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17 of the best new artists from Australia | Gigwise | Instant News

Mallrat, Bitch Diesel, Miiesha, VOIID …

Apart from a few standout songs such as’ Dance Monkey ‘Tones and I or The Chats” Smoko ‘, the new Australian musical presence has completely stagnated on the UK scene today.

Except for Tame Impala or King Gizzard and Lizard Wizard, we don’t seem to have heard much of it – so what’s going on in the country that gave us Nick Cave, Kylie Minogue, AC / DC, and INXS?

Buy a Vegemite sandwich and some Tim Tams as here are 17 bands and artists from below that you should listen to.

Amyl and The Sniffers

While discussing how they found their name and music, lead singer Amy Taylor told the BBC, “In Australia we call poppers Amyl. So you sniff it, it lasts 30 seconds and then you get giddy – and that’s what we’re like!” Melbourne has been making big waves on the pub rock / punk rock scene since they released Big Attraction / Giddy Up in 2018 and winning the ARIA Award for Best Rock Album in 2019 really cemented Amyl and The Sniffers as the band we should be. keep an eye on.

Sampa Agung

Another ARIA Award darling, the honorary Sampa the Great Australia who grew up in Zambia has been nominated for six awards in 2020. It’s no surprise: the busy, lush production and confident flow is impressive. Like Amyl, she is well established, but by all indications just getting started too.


Combining indie, electronica, pop, and hip hop, Mallrat is a reliable name for a playful hit. Her self-described “Hannah Montana of the rap game”, at the age of 22, has already taken third in the annual Hottest 100 Triple J countdown (an achievement previously held by the likes of Travis Scott, Daft Punk, and Alt-J) who proved that he was a source of raw talent. Citing influences such as Courtney Barnett, Allday, and Grimes, Mallrat is like the AKA-era sweetheart Lizzy Grant Lana Del Rey and Lorde with an Australian hip hop spin.

Jeremy Neale

Potentially one of the longest-running names on Brisbane’s indie rock scene, Jeremy Neale is no newcomer, but his persistently contagious footprint is often underestimated. Since 2012, Neale has been a constant source of catchy pop-infused songs that you can’t help but knock your feet off (see ‘In Stranger Times’ or ‘A Love Affair to Keep You There’). With two albums and several EPs, Neale has been a staple on the east coast since his set at the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival in 2013 – he hasn’t managed to break the British world yet.

Teen Father

An indie rock outfit that hails from the Mornington Peninsula about an hour south of Melbourne, the Teenage Dads have something in their repertoire for everyone. 2019’s ‘Vile Crocodile’ is an urgent, guitar-driven song, somewhat comparable to Cabbage’s ‘Uber Capitalist Death Trade’. There are much lighter, summery and spangly tunes like 2018’s ‘Sunburnt’ or the latest release ‘Thank You for the Honey, Honey’ which are a little more psychedelic-inspired. If you’re a Tame Impala fan and looking for a way to expand the number of Australian bands you listen to, Teenage Dads is the way to go.

The Grogans

Getting their start in high school playing house parties in exchange for a beer, The Grogans exemplifies the surf rock corner on the Australian scene. It’s a lot like California surf rock brands like Wavves, The Growlers or Best Coast, but with a distinctly Australian sound, summer guitar music that’s basically a treat for fun. The new single, ‘Got A Girl’ is sure to captivate the audience when it is played live; with plenty of opportunities to headbang and dance, it’s one way to get your feet up.

Bitch Diesel

Fuzzy punk rock, the name says it all. Bitch Diesel, according to their Facebook profile, is “a pair of girls chasing fame and fortune in a booze mist” – almost as if a cover of Sonic Youth’s Goo came to life and started an all-girl badass guitar band. Having supported established punk and rock bands such as Spiderbait, Cosmic Psychos, and The Courtneys, this Bikini Kill trio’s style keeps them firmly on the Melbourne stage as a force to be reckoned with.


LP Nyaaringu debuted this year and it’s a warm and extensive RnB piece positioned from a point of view that can’t quite be heard: Indigenous experience. Sound-wise, you’ll want to hear more from Miiesha if you like the Ctrl SZA.

Mutiara Matilda

Dare I say it? Mutiara Matilda could be Australia’s answer to Dua Lipa. Using locks as an opportunity to get creative, Pearl has become what can only be described as a pop icon. The right disco ball, the sparkly dress, beckons you to the dancefloor electronic pop. The self-described 17 year old “disco mermaid” has grown from strength to strength over the past few years and has been featured in several magazines and made a big splash in the world of Triple J’s Unearthed High.

