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Rugby league: New Zealand Soldiers kick off the Nathan Brown era with a promising draw against the Gold Coast Titans in NRL trials | Instant News


Josh Curran of the Warriors scores a try during the NRL trial match against the Titans. Photos / Photosport

It’s best to always be vigilant about the pre-season NRL trials. Coaches and teams always have specific agendas to work with – rather than just grinding results – and it’s advisable not to get carried away about performance, good or bad.

That’s what happened to the Warriors in the past. The excitement following a 48-4 trial win over the Broncos in 2013 was quickly lost when they lost five of their first seven games and there are several other related examples.

But Saturday’s game against The Titans, which ended in a 12-12 draw, was important. It was the first course for Nathan Brown and the seventh new signing, after significant personnel changes in the low season.

It is also their only preseason chance, after last week’s trial against Storm was canceled due to travel restrictions.

Neither team wants to reveal too much – especially when they face each other in the first round of the NRL season – but it’s time for the latest issue of the Warriors to show something up and it’s quite promising.

They showed good speed and energy and had some bright moments in attack, while their defense improved as the match went on, with some great grabs in the second half.

Both squads have been rusty at times, with the Warriors also losing half-organization Chanel Harris-Tavita, out with a quad injury, and hampered by the loss of bitch Wayde Egan, who left with a shoulder injury after just 15 minutes.

Addin Fonua-Blake’s gigantic brace provides good muscle up front, giving an idea of ​​his ability to cross the line of advantage while Ben Murdoch-Masila creates a 40 meter high statue with his first touch after halftime, and the one-two hit by the twin towers could be something to enjoy, if they can also bring discipline in defense.

Perhaps the new player chosen was the former Dragons midfielder, Euan Aitken, who took some powerful punches and displayed a willingness to get involved, as well as the defensive initiative.

Bunty Afoa and Leeson Ah Mau are again welcomed, having barely been seen in 2020 due to injuries. Second rower Bayley Sironen demonstrated his versatility, turning to prostitutes in the second half.

The Titans got their best of the opening quarter, with two attempts in four minutes, to Tino Fa’asuamaleaui and Jarrod Wallace. When he played for Queensland and Storm last season, strong Fa’asuamaleaui was tough to deal with through midfield.

Sean O’Sullivan and Nikorima teamed up well to send Josh Curran across in the 29th minute and the Warriors should have extended their lead before halftime, unable to capitalize on four straight sets on the Titans line.

The Warriors were sharper after halftime and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck’s sharp break sent Jazz Tevaga under the post just before the hour mark.

That shows what is possible when Tuivasa-Sheck gets the ball up front, which is the hope for 2021.

Brown vacated the bench for the last 20 minutes, with several young players gaining playing time. A formidable defensive play from Map Hiku stopped certain attempts from former teammate Patrick Herbert, while the Warriors did very well to withstand the continuing pressure in the final 10 minutes.

Soldier 12 (J Curran, J Tevaga tries; K Nikorima 2 goals)

Titans 12 (T Fa’asuamaleaui, J Wallace tries; J Fogarty 2 goals)

First Half: 6-12


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Switzerland tops the global e-commerce index | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Switzerland is the best-equipped country for online shopping, according to UN comparisons in more than 150 states.

This content was published on 18 February 2021-10.25 18 February 2021-10.25 Keystone-SDA / gw

Last year, 97% of Switzerland’s population used the internet, an annual study by the Geneva-based United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) revealed on Wednesday. Alpine Nations received one of the highest scores (97 out of 100) for the reliability of the postal service. It is a key element of online shopping, which in 2018 was estimated to be worth $ 4.4 trillion (CHF3.95 trillion) globally – a 7% increase from the previous year.

Eight of the top ten countries are in Europe (Singapore and Hong Kong are the other two), making it the leading continent for e-commerce. More than 70% of the adult population in Canada, the United States, and 10 European states shop online. But in most low-income countries, that proportion is well below 10%.

“The e-commerce gap remains large,” said Shamika N. S Shippingne, who heads the Geneva-based division responsible for preparing the index. With the Covid-19 pandemic, it is increasingly urgent to underdeveloped countries to strengthen their e-trade readiness, he added, so that residents can benefit from the digital economy. Globally, the pandemic has driven an increase in online shopping.




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The best emerging technology in blockchain and crypto | Instant News

There are several technology concepts as big as blockchain today. Cryptocurrency, the most popular product of blockchain, is at the peak of its popularity and basic technology is being utilized by every industry from healthcare to aviation.

