addition to the new pre-departure requirements, the Government has also changed the rules surrounding Covid-19 testing in New Zealand’s managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) facilities.

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From now on, travelers arriving to New Zealand will be required to take the test on arrival – again, except for Australia, Antarctica and most Pacific Island countries.

They still have to undergo quarantine for 14 days, and undergo routine tests on the third and 12th day.

“New Zealand already has some of the strictest border protection measures in the world,” Hipkins said this morning.

“Today’s amendments further strengthen that position in line with the Government’s overall elimination strategy, and more actions can be added as needed.”

Asked about potential contact between people at MIQ facilities, such as in designated smoking areas, Hipkins said the Government has tightened social distancing measures.

Hipkins said the primary obligation was on travelers to comply with regulations – but airlines were also expected to play a role in checking whether passengers had negative test evidence.

Full list of countries and territories not included in the expanded pre-departure requirements:

• Antarctica
• Australia
• Cook Islands
• Federated States of Micronesia
• Fiji
• Kiribati
• Marshall Island
• Nauru
• New Caledonia
• Niue
• Palau
• Samoa
• Solomon Islands
• Tokelau
• Tonga
• Tuvalu
• Vanuatu
• Wallis and Futuna.


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The death of a Melbourne family: Mother Katie Perinovic’s final days before child murder | Instant News

Neighbors pieced together events that took place in the days leading up to the shocking moment of a Melbourne mother who is believed to have killed her three children before committing suicide.

The bodies of Katie Perinovic, her two daughters Claire, 7, and Anna, 5, and son Matthew, 3, were found inside their Tullamarine home, in the northern suburbs of the city, on Thursday afternoon.

Perinovic’s husband, Tomislav, 48, called emergency services and was questioned by police before he was released without charge.

Less than 24 hours before the shocking murder, 42-year-old Perinovic had dropped a bag of prunes at the home of his neighbors on Burgess St, Daniel and Vicky Schembri.

Mr Schembri, who has lived on the street with his wife for 48 years, said Perinovic knocked on the door at 5.30pm on Wednesday. He thanked her, and she said “Bye,” she told NCA Newswire.

Just two days earlier, the Schembris family had heard children play happily in their pop-up pool. “They screamed and screamed and had fun and all that,” he told The Australian.

The Perinovic family.  Photo / Facebook
The Perinovic family. Photo / Facebook

The Perinovics are well known among their neighbors. The children wish Mr Schembri a happy new year. Kevin and Clare Harrison, who live opposite the family, visited on Christmas Day to give gifts to the children.

“We sat with them for a while and Tom was on the floor playing with little Matthew in the car we gave him,” she told The Australian. “He helped the girls unpack their pieces. We just laughed and joked about things.”

On Thursday afternoon, the children died, after an act that sent shockwaves into a usually deserted community.

“Investigators are not sure the 48-year-old man was involved in the incident and police are not looking for anyone further on the matter,” police said on Thursday afternoon.

“Killing Squad investigators have formed the initial view that the 42-year-old woman was responsible for all four deaths and once their investigation is complete, a report will be provided for consideration by the coroner.”

Locals are now trying to find out if there is any clue as to what they saw and heard about the family hours earlier.

One of the local parents who arrived back from the village trip at around 4pm on Wednesday told the Herald Sun that they saw Perinovic visiting another house on the street and talking to the owner of the house named Freddie in an act that now looks extraordinary.

A woman leaves flowers outside Perinovic's house.  Photo / NCA NewsWire
A woman leaves flowers outside Perinovic’s house. Photo / NCA NewsWire

A young mother living around the corner told Herald Sun that she had returned from morning coffee with friends on Thursday morning when she heard a very loud scream coming from Burgess St.

He is now convinced that the agitated cry at around 11.45am was Perinovic. About half an hour later, the mother said, she heard sirens.


Marie Groves’ family friend said she last saw Perinovic when the mother of three visited her home in November for a party.

Groves said Perinovic appeared “very quiet and reserved”.

“On November 29, I invited her to meet and help celebrate my daughter’s birthday with my children,” Groves told NCA NewsWire on Thursday morning.

“She was only there for a short time … her two older daughters were very much like mine, they chatted and laughed – typical of seven year olds, they are pretty kids.

“On that day he seemed a little aloof – that’s not unusual – he was very quiet … come to think of it maybe that’s a clue?”

Groves said he didn’t really know Perinovic’s husband, Tomislav, because he “worked around the clock.”

Groves, who has developed a close bond with Perinovic as their children grew up together, said the last time he saw his neighbor was before Christmas, when he also seemed “a little quieter than usual”.

