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Black Ops Cold War multiplayer adds long-awaited features | Instant News

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Since its launch, multiplayer games have added the long-awaited features PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC players. More specifically, Treyarch’s community manager has confirmed on Reddit that Ranking Play is about to join the game, but currently, the community manager has no timetable to share. Now, there are zero details on how to implement it and what it means for the multiplayer mode of the game.

For example, it is not clear whether the temporary playlist will continue to use skill-based pairing, also known as SBMM. Ranking mode using SBMM and casual mode are more or less the same thing, so if a ranking mode is added, you will assume that SBMM will be removed or at least reduced in casual playlists. However, for now, this is just speculation.

Unfortunately, although Treyarch confirmed that the feature is under development, there is no news when it will be implemented or when more details will be shared.

Not sure why Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War There is no ranking mode attached, and it is not clear why it has not been added yet. There has been a lot of demand since the release, but we have removed it from the release for two months and haven’t added it yet.

In addition to the ranking mode, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Currently preparing Add one of them modern war most Controversial weapon. In addition, there is not much progress in the game at the moment, but tomorrow, when the mid-term update of the game is released, the situation should change.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Available through PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC.More reports on Sagittarius and everything in 2020 Cod -Include all the latest news, rumors and loopholes-click Here Or check some related links below:


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Exciting “Call of Duty” Black Ops Cold War” content will be released on January 14 | Instant News

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  • “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” has now entered its first season
  • The developers shared that the mid-season update of this season is coming soon
  • New multiplayer and zombie content planned to be introduced in the game

Treyarch announced some details about the content of the season in “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.” The update is scheduled to be released on all platforms on Thursday, and it will introduce new Multiplayer and Zombies content to the game. The announcement was made after the developers recently updated several playlists.

The official “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” blog details the mid-season update.new Update The post revealed that it is even bigger and has new content including zombies and multiplayer games. In addition to the multiplayer mode called Dropkick, players can also experience a new fire team map called Sanitorium.

“Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” zombie players will get a brand new and more challenging Cranked mode. The new mode is designed to keep the adrenaline pumping when the timer is reset every time you kill a zombie. The player must continue to eliminate the undead, otherwise there is a danger of being killed by unknown forces.

Black Ops is back. Photo: “Call of Duty” official YouTube channel

In addition, players can expect this new mode to release a large number of zombies from all directions. On the PlayStation system, players will get new Dark Aether intelligence and new Raid maps. Although this may seem like a small detail for some players, this is one of the controversial advantages of PlayStation, and many fans complained about this “unfair” treatment before the game was officially released.

As for multiplayer content, a Fireteam map called Sanitorium will be launched soon.This one map Players are required to infiltrate a mental hospital and protect them from unknown threats. The developers also introduced Dropkick, a new 6-on-6 multiplayer game mode. Players strive to control the core code in various MP maps.

It is expected that the mid-season patch will also introduce bug fixes, balance changes and some adjustments to the game. It is worth noting that this is only a preview of the mid-game content. Fans can expect that as the update approaches, more content and details will be announced in the next few days.

“Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.


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It is said that “Black Ops” cold war bricked the PS5 console | Instant News

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War According to reports, this is an obstacle to the PS5 console, but now it seems that the problem is very rare, and Sony is replacing the console caused by the error.new Cod It has been released for nearly a month, not only on PS5, but also on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. So far, it hasn’t had many problems or major errors. Is there a problem with the content? Maybe, but it’s definitely not an error problem. However, this is obviously accidental, making the PS5 console bricked, and it is not clear why.

Go to Black Ops Cold War Reddit On the page, a player revealed that their console was recently eliminated by a first-person shooter. According to Reddit users, the game has been causing serious crashes to its PS5, and the last time the game console crashed permanently. They also pointed out that Black Ops Cold War It is the only game that crashed the console, and it seems to rule out the possibility that this is just a console problem rather than a problem involving the game and the console.

“Well, this is official. Black Ops Cold War The user said: “This has officially bricked my PS5. The game has crashed the entire console, only the PS5 crashed. Now, when I open it, all of my games will not load without crashing, and When the game does start to load, the screen will be filled with flashing pixels before the console breaks.

On its own, the incident is not that noteworthy, but since then, many players have confirmed through replies that they have encountered similar problems in the game, seeming to confirm that this is not a scam, nor is it an attempt to pay attention. .

Reddit users added that the console has been delivered to Sony, and Sony will provide a direct replacement for free within two weeks.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Available through PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC.For more reports on all CODs of the game, please click Here.At the same time, as always, feel free to comment or let us know what you think, or hit me on Twitter @Taylor Fischer Let me know over there.Do you have any question Black operations cold war On PS5?