Within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, there are a number of innovative companies and technologies that are setting the stage for the future of the industry. These are ones to watch out for as they are not only laying the groundwork for what is to come but are also likely to be the top companies in crypto and blockchain for the next decade. Here are the best technologies that have emerged in blockchain and crypto.

1. BitPay

Bitpay is a leading cryptocurrency payment platform that allows users to manage and spend their bitcoin and ether. Users can also convert their bitcoins to US Dollars using BitPay Prepaid Mastercard. Bitpay’s main product is a wallet, which allows users to securely store their bitcoins. Bitpay also empowers users to manage multiple wallets on the go, earn crypto, and shop for gift cards. Bitpay prepaid mastercard allows payment of goods and services using bitcoin. You can refill the card immediately to make a payment. It’s designed for people who want to live a life with crypto, and it’s ready to use in millions of stores globally.

2. Hyphens

The developer of Dash, one of the largest cryptocurrencies, overcame the barriers to mass adoption of digital money by launching the world’s first so-called social cryptocurrency wallet DashPay. The solution is to provide a smooth one user experience with social payments between users, customizable human-readable usernames, contact lists, bios and profile pictures. The new wallet is expected to break new ground in the crypto payments industry and make digital payments accessible to a wider community of users who previously avoided using lengthy cryptographic addresses. DashPay will see a full public release in early 2021.


As Ethereum transaction fees continue to soar, the need for cheaper trading becomes important for crypto users. That DMEX decentralized exchange solve the problem of high commissions and reduce gas costs to near-zero levels by using a sidechain to process trade transactions, while storing user funds stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform has become the first fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange to offer perpetual contracts with up to 100x leverage, with BTC, ETH or DAI as margin currency, no gas fees, and KYC. The fully decentralized architecture allows the system to work without unnecessary delays and third party intervention, suggesting that the number of crypto currency hacks could be significantly reduced if users would choose decentralized trading.

4. DigitalBits

DigitalBits, the first platform of its kind dedicated to branded currencies, will launch on mainnet later this month. Led by GDA Capital co-founder Michael Gord, DigitalBits was built to overcome the various friction experienced in traditional branded currencies. Zytara, a digital banking solution and payment network devoted to esports and gaming, plans to publish their Zytara dollar (ZUSD) on DigitalBits later this year, giving gamers and esports fans a real alternative to today’s complex esports payouts. Singapore-based exchange BiKi has two lists of ZUSD and XDB, which shows their support for the global gaming community.

5. Quppy

Quppy is the world’s licensed multi currency digital payment solution provider. Quppy offers a variety of services including a decentralized multi-currency wallet, prepaid bank cards, virtual banking services, personal and business IBAN accounts, services for accepting crypto payments at a fee of 0, and crypto-fiat digital currency exchange. Quppy also offers top-ups with various types of cards such as MasterCard and Visa. Users can also top up their Quppy account via the mobile app, providing customers with convenience and ease of use. Top-ups can be done with almost any bank card, giving users a variety of options along with existing mobile top-up options. For their customers in the EU, prepaid cards will be available soon. Basically, Quppy serves as an all-in-one financial application concept that provides its users with all possible services related to digital assets with ease and convenience.

6. Twilight Network

Twilight Network is a privacy blockchain designed to house financial applications. The Dusk Network is perfect for securities as it provides the infrastructure that businesses use to create financial instrument tokens and automate expensive processes. Transactions will be almost instantaneous and private, with publishers and investors getting live updates about the event. By issuing securities on a public blockchain, companies and investors can enjoy certain benefits such as automated voting and dividend payments, automated transaction compliance, securities fractionalization, and availability of investment opportunities for a wider audience. Dusk Network is currently working on the launch of their mainnet and the next big event is scheduled for April 9th.

7. Elrond

Elrond is a fast, secure, and highly scalable platform designed to host distributed applications and provide enterprise use cases in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors. This platform allows developers, validators and legal entities to build a new internet economy. Elrond not only provides a platform but also a tool for developers to build dApps and other applications. Users have access to popular programming languages, flexible tools, and more to help you quickly launch and deploy applications on a scalable blockchain. Investors can stake Elrond too, enabling them to earn rewards and secure the Elrond ecosystem in the process. That Maiar’s wallet by Elrond will support multiple cryptocurrencies and offer a variety of other features.

