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Covid 19 coronavirus: How will the first available vaccine in New Zealand work? | Instant News

BioNTech and Pfizer’s mRNA coronavirus vaccines could be launched in New Zealand early next year, subject to final testing and approval. Photo / Provided

The mRNA coronavirus vaccine, which could arrive in New Zealand as early as next year, subject to final tests and regulations, will be the latest incarnation of the immunological revolution sweeping science. Professor Graham


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M235i Gran Coupe brings sedan Sass | | Instant News

BMW hopes to cover all bases with its new 2020 M235i xDrive Gran Coupe. It mixes all the best parts of cars, crossovers and coupes.

Despite the name, the M235i Gran Coupe is a four-door sedan that can compete with other European luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA 45 and Audi S3. M235i is a performance model of the 2 series. You can also choose the 228i, which is very similar to the M235, but with less engine power and a shorter list of standard features.

The Gran Coupe is only 4 inches longer than the two-door 2 series and 7 inches shorter than the 3 series. What makes Gran Coupe a coupe makes sense? It has a slanted rear roofline and rear window, just like you see on your favorite sports car. Its driving force is somewhat encouraging, but almost none. All models are equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive as standard. All-wheel drive is only engaged when needed (via the rear axle). When all-wheel drive is not used, a laterally mounted engine will power the front wheels.

Under the hood of the M235i, you will find a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that can provide a very powerful 301 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. It moves quickly around bends and corners, and feels solid and exciting during the journey. The steering is very precise and the braking is very sensitive. Although BMW fans may have a lot to say about this BMW and its fake sports car, I think its handling is excellent and it is really fun to drive.BMW said that the M235i xDrive Gran Coupe will accelerate from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds by starting control; but I have not tried it myself.

For vehicles like this, the average mileage is average. During the week I drove, my fuel consumption was 23 miles per gallon. The EPA is rated at 23/32 mpg.

The list of features that make it a true luxury car includes 18-inch wheels, integrated navigation system, Apple CarPlay interface, leather interior, 10-speaker audio system, ambient interior lighting, and keyless entry and start. It also comes standard with a series of driver safety/assistance functions, such as a forward collision mitigation system, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, front and rear parking sensors and rear-view cameras.

I like adaptive cruise, head-up display and wireless phone charger. The seat is very comfortable, and the electrically adjustable seat has the best lumbar support, which can be remembered in the car. Maybe my back hurts more than usual that week; it feels good to sit and drive.

Although the 228i has a much smaller start, the base price of my M234i xDrive Gran Coupe is $45,500. My test car added few extra features (not a lot), and the final price was $51,295.


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Top Ten: Canceled games will become ‘no contest’ | Instant News

With the Top Ten football season set to kick off on Friday evening, the conference announced on Thursday that any game that cannot be played due to the coronavirus outbreak will be declared “no contest.”

Neither team will accept victory or defeat in such a case.

While other conferences have postponed matches and changed schedules to accommodate contests that were postponed due to positive COVID-19 tests, the Top Ten did not have such leeway due to the late start of the season.

All Top Ten teams will play eight matches in eight weeks starting this weekend and running until December 12. The Top Ten championship matches will be played on December 19, featuring the first-place teams from each division. On the same day, all the other teams in the conference will play their ninth match, with the second place team in the Eastern Top Ten facing the second place team in Sunday’s Top Ten, the third place team meeting, etc.

The game will be canceled if one team or both teams have both a positive test rate (the number of positive tests divided by the number of tests given) of at least 5 percent and a population positivity rate (the number of positive individuals divided by the total population at risk) of at least 7.5 percent.

With no makeup play possible and an understanding of the odds against the game being overturned, the Top Ten published a five-page document describing the tiebreaker procedure for determining the final standings.

The top standings criterion is the percentage of wins, but a team must complete at least six matches to qualify for conference championship matches, except for the conference average for less than six games completed. In the latter case, a team must play no less than two matches less than the conference average.

If division rivals end up tied in the losing column after playing a different number of matches, their head-to-head result will be the first tiebreaker in total wins. If division enemies are tied and their head-to-head battle is canceled, the division winning percentage will be the first tiebreaker.

Illinois plays No. 14 Wisconsin on the Friday before the other 12 Top Ten teams in action on Saturday.

