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‘Clinging steadfastly: Students in the Australian region receive little support during the pandemic’ | Instant News

You probably won’t see such groups in big cities, but the Australian region has been a haven for private boarding schools for more than a century. As the economic sheen has been erased from rural Australia, taking the economic base of the private school population with it, such schools are encouraged to seek replacement students elsewhere, only to stay afloat. Especially in Asia.

It’s a fact of life, but it’s one that can easily be overlooked because of all the persistent and inactive public voices about returning Australians stranded to Covid abroad. It’s not that I have no sympathy, either for Australians trapped abroad or their families here, but their profile is much higher than the foreigners trapped here, just as annoying.

Indeed, two of my acquaintances are in that position to be precise. One person, whose health is not very good, has an only child in Hamburg, northern Germany, one of Europe’s Covid-19 epicenter, while another has constant worries about a child trapped in Beirut where, frankly, anything can be. happen.

Meanwhile, I was having a quiet afternoon of flat white decaf watching this little party a few tables away. It seems that the holy couple who have taken over this group of stranded Chinese girls, have a child stranded abroad, and must therefore feel a sharp isolation from their accusations. And accept the challenge. Which, of course, was quite voluntary on their part.

It makes me wonder too. Why, if foreign students are so integral to our present economic well-being and if they are stranded here to protect the entire Australian community from imported strains of the coronavirus, why is the well-being of very young people (which we have been encouraging) to come here at such a cost. great for their parents) relegated to volunteering?

On the other hand, however, I cringe at the thought of the indirect treatment they would get if the Government actually accepted responsibility for these children and decided to put their welfare in the hands of a bureaucrat who was not humorous and watched over time. At least their current presenters can always see the cute side of things, as the girls are giggling happily. Between iced chocolate drinks and French pastries.

It’s not something we think of as Australians, but when I see a group of kids in a mall from a very different environment from ours, I wonder what it was like to be settlers here from another part of the world, especially in the 19th century, when things were much grimmer than they were now.

I tried to put myself in the shoes of all the Wises and Bridges and Thomases and Tudehope who left England, Wales and Scotland around 1850, not quite sure what to expect upon their arrival in ‘Gondwanaland’ or whether they would ever see a close family member. . again. And knowing that every letter they send home will take months to deliver at a time when the recipient can be healthy and completely dead. Even though you just replied to their last letter as if it was chat over the fence.

We seem to have forgotten how scary it is to give up everything you will ever know or love to climb a fragile piece of wood and canvas and go into an unknown virtual world. Yet millions of people do it and we are here today as proof that it is not impossible if you have the motivation and determination. As I look back, and as I talk to others about their own immigrant stories, I realize that the common thread in all of these stories is determination. I wonder if we can do it today?

One thing is certain and that is this small group of Chinese school students – they are cleaning crumbs from their clothes now – must be prepared. They don’t look very determined, kind of tacky if you ask me, but were sent into a whole new world by parents who clearly wanted more for their children than for themselves – somewhat like our own ancestors – and did, seemingly without complaining.

Maybe they cry themselves to sleep at night when the lights go out and no one can hear. If absenteeism is the only thing they have to bear away from home, then I think we should take our hats off to the volunteers who give up their time and money, with no gain to themselves, to spread as little joy and care to those who might. . Need it. And maybe an éclair or far Breton, if there’s anything left in the glass case under the counter. I know I have to.


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20 Plus & Mid-Size Fashion Creators You Need To Follow | Instant News


When it comes to fashion topics, plus and mid-size creators are not always synonymous with the industry. But gone are those days. When we opened our favorite social media app today, we were greeted by hundreds of content creators with whom we are deeply connected – because they are just like us. On the front, influencers who create inspiration for future generations and prove that fashion is for all.

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Soldier Thamarr

Thamarr Guerrier truly sums up all that is feminine, beautiful and fun. Florida-based creative site Mindy Kaling and Blake Lively for style inspiration, and hosts podcasts Creative Pursuits, where he and his partner, Taylor Wolfe, discuss their careers, the industry, and what modern-day creative looks like.

photo by Taylor Wolfe

Isabelle Cohen

Isabelle Cohen is a style icon in the making; The model / content builder can be seen as a model for brands that include H&M and Ellos, while her Instagram acts as a cool girl inspiration and curve grocery list.