Teen Jesus and Jean Teasers

With 90’s craze, Teen Jesus and Jean Teasers in Canberra make rock music with a fantastic grunge twist. Formed during a 10-year stay after watching School of Rock and continuing to wow at Triple J’s Unearthed High, Teen Jesus and Jean Teasers have made a big mark on the indie scene, appearing at a series of festivals including Groovin ‘The Moo, Waterfall Festival, and St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. Taking inspiration from bands like Cherry Glazerr, Siouxsie and The Banshees, and Blondie, their guitar-fired rock brought grunge back to the capital.


With DZ Deathrays and DMA among their fans, the fiery and melancholy mix has gripped quite a few. Featuring the kind of guitar that instantly seems to make you feel energized the first time you listen to it and vocals reminiscent of Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino, it’s easy to see how this passionate group has garnered such a following. Talking about their latest single, vocalist Zoe Catterall explained, “’Linda’ is for anyone who has a bad boss. After being talked about / shouted at, and reluctantly working somewhere so I could pay rent, I wrote to Linda and quit. ”

Teen Joans

Even though it was only formed in 2019, Teenage Joans thundered into the alternative rock scene winning Triple J’s Unearthed High 2020. Already invited to play on Girls Rock! Performing at the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival and winning the “South Australian Best Live Act” at the 2019 National Live Music Awards, the duo carved their place in the national eye. Cahli Blakers and Thalia Borg took pop-punk, or the pop punk they liked, and made it cool again. Immediately catchy from the first listen to it, Teenage Joans will be fun to watch.

Tamara & The Dreams

Combining inspiration from the likes of Blondie, Angel Olsen, Courtney Barnett and Best Coast, these four Melbourne-based works create indie pop for internet-dwellers like Tamara Reichman herself. By arranging to put together lyrics about memes and algorithms with a heartfelt discussion of seasonal affective disorder and the struggle to cope with your feelings, then putting all of that on top of a fun melody, Reichman is much more than a “username with too much time. As the name of the band shows, their performances at the St Kilda Festival and Brunswick Music Festival will hopefully make them make big strides on the live scene.

RAT! Hammock

Indie rocker lo-fi RAT! Hammocks make fun guitar music for people trying to make sense of their life. Inspired by the joy of Christmas carols and mariachi music, RAT! Hammock wants their music to be “a big party and everyone’s there, hand in hand” while addressing the fact that in your 20s, you compare yourself to other people very often. people, looking for meaningful work, and trying to find lasting friendships.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Formed in Perth in 2014, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets has been popular for a while, but hasn’t gotten as much fame as Tame Impala or King Gizzard and Lizard Wizard. These guys are prime examples of alternative Australian psychic bands that make upbeat and catchy music but have been overshadowed by their predecessors. Playing All Points East the same day as The Strokes as well as going on their own UK tour, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets is sure to start picking up speed here and you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t join in soon. .

Tropical Fuck Storm

An exciting find for fans of King Gizzard and Lizard Wizard, Tropical Fuck Storm is an experimental psychedelic post punk treat. Frontman Gaz Liddiard said of their music, “We are the most chaotic band out there which is not a very unheard concept at the moment,” which should give you an idea of ​​what to expect to enter. As Liddiard’s statement might sound daunting, the music is very accessible if you’re already a fan of psychedelia and much more engaging than some of the other bands sharing the stage.


Brisbane-based VOIID proves that grunge didn’t hit its peak in the 90s. Inspired by Hole, L7 and the Smashing Pumpkins, the band takes what was famous 30 years ago and gives it a modern twist. VOIID trying to use their voice to answer non-existent conversations, drummer Jasmine Cannon has explained that as a band, they are not “going to hide. [their] lyrics or experiences just so the mainstream can turn a blind eye. After touring with DZ Deathrays and playing some of the biggest festivals in Australia, VOIID made a big name for themselves.


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2020 Melbourne Cup in Flemington: Horses raised in New Zealand will compete in the Melbourne Cup | Instant News


Jockey Mark Zahra celebrates victory over Verry Elleegant after winning the Caulfield Cup. Photo / Getty

The man developing New Zealand’s best wishes at today’s Melbourne Cup said there was a very good reason Verry Elleegant won the iconic race.

Because he knows how to fight.

Former coach Nick Bishara still has a stake in the possession of the Caulfield Cup winners who, although he coached in Sydney recently, are more than half owned here.

Verry Elleegant not only grew up in New Zealand but started her career here and, with expat Chris Waller coaching her, she is far more Kiwi than an Aussie heading for today’s epic $ NZ8.23 million.

Bishara knows Verry Elleegant, who has won nearly $ 8.5 million in career stakes, will face some of the best defenders in the world but says his courage means he can win.

“In three of his last four games he came off the canvas to win,” Bishara said.

“He is a true fighter and he has developed into an extraordinary horse.

