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Starting from the top | Instant News


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BQPS-III to start operations in 2021 | Instant News

KARACHI: The first 900MW RLNG-PLTU Bin Qasim (BQPS) unit fired by 900MW is expected to start operating in the summer of 2021, Moonis Alvi, CEO of K-Electric (KE) said.

He spoke to a delegation from the Karachi Industrial Forum (KIF), which was recently visited

560MW Bin K-Electric (KE)

Qasim Power Plant (BQPS) -II and reviewing the fast tracked development work at the adjacent 900MW RLNG Bin Qasim Power Plant (BQPS), he added.

“EC is working with government agencies to realize additional power withdrawals from the national network and ensure sustainable growth of electricity supply in line with Karachi’s faster than average growth in demand.”

“Recognizing the role of the Karachi industry in promoting Pakistan’s prosperity, we always prioritize our industrial customers. KE is the first electricity utility in Pakistan that frees the industry from loading which is scheduled to return in 2012. “

Alvi said, “In the last few days, we have also simplified our new connection process in line with the World Bank’s Ease of Business model to make access to energy easier.”


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Warm Temperature, Mostly Dry Conditions on Tap for Saturdays in the Chicago Area – NBC Chicago | Instant News

It will be a warm and pleasant day in the Chicago area
Saturday, because it is above average temperature and most sunny conditions are at
estimates for the region.

After a mild start in the morning, the temperature will drop
continues to rise throughout the day, with the highest topping out in the mid to the top
70s in most locations.

Although the conditions are expected to remain largely dry, there
there are several opportunities for a quick shower to move through the area. At the beginning
rainy afternoon hours can be possible in the western and northern suburbs
Chicago, and then at night, rain has the potential to move
through the southern suburbs and into northwestern Indiana, according to estimates

Sunday temperatures will drop only a few degrees, like
Another highest afternoon in the 70s is expected. Take an occasional shower
it is also possible, but the conditions must remain largely dry throughout the region.

On Monday the temperature is expected to drop to
levels are slightly below normal, with highs above -50 and low-60s at most
location for the beginning of the work week.


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Nadra will begin normal operations starting next week | Instant News

ISLAMABAD – NADRA announced Thursday to begin its normal operations starting next week mainly to facilitate the applicants of the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program.

A letter written by the Director General (Operations) of Tahir Maqsood Khan’s authority to all regional headquarters (RHO) said that NADRA operations will begin from 4 May onwards.

Nadra took the decision to resume operations, which had been suspended since March 19 as a precautionary measure to deal with the spread of the corona virus, by order of the Ministry of the Interior.

The NADRA Headquarters has also sent temporary guidelines to all RHOs for adoption at the beginning of the operation to prevent the spread of the corona virus in all registration centers that saw a large influx of residents.

The ministry informed that the decision was made based on discussions held at the April 28 meeting at the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) to resolve the biometric verification problems of certain people’s fingerprints with the impression of a faded or distorted thumb.

Many Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Ehsaas Program applicants have protested over the past few days because they cannot get their thumbs verified because of the closure of Nadra offices throughout the country.

Verification of thumb impressions is a prerequisite for obtaining cash assistance offered by the federal government to low income classes affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Ehsaas Program workers have refused requests for cash assistance from applicants whose thumb impressions cannot be verified through their own system and they have been asked to contact Nadra for this purpose.


Last week, the Prime Minister’s Special Assistant for Poverty Alleviation Dr Sania Nishtar had asked the registration authority to open his office to facilitate the government in disbursing aid money. However, Nadra believes that the federal government must direct it in the event of a pandemic outbreak in the country.

Regarding this matter, Nishtar brought the matter to the Cabinet and finally decided that the NCOC must decide on the matter.


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District court to start hearing all cases starting on the 20th: LHC | Instant News


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