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America’s Cup 2021: The New Zealand team offers additional resources to help American Magic repair the damaged ship AC75 | Instant News

New Zealand team boss Grant Dalton has offered to unlock his team’s resources to help the American Magic get their damaged AC75 back in the water.

The ship, named the Patriot, had a large hole in its hull as a result of a tumbling at the end of a Prada Cup race on Sunday afternoon, which submerged the ship and nearly sank.

The New Zealand team, as well as fellow Ineos Cup syndicates Team England and Luna Rossa, and local emergency services are on hand to help America keep the ship afloat.

Speaking to the media on Monday, American Magic captain Terry Hutchinson expressed his gratitude to the other teams, in particular Defender.

New Zealand Team members help American Magic after capsizing.  Photo / Michael Craig
New Zealand Team members help American Magic after capsizing. Photo / Michael Craig

“I think the Dalts quote is ‘whatever you need, we have it for you’,” said Hutchinson.

“From a shipbuilding perspective, defenders are in the strongest position because we are in their hometown. They are halting part of their program so that there are lots of people available to help us and them straight away. [Team New Zealand] contact us. “

While members of all the syndicates helped save the ship, members of the New Zealand Team stayed with the American Magic crew on their nearly three-hour journey back to base from Hauraki Bay off the coast of Milford, and took pizza as their slow pace. having to make the return journey meant they wouldn’t be ashore until after 10 p.m.

Hutchinson described it as “the element of sportsmanship which is the highest level”.

American Magic during their dramatic reverse in the Prada Cup race against Luna Rossa.  Photo / Studio Borlenghi
American Magic during their dramatic reverse in the Prada Cup race against Luna Rossa. Photo / Studio Borlenghi

“We have great support from all the teams… everyone has offered their services to bring the Patriots back to the water. As competitors, most of the time we argue with each other about things that are only about sailboat racing, we argue to make our point. “But today you can’t find more sportsmanship or a more generous team that we have around us,” said Hutchinson.

“With all the sincerity in the world, they gave almost all the facilities for us to use to rebuild the Patriot.”

Asked about their dinner options, Hutchinson joked that the Kiwi crew could get into trouble with a McDonald’s sponsor.

“I’m sure they stole from McDonald’s for not bringing us Big Macs and a quarter pounders, but we specifically asked for pizza so I don’t want them to get into trouble!”

Towards a Cup race?

• Give yourself plenty of time and think about taking the ferry, train, or bus to watch the Cup.

• Make sure your AT HOP card is in your pocket. It’s the best way to ride.

• Don’t forget to scan the QR code with the NZ COVID Tracer app while on public transportation and entering America’s Cup Village.

• For more ways to enjoy race day, visit at.govt.nz/americascup.


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In One Ear: Wayward Liberty | In One Ear | Instant News

Okay, we go on again. Another wayward miniboat, part of Columbia River Maritime MuseumThe miniboat program, has taken on exotic locations while en route to Japan.

This one, S / V Liberty, launched by students from Wy’east Middle School in Vancouver, Washington, in the spring, there was an unfortunate start: landing well. It was fixed and relaunched in July.

This time, after more than 100 days at sea, Liberty landed 4,500 miles away on November 4th on Ailuk Atoll. Located in the Marshall Islands, this tiny atoll has a population of only 357 people.

Remarkably, even after crossing the reef before landing, the Liberty arrived with minimal damage. The islanders initially left it alone for a while, fearing exposure to COVID-19, but after further studying the miniboat, they found notes taped there explaining the tale of the small boat, and how to contact the students.

Now the mayor of Ailuk, Typhoon Ankit, working with students and museums to repair and launch a miniboat to continue its journey to the Land of the Rising Sun. Liberty posed with the mayor’s wife, Ruthy, with permission from the Maritime Museum.

Want to follow all the miniboat trips tracked by GPS? Go to www.crmm.org/miniboats

“There is no more exciting ending for 2020,” he said Nate sandel, the museum’s education director, “especially for our students, who have faced so many challenges during the pandemic.”


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Spy: Did the TVNZ brothers tie their secret weapon to Team NZ? | Instant News

TVNZ reporters Emily van Velthooven and Jesse Tuke have family in Team NZ.

There are two American Cup reporters with part in the walk on Team NZ – their brothers are on board.

Emily van Velthooven – Simon’s younger sister – and Blair’s sailor brother, Jesse Tuke, are part of the TVNZ reporting family.

Van Velthooven is a reporter for 1NEWS, while this is Tuke’s first foray into television as part of the seven-member TVNZ AC team, hosted by Toni Street and Scotty Morrison with Jack Tame on the reporting team.

The two siblings were in Bermuda four years ago to support their brother in winning the Auld Mug. They said they would feel better seeing him back home in Waitematā.

“I am very pleased with the reaction from the Kiwi who has just sailed,” said van Velthooven. “I remember being completely blown away by innovation and determination the first time I watched Emirates Team New Zealand in Bermuda.

“Bermuda is great – but I think Auckland would be better. We have a great fan zone to watch the races and some great bars and restaurants right in the middle. Even if you’ve never gone sailing, this is a party you don’t want. miss. “

Tuke has reporters and emcees in his title. She will be out in the water on TVNZ’s chase boat and mingle with the audience.

