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Opinion: Because COVID-19 threatened Brazil, its leader threatened the country’s native population | Instant News

A child from an indigenous Yanomami group wearing a protective mask is seen, amid the spread of coronavirus in the 5th Special Border Platoon in the city of Auaris, Roraima state, Brazil on June 30, 2020.


Michael Orsini is a professor at the Institute for Feminist and Gender Studies and School of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa. Francisco Ortega is a professor at the Institute for Social Medicine at Rio de Janeiro State University. They recently published an article about COVID-19 in Global Public Health.

Some leaders have failed miserably in handling the COVID-19 pandemic as did Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. It’s almost as if he was fighting over a dubious title from the most dysfunctional leader in the world during the global pandemic with US President Donald Trump. Spoiler warning: They are tightly bound to first place.

Same as Mr. Trump, Mr. Bolsonaro is very insecure, very masculine, spreads racist, misogynist and expert views with frightening order, and is intended to be a divine leader. His government has revolved through spinning figures, with dismissals and resignations often occurring. Anyone who dared to disagree with him was shown the door, and thrown in the exit.

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However, Mr Bolsonaro stands out because of his calculated efforts to use this public health crisis to further make the country’s more than 900,000 indigenous people. Despite criticism and condemnation from all over the world for failing to provide support to Indigenous people who have been affected by the pandemic, he responded by ordering the military to send chloride hydroxy tablets to them. After testing positive for the virus, Bpk. Bolsonaro appeared in the media touting the benefits of this scientifically refuted drug.

Around the same time, President is blocked part of a government bill that will give indigenous peoples access to clean drinking water, health products and hospital beds.

However, this attack on indigenous Brazilians is not new. The COVID-19 pandemic is just another chapter in this cruel history.

Bolsonaro had boasted publicly that he would never surrender a centimeter of land to the Indigenous people. He had pondered about the need for them to be civilized, in the sense of a word that was misleading. He thinks this is possible if they welcome massive encroachment on their land to make way for mining and deforestation projects. Since his election in 2018, Mr. Bolsonaro wasted no time in regaining constitutional rights enjoyed by indigenous peoples in Brazil.

What will drive Mr. Bolsonaro lurks about racist posture so face to face with the country’s natives?

First, Mr. Bolsonaro views any support for indigenous peoples as disrupting his agenda in capitalist development. The way of life of indigenous peoples interferes with the President’s plan to exploit the Amazon for his benefit, and to strengthen his support among agribusiness and mining interests. His environment minister, Ricardo Salles, he said said in a cabinet meeting on environmental deregulation: “We need to make an effort when we are in a quiet moment in terms of press coverage, because they only talk about COVID, and push and change all the rules.”

Secondly, the President has strategically ignored COVID-19 gravity, which has killed more than 90,000 Brazilians, the second highest death rate in the world after the US, Bolsonaro, has burned at least two health ministers in the past year against his anti-science rejection. He replaced his health minister with a military general with no experience in the health portfolio. The head of the government’s Customary Affairs Office was sacked last year and replaced by a former federal police officer who has links to agribusiness.

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Third, his anti-Indigenous views fit in with his gospel support base. Religious ideals and beliefs Bolsonaro also reinforced his belief that this virus will disappear, disappear in a blink of an eye. This type of thinking is truly magical – but the problem is that it doesn’t work. When asked about the rising death rate, the leader, whose middle name is the Messiah, the Portuguese word for Messiah, respond: “So? I’m sorry. What do you want me to do? … My name is the Messiah, but I can’t do miracles.” Bolsonaro has also been a vocal supporter of helicopter missions by evangelists to turn members of remote indigenous communities into Christians, although this type of contact is strictly prohibited.

Although there is much to be criticized in this government response, indigenous peoples also have a history of resistance. Recently, people in the state of Pernambuco in the northeastern part of the country took action on their own, built sanitation barriers, forced lockouts, and prepared space to isolate and support people who contracted COVID-19.

No less than the existence of indigenous peoples is at stake. Yanomami people in the Amazon, for example, numbering around 26,000, could not afford to lose members because of the pandemic. “The abyss of destruction” is the right term to describe what is happening.

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Bolsonaro in Brazil tested negative because people all over the world lost confidence in the government over COVID-19 | Instant News

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, much criticized for handling the crisis there, seems to praise the treatment that has not been proven for his recovery from the virus. Photo: AFP

PARIS: People around the world are losing confidence in their government for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, shows a survey released on Saturday, when health officials reported a surge of more than 280,000 new cases globally two days in a row.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, widely criticized for handling the crisis there, seems to praise the treatment that has not been proven for its recovery from the virus.

And on the streets of Jerusalem and other cities, thousands of people have called for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign, partly because of his management of the coronavirus crisis.

More than 280,000 new cases were recorded globally on Thursday and Friday, the highest daily increase since the virus appeared in China late last year, according to a AFP calculated based on official sources – an alarming uptick in the spread of the virus.