“I know the Europeans are amazing, but we beat some of them in the Caulfield Cup so there’s no reason we can’t do it again.”

Bishara wants to see his horse ride three wide trucks with cover starting the last 1000m and then fight to the line. After that, what will happen.

“What a thrill it is to have a real chance at the Melbourne Cup.

“Since none of us owners living in New Zealand could be there, about 40 of us including family and friends, went to Ellerslie to enjoy the day and watch the races.

“We’ll be proud of him but I don’t know what will happen if we win because I can’t have a big night, I have horses I train for Wednesday and I have to take them to the races.

“But we’ll be worried about that after the race.”

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Also in Ellerslie will be Mark Lupton, who owns part of and has coached Etah James, the Sydney Cup winner who likes the 3200m distance.

His horse was no more favored than Verry Elleegant, but he insisted that he peaked at the right time.

“He had some little things that went wrong in this preparation, but Ciaron (Maher, coach) said he was flying in his current job,” said Lupton.

We knew he would tackle the 3200m and, while he won the Sydney Cup on a tough track, his previous best form was on a good track.

“Maybe he doesn’t have the class of some of them, and he’s an eight year old mare, so we’re realistic but there’s a lot of money for a horse that finishes in the first 12 and we have a good chance of that.

“We have Miss racing at Ellerslie so we’ll watch it there. I know I have to pack a bag for the night in case we need to celebrate but I don’t want to jinx her.”


Coach Andrew Forsman said everything went perfectly for the only horse New Zealand trained at the Cup, The Chosen One.

“We are happy with him, the draw and his lead in the Caulfield Cup,” said Forsman, who coached the five-year-old with Murray Baker.

He is a straight forward horse and needs to be able to jump and put himself in a good spot.

“Then the question is whether he is good enough to beat the Europeans, which is the same for all of us.”

Like other Kiwi coaches with horses in races they have done, or have coached in the past, Forsman will be in Ellerslie today with a team of five from their stables with a break to watch the Cup.


  • Verry Elleegant
  • Surprise Baby
  • The chosen
  • Etah James
  • Oceanex
  • Miami Bound
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7 of the best places to walk your dog in New Zealand | Instant News

Worldwide, pet-focused travel is on the rise. In 2020, the American Pet Products Association found that 45 percent of dog owners take their pets with them when they are away for at least two nights – a significant increase from a decade ago. Kiwi pet owners are not immune to this trend, with an increasing number of hotels offering Fido-friendly accommodations.

Traveling with your pet allows you to explore your destination through a whole new lens – and arguably, this is best done by taking a walk with your nice boy or girl. But what exactly makes a dog run perfectly?

According to new research released by TUX, it’s a careful combination of length, distance and location. In August this year, the pet food brand conducted a survey of hundreds of dog walkers across the country. This determines that the ideal walk is one hour and 3 km, and takes place in a park or beach. However, we argue that the best walks also attract travelers to the unique ecology or history of an area.

Regardless of where you head with your canine friend this summer, there’s sure to be a track that fits the bill. Here are seven of them.

A walk along the banks of the Mahurangi River will take you back in time when waterways were the lifeblood of the area. A highlight of this ropes-free trip are the ruins of the Wilson Cement Works, where relics of early 20th century plants sit beside a mining lake.

Of course, if you happen to be in the area on a Saturday morning, don’t miss the Matakana Farmers Market. It is off-limits for dogs, but near the entrance you will find a unique puppy daycare, where pets can relax in the shade to earn donations of gold coins.

This local favorite is sometimes referred to as the Redwoods dog park, but you’ll see dozens of different trees here – Scion is a forestry research zone, where new tree species are being tested. Dogs are welcome to roam freely over large areas, but if you prefer walking on leash the Redwoods across the street allow dogs too.

Whichever park you choose, after your adventure, drive to the dog-friendly Secret Spot Hot Tubs nearby for some well-deserved beer and “shinny” dip.

It can feel a little inconvenient to include a beach on this list, given that much of New Zealand’s coastline is dog paradise (except for bird nesting and restricted areas, of course). But we’ll make some respite for New Plymouth’s popular Back Beach, with its black sand and pretty offshore islands.

More space for ball throwing and dog rowing, this isn’t the longest walk to be had. But you can extend the sightseeing by continuing on the nearby Herekawe Street.

A wide off-leash trail along the Miramar Peninsula, the Maupuia Walkway has some of the best ocean views Wellington has to offer. It is less than 1 km long, but can be transformed into a longer and more heart-pumping ride by taking the down and up links from Shelly Bay.

Victoria Park, high up in the Port Hills, tends to get all the splendor of Garden City. Fair enough: This is probably one of the most beautiful dog parks in the country, with views across the Canterbury Plains to the Southern Alps. It’s also one that most definitely impresses visitors, with countless trails to explore.

