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Bored Game | Johnstown Magazine | Instant News

To spend months in isolation due to COVID-19, a relaxing hobby that was once considered old-fashioned is now seeing new life. Take a minute to scroll through social media and you will see pictures of embroidery projects or puzzles complete with a proud cry: “So I did something!”

The past year has sparked a desire to have fun; and when locked, many turn to board games. They pull up vintage games of their youth or learn new games to share with family and friends.

What’s Old Is New Again

Crystal Custer-Dull and her brothers, Ken and Kevin Custer, have been avid board game players, especially when they were children. Reflecting on their time playing together, the three talk about long summer days where the boys play baseball in the mornings at the Oakhurst Playground on Harold Avenue in the West End where they live, then come home in the afternoon with their friends. to play games. their front porch, cooling off from the hot summer sun.

Ken Custer, Crystal Custer-Dill, and Kevin Custer played Pro Draft

When they are not playing with friends, family members continue to play, picking from the various games that are in their house.

“We always have games for Christmas,” said Crystal, a seventh grade teacher in the Greater Johnstown School District.

“My mother has a stand in the attic. They are easy to reach and there are lots of stacks. “

While Crystal is the youngest of the three, her fond memories of the moving pieces across the game board make for lasting memories.

“We play everything – Life, Monopoly, Uno. The value of finding out and spending money actually teaches you to think critically and use math skills. “

Crystal’s brother Kevin, a highway construction inspector, remembers the days fondly and says the pandemic is an opportunity to be with neighbors while remaining socially distanced.

“This is a great opportunity to be with your neighbors in a safe way,” said Kevin. “Bonding is a great way to build community in the midst of trying to figure out how to win the game.”

Ken, the oldest of the three, remembers his favorite game, Pro Draft, which he received as a Christmas present in the early 1970s when he was 9. He says it taught him a lesson for life.

The game, which can be compared to Fantasy Football leagues, provides players with a set of official football trading cards with statistical information. Then, each player collects and trades the cards, building a team during the game.

“The game came out just as the (Pittsburgh) Steelers won,” said Ken, a pastor at the Grace United Methodist Cole Center in Washington County.

He said the game came with 50 cards, but the great thing about it was that he could add playing cards himself.

“I love being able to go to the store and use my spare money to get a pack of cards and find out if I have Steelers and see if I have Joe Greene, Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, Jack Ham. That would be a great thing. “

Ken and Kevin were big sportsmen at the time. They still are. And they like to collect playing cards. “As a collector, this game is a huge bonus,” said Ken.

“It doesn’t matter if, in real life, players are the hall of famer, in this game, they might not be that good,” said Ken, who still lives in Oakhurst. “The game has separate rules and I appreciate the way in which you can trade. You are like your own general manager. “

Kevin, who is both passionate about the sport, admits another reason for playing Pro Draft: “I’m a little younger than Ken. I like only with my brother. ”

Connecting to the Past

People play games for many reasons. Either to spend time or competitive style. Some say they like the challenge of figuring out the rules and others like the fantasy built around a specific board game.

For Tammi Yeckley of Armagh, it is a relationship with her two grandmothers, who are now deceased. Playing games forging unforgettable relationships that run deep.

She links the game of Anger with her maternal grandmother, Florence Sharvaugh; and Monopoly for paternal grandmother, Nelda Berkey.

“I think I’m pushing my bean gram by playing Monopoly, because I want to play it all the time,” said Tammi, who works at Laurel Medical in Richland Township. “Grandma Berkey also likes Racko and Skip-po and Uno.”

Tammi said she was an only child until she was older, so only she and Grandma Berkey played while her grandfather worked. He remembers playing games, especially Monopoly at night between his favorite television shows The Love Boat and Fantasy Island.

“With my other grandmother, we will play Aggravation,” said Tammi, referring to her grandmother, Sharvaugh. “When he died, my uncle, his brother, was still at home, and he made sure I got his game,” said Tammi with a laugh. Looking back, he’s sure Grandma Sharvaugh keeps him busy playing board games so he doesn’t get into the candy jar.

“He always ate Hershey Kisses on the buffet in his dining room.”

