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Police oversee Billy TK’s controversial ‘freedom rally’ outside the beehive | Instant News

Police and security were on standby this afternoon, as nearly 100 protesters gathered outside Parliament for a “demonstration of freedom,” led by controversial political figure Billy Te Kahika.

Te Kahika is flanked by her personal security, which she brings to the protest.

Among the many signs – the most critical of the Government, the lockdown and the United Nations – are Donald Trump’s flags.

One of the protesters said he was "love Trump" and the rally was on a number of issues.  Photo / wall of Jason
One of the protesters said he “loves Trump” and the rally was about a number of issues. Photo / wall of Jason

One protester told the Herald this morning that they “love Trump” – which appears to be a sentiment shared among a number of gathered.

Others at the protest carried the pink “Women for Trump” flag.

Before the protests began, Māori board chairman Matthew Tukaki labeled it an “alt-right, this is pro-Trump” event that had nothing to do with freedom.

Nonetheless, neither Te Kahika nor any of the speakers mentioned Trump, impeachment or anything to do with US politics.

Their comments were mostly aimed at the Government – objecting to the lockdown and questioning the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Clinical trials for vaccines are underway – medical officials around the world have urged people to get Covid-19 vaccinated to protect against the spread of the virus.

Te Kahika co-chairs the Advance NZ party, which won 1 percent of the total votes in the 2020 elections.

In light of last week’s raid of the US Capitol and the arrest of someone who broke a window in the New Zealand Parliament with an ax yesterday, there has been increased security at the protest.

Protesters started gathering outside Parliament for a 'freedom rally' this afternoon.  Photo / Jason Walls
Protesters started gathering outside Parliament for a ‘freedom rally’ this afternoon. Photo / Jason Walls

Parliamentary security is enforced and there are police officers scattered around the Parliament grounds.

A police spokesman said they had been informed of the planned protest at the beehive, and were in contact with protest organizers.

“The role of the police is to ensure security and enforce the law, while recognizing the legal right to protest.”

They added that the police would recognize the legal right to protest, but were “ready to respond to any issues that arise”.

But Te Kahika brought his own security following him as he spoke to his supporters, and stood by as he spoke.

The protests were peaceful and non-violent – but speakers made a number of comments about Covid-19 that have been widely debunked.

After a few speeches their microphone battery ran out of power so they had to use megaphones a lot.

This is not the first rally organized by Te Kahika – his supporters did so in Auckland earlier this week.

Like today’s Wellington rally, there are a number of Trump flags.

Protests outside the New Zealand Parliament are ongoing.  Photo / Jason Walls
Protests outside the New Zealand Parliament are ongoing. Photo / Jason Walls

That’s why Tukaki labeled the rally: “alt-right, pro-Trump, with nothing to do with freedom.”

“New Zealand is a country that stands out around the world today, we have freedom of movement in the face of the global pandemic, we can move freely across our countries.

“You can still go to the tangi and the funeral, you can still go see your moko who was just born in the hospital. You can still celebrate the 70th birthday.

“So what exactly are they talking about?”

In a Facebook post, Te Kahika asked his supporters to: “Stand together and fight a dangerous, unnecessary and illegal lockdown”.


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Billy Te Kahika leaves the Advance NZ party | Instant News

Advance NZ deputy leader Billy Te Kahika Jnr has quit the party. Photo / Peter Meecham


Advance NZ deputy leader Billy Te Kahika has cut ties with the party after failing to enter Parliament.

This caused Te Kahika and co-leader Jami-Lee Ross to split up.

In an email to the party candidate last night, Te Kahika said now that the election was over, “I believe it is time for the New Zealand Public Party to break away from its alliance with Advance NZ and, with Reset NZ, reform back into the party we were meant to be”.

Te Kahika said he would take the policies of the Advance NZ alliance and perfect them.

“Advance NZ will always have our support in the future. I will continue to maintain strong respect and friendship with Jami-Lee Ross and will continue to work together for common goals if necessary.

“I’ll also support him as much as I can to tackle any issues over the coming months, including his court case – that’s what friends are for.”

Today, Ross told the Herald he has not spoken to Te Kahika since the election, although he said the pair had exchanged emails.

Following Te Kahika’s email, Ross emailed party supporters to say Te Kahika “has decided not to continue the party”.

“Of course it’s sad for all of us,” said Ross.

He said Te Kahika had inspired many around New Zealand, saying this was not the end of the party.

“Advance NZ will continue, and will be restructured to the next phase of our journey.

“A hasty election campaign means everything is being carried out in a hurry. Our re-formed party, with more time now, will become a democratic, transparent and professional party that its members, supporters and candidates deserve.

“In the coming months we will complete the review which started a few days ago.

“Plans for the future will see a special rally held early next year, and a re-formed party, with a new national structure, continuing in preparation for 2023,” Ross said.

Former Member of National Parliament and deputy chairman of Advance NZ Jami-Lee Ross.  Photo / Mark Mitchell
Former Member of National Parliament and deputy chairman of Advance NZ Jami-Lee Ross. Photo / Mark Mitchell

On election night, Advance NZ got 20,841 party votes, or 0.9 percent of the initial vote, well below the 5 percent threshold for seats in Parliament.

Advance NZ develops major social media following conspiracy theories and opposition to the Covid-19 lockdown.

It had a bigger impact online than in polls, and will be remembered for anti-lockdown protests ahead of the election, and bizarre claims and promotion of misinformation (one candidate claims the Lake Ōhau fires were caused by the direct energy of weapons, for example).

The party was led by blues musician Billy Te Kahika Jr., who stood at Te Tai Tokerau, and Ross.


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