Kellie Brown

Kellie Brown is known for her sense of style and incredible interiors. It’s full of humor, personality and inspiration, making it a strong favorite on our must-follow list.

Catherine Li

From the videos “This Look in a Size 14” and “Ways to Style …”, it can be said that Catherine Li is the Queen of the Instagram Reel. Her feed is filled with style inspiration, uplifting messages and stunning imagery.

photo by Roxy Rodriguez

Abisola Omole

OK, a little biased, I know, but from fashion driven by casual aesthetics, interiors, and skincare content, to my plus size fashion features here Harper’s BAZAAR, I think it’s fair to include myself on this list of content creators to follow.

Louise O’Reilly

Louise O’Reilly is a favorite because she guides so many people, myself included, on how to style their day-to-day. From him Steal the Style for All Sizes series featuring looks from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Khloé Kardashian to her love of color, texture, and shine, she masks your everyday style.

Raeann Langas

The epitome of the cool California girl, Raeann Langas posts easy and cool content, giving us all an insight into her life. From her travels to her skincare to, of course, her clothes, Rae’s Instagram is filled with sun-drenched content.

Lauren Nicole Campbell

Lauren Nicole Campbell is one of them that the most attractive content creator and model in the industry today. At 23, he’s not only garnered more than 45,000 followers on Instagram, he’s also contacted regular clients Urban Decay and River Island and is a contributing curve editor at British Cosmopolitan. Great things are still to come for him, and I’m excited to see the vanguard of his journey.

Kellee Moran

Kellee Moran’s Instagram biography reads, “Model ~ roller skater ~ gamer,” and it totally captures her playful spirit. She’s fun, hot, creative, and a fashion chameleon.

photo by Paige S. Wilson

Callie Thorpe

Callie Thorpe’s content shows off her kind and approachable nature, so it’s understandable why she is one of the most popular plus size influencers in the world, with over 257,000 followers on Instagram and brand partners that include Nike and Anthropologie. Apart from his job as a content creator, he and other amazing content creators, Lauren Smeets, launched Confidence Corner, an inclusive and safe space where like-minded women can gather online and in person.


I will describe Makeda’s Instagram feed as a display book for every occasion. There are hundreds of styles, colors and cuts, which means you now have an account of your choice of clothes, no matter the occasion.

Mikayla Klewer

Is Mikayla Klewer the coolest person on Instagram? He just might. From a chic athleisure look to a go-to-sultry style that focuses on silhouettes, I want to wear everything she wears. The model / creative is based in Australia and exudes confidence and a natural aesthetic that leaves her audience wanting more.

Lauren Chan

Lauren Chan is a model, fashion editor, and founder / CEO Henning, an ethically created luxury women’s clothing brand in New York City. There’s really nothing Lauren can’t do, and seeing her work is mesmerizing. Whether she’s walking the NYFW runway for Christian Siriano or showcasing the latest Henning collection, she’s doing it all with so much power and style. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Javiera Q. Del Pozo

Be it Instagram, YouTube, or ICT tock, Javiera Q. Del Pozo dominated, and it’s easy to see why. Among his unrepentant outfits, playful personality, and outstanding dance skills, Javi’s online community of over a million is a testament to his authentic and authentic style and character.

photo by Thomas Kirk

Kristina Zias

Kristina Zias is an all-around mom, host, model and style expert. Between her family’s fun Instagram roll and elevated everyday style, I love her honest and feminine approach to fashion. In addition to his other positions, he co-founded The Confidence Collective (with Raeann Langas, also on this list), communities, and podcasts that aim to inspire you to live the most confident life possible.

Essie Golden

In short, the Essie Golden encapsulates the cool, sophisticated and always-on traits that New Yorkers so often associate with. Whether it’s street wear or evening gowns, there’s an easy glamor and confidence to the style that I know you’ll love, too.

Kenna Sharp

Whether it’s the best workout outfit, the perfect bra, or your new favorite jeans, Kenna is the go-to choice for a staple outfit. Make sure you follow this Los Angeles-based dewy leather model to not only know what to have in your wardrobe, but also to take a look at her journey in the industry.

Ali Tate Cutler

If I had to describe Ali Tate Cutler in two words, it would be very beautiful. In addition to her consistent wardrobe inspiration, this model and mental health advocate regularly initiates conversations around stigmatized subjects, such as void culture, and has built an online community that loves her style and respects her openness.