Nearly a third of the 15.8 million infections in the world have been registered since July 1, while the total number of deaths is close to 640,000.

The World Health Organization says more than one million cases have been recorded in each of the past five weeks, “with more than 280,000 reported on July 24 alone”.

“Although no country is not affected, this increase is driven by high transmission in large and densely populated countries in America and South Asia,” he said in a statement on Saturday.

Brazil and India recently reported their highest daily gains, he added, while the figure remained very high in the United States and South Africa – where Trade Minister Ebrahim Patel tested positive for the virus Saturday.

The US, still the hardest hit country, on Friday reported the second consecutive day of more than 70,000 new cases and more than 1,000 deaths when the virus surged in the south and west.

The Bolsonaro test is negative

As governments around the world struggle to contain the virus despite long and economically disabling locks on millions of people, a new survey shows that trust in authority is diminishing in six rich countries.

Populations in France, Germany, Britain, Japan, Sweden and the US widely believe in mortality and infection to be higher than recorded, according to the study, which surveyed 1,000 people in each country.

“In most countries this month, support for national governments has declined,” the Kekst CNC communication consultation report said.

One of the world leaders who is widely criticized for handling the pandemic is Bolsonaro from Brazil, who was diagnosed with coronavirus on July 7.

Bolsonaro, who downplayed what he called “the small flu”, announced on Twitter on Saturday that he was finally declared negative.

In the photo accompanying the statement, he was described as holding a pack of hydroxychlorokine, whose effectiveness against COVID-19 has not been demonstrated in clinical trials.

The largest city in Brazil, Sao Paulo, said on Saturday it would postpone the 2021 carnival indefinitely. A few hours later, Rio de Janeiro canceled the New Year’s Eve celebration.

Thousands of Israelis protested Saturday in Jerusalem and other cities including Tel Aviv, demanding Netanyahu to resign over his government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

They also rejected new laws giving the government special powers to fight the spread of the virus until the end of 2021.

Fresh cluster

New clusters, meanwhile, are appearing throughout Asia.

South Korea on Saturday reported the highest infection rate in almost four months, while Vietnam recorded the first locally transmitted case in nearly 100 days.

Officials in China say they will introduce new measures and testing in the port city of Dalian, home to around six million people, after detecting new infections to you.

That did not prevent the Chinese Super League from banging on closed doors on Saturday. Guangzhou Evergrande and Shanghai Shenhua players watched a minute’s silence for the victims of the pandemic.

Europe remains the hardest-hit continent, accounting for one fifth of the world’s cases.

Belgium said Saturday that it could tighten its restrictions following the death of a three-year-old girl, the youngest victim of the virus.

Recent outbreaks in the Spanish region of Aragon and Catalonia have caused new restrictions in everyday life.

Many tourists are reluctant to cancel their plans.

“If we cancel our vacation, which has been planned since February, we will lose rent,” said Fanny Lievens, on a trip with her family to Catalonia from the southern city of Montpellier.

In France, where infections are increasing, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on-site testing for travelers coming from 16 high-risk countries.

But he told the Nice Matin newspaper that he wanted above all else not to return to full closure because of the economic damage that was happening – and the psychological losses suffered by many.

Meanwhile Britain has required wearing face masks at shopping centers, banks, takeaway outlets, sandwich shops and supermarkets.

And it was announced on Saturday that they re-imposed two weeks of isolation on travelers who came from Spain after a surge in cases there.


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Brazilian meat plants are linked to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts claim | Instant News

Experts have uncovered the connection between Brazilian meat plants and the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. According to reports, meat products such as beef and chicken are big industries in Brazil which are also suspected of allying with the country’s right-wing President who has repeatedly resisted the threat of the corona virus. In the midst of a coronavirus outbreak, meat plants in Brazil remain open.

Cluster of viruses found near meat plants

According to reports, other countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany and Ireland have also experienced a virus cluster outbreak near the slaughterhouse. In Brazil, the beef sector is worth $ 26 billion, while the chicken industry is worth $ 8 billion.

As reported, meat plants provide the perfect breeding ground for the COVID-19 virus. Rio Grande do Sul is one of the most devastated Brazilian states and contains 32 meat factories, one third of all corona virus cases are states, about 4,957, can be attributed to workers from 32 factories. According to experts, the COVID-19 cluster in northern and southern Brazil was built around cities that housed meat plants, thus, providing evidence of a link between viruses and meat plants.

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Reports indicate that China, one of the biggest meat importers from Brazil, stopped imports from Brazil’s two largest meat companies, BRF and JBS. The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture has also ordered the suspension of all exports from the JBS factory in Rio Grande Do Sul.

Brazil has reported 1,926,824 positive coronavirus so far, according to the John Hopkins coronavirus resource center. This country has a death toll of 74,133. At present, Brazil ranks second after the United States in terms of the number of corona virus cases. The COVID-19 pandemic began in China late last year and has since infected more than 13.4 million people worldwide and a global death toll of 580,552.