Police at the scene today.  Photo / NCA NewsWire
Police at the scene today. Photo / NCA NewsWire

However, he added, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Schembris said Perinovic moved into the next house about 25 years ago before he met his future wife.

“Once they got married, she got pregnant,” said Schembri, adding that Perinovic looked “happy”.

Schembris said they used to see children who were “very active” all the time playing and riding their bikes on the road. The oldest, Claire, is getting dance lessons and the youngest is starting school.

Claire and Anna both attended St Christopher’s Elementary School on the outskirts of West Airport.

“Now, in heaven,” said Schembri. “They are very good children.”

The first indication he had that something was wrong on Thursday was seeing emergency services rushing onto the streets.

“We saw Tom sitting in a chair with his hands behind his back,” she said.

“She was quiet – numb.

“And then they took him to the police car.”

A tribute outside the Melbourne home in which a mother and three children died.  Photo / News Corp Australia
A tribute outside the Melbourne home in which a mother and three children died. Photo / News Corp Australia

Schembri said his heart broke thinking about the three children wishing him a happy new year, eating sweets, two weeks ago. “How could this happen?” she says.


Perinovic’s former colleague, who is a physiotherapist, told the Herald Sun that they were devastated to learn of the death.

It is known that he left the Glenroy Physiotherapy clinic unexpectedly about three months ago.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Robert Hill said police will work to support the families of those involved and ensure they get the help they need.

“I know there will be many people in society who are struggling to understand and accept this tragedy,” he said.

Perinovic in particular "drawn" in the weeks preceding the tragedy.  Photo / Facebook
Perinovic was especially “withdrawn” in the weeks preceding the tragedy. Photo / Facebook

“It is also a very difficult time for the police and paramedics, who responded to and attended the scene yesterday.

“This is a very heart wrenching experience for all parties.”

Lee, a team manager at the West Meadows paramedic unit, also laid flowers at the scene and took a moment to reflect outside the home.

Speaking to NCA NewsWire, he said about five of his paramedics responded to Thursday’s horror and were “shaken”.

“The loss of three children is affecting everyone including our staff,” he said.

“This isn’t normal … yes we have a troublesome element in our roles, but incidents like this are rare.”

Claire, 7, and Anna, 5, died in a murder-suicide allegation.  Photo / Facebook
Claire, 7, and Anna, 5, died in a murder-suicide allegation. Photo / Facebook

On Fridays, mourners lay flowers and cards on the property.

One child, Anabelle, left a handwritten note on the gate moments before detectives left the scene with a brown evidence bag.

“To Claire, Anna, Matt, and Katie. You are always very kind, loving, caring and Claire is always my best friend (best friend forever). Love from Anabelle,” read the note.

Investigations are continuing.

Where to get help:

Life line: 0800 543354 (available 24/7)
Suicide Crisis Helpline: 0508 828 865 (0508 SUPPORT) (available 24/7)
Youth service: (06) 3555 906
Youthline: 0800 376 633
Kidsline: 0800 543754 (available 24/7)
What is wrong: 0800 942 8787 (13.00 to 23.00)
Depression helpline: 0800 111757 (available 24/7)
Rainbow Youth: (09) 376 4155
Suicide Prevention CASPER

If it’s an emergency and you think you or someone else is at risk, call 111.


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Government lobbied to accelerate Covid vaccine launch ‘before it’s too late’ | Instant News

New Zealand|Political

Each New Zealand will be able to get a Covid-19 vaccination with 15 million doses now guaranteed with launches planned to start in the second half of next year.

The government has been urged to speed up the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination, given the increased risk of the new variant destroying Britain and South Africa.

The National Party wants front-line workers, such as those working in managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) facilities, to get the vaccine as soon as possible.

Party leader Judith Collins wants the Government to consider provisions for vaccines for emergency use for important border workers “before it’s too late”.

“New Zealand has fallen behind the rest of the world with its vaccine program and the Government needs to explain why,” said Collins.

The government has been approached for comment.

Yesterday, the Health Ministry revealed that there had been 31 new imported Covid-19 cases since Thursday – all in managed isolation.

He also revealed that so far 19 cases were linked to a new, fast-spreading strain that has spread in Britain.

“The number of cases reinforces the need for vigilance that is ongoing at the border, as Covid-19 continues to increase overseas,” the Health Ministry said.

But Collins said more than ongoing vigilance was needed to protect New Zealanders.

“It is imperative that we start vaccinating border workers and people working in managed isolation facilities as quickly as possible.”

He pointed out that the Australian Government recently launched a Covid-19 vaccine launch. Health workers, border personnel and elderly residents are at the front of the queue.

Collins wants the New Zealand Government to follow in Australia’s footsteps.