8. DSLA protocol

The DSLA Protocol addresses a market of hundreds of billions with a Risk Management Framework for infrastructure developers and operators.
Blockchain-based solutions allow anyone to add self-administered service level agreements (SLAs) on top of any third-party service, to easily reduce customer exposure to service delays, disruptions or financial losses, and incentivize the operational excellence of overtime service providers. Popular Risk Management use cases include cryptocurrency savings accounts (staking), decentralized trading and market creation (AMM), digital art collections (NFT), PSD2 compliance, and the Open Banking API.

To learn more about the DSLA Protocol, visit https://stacktical.com

9. Algorand

Algorand aims to enable frictionless finance worldwide through a native proof-of-stake blockchain protocol built by an award-winning team led by MIT Professor Silvio Micali. The Algorand protocol is the first technology to successfully solve the blockchain trilemma that achieves optimal decentralization, security and scalability. It has also been chosen by the Marshall Islands government to create the Marshallese sovereign (SOV), the country’s national digital currency. Supported by the Algorand SOV technology will circulate alongside the US dollar and help the Marshall Islands operate efficiently in the global economy. Algorand chain has proven itself to be a viable host for CBDC deployments, given its fast, cheap and secure transactions. Various assets such as USDT and USDC have already been used in Algorand, so it is only a matter of time before more cryptocurrencies start operating on this forward-thinking blockchain network.

10. Taraxa

Taraxa aims to organize and record the eighty percent of the world’s transactional data that currently only exists informally, which means it is fragmented, unreliable and difficult to trace when needed. By introducing blockchain as a tool to audit this often hidden data, it becomes a reliable source of information with the accountability of the entities involved.

One example of real-world use cases is in the automotive sector which helps verify operational data generated and stored by vehicles – from car trade and ride-sharing services, to automotive IoT and autonomous driving.

Regardless of what 2021 holds for the market (another bitcoin running or a sudden slump?), It’s clear that crypto and blockchain will still be around. Over the next few years, we can expect to see blockchain becoming an important part of the makeup of some of the world’s largest industries.

These companies are at the forefront of this revolution and are making great strides, whether in investing in digital assets or enabling further use of blockchain technology.


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Best New Zealand Beaches 2021: Winner reveals Ōhope, Bay of Plenty | Instant News

Roll up a beach towel, pick up picnic scraps, and toss melted ice from the trash onto the grass. The votes have been counted and our search for the Best Beaches in Aotearoa has been finished and cleared, like sand from wet clothes.

It’s time to name the winners of the readers’ 10 favorite beaches and the three wildcards the Travel Herald team added to the short list.

New Zealand’s Best Beaches 2021 are Ōstreet, almost beating our 2018 contest winner Whangamatā.

Why does Ōhope’s fan club rate the 11km-long Bay of Plenty sand as the best beach in the country?

Three reasons keep popping up in our readers’ replies: space, safety and family fun.

Ōhope Beach, in the Bay of Plenty - New Zealand's Best Beaches for 2021. Photo / Getty Images
Ōhope Beach, in the Bay of Plenty – New Zealand’s Best Beaches for 2021. Photo / Getty Images

Robin makes the key points: “Safe. Very gradual incline. Perfect for body surfing. Facing north. Pacific. Offshore island. Seaside playground. Spacious Pōhutukawas perfect for hiking. Shop selling ice cream. Everything you want. “

The place also has a unique charm. For some readers, pet friendly is one. “It’s the perfect beach for dogs. No matter the tide, there’s always room for the dog to run and play, the gentle slopes are perfect for dogs of any size to chase sticks in the water … There are plenty of other dogs to make friends with but not too crowded … you can walk for hours, depending on your dog’s sporting needs, “wrote Kate Campbell, who lived there most of her life.

As we’ve noted throughout the series, seaside cooking is a deal breaker. Em Rampling agrees – “Great choice of food from fish ‘n’ chips to fine dining” – like Katrina Elder, loves the “sunniest, most surfed, friendliest and tastiest (fish and chips) beach in the country.”

Ōhope Beach, with Ōhiwa Harbor on the other side of the spit, in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.  Photo / Provided
Ōhope Beach, with Ōhiwa Harbor on the other side of the spit, in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Photo / Provided

For Simon Stokes, there’s history: “It’s still the beach way it used to be – fun, family and freedom. This was also possibly the first beach our early Polynesian sailors walked.”