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What Call of Duty War Zone Needs for the Cold War | Instant News

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War zone Will come Black operations: cold war In December.Although the battle royale is very exciting, you can also participate in large-scale competitions, but better anti-cheating, improved challenges and map changes can be enhanced. War zone Experience for the coming year.Basically stop all Hacker And take some notes from the “power outage”, call-of-dutyThe previous battle royale.

Although i love Black Ops 4Blackout pattern, I still believe War zone Is the best royal battle for call-of-duty.Blackout feels more like PUBG,and War zone Simplified the mechanism of armor and robbery so that players can keep fighting call-of-dutyArcade game feel in the battle royale genre. But there are some power outage effects that can make the mode more interesting without changing any core mechanisms.

One is more map updates and diversity. When it comes to changes and events, Blackout keeps it fresh with seasonal map updates (such as autumn trees and summer beach vibes). A major event happened, and maps were flooded. During Halloween, the “Haunting Fog” event caused heavy fog and bloody rivers to flood. The updates received during the power outage added more types of buildings and points of interest over time, including the entire ghost town, including some “buried” zombie maps, Black ops 2. Not to mention there is a smaller second map “Alcatraz”, which has also been added and updated.

War zone, Meanwhile, the map doesn’t change much, and if you don’t calculate the super limit Black Ops: Cold War Preview mode, The only complete event War zone What has been received is ongoing “Verdansk Trouble” event.This is better than Blackout’s creepy Halloween update because War zoneThe night mode is better than the low-visibility fog of “blackout”. There are also many spirit and ghost trains haunting Verdansk in a very cool way.But I hope there will be more activities to shake cold war season. I am optimistic; the previous collaboration between Treyarch and Raven Software on Blackout has proven that they know how to fight Royale. They even created a weird blackout mode with superheroes and comic-style filters, Borderlands atmosphere.

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image: Activision

It is not clear whether we will see any major changes between the end War zoneHaunts and Black Ops: Cold War. but, War zoneThe Verdansk map has huge development potential and can improve loot and gun battles in many places. In the southern part of the map, there are usually a lot of real estate, unless the circle forces the player to venture there. No one wants to land in the city: this is an annoying place for buildings with low looting rates.The best change we have received so far is Verdansk Stadium opened. Both the moving train and subway system are added, which provides an alternative way of traveling across the map, but in fact it does not affect the robbery or the landscape to a large extent.We don’t even know if we will get a brand new War zone Map, or redesign of the existing landscape in 1980 cold war.

In addition to more events and map updates, I’d love to see Blackout’s character challenges migrate to War zone. In “Blackout”, you can find a character-specific item on the map, and completing the unique challenge of that item in the game will unlock the character for permanent use in blackout and multiplayer games.By unlocking some favorite characters in the old version, it made me enjoy some nostalgia Black operations Campaign and zombie mode.

War zone You can complete mission challenges, but most of the rewards do not match the amount of work required to unlock them. Many rewards require completing multiple challenges to get some XP and ugly signs or calling cards that look like the default options of the day.Blackout style character challenge is definitely an upgrade War zone.

Current theater tasks and rewards

Current theater tasks and rewards
Screenshots: Activision

Of course, if the cheaters continue to spoil all the fun, the quality of the events and challenges may not matter. modern war Is the first call-of-duty All platforms can be combined with cross-play, but free battle royale on different devices has to pay the price of targeting robots and wallhacks.Better fraud prevention War zonelongevity.

As mentioned earlier, War zone Fight against cheaters Since its launch, Despite some effort Still from Activision and Infinity Ward.Even some call-of-dutyThe most watched streaming media such as NICKMERCS and Kolcheff have used social media Plead for better cheating prevention.Jack “CouRage” Dunlop Grilled For not dealing with it. War zone There are no custom matching options, so hackers even plague large online tournaments.in cold war, I hope Activision will invest in better anti-cheat software and add a custom lobby. It is crazy to see my favorite streamers and professional players participate in the $100,000 Warzone tournament and face snipers and hackers.

My last suggestion may not be a popular suggestion, it will certainly not succeed or fail, but I don’t really like the loadout drop feature. War zone. Load drops allow players to choose their own custom load, which means players can immediately have the best guns, perks and equipment. It eliminates the randomness and diversity of the royal battle experience. War zone In the competition, most people used meta weapons, such as the popular Kilo 141 and CR-56 AMAX assault rifles. I saw most people. I would love to see that the load drop is limited to certain LTMs or at least delayed until only a risky late game selection.

