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Identify the types of brain cells that may prompt men to fight and have sex | Instant News

A new study in rodents shows that two groups of nerve cells can act as “on-off switches” for males to mate and attack. These neurons seem to send signals between the two parts of the brain (the amygdala and the posterior or posterior part of the hypothalamus) to jointly regulate emotions including fear, anxiety, and aggression.

Led by researchers at New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine, this study showed that male mice had difficulty in intercourse during the experiment, which prevented a group of amygdala cells from communicating with the hypothalamus (MPN signaling cells). signal. On the contrary, when the same signal is enhanced, these animals are not only able to mate, but also repeatedly courting females that are unacceptable to females, which they usually cannot do.

Similarly, when the second cell population (VMHvl signaling cells) in the amygdala that also communicates with the hypothalamus is blocked, rodents attack unfamiliar males at half the frequency of the latter. When these same neurons are triggered, the mouse becomes abnormally aggressive, even attacking its female companions and familiar males.

Shan Gaolong, a postdoctoral researcher at New York University’s Langen School of Health and its Institute of Neuroscience, said: “Our findings provide new insights into the key role of the posterior amygdala in driving male sexual behaviors such as sexuality and aggressiveness.”

Past studies have shown the role of the amygdala in regulating social behavior, but until now, experts have not discovered its exact role in sexual behavior. Instead, the researchers focused on the hypothalamus, where both MPN and VMHvl structures are located, as a regulator of brain mating and fighting.

The new survey will be published online in the magazine on July 27 Natural NeuroscienceDr. Yamaguchi said that it was the first tissue to discover two different sets of cells that facilitate communication between the posterior amygdala and the responsible and aggressive part of the hypothalamus. He added that this also provides key evidence that the posterior part of the amygdala has a “huge” effect on social behavior.

In this study, the researchers observed the brain cell activity of more than 100 male mice that were mounted and fighting. The authors measured the frequency with which nerve cells naturally emit signals in animals throughout the day. They found that MPN signaling cells are most active during sex, while VMHvl signaling cells are most active when confronted with other males. Then, for each of these two cell groups, the researchers inhibited or activated neurons and observed how often the mice tried to partner with their partners or attack strange males placed in their enclosures.

Dr. Dayu Lin, associate professor and senior researcher at New York University Langen and its Institute of Neuroscience, said: “Our new understanding of which cells trigger sexual and aggressive behaviors will help us choose when designing future psychiatric treatments. A better brain target.”

Lin still warns that much of the structure of the amygdala is still poorly understood, and researchers still need to determine how these findings translate into the human brain. Her team also plans to study the interaction of two sets of nerve cells in the brains of female rodents.


The research was funded by R01MH101377, R21MH105774, R01HD092596 and U19NS107616 from the National Institutes of Health.

In addition to Yamaguchi and Lin, the other NYU Langone researchers involved in this study are Dr. Wei Dongyu; Soomin Song, Ph.D; and Dr. Nicolas Tritsch. Dr. Byungkook Lim of the University of California, San Diego provided support from other researchers.

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Numan butt found guilty of violating the code of conduct printed circuit Board | Instant News

Lahore: former Supreme court, Lahore (LHC) judge (judge Retd) Fazal-e-Miran Chauhan as an independent arbitrator found Numan butt guilty of violation of your enterprise and the Code of conduct for members of the bog.

The result of the determination of misconduct Numan butt, he excluded from participation in elections or hold any position in any branch of the Pakistan cricket Board (PCB) within three years.

According to the PCB statement, in his 24-page court, justice (Retd) Chauhan wrote: “the applicant (Asad-Ali-Khan, the God member) and the Board failed to prove/establish that on 17 April 2019, defendant (Numan butt) has violated the Code of conduct applicable to members of the bog, printed circuit boards.

“He tore the 53rd session of the Council, and do not allow marshes to continue its agenda of that meeting. “The defendant also violated the PCB regulations by showing confidential documents to the media.

“It is in the Constitution, laws, regulations (Code of ethics), conduct … and should be considered immediately disqualified and ceased to be an office bearer / member of the Association. He was also banned for three years from participation in the election or to become office-bearer a member of any Association, club, organization, management, monitoring, controlled or affiliated to the Board”.


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Transportation Study Shows Increased Trips Despite Orders Staying At Home – NBC4 Washington | Instant News

A transportation expert at the University of Maryland tracked cell phone trips during COVID-19 and saw an increase in travel between countries after President Trump mentioned reopening several countries.

Lei Zhang, Director of the Maryland Transportation Institute at UMD, noticed that data collected anonymously changed after April 14, when Trump made this announcement.

“Since April 14, we have seen the first decline in all measures and metrics that we use to measure social distance behavior,” Zhang said.