Nicolette mason

Nicolette Mason has been in the fashion industry for more than a decade, inspiring hundreds of thousands of people with her cool and luxurious approach to fashion, as well as being a world-class content creator, fashion designer, brand strategist, creative consultant and fashion contributor. author. It’s understandable to see why he’s become an industry favorite on our must-follow list.

Jamie Hamilton

Jamie Hamilton’s fearless and cool approach to incorporating color and pattern into her style solidifies her place on the to-follow list. A true inspiration, Jamie’s account is a masterclass on how to have fun with fashion.

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Top 10 Influencers You Should Follow | Instant News

Sunshy Digital Media Agency

Top 10 Influencers You Should Follow

LOS ANGELES, March 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The wave of the fashion industry has invaded the internet and has significantly succeeded in redefining the standards of style. While highly prolific fashion influencers have added value to the modern world, brands have taken advantage of the rapidly growing influencer presence to add extra charm and beauty to their marketing techniques. Since many influencers add value in growing a brand, Sunshy Digital Media Agency has a list of top 10 influencers who have substantially stolen the show!

Camila Coelho (@sukasukaa_suka_suka_suka_suka_suka_suka_suka_suka_uka_suka_suka_suka “)
Camila Coelho, a Brazilian American fashion and beauty entrepreneur started following her passion at the age of 14 and developed an interest in beauty, makeup and fashion. Despite all odds, Camila broke into the fashion industry and eventually made her way to the fashion shows of Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Celine, Marc Jacobs, TomFord, Max Mara, and others. He started working for Revolve and became a partner at the Camila Coelho Collection. Inspired during the pandemic, Camila launched her beauty brand Elaluz and her confidence, independence and strength earned her the title of a global entrepreneur in the industry. The entrepreneurial passion and interest in fashion has inspired countless people to pursue their dreams.

Kate Yuille (@ultrasophate)
Kate Yuille, a fashion blogger from London, took inspiration from the Parisian style while adding an extra touch of luxury. Increasingly looking away, her style was influenced by TV shows such as ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘Emily in Paris.’ A fine blend of wool, bright colors, berets and headband, the style is unique and very feminine. Kate’s elegance and sophistication evokes a mix of timeless looks and high-end fashion inspired by iconic designer brands like Chanel and Dior. Kate’s Instagram account has won the trust and admiration of many fans and is endlessly aiming to inspire classic styles for connoisseurs of luxurious and authentic fashion. Her Instagram says it all for her unmatched style and glamor!

Christina Clyburn (@mileniallog)
Christina Clyburn keeps her audience entertained with her style which is trendy, bold and sometimes quirky. Driven by her unique fashion sense, this millennial mom aptly encapsulates modern experiences and anything else out there in the stratosphere of social media stupidity. Right from redefining fashion with a touch of flair and funk, the original talk has managed to captivate huge audiences on her account (Millenialmomblog) and in real life. Christina’s hopeful insights and real talk of parental struggles with consistent enjoyment serve as the cherry on the cake for her influential and authentically attractive personality! His stories of collaboration and clever use of his presence have graced the marketing efforts of brands. MillenialMoM consistently creates fun and vibrant content for all to see.

Sejal Joshi (@jogjajogja)
Sejal Joshi, a young entrepreneur, philanthropist and fashion enthusiast has managed to inspire many people with his style of dress. Her unconventional yet professional approach to fashion and style has significantly influenced many professional women to dress them for success together by working hard. His prowess for understanding the needs of women’s clothing in business made him look like a boss. Apart from being a serial entrepreneur and having a business mindset, he was crowned the winner of a contest contest at the age of 18. He also founded a handcrafted jewelery business which further dedicates the brand’s focus on sustainable and timeless fashion jewelery. His non-stop growing business allocates 20% of its profits to craftsmen and the rest is reinvested into his own business to grow and reach as many people as possible!

Chrissy Rutherford (@bayu_joo)
Chrissy Rutherford has always been relevant on social media and fashion conversations because of her unique style, cheerful personality, and good sense of humor. The story of her everyday fashion is a thread from her fleeting shopping to her luxurious glamorous appearance. Known for his impressive list of collaborations and digital skills, he regularly adds value to style while encouraging young people to work hard to make their dreams come true. Her honest voice, behind-the-scenes moments, and an unknown inspirational aesthetic have caught the attention of more than 150K + followers on Instagram and it’s still growing.