As well as water activities, Lara Dixon values ​​wildlife: “Shellfish gathering, driftwood huts, cycling, NZ birds and sometimes even sea lions. Home to NZ fauna, and people, with spectacular views of the East Cape and rolling mountains and sea for miles. -mil. “

Jos van de Laar added the daytime bonus – “He enjoys more sunshine than the whole country almost every year” – while Rachel Gilden likes the twilight zone: “It has the most spectacular sunsets.”

Ōhope Beach, favorite of all ages.  Photo / Provided
Ōhope Beach, favorite of all ages. Photo / Provided

Some visitors enjoy meeting the lucky people who live there: “It’s mostly the friendly locals who stop by and chat when you meet them on the beach,” wrote Julie Jukes.

A final word for Abby Tozer, who reminds us that the beautiful Kiwi coast is a place to share. “This place welcomes surfers and kids and cool families and teenagers and kite riders and fishermen and people in wheelchairs and paddle boards and everyone – you can come and enjoy.”

The best of the rest

The other 12 beaches on our finalist list received lots of love. We won’t rank the others from the list, but here’s a selection of why readers find them quite special. There is still plenty of summer left for you to see for yourself:


The popular Whangamatā Coromandel remains a reader’s favorite. For Dennis Wiley, it’s “great, consistent surf on a relatively safe beach without dangerous rips. Beautiful soft white sand. Beautiful, curvy beach with a harbor at the north end and an estuary at the south end both of which provide the option for families to swim if the waves are gone.

“It’s idyllic with two islands just off the main coast and scenic headlands at either end of the beach … Home to the world-class Whangamatā Bar, a unique left-hand surfing spot near the harbor entrance … great boating and fishing from safe harbor, “and a two-hour drive from Auckland or Hamilton makes it accessible to most New Zealanders, he said with enthusiasm.

For many, Whangamatā has the feel of a Hotel California: you can check out any time but you never really leave.

Whangamatā - loved by many Kiwis and our previous winner of Best Beach in 2018.Photo / Provided
Whangamatā – loved by many Kiwis and our previous winner of Best Beach in 2018.Photo / Provided

“We’ve been vacationing here since I was a teenager and now our daughters have them too. Love the beach – and the choice of where we can go. The surf beach, harbor, estuary or Grandma’s Beach, is named because when we were teenagers that was where our mothers went! The sight keeps me excited, “mused Jo Brooks.

Kyla Hughes is a little more sentimental: “I cried on that beach. Laughed on that beach. And grew up on that beach. Wherever I go, I always compare it.”

Christine Robertson takes a long-term view: “Its beautiful white sand, friendly people and excellent cafe make it a top destination on the Coromandel. E-bikes cruising the streets and the once-a-year Beach Hop are a highlight for NZ rockers young and old alike. . Our lifeguards keep us safe all summer long and the weather is tropical most of the year. If you want to wake up in paradise every day, make Whangamatā your home. “

Maitai Bay

“Pure white sand, crystal clear water, protected swimming area. Fantastic beach combing, awesome rockpooling at low tide. Best of all, except during peak season, it’s a bit lonely.” – Weigh Rebecca


“Plenty of bach, nothing there but old-fashioned dairy selling the greatest ice cream and fish chips, great safe beach with fun for all ages, awesome boogie boarding waves, surf surf at the other end, amazing estuary acting like a lazy river at high tide, two rivers for kayaking. “- Tracey Day


“Wainui not only welcomes the sun before anywhere else in New Zealand, but it also has a fun and nurturing community, great surf and beautiful clear water. There is a rock pool at each end with interesting creatures. Okitu’s shop has summer treats. which is very good. ” – Shona Blaylock


A stunning 5km long white sandy beach where families gather for picnics and BBQs, kids spend hours digging sandcastles to hunt for the perfect shell and couples bathe in the sun. Swim in clear, brilliant seas for all ages and abilities with gentle waves and warm water as you pass over hot flat sand… Collect old gnats, clams and mussels or throw your stick off the beach to catch a snapper of a lifetime … New Zealand paradise … a very special one. “- Susi Matz

The white sand of Matarangi Beach.  Photo / Getty Images
The white sand of Matarangi Beach. Photo / Getty Images

If there’s one thing Kiwis are mad about, it’s their beaches. Here are some beaches that are not on our list, but that are receiving lots of love from around the country:

Ruakākā, Northland: “Soft white sand and pristine clear water that stretches for miles make this our favorite beach. Ice cream at Chilly Bin after a day in the sun is an added bonus.”