–Media Field Level


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The embarrassing secret of iPhone 12, the latest iPad Air revealed, and the new MacBook Pro confirmed | Instant News

Looking back at another week’s news and headlines in Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop includes the release of the new iPhone 12, Apple’s secret iPhone 12 price increase, MagSafe price, confirmation of the new MacBook laptop, and the latest T2 security Details, applicable to the tenth Beta version of macOS Big Sur, the latest iPad Air and the music widget for the home screen.

Apple Loop is here to remind you of the many discussions surrounding Apple in the past seven days (You can read my weekly Android news summary on Forbes).

Meet the iPhone 12 family

There is actually only one place to start this week, and this is the new iPhone 12 series and related peripherals announced by Apple. Apple divides the phone into two parts. The first is the pairing of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini:

“The newly designed iPhone 12 model has a wide edge-to-edge Super Retina XDR display, which can bring a brighter and more immersive viewing experience, and the new Ceramic Shield front cover provides the largest iPhone ever. Durability. The A14 bionic product designed by Apple is the fastest chip in the smartphone, which can provide all the experience for the iPhone 12, and combined with the advanced dual camera system, it can provide meaningful new computational photography functions and the highest quality in the smartphone video.”

Boost your discovered portfolio iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. These phones also use an improved material A14 Bionic chip, but Apple relies heavily on the improved camera on Pro phones:

“The reimagined professional camera system includes an extended ultra-wide-angle camera, a telephoto camera with a longer focal length on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and a new wide-angle camera that captures beautiful professional-quality images in bright and low-light environments And video. The 12 Pro model also introduces a new LiDAR scanner to provide an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience and MagSafe, which provides a powerful wireless charging function and a new accessory ecosystem that can be easily connected to the iPhone system.”

Although the iPhone 12 series will be welcomed by many people, many features have been caught up since the iPhone 11 was released 13 months ago. Functions appearing in the supply chain-nowhere to be found. To make matters worse, many of them have already been established on Android phones. Adam Swimmer discusses what does not exist:

“The iPhone 12’s interface lacks a back button and supports memory cards. These phones also use Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector instead of USB-C, which is the more standard choice for today’s smartphones (at least flagship phones). Like USB-C, the Lightning connector uses it in conjunction with the power port, so there is no need for a headphone jack. Although some people don’t like this combination, they still prefer a phone with a separate headphone jack, but this does not change USB-C is the more popular form factor.”

The highest sales of the iPhone 12 series are estimated at 80 million, although Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the real-world number will be slightly lower than this number. Compared with previous years, he fixed the second-tier model as the best-selling model. Malcolm Owen and more:

“Kuo also suspects that there are reports that iPhone 12 sales are about 80 million, and believes that the actual iPhone sales will be different from this number. The 80 million number is obviously related to parts orders and not directly related to iPhone sales. .

“…The prediction from Kuo believes that mid-range models will become the best-selling product, which runs counter to recent generations of devices. For the iPhone X and iPhone 8 generations, the high-priced iPhone X is the best-selling product in this category The device, at the beginning of 2018, but was defeated by the iPhone 8 before the end of the year.”

More on Apple Insider.

Apple’s sneaky price hike on iPhone 12

During the Apple event, online… One of the curious discussions was about Verizon, its 5G network focus, and the preparation time for its CEO Hans Vestberg. Later, when we looked at the small print, a potential answer appeared. According to reports, the iPhone 12 mini version is priced at US$699, while the 12 mini version is priced at US$799. This is true… if you buy a phone from Verizon and AT&T. Otherwise, you need to pay $729 and $829 in full. Jason Snell summed up the atmosphere of the room:

“At the event, Apple stated that these products start at $699 (iPhone 12 mini) and $799 (iPhone 12), but these prices are actually inaccurate unless you put a big asterisk on them. It’s done on its marketing page) because it must be done.)

“…It is embarrassing that Apple has hidden the true price of the iPhone 12. It is disturbing that this shows that Apple is now happy to play marketing games with carrier partners, not just with the iPhone 12. And the price of the iPhone 12. 12 mini, but Apple on Tuesday gave Verizon’s CEO an embarrassing screen display time so he could whip the company’s 5G network.”

More in six colors.