A map of the study shows that most people across the country live in or close to home on Sunday 12 April. But as the week went on, people traveled 25, 30 and more than 35 miles from home.

“This is not a trip to get back to work. This is a trip for non-work purposes, “Zhang said.

The data shows there are many trips in and out of the state, especially in Prince George’s County, county with the most COVID-19 cases in Maryland.

“From our data, the PG district is actually a district in Maryland that receives the most external travel from outside the state and most, what we call, ‘the import case’,” Zhang said.

Prince George’s County executive Angela Alsobrooks said she had not been briefed on this study, but district travel was hypothesized high because 70% of the population worked outside the county.

“When you say, ‘getting out of the country’ is not too difficult to do because Virginia is next door, we have DC next door. We have a large population of important workers,” Alsobrooks said.

Zhang hopes this ongoing study will influence national policy decisions.

“We think this information has a lot of value. It is important for decision makers and the general public to see it, “Zhang said.


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United States Praises Germany for Prohibiting Hizballah | Instant News

We praise Germany for banning Hizballah as a whole as a terrorist organization and for taking firm action against suspected Hizballah supporters. Hampering the ability of these terrorist organizations to plan terrorist attacks and to raise money will further reduce Iran’s bad behavior and influence.

The world increasingly recognizes Hizballah as it is – not the defender of Lebanon as he claimed, but a terrorist organization dedicated to advancing Iran’s evil agenda. In addition to killing many of his fellow countrymen, the Iranian-sponsored terrorist group, Hizballah, also has American blood and continues to plan and carry out attacks around the world.

With this action, Germany joins the ranks of developing countries that reject false differences between Hizballah terrorist operations and the recognized “political” wing, including recent appointments by Argentina, Colombia, Honduras, Kosovo, Paraguay and the United Kingdom. We urge other EU member states to follow and hold Hizballah accountable for its terrorist activities.

/ Public release. See fully here.


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Children who have a ‘kind’ sexist view also tend to have a ‘hostile’ view | Instant News

Children who have a positive, “kind” attitude towards women also tend to have negative views, the psychology research team found. Their results also show the difference between boys and girls in how this view changes over time: sexist perceptions of “hostility” decline for both boys and girls as they get older, but sexist “good-hearters” decrease only for girls.

“This may seem funny when a boy acts in a manner that is polite to girls, or when a girl pretends to be a princess waiting for a prince to save her,” said Andrei Cimpian, a professor in the Department of Psychology at New York University and one more person. research authors, who appear in journals Sexual Role. “Many times, this is just playing, with no deeper meaning. But at other times, this behavior – even though they may appear to be offensive – may indicate that children perceive women as negative, weak, incompetent, and incapable survive or thrive without the help of men. “

“It is very encouraging to note that this work also reveals how this attitude develops with age for boys and girls, although it is uneven,” added first author Matthew Hammond, a senior lecturer at the School of Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington, Zealand New.

Many understand the term “sexism” to refer to negative attitudes towards women, said Cimpian and Hammond. This can include the perception that women are weak, incompetent, or overly emotional. However, they note, there are other aspects of sexism that are often overlooked – what researchers, especially Susan Fiske and Peter Glick, call “benevolent sexism”. This consists of attitudes that may appear positive, but which still undermine and patronize women – for example, that women must be warm, caring, pure, and appropriate to wear a base.

Previous research has shown that adults who have hostile sexist views also have benevolent views. But what is less clear is whether children also simultaneously hold these perceptions – and whether these views change or not during childhood.

To overcome this, the researchers looked at the attitudes of more than 200 children, aged 5 to 11 years, in two locations: New York City and Urbana-Champaign, Ill. They were asked whether the series of statements were “true” or “false”. “The statement includes benevolent views (eg,” Men need to protect women from danger “) and hostile ones (eg,” Women become more upset than men about small things “).

In analyzing children’s agreement and disagreement with these statements, the researchers found that children gave a statistically different pattern of responses to statements that expressed hostile and favorable views about women. However, what is important, they also find a connection between these types of views, which means that if a child agrees with a hostile statement, then he also tends to agree with a benevolent view.

“This is something we did not know before about the gender attitudes of young people,” Cimpian said.

In addition, findings indicate that children’s hostile sexism decreases with increasing age for boys and girls. However, good sexism decreases with age only for girls – and not for boys.

“Boys may be less aware that their virtuous attitude towards women is, in fact, condescending,” advises Cimpian. “For example, they may hold to the belief that men must protect women because this view is in line with social norms and can be strengthened during their upbringing.”

The study authors see the current situation as an opportunity to overcome problems arising from research findings.

“Parents and children spend a lot of time together today, so there are plenty of opportunities to talk,” Hammond said. “It might be worthwhile to spend a few minutes discussing what they think men and women should be.”


This research was supported by grants from the National Science Foundation (BCS-1530669, BCS-1733897).

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