Not much announced War zoneShifted to the Cold War, but Activision Riot revealed that the weapon was unlocked Black Ops: Cold War Will be available for War zone Once integration occurs.Players can even choose modern war Either Black Ops: Cold War Loading War zone. This confirms that custom add-ons will still appear in the game with some ability, but I really hope Treyarch will make some changes to the add-on discard feature.In any case, the good news is that players can use all the exquisite cosmetic packages purchased from it modern war Used for War zoneof Black operations: cold war Update.

You will be able to play Black Ops: Cold WarWhen launching the game on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on November 13, the game’s active mode, multiplayer and zombie mode. cold war version War zone Will be integrated sometime in December.

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Reveals the cold war zombies, this time will be connected to the game’s battle pass | Instant News

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Crossover matches and Battle Pass Progression are finally here call-of-duty“Zombie” mode and the November launch Black Ops: Cold War, Which means that when using popular mode, the difference with other modes will be smaller call-of-duty experience. These are the eye-catching details in today’s video and trailer, followed by a week-long Easter egg hunt and some scenes.

Black Ops: Cold WarThe zombies will continue to adopt the four-player cooperative survival mode, but Treyarch presses the refresh button in the narrative.cold warAlthough Treyarch stated that “Zombie War” will be part of the same classic film, “Zombie War” will feature a new story and a brand new lineup of characters. Some older characters will be returned. cold warThe initial staff will be a CIA-supported team led by Grigori Weaver Black operations game.

The most positive part revealed today is that with the release of “Zombie War”, this year’s zombie players may truly feel some love. cold warThe cross-play feature and Battle Pass progress.Do their best cold warMultiplayer games and War zone, No matter which platform and generation players use, they can all get together. They will also be able to advance their progress in the game’s overall “battle pass” reward system.

One of my main criticisms call-of-dutyThe most recent zombie mode is Black Ops 4 It did make the zombie community feel the sequelae, lack of rewards, and the battle pass progressed to zero. As a fan of “zombies”, I often have to spend time at night to complete complex “zombie” Easter eggs, or play multiplayer games or battle royale mode to upgrade my “battle pass” level.I am glad to see zombies join Black Ops: The Cold War.

This pattern is revealed in a video released by Treyarch developer and publisher Activision.The first map of the new zombie “Die Maschine” will be call-of-dutyThe first zombie map, “Night of the Dead”, started in 2008 Call of Duty: World of War. The map constrains the player inside a small World War II bunker, but it will be updated to the aesthetic style of the 1980s through a stylish palette. “Die Maschine” expands the original settings of Nacht der Untoten. There is a huge underground area under the original building to explore, and there is also space to roam outside the facility.

I don't know how the walls of this building were hit by so many graffiti, what are still hanging around the undead, but I am totally here.

I don’t know how the walls of this building were hit by so many graffiti. The undead lingers, but I am totally for it.
Screenshots: YouTube: Activision

The iconic “Pack and Punch” weapon upgrade will also return to “Zombie”, but Black Ops: Cold War New additions to the rarity of weapons will be introduced. Now, all weapons will have rarity, and as expected, the higher the rarity, the more damage it causes, and the more attachments are equipped. Treyarch said that this is to make more weapons feasible in future rounds, because those previous zombie rounds will require the use of special “wonder weapons” or a selection of oversized guns. cold war The zombie game will also allow players to choose to use the same Gunsmith weapon customization features in multiplayer games for weapon production and loading.Level progress and gun unlocking will be in multiplayer and War zone, So it’s nice to finally see everything here. It looks like we will also see some surprising multiplayer killing games available inside the zombies, because the new trailer shows the chopper gunner swept in to assist players in the tribe.

The classic zombie perks are also returning.The list includes the fan’s favorite “Juggernog” health allowance and Speed ​​Cola, which speed up the reloading speed. Both devices do not exist in Zombies. Black Ops 4. Treyarch also revealed that as long as you earn enough points in the game to pay, there is no limit to how many refreshing drinks you can drink.

The announcement also relates to a new feature used by zombies, Exfil, which will allow players to choose to extract content from the map via helicopter. In other words, zombies no longer have to be a high-wheel mode that ends in certain deaths. Not much is mentioned here, but for those who can complete difficult Exfils, rewards can be mentioned.

I would love to see what’s in the store cold war. Black Ops 4The zombie preview brought such hope, but in the end No features or hype provided.However, Treyarch seems to be preparing to launch Black Ops: Cold War.

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