However, those in the know head to Groynes. Tucked away just off the highway northeast of the airport, this gated park features a large cross-country area, a river for swimming and a variety of agility trails.

Formerly an old public road, the 2km Karetai Line climbs about 200m uphill, offering unrivaled views of the rugged cliffs of the Otago Peninsula. You can also take this trail to access Smaills Beach, the perfect place to cool off after a long walk.

While most owners prefer to take their dogs on leash walks, we’d be remiss not to include these high mountain trails that require guidance.

This 90-minute trek starts at the Remarkables ski resort and continues its hike through mountainous wetlands to above glacial lakes. There is a $ 10 fee to access the ski trails, but the resulting views make it one of the trails that Queenstown dog owners have rated most highly.

This summer, take your best friend on the road. Sunday Travel has teamed up with Canopy Camping and Tux to create the ultimate gift for dog owners – $ 900 for a stay at one of Canopy Camping’s unique dog-friendly glamping sites, $ 600 off your travel expenses, and Tux’s worth of a year of dog food, worth a total of $ 1989.65.

Sign in nzherald.co.nz/competitions


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Letter to Editor: Best regards to Effingham from Germany | Letter To Editor | Instant News

As a foreign currency exchange student at EHS 1976-77 I ​​spent a full year of experience, getting to know American hospitality, recognition of personality by teachers and even a little bit of early settlement enthusiasm by people from various countries including Germany.

I then came to Illinois several times to visit friends, only those traveling outside of Illinois, so Effingham is to me a mirror of American life. Of course the intersection of opportunities is always changing; I realized, for example, that dairy farming was almost extinct in the county.

Is the stance of the 1977 Stamp “Speak your truth calmly and clearly … Avoid loud and aggressive people” still being followed at Effingham?

Greetings from Germany.

Ralf Eyssen, Luckenwalde, Germany

PS Anyone in Effingham who has the opportunity to visit Germany is very welcome at our home near Berlin.


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Sportswriters determine the best sports video game athlete ever Scene | Instant News

Who is the best player in a soccer video game?

DB: There are two dominant players of the football video game that brought me back to my childhood: Randy Moss in Madden 2003 and Michael Vick in Madden 2004. Moss is unstoppable even in terms of triples, he is sure to go down with the ball no matter what. But anyone who remembers playing Madden 2004 remembers how crazy Vick was. It comes to the point when you play with friends that you are not allowed to play with the Falcons. Vick has a speed of 99 and artificial intelligence and video game defense are not as sophisticated now. If a team plays protection against Vick, it will take off. Any wrinkles, and Vick was gone. Combine him with the back line Warrick Dunn and T.J. Duckett, and the lights went out.

WA: Back in the day when Tecmo Bowl ruled the country, everyone liked to score goals running 99 yards with Bo Jackson, which was fun, but Lawrence Taylor was the best player in the game. He is very fast so you can use it to tackle the holder before his kick is close enough to try the shot towards the goal and extra points. A true game modifier. In modern times, Christian McCaffery was a horse in Madden 2019. In one of the empty formations he marched as a rear wing and ran a wheelbase that was pretty much unstoppable. The only disadvantage is susceptibility to injury.

Who is the best basketball video game star?

DB: For the best video game basketball characters, I will use Player 99. For those who don’t remember, or aren’t used to at all, there was a period during the 1990s when basketball player Michael Jordan opted out of the NBPA license agreement, so the similarity cannot be used in video game. As a way to avoid that, video games make players with generic names but crazy statistics. And he happens to play for the Chicago Bulls. I wonder who that is? By the way, he is a monster in the game, because he is in his NBA career.

WA: NBA Live 2004 Yao Ming, the star’s first Playstation edition, was unstoppable. You can average triple double points, blocks and rebounds at will. Hooks and fadeaway from blocks are money and offensive rebounds are another way to get an easy bucket.

Who is the best baseball video game star?

DB: Barry Bonds on Triple Play 2001. Really, every hitter force from that era really wiped out video games, because that’s what they did (with help). But when he’s in real life, Bonds can’t possibly be thrown there if you deal with it. If you leave something in the zone, he takes it deeply. If it’s not in the zone, he is patient enough to stop it. Another cheat code from the player if you play with it.

WA: Back before the nerds destroyed Major League Baseball, the league actually displayed good athletes and excitement as the ball was played and men raced around the base. Nobody does it better than outfielder St. Louis Cardinals Vince Coleman at an RBI Baseball match in the late 80s. You can get a base with a bunt most of the time and steal second and third bases all the time with Coleman and fellow outfielder Willie McGee.


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