Lizzy Hadfield (@tokopedia)
Lizzy Hadfield is a fashion blogger from north, living in London. She has managed to gain a large following and is well known for her wider focus on influential fashion clothing. Her signature look is generally a mix of casual, chic yet classy pieces while adding a touch of street style to her. Her love and passion for clothes and aesthetics have caught the attention of various fashion enthusiasts and she is endlessly aiming to inspire them with unique and minimalist looks. Lizzy has voice experience in the fashion industry and has attracted some amazing collaborations by engaging the audience via a carefully designed Instagram page and timeless style.

Damilola (@distroartonline)
Damilola is a young fashion enthusiast who is driven by her motivation to wear and introduce unique fashions into the industry. Inspired by a very young age, she is attracted to the world of clothing and likes to portray her mood by what she wears. People will often find them in elegant, beautiful, trendy and original styles and wear popular brands. Her unmatched fashion tastes have given her the freedom to express herself and substantially anchor herself into the industry. With a strong following base on Instagram, Damilola is consistent in adding new and fresh styles to his gram aesthetic.

Abisola Omole (@abimarvel)
Abisola Omole or Abimarvel who is familiarly called by his community started his career in 2008. With his admiration for creating fashion and lifestyle blogs, he built The Apārtment Global Group (TAGG). It is a hub for online creators to foster organic relationships and partnerships with brands, create content, discover new products & feel part of a newly formed online community. While her digital platform acts as a window to encourage body positivity, optimism about color in the fashion, lifestyle and business industries, she is highly admired for her impactful and optimistic approach. His famous collaborations and extraordinary talents made him into the spotlight on social media.

Erna Leon (@ muhammaddaffa_)
Erna Leon finds a gap in the fashion industry when shopping for her personal style from an online store. Inspired by his interest in aesthetic clothing, he introduced MERCER7 which showcases the best pieces that are easy to wear and simple in style. While he aims to keep his creation minimal and easy, he wants women to easily get the right outfit that adds impeccable yet effortless charm to their style. Erna has won the trust of various people with essential items of sustainable clothing and investment items rather than fast fashion trends. Its versatile and minimalist style has driven thousands of aesthetic lovers to its Instagram page and continues to grow.

Freddie Harrel (@thesecrettyboys)
Freddie Harrel is best known for adding bold print and sportswear suits to his Instagram channel. She took to Instagram in 2013 and is known for voicing women’s empowerment with the SHE Unleashed workshop series. While her series enthusiastically sheds light on the problems and problems of women’s experiences including other feelings, identity politics, subconscious bias, racism and sexism, she won the Cosmopolitan Influencer of the Year title in 2018. Apart from adding fashion to her associations. media, she inspires various with an entrepreneurial interest and an honest depiction of motherhood.

From regulating fashion to building a business, fashion influencers have given the industry a breath of fresh air. With constant experimentation and moving styles, it’s proven influencer contributions have brought about some revolutionary changes in social media content and marketing. One can definitely bookmark this list when looking for the top fashion influencers.

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Company: Sunshy Digital Media Agency
Phone: +1 213 457 3561
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.sunshy.co/
Address – 340 S LEMON AVE # 7249 WALNUT, CA 91789 USA

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The Australian fashion industry is excluding millions of potential customers – this is what they can do | Instant News

Model and activist Angel Dixon says there are two invisible barriers preventing her and other people with disabilities from entering clothing stores – and both are essential to the shopping experience.

“If your shop is not physically accessible or your staff feels uncomfortable around people with disabilities, we will not come,” he said.

This barrier may be invisible to non-disabled people, but for Ms Dixon and others, it is a wall.

Ms Dixon told me if you are a brand or shop that values ​​inclusion and can welcome everyone with a disability to your shop, it will enrich your business, because inclusive representation can have a massive flow effect.

Model and activist Angel Dixon says greater inclusion could benefit fashion companies.(Provided)

As an Autistic person, I personally avoid going near shopping centers because the experience can be very stressful and overwhelming.

Loud music, bright lights, crowds of people, and too many clothes packed onto the rails all add to the sensation of an attack that leaves me in a cold sweat of panic.

Unfortunately, it is not only the shopping logistics for persons with disabilities that are difficult to handle.