“The Kiwi is rightly asking why Australia plans to vaccinate four million people by the end of March while New Zealand won’t start vaccinating the general public until at least July.”

According to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the Covid-19 vaccine will be freely available to everyone in New Zealand by the middle of this year.

But border staff and rescue workers are at the front of the queue and will get vaccines faster than anyone else.

He said the mass vaccination program would be New Zealand’s largest immunization launch in history.

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“We are moving as quickly as possible, but we also want to make sure the vaccine is safe for New Zealanders.

He said the government had reached agreements with a number of pharmaceutical companies.

The agreement guarantees access to 7.6 million doses of AstraZeneca, enough for 3.8 million people, and 10.72 million doses of Novavax, enough for 5.36 million people.

Both vaccines require two doses to be administered.


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Dramatic photos show injured hikers climbing ropes to mountains in Aoraki / Mt Cook National Park before being rescued | Instant News

The two climbers were before they saved. One of them had a badly broken arm and was tied to the side of a mountain. Photo / Provided

Two climbers – one seriously injured – spent one night in Aoraki / Mt Cook National Park as rescuers departed complicated mission to take them to safety.

The climbers were trapped by a rock slide on steep terrain on Wednesday evening and weather conditions hindered rescue efforts, but a lull in the clouds early Thursday allowed the helicopter crew to unload an alpine cliff rescue team.

A Greymouth Rescue Helicopter then flew the couple – a man and a woman in their 50s – to Greymouth Hospital.

The man’s arm was badly broken in two places, a concussion and a badly injured leg. The woman was relatively unscathed, and she had tied the injured climber to the steep slope to prevent her from falling and suffering further injuries.

The two climbers were before they saved.  One of them had a badly broken arm and was tied to the side of a mountain.  Photo / Provided
The two climbers were before they saved. One of them had a badly broken arm and was tied to the side of a mountain. Photo / Provided

New Zealand’s Maritime rescue coordination center is leading a complex rescue. Search mission coordinator Neville Blakemore said the climbers activated the danger warning function of their InReach device at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday following the rock slide.

The rescue was completed at 8:50 a.m. on Thursday when the climbers arrived at Greymouth Hospital, having been flown there in a rescue helicopter.

Blakemore said being able to activate the device may have saved the wounded
a climber’s life. The pair were well equipped for the terrain they were on.

On Wednesday evening, the coordination center requested Helicopter Line helicopters to fly from Aoraki / Mt Cook with the Department of Conservation’s alpine cliff rescue team.

A lull in the clouds early Thursday allowed the helicopter crew to drop off the alpine cliff rescue team.  Photo / Provided
A lull in the clouds early Thursday allowed the helicopter crew to drop off the alpine cliff rescue team. Photo / Provided

They were unable to get to the site of the rock slide at an altitude of 1,800 meters on Mount D’Archiac (50 km northeast of Aoraki / Mt Cook) due to thick clouds. Instead, they landed a rescue team at Godley Hut to wait the night, monitor the weather and stay in touch with the coordination center.

The center has helicopters with night flying equipment on standby in Christchurch and

Low clouds prevented Christchurch helicopters from flying, but at 3 a.m. on Thursday, during a lull in the clouds in the mountains, Greymouth Rescue Helicopters were able to fly to the scene and bring down an alpine cliff rescue team.

The two climbers were flown to Greymouth Hospital at around 7.30am.


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Bilawal threatens with long march if PM does not resign before January 31 – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in December 27, 2020 8:14 am

Bilawal threatened with a long march if the PM does not resign before January 31

GARHI KHUDA BAKHSH (Dunya News) – Chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari gave an ultimatum to Prime Minister Imran Khan to resign on January 31, or there will be a long march to Islamabad.

Speaking at a public meeting on the anniversary of her mother’s death in Garhi Khuda Bakhsh, he said that if Bibi were still alive today, these dolls would not be able to compete.

He said that the rulers did not spare even the poor, traders, laborers, farmers, doctors and teachers but now the people will not spare these elected ones. Bilawal Bhutto said that people who suffer from inflation and poverty will not leave the puppet.

Bilawal Bhutto said how can I believe that there is democracy in this country. If someone holds a rally, there are arrests. We have fought against the dictators for democracy, who are these puppets.

The PPP chairman said that the public would no longer tolerate this incompetent elect. If the government is given more time, the country will sink. He who clashed with the people’s power was destroyed. The time for the thieves of flour, sugar, electricity and gas is over, he added.

He said that a record loan had been taken out in the last two and a half years. Imran Khan has to answer where the money is. Loans do not benefit the people. Electricity, gas, medicine and expensive foodstuffs. The people are forced to commit suicide but the incompetent don’t care, only the elected rulers care about the people.


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