The power of MagSafe and peripheral sales

In the past, Apple decided to launch its own proprietary wireless charging system. In the past few years, AirPower has been quietly forgotten. Apple decided to launch its own proprietary wireless charging system this week, with the added benefit of opening up a new perspective for peripheral equipment manufacturers, allowing them to obtain a closed standard technology license from Apple. This is not the MagSafe to protect your MacBook sister, but the new MagSafe to protect the Apple ecosystem. Nick Statt looks at numbers:

“Apple certainly has financial incentives to maintain control of its charging ecosystem. Apple’s “wearables, home and accessories” division, including major products such as Apple Watch and AirPods, as well as all cables and chargers, is the company’s most recent The department with the lowest revenue in a quarter. But it basically keeps pace with the entire iPad business, with revenues close to $6.5 billion per quarter, which is still critical to Apple’s profitability, as its iPhone revenue growth continues to slow and Apple’s Rely on its ecosystem and services.”

More in The Verge.

Confirm the new MacBook and MacBook Pro

Apple’s recent submission to the European Economic Community has confirmed that the new Mac is in production. Most of these machines will be existing machines, but will be delivered with macOS 11 Big Sur instead of macOS Catalina. But this does not cover all listed machines. It looks like we have two new MacBooks, This means we have two ARM-powered laptops:

“These will not be ordinary MacBooks. They will be the first ARM-based Macs to be put on the market, and will meet Tim Cook’s statement at WWDC 2020, saying that Apple’s hardware with built-in silicon will be released by the end of this year. Before buying.

“Carefully selected developers can already access ARM hardware through the Developer Transition Kit. This is a modified Mac Mini using the A12X ARM chip designed for the iPad series. Distributed to allow developers to use macOS applications under ARM, This should ensure that when the laptop is released, many key titles will be able to run natively on ARM.”

More information about Forbes.

More adventures into the Mac

After discussing the security vulnerabilities of Apple’s T2 chip last week, the team further revealed the details of the hacker and demonstrated a real-world attack on the Mac.

“So far, we have stated that you must put your computer into DFU before you can run checkra1n to jailbreak T2. This is still correct, but today, we will demonstrate how to replace the EFI of the target Mac and publish details on the T2 debug interface. information.”

More details on the T2 Development Blog.

More Big Sur, but not yet ready for prime time

In the past few years, macOS updates would have been publicly released in early October, but it is likely to be in 2020. Progress is still being made in Big Sur, as Apple has released its tenth public beta to those who have signed the plan. Juli Clover report:

“The macOS Big Sur Beta version can be downloaded from the Apple Developer Center. Once the appropriate configuration file is installed, the subsequent Beta version can be obtained through the “Software Update” mechanism in “System Preferences”.

“MacOS Big Sur introduces a brand new design to the Mac operating system, completely changing the overall appearance from the corners of the window to the dock icon to the system sound. All functions have a lighter and more modern appearance. New customizable controls The center mirrors the control center on the iOS device, putting key system controls at your fingertips.

More on MacRumors.

FCC brings us iPad Air

After appearing on the FCC website earlier this week, Apple has launched the iPad Air. Pre-orders are now open, starting at $599. Jon Porter has details:

“In addition to the small bezels and square edges, the iPad Air also has other features of the iPad Pro. It uses USB-C instead of Lightning for charging and connection, and it can also be used with iPad Pro accessories, such as the Magic Keyboard and the $299 The new Apple Pencil, priced at $129, can be magnetically fixed to the side of the device. Compared with the A12Z Bionic chip in this year’s iPad Pro, it also has a more modern Apple A14 Bionic processor, although the iPad Air has a six-core CPU Instead of an eight-core CPU.”

More in The Verge.

At last…

With the launch of iOS 14 in the existing iPhone series (which of course will be the basic operating system of the iPhone 12 series), developers are working hard to bring more extensions and useful widgets to the home screen. The latest update of Spotify brings you the latest widgets:

“Spotify today updated its iPhone and iPad apps with a new home screen widget that provides quick access to recently played playlists, artists, albums or podcasts. The widget is available in small and medium sizes.

“…Like other home screen widgets, due to battery life considerations, Apple does not allow home screen widgets to provide playback controls or switching functions, so it is only a shortcut to various parts of the Spotify app.”

More on MacRumors.

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Best of class: Rich list of New Zealand universities | Instant News

New Zealand universities teach more than 100,000 students, own large tracts of prime real estate in the city center, and have hundreds of millions of dollars in donations run by tax-exempt charities. With sector one


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