Tāwharanui, Auckland: “One of the prettiest beaches in NZ. It also has grassy, ​​shaded areas, large rock pools, great safe surfing, eco-walking trails known for their amazing bird and bush life. Have visited beaches all over NZ, and no one can come close to this combination of features. “

Karekare, Waitakere: “Despite being close to Auckland, this moody beach feels isolated from the outside world. On sunny days it is beautiful and pleasant. Almost every day it is quiet, a place of solitude and peace. Finally, nature often reminds you of its immensity. and his tantrums as he releases the power of his anger. Karekare is a beach that offers what you are looking for, but on the terms of nature. “

Hahei, Coromandel: “Beautiful soft white sand with pōhutakawa lining the dunes, the best Kiwi beaches. Well protected sea means year round swimming for all ages, and the sun shines all day. Very close to the popular Cathedral Cove too.”

Waikanae, Kapiti: “As it is a long beach with beautiful white sand, the scenery is stunning, the temperature is usually warmer and more pleasant than Wellington and the water makes for great surf.”

New Brighton, Christchurch: “The sun rises every day and ‘enlightens’ our hearts. It has room for everyone… beach trails, swimming and surfing, docks, and views. It has a new water park and new saltwater hot tubs … Kiwi as. “

Doctors Point, Dunedin: “Peaceful, beautiful, and birdsong. Safe water for kids to learn water skills and great dog walks.”

Awaroa, Tasman: “Beautiful sandy beach, very blue water! And its remote location makes it very special.” What’s special: Kiwis raised $ 2.8 million to buy this slice of heaven from private ownership in 2016. Where better to end the series?

Awaroa - Kiwis pick this one with their wallets.  Photo / Provided
Awaroa – Kiwis pick this one with their wallets. Photo / Provided


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Report: Best country New Zealand to visit during a pandemic | Instant News

New Zealand is the best country to visit during pandemic days, as evidenced by its success in fighting the coronavirus, as well as vaccination rates, Bloomberg reported Monday.

Ranked top among 53 countries according to the “Bloomberg resilience score,” where New Zealand scored 76.8%, the report stated that the island nation is followed by Singapore and Australia, respectively.

During the past month, New Zealand and Singapore recorded no fatalities linked to COVID-19, which puts them at the top of the list. The two countries’ total deaths per million are only five while their positive test rate is only 0.1%. In terms of vaccinations, New Zealand won as a country that currently provides 247% access to the COVID-19 vaccine, while Singapore offers 85%. Australia follows these two countries with a death rate of an astounding 0.2% for a month and 36 deaths per million people. Australia also provides 230% access to Vaccination for COVID-19, the percentage only seeded by the leader, New Zealand and Canada providing 330% access to the vaccine. Despite these extraordinary percentages in terms of access to vaccinations, none of these three countries have actually started vaccinating their people. However, according to the report, as long as their COVID-19 cases remain low, their place on the list seems hard to beat for any other country for now.

The Bloomberg resilience score examines the world’s top 53 economies to rank their success during the pandemic, measuring their social and economic disruption. This list was originally introduced on November 24, 2020, and has since been updated monthly in line with the country’s progress in the fight against the coronavirus. New Zealand has led the list for the last three months in a row.

An Israeli man receives a second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine at a coronavirus vaccination center in Tel Aviv, January 25, 2021. (AP)

Another country that stands out on the list is Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which leads the current vaccination race, so far providing 38.05 and 22.58 doses per 100 people. With this dose, the UAE is ranked 11th while Israel is in 15th, in large part because they have had a large number of infected cases, regardless of action against the outbreak.

Mexico took a wooden spoon in the list as ranked 53rd, due to the fact that the country’s deaths hit a record high, reporting more than 1,800 deaths every day.

Turkey, on the other hand, ranked 33rd, the ranking was 12 lines higher compared to the previous month, thanks to the remarkable decrease in the number of cases, achieved during the weekend and constant curfew.

One of the most striking results of the list, according to the report, is the fact that major democracies, such as the US and UK, rank relatively poorly (32nd and 35th, respectively), peers. those who are not so democratic, like China and Vietnam (fifth and 10th respectively). However, the report states that, unlike the surface, democracies have actually occupied the top 10 countries since the list was first introduced, last November.

The report states that a key point in dealing with a pandemic is to inspire trust in your people, rather than oppress them. In fact, Bloomberg revealed, if the government can have strong ties with its people and create a sense of trust, state-led action to tackle the corona virus may not even be necessary because people will follow instructions voluntarily.


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