Tammi says that having memories of her two grandmothers is a blessing, and it’s heartwarming to have a game they actually played together.

He encouraged people not to waste time like that.

“Appreciate what you have, because they will not be around forever,” he said.

Game board

Chris and Nalene Hilker’s family

Play with friends

Board games have come a long way since The Game of Life first appeared in 1860. Milton Bradley’s popular game imitates a person’s life, through college, marriage, even having children. Now, the game simulates a future situation, enters a fantasy world, or mimics a model of building a kingdom.

Nathan Madison, a 24-year-old multi-media specialist with Visit Johns-town, has often plunged into these often extraordinary and immersive multiplayer games that make his friends think beyond the present and vice versa, thinking “what if. “

“I’ve always been interested in board games,” says Nathan, from Summerhill, “but it’s only been about a year and a half since I put them together on Amazon.” The more complex the rules, the better, he said.

Nathan Madison with a collection of board games

Nathan Madison has always been interested in board games.

Nathan first started paying attention to large-scale Euro-style games, or games with an intellectual component (as opposed to chancy games) on YouTube, an online video sharing platform. There, he sees an interesting looking zombie-themed board game and he scrolls to see what it is all about. From then on, he started buying games that caught his eye. As for any games he owns, he keeps logs on the Internet site, BoardGameGeek.

“I try to play everything I buy,” he said. “I keep updating my collection there.” He uses his friends to test his purchases and explore which games are fun and which are not.

“Once a week, we have game nights, but that’s tough with a pandemic,” he said. “We have a core group that people screen in and out every week and if there is a social situation where I can bring a board game, I will.” Nathan said he had a rotating system where he and his friends chose games to play each week.

“The match itself is pretty good. Board games look better than ever and come from like your standard Monopoly to some of the games I have, they look great and play great, but the main thing is the social aspect. “Nathan said that the interaction between players and friends is what he is looking forward to.

“Anytime you do something that affects everyone at the table and they all go crazy, it’s a great feeling.”

Nathan recommends some games for newcomers or even those who have played before and are looking for something different to add to their gaming repertoire.

Catan, the resource management game, involves player interaction with trading and gaining resources. Nathan said it wasn’t too complicated, but difficult enough if players wanted to move to Terraforming Mars.

Tammi Yeckley

“I found the games I like are games in the near future,” said Nathan. “Mars terraforming is about life that has moved beyond Earth and we are moving to Mars, and these big companies are struggling to reap the rewards – to change Mars.”

The whole end game is to make the planet habitable with very limited player interaction.

“It’s like a brain teaser,” he said. “You have to manage your money, resources, and cards.”

Next on Nathan’s list is Agricola, another resource management game in which a player becomes a subsistence farmer in Germany, managing crops. Agricola is a Worker Placement Game, which means the player places a piece of play on the cards and accepts whatever is listed on it. The game is also categorized as a Euro Game, where there is little player interaction during play.

Root was a game that Nathan liked because of its strange nature.

“I bought Root because I really like the art and the game can look really good and get really great,” he said. The game features a different faction of forest creatures trying to reclaim the forest after the cats take over. “It’s unique because each player gets different unique abilities.”

Nathan also collects old games like Belter, which he found in an antique shop.

“It looks really old and old and there is something about it that I can’t leave it there,” Nathan said of the game.


“I brought it to the table for my friends to try. I’ll compare it to doing taxes. “He said it was very interesting to compare Belter to current games and how far they have come. Belters are all pen and paper, while the newer ones have all the bells and whistles.

Nathan encouraged people to go ahead and try some games. Although he and his friends also love video games, one of the things that prompted him to try board games was that he had a habit of playing games.

“I think the best way to do that is to throw a board game at the table and teach the rules and run them,” he said. “Most people will respond in a way like, ‘oh, wow, I want to keep playing this,’ and the price is quite affordable too.”


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Springfield businesses saw interest in board games soar during the COVID-19 pandemic | Instant News

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Like many businesses, Meta Games Unlimited had to close its doors for weeks in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were all very scared about what was going to happen,” said manager Jeremy Bates.