(Representative Image) (Credit Image Pixabay)

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Brazilian doctor combats Coronavirus error information after Bolsonaro praises Hydroxychloroquine for unproven drugs | Instant News

Confusion has spread in Brazil, a country devastated by coronavirus, after President Jair Bolsonaro on Wednesday praised the anti-malaria hydroxychloroquine drug, saying the drug helped him stay “very good” after being diagnosed with COVID-19 the day before.

According to a report by Bloomberg, doctors at public hospitals in the country said they had been pressured by colleagues and patients to distribute hydroxychloroquine, an unproven and potentially dangerous drug.

The situation has worsened to the point where some doctors began to circulate a petition to urge their colleagues not to prescribe drugs. Bloomberg quoted a survey from the Sao Paulo medical association that “nearly half of the nearly 2,000 doctors interviewed across the country said they also felt pressured to provide care that was not supported by scientific evidence.”

An infectious disease specialist told Bloomberg that he had been “summoned several times to stop fighting.”

“A patient with mild symptoms shouted at me and asked for a prescription, but I refused,” another doctor in Brazil told Bloomberg. “That is against our protocol and my ethical behavior.”

On June 17, the World Health Organization announced it trial terminated from hydroxychloroquine, claims the drug does not reduce mortality in coronavirus patients.

Disregarding statements from WHO, Bolsonaro immediately promoted the drug after announcing that he tested positive for COVID-19.

“For those who cheer against Hydroxychloroquine, but have no alternative, I regret to inform you that I am very good with its use and, by God’s grace, I will live for a long time to come,” tweeted Bolsonaro.

A recent video from Bolsonaro taking hydroxychloroquine collected six million views on Facebook.

The promotion of chloroquine hydroxy by Bolsonaro caused controversy before he was diagnosed with COVID-19. In mid-May, Health Minister Nelson Teich resigned because of disagreement with Bolsonaro regarding the drug.

President Trump also touted hydroxychloroquine, opposing doubts from health experts. In May, Trump said he is temporarily taking medicine as a preventative measure.

Bolsonaro, who has consistently shunned political norms, has been criticized for its handling of the pandemic. In the early stages of the outbreak, he called the corona virus a “small flu” and said his athletic past would protect him from disease.

In a social media post on Wednesday, Bolsonaro heralded his response to the virus, saying the country was successful in “sustaining life and work without spreading panic, which also led to depression and death.” Bolsonaro often argues with governors to enforce locking policies to prevent the spread of the virus, because of its impact on the economy.

The COVID-19 case has now skyrocketed in Brazil, disproportionately impacting the Afro-Brazilian nation and the low-income favela community.

On Saturdays, Johns Hopkins University reports Brazil has 39,023 new confirmed cases and 1,071 deaths. Brazil is second behind the US in a confirmed case.


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Microsoft Brings End to Reply to All Countries | Instant News

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Brings End to Reply to All Kinds of Personality

Photo: Getty Images

Accidentally pressing reply-all on an email thread is one of the earliest online errors that appears. This week, Microsoft began launching features to help save future inboxes from knowing the horrors.

Properly named “Reply All Storm Protection,” detects the possibility of an all-up reply and basically puts all recipients at a time-out temporarily to keep them from spamming requests to be removed from the thread or trolling everyone’s inbox. For now, this feature is mostly targeted at large organizations, the Microsoft Exchange transportation team explained in a new one company blog post, and is only triggered if 10 replies – all emails are sent to the distribution list of at least 5,000 people in one hour.

Once marked, Exchange Online blocks all replies on the thread for the next four hours. The system returns a non-delivery report for each response that is tried, which you can see in the example below.

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Brings End to Reply to All Kinds of Personality

Graphic: Microsoft

“We have seen the first version of the feature succeed in reducing the impact of retaliating all storms in Microsoft (humans still behave like humans no matter the company they work for); and believe it will also benefit many other organizations as well,” the team wrote.

Although no timeline was announced, Microsoft said it plans to perfect and enhance the Reply All Storm feature moving forward so that it can protect a wider range of Office 365 users from retaliation-all nonsense. “We are considering the possibility of future improvements to improve our response to all storm detection accuracy, add admin-adjustable limits and block duration, and generate replies to all storm reports and notifications,” the blog post wrote.

When was the beginning announced in November, Microsoft explained that the idea for a while came from a company that is now famous Bedlam DL3 incident. Back in 1997 – which showed how long replies of all types of personalities were a thorn in the business side both large and small – a Microsoft employee was kindly asked to be removed from the distribution list with the same name without realizing that his response would go out to about 13,000 employees as well as CC ‘ d.

Within an hour, employees exchanged more than 15 million messages, produced 195 GB of data, and actually took advantage of Microsoft’s Exchange server. “It takes two days to clean everything,” wrote the team.


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