The snappy sailor suggests the people might confuse him and his brother – and says if he were to interview Blair he would try hard not to laugh. “I don’t think Blair and I have ever had such a serious conversation in our lives. Keeping facial expressions when asking big questions will be a real challenge.”

Tuke said he had fun growing up, sailing with all of his brothers, and even won national championship at one point with Blair, but said he was replaced by “someone named Peter”.

“We used to have regular Hobie Cat sailing races where the two youngest brothers (Blair and I) would race against the two eldest (Dan and Nathan). And like America’s Cup, it would always end up with some big bickering, water-offs and a couple of firefights if things really heat up, “said Tuke.

He said that so far Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli was a team to watch out for.

“There have been some good battles out in the water already and they will be up against each other as soon as they reach the water. Prada captain Jimmy Spithill is the main contender and he has to finish it so beware of the fiery Aussie … Overall, LR looks like it has a versatile package. strength, which will be needed under the various conditions that we will see in Hauraki this summer. “

He said the first race of the Copa America will be a moment that touches your heart when they cross the line for the first time and you will see which ships excel.

“The American Cup has rumors around it that I don’t think you would get with any other sport. Every four years or so it stops our country and everyone around it. I think it’s a combination of heaps of history, innovation and the fact that the country is small. We’re pretty good at it. There’s nothing better than Auckland for sailing spectacle – City of Sails for a reason. “


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America’s Cup 2021: The boat will appear new because a gentle breeze is forecast for the third day of World Series races | Instant News


Beyond the Cup: A breeze will rock the third day of America’s Cup racing

A breeze in Auckland this morning cast doubt on whether sailing would resume on the third day of racing in the America’s Cup World Series.

While Metservice is forecasting maximum gusts of 10 knots for Waitemata Harbor and Hauraki Bay this afternoon, with a possible period of lighter winds, current American Cup organizers are moving ahead with the race.

Racing is not possible if the wind speed does not exceed 6.5 knots and if conditions are slightly above the mark then sailing enthusiasts can be treated to a new look of the boat on the water.

In gentle breezes, the AC65 boat is expected to be carried to the water with the “Code Zero” headgear, an adaptation specially designed for these kinds of days.

“This could potentially be the first time we’ve seen large Code Zero headails flown from the bowsprit to generate enough power in a gentle breeze,” AUT Sailing Professor Mark Orams told NZME on Saturday morning.

Te Rehutai flies the Code Zero screen during practice ahead of the America's Cup World Series.  Photos / Photosport
Te Rehutai flies the Code Zero screen during practice ahead of the America’s Cup World Series. Photos / Photosport

There was speculation this morning that the lighting conditions would force organizers to shift the race to a less fan-friendly track, but the same track as the opening two days of the race, C, will return to use today.

Several major locations to see line C are Bastion Point and Okahu Bay Wharf.

Enjoy a smooth sailing to the Cup with Auckland Transport

• Avoid traffic jams and parking distractions and download the AT Mobile app to plan your bus, train or ferry trip to the racetrack before you leave home.

• Make sure your AT HOP card is in your pocket. That’s the best way to move up to the Cup

• For more ways to enjoy race day, visit at.govt.nz/americascup


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KPT acquired 3 steel hull pilot ships | Instant News

KARACHI: Karachi Port Trust (KPT) acquired three new steel hull pilot vessels from its own funds for operations at the port under plans to gradually upgrade infrastructure, it studied on Monday.

“Provision of port services for drivers, baggage and mooring of ships visiting Karachi Port is under the domain of Karachi Port Trust. KPT has an adequate fleet for operational management of all ships that stop at the port, “said an official.

“Apart from improving port infrastructure, KPT intends to gradually replace its fleet to strengthen its marine fleet,” said an official.

The official said KPT had issued an international tender for three new / unused pilot vessels. The offer will open on February 2 next year. The port expects to start its bulk cargo terminal early, which will allow the port to handle more dry bulk cargo efficiently.

“The New Year is expected to be a year of economic recovery for the nation and ports are ready to turn a profit through efficient port operations,” the official said.

KPT handled 41.8 million tonnes of cargo during the last fiscal year 2019/20. The total accumulation of import and export handling was interrupted as the handling of 32 million tons of dry cargo and 9.8 million tons of liquid bulk cargo was handled.

KPT has three container terminals that handle container cargo. The upcoming fiscal year will see the handling of 1.9 million units equivalent to twenty feet (TEU) of accumulated imports and handling of exports.

KPT handled 1,492 marine vessels during the coming fiscal year, consisting of 743 container ships, 162 bulk cargo ships, 173 general cargo ships, and 414 marine oil tankers. KPT has the potential to handle more than 125 million tonnes of cargo including 25 million tonnes of liquid bulk cargo, and has an adequate handling capacity of around 4.25 million TEUs.

Pakistan’s exports grew for the third consecutive month in November to $ 2.2 billion, up 7.67 percent from $ 2 billion in the same month last year. On the other hand, imports are expected to continue to increase in the coming months following the elimination of regulatory import duties on imports of raw materials and intermediate products.

Total exports are expected to be between $ 23 and 24 billion this fiscal year, according to industry estimates. This improvement mainly came from textile exports, both in terms of quantity and price.

The central bank projects the value of exports in the range of $ 23.4 to 23.8 billion

in FY2021 – higher than the $ 22.5 billion recorded in FY2020. Government

set an annual export target of $ 22.7 billion.


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