However, Bates said things turned out better than expected. “After we got back there, everyone was really bored and wanted to play games, and they were here buying things like crazy.”

He explained that board games have improved.

“There’s a big thing with Kickstarter right now, like crowdfunding pages, and a lot of companies are using it to fund new board games.”

Due to the funding of new board games, a great deal has been introduced to the genre. But there are always fan favorites that are in demand every year.

“One year was probably a deck building game, and last year it was a roll and write game, it’s all just a different mechanism from the way you play the game.”

Not only did it introduce more games, but Bates said it brought more people to the shop and even more to the hobby.

“The nerdy or nerdy culture is now a little more socially acceptable than it was before. So, we must have had an increase in the number of people who might not have been our target demographic ten years ago. “

He stressed that interest in board games was always increasing, but the pandemic was playing a role too. “The pandemic has given him a little extra boost, and now has extra zing behind it.”

With an increasing number of people turning to the board game trend, there are several challenges, one of which is the availability of existing board games. Bates says fans have seen first-hand that many out-of-stock games take a little time to get back on the shelves.

Another challenge for the board game community is that many of these are group-related activities, and because of the pandemic, larger gatherings have been limited. Bates explained that Meta Games Unlimited has an open game area with a special table for wargaming. He said space usually brings together many players from all over the country. But now, the big parties and game groups they saw had reduced significantly.

“Now they have a small group of friends that they might meet in their own homes or elsewhere to play, and getting those guys back to the shop might be a bit of a challenge. So I don’t expect us to have the crazy hefty numbers of our events we are used to. It might increase a little slower. “

Despite the odds during the pandemic, Bates believes the board games industry will continue to thrive.

“They always introduce new things. But I mean, It’s growing at a fantastic pace, and everyone is having fun, and so are we. “

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In the battle between PUBG and FAU-G, Ludo became the real king | Instant News

For Indian gamers, 2020 is a mixed year. The Indian government banned PUBG Mobile India in September 2020 as part of the “digital surgery strike” carried out by the Indian government on Chinese apps. The failure of PUBG Mobile India was a huge shock to gamers. However, expectations are built around the announcement that FAU-G (Fearless and Joint Guard) will be released on January 26 and some action games will be played. However, one game surpassed PUBG Mobile India, FAU-G. This is a simple board game that has been played for generations, but when it appeared on mobile devices, it had a huge impact. During the coronavirus pandemic, this game is a salvation for many people. That game was Ludo King.

The coronavirus pandemic has made Ludo King attract family, cousins, friends and people from all over the world to indulge in this super addictive game. The download volume of this board game worldwide has also exceeded the 500 million mark. With the new year, Ludo King has added new features to the game. Although it may seem like a sudden success, Ludo King has actually grown organically in the past four years. Most people already know this game because their family and friends are already playing it. The blockade provides people with a new opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, as well as with complete strangers online.

In this game, users in India, the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia have also seen amazing growth. Countries such as Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Spain, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia are also emerging as new markets.In an exclusive interview DNA, Vikash Jaiswal, CEO of Gametion Pvt. Ltd talked about how the idea of ​​bringing board games into the digital world caused them to feel like a quarantine.

What is the idea of ​​getting a childhood favorite like Ludo on your phone?

Ludo has played in every generation of their childhood. This is a simple board game, but usually has a strong emotional connection, especially for Indians. We are often nostalgic and remember the good time we spent with our family. At Gametion, we hope to make this experience a reality again. We believe that Ludo should be revived in the digital multimedia era and provide people with the Ludo experience they desire. This is the birth of the Ludo King multiplayer game concept. With Ludo King, application players can play their favorite games online with family and friends from all over the world.

Are you surprised by the rapid rise of Ludo King during the coronavirus pandemic?

The 2020 pandemic surprised us all, and the subsequent blockade made us unable to function. People must follow strict social distancing principles, be isolated at home, and have limited activities. During the isolation period, inactivity and boredom due to reduced social interactions began to increase anxiety. Ludo King helped many people here. They played Ludo online with friends and family to keep in touch with them.