Photo of Jenny McAllister wearing a t-shirt that says 'liberte'.
Fashion blogger Jenny McAllister says clothes can be “transformative”.(Provided: StyleAbility)

There is also a mentality that persons with disabilities cannot style and the assumption that persons with disabilities are not interested in their fashion or appearance.

For many of us with disabilities, we need and want the same things as able-bodied people.

“Clothing has the power to make us feel confident, change our moods and express our personalities,” said Jenny McAllister, a disability fashion blogger who runs the site StyleAbility.

“Clothing can be transformative. The way we dress and the clothes we wear make us unique and individual.”

Close up photo of Jenny McAllister wearing a pink t-shirt.
Ms McAllister said people with disabilities should be involved during the design process.(Provided: StyleAbility)

And while fashion and clothing can empower us, for many people with disabilities, the everyday frustrations of just getting dressed and the design of the clothes themselves are also part of the problem.

For people living with physical disabilities, this can mean difficulty wearing the kinds of everyday items that most people take for granted: blouses with buttons, sneakers with straps, and trousers with zippers.

“I can find most items, but buttons are my enemy and hooks and eyes are small, forget it,” said Dixon.

Adaptive clothing brands are only part of the answer

Jason Clymo, a male model with a disability and wheelchair user, says that suit pants are one of the hardest things to find.

She said because it is usually not stretchy enough, it was difficult to find one that fits her waist comfortably.

Photo of model and wheelchair user Jason Clymo against a brick wall.
Model Jason Clymo is frustrated by the limited variety of suit pants on offer.(Provided: Queen of Grace Photography)

In Australia alone, an estimated 4 million people live with disabilities.

Worldwide, people with disabilities have more than $ US8 trillion in disposable income each year, according to research by Fifth Quadrant Analytics.

While new adaptive clothing brands are being created for this market, they are still separate and apart from the mainstream fashions and their variety of choices and prices are still an issue for many.

Inclusion is required at every stage

Ms Dixon says one topic she always raises with the brands she works with is accessible design and the possibility of adapting the design process to consider access and usability.

“For example, I use the zipper on the back of my dress a lot, nobody can use it, but we still put it there because it looks nicer,” he said.

Ms McAllister said change would require including people with disabilities throughout the process, from the design stage to store layout and visual merchandising.

Model and activist Angel Dixon on the catwalk wearing an orange coat.
Angel Dixon emphasizes accessible design when talking to brand representatives.(Provided)

“There is still a lack of understanding of the needs and requirements of persons with disabilities,” he said.

“It seems that a lot of companies feel that they may do something wrong and offend the disabled community so they put it in the ‘too hard’ basket.

“Rather than just ‘ticking the boxes’ to appear to be doing the right thing, brands and retailers need to make inclusion and diversity a part of their core business values.”

Note: Jenny McAllister is the sister of journalist Nick McAllister, the author of this article.


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‘What looks good and why? Many aspects of great fashion ‘ | Instant News

Funny isn’t it, the way some people have natural skills when it comes to fashion and color, while others don’t? And that has nothing, or very little, to do with beauty. It’s very difficult to determine what makes everything work for some and not for others, but I imagine good fashion designing skills have a lot to do with that.

Of course, the demands of the fashion industry have a big role to play. They need to popularize the “trend of the year” in order to stay in business, and the designer who comes up with the best ideas makes the most money.

You only have to look back to British designer Mary Quant in the 1960s to see how an excellent design idea doesn’t have to be expensive to succeed. In her case, it was nothing more than cutting 15cm off the length of the skirt and calling it a “mini”, and there were millions of her firsts! He’s also fortunate that he produced his designs immediately after World War Two, when all the young things he designed tended to be lean (largely due to recent rationing restrictions). The Mini requires long, slender legs to succeed, and a life of comparative greed that we all suffer from now is still a few years into the future. Miniskirts, coupled with the famous ‘page-boy’ hairstyle, were just a necessary luxury at the time, and she made the most of it.

Thinking about it, I guess people who are taller, slimmer, both sexes, have a better chance of looking good in clothes, although I really don’t know why that should be. Maybe for the subconscious mind, higher means healthier or some other prehistoric message! Of course, shorter people have a much harder time trying to achieve that secret ‘oomph,’ and they often seem to rely more on personality to create some sort of impression with their peers. Have you ever noticed how many famous actors are often short when you see them ‘in person’?


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