In addition, the online interaction through the Ludo game is very interesting; a way of entertainment that avoids boredom and depression. Ludo King can connect people to the Internet remotely, which actually reduces the pressure of isolation, which is why a large number of Indians use isolation during the pandemic. It is no surprise that Ludo King has become the subject of quarantine in India.

How did you react when Ludo King broke the 500K download mark?

Since 2016, Ludo King has crossed multiple milestones and the app has been downloaded 500 million times worldwide, making it the most popular Indian game app to enter the mobile gaming league. In addition, Ludo King has ranked first in the Google Play Store for 3 consecutive years. Ludo King will become the number one free game in India in the Apple App Store in 2020.

Can you talk about the innovation of Quick Ludo and Six Game Ludo?

We launched a 6-player game so that users can enjoy a long game with more players and a longer audience. This is the most needed feature in the “Multiplayer” option. We introduced a fast Ludo mode to provide a fast Ludo game experience-a fast 5-minute game where players do not need to participate in a complete Ludo game. This mode can be played during commuting, quick rest, waiting in line or any time of the day.

Why do you want to use voice chat in Ludo King when there is already text chat?

We have brought the voice chat function to increase the fun of Ludo outside of text chat. In the past, people could only have custom text chats while playing games. However, through Ludo King voice chat, people can talk to each other, make jokes, share jokes, laugh and enjoy “good times” while playing Ludo games with friends and family. Voice chat enhances the Ludo King experience, and the game is more entertaining than ever.

What is the future of Ludo King?

We plan to add tournaments and many other game modes in the next year of 2021.


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Imagination-driven hobbies help keep the gaming business afloat | Instant News

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – The period of quarantine has helped revive certain hobbies – and the growing demand for board games has helped these specialty shops survive the pandemic.

Taiga Comics & Games at Marquette said their biggest sales over the holidays came from purchases in board games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Catan and Ticket to Ride.

Owner Robert Towers explains that while overall sales have been affected from previous years – less pedestrian traffic in the area resulting in fewer impulsive purchases, canceled store events, production delays in overseas imports – demand is high for games. which encourages the imagination.

“Since you know that everyone inside is quarantined, the family needs a lot of stuff to stay entertained. You know, that’s fine for that. “To be honest, one of the things about Dungeons & Dragons that is done really well, is the kind of game you can play really well via Zoom with a group of friends,” Towers said.

As part of COVID’s safety measures, Taiga Comics & Games is only offering sales of their games – without rentals.

And they also offer scheduling your own individual shopping time.

Find more information here: Taiga Comics & Games Facebook Page

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Board games are as popular as ever, but one local content creator is running into problems with the pandemic | Instant News

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – The big board game company has reported double-digit sales during the pandemic as people stay put and board games are experiencing a revival.

But how did the pandemic happen to the little people?

Killeen resident Ryan James didn’t always think of himself as a board game creator.

“I’m not a very creative person,” said James. “I don’t know how to draw. I don’t paint. I didn’t do any of those creative outlets. “

Still, he created Monster Mansion Mayhem, a family-friendly monster-themed game in 2017.

“You’re basically in the monster house of classic movie monsters,” said James. “There are two vampires, two werewolves, and two zombies.”

The goal is to get your monsters to one of the mansion’s two exits, but you can also set other players to back off and bid to control different monsters.

Before the pandemic, James had been trying for some time to hire a graphic designer to make professional clones of his games and possibly shop around the big game companies.

Then, the pandemic hit – as well as many other challenges.

“The development of the game stopped completely,” said James.

“We no longer have board game nights, so no more testing it with friends and getting feedback, which is a constant process especially with new games,” he said.

He also said he was hit financially by the pandemic.

“If you’re talking boards, a handful of plastic scraps, and a deck of cards, you’re probably seeing, my estimate is, $ 5,000 to get one or a handful of professional mockups,” says James.

James said that pushing his game to market would be a dream.

“Who wouldn’t want to have a blockbuster game that, you know, brings enrichment to family life around the world and, you know, you go to a local store and you see it right there and you think, ‘wow, I did that! ” ‘

However, for now, according to him, this is not his priority.

“It was just fun for me, and now that’s all I will think about for a while.”

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