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Italy Continues to Pay Its Residents to Be Green Post-COVID | Instant News

The Italian government has announced various initiatives that will encourage sustainability through incentives for biking, green transportation, and environmentally friendly recovery projects.

Continuing Eco Fight

In the midst of an emergency COVID-19, being environmentally friendly must be sacrificed for safety. To reduce the spread of the virus, there has been a boom in disposable plastic, a preference for packaged goods in stores, and a tendency to use private modes of transportation above the public. Italy’s green proposal may be in an effort to compensate for these irregularities in sustainability, and eco-friendly initiatives are expected to get the country back on track for a sustainable future.

Subsidized Cycling

Because the quiet and quiet Italian streets have been replaced by city traffic and the usual haze when restrictions are relaxed, the Italian government has promoted cycling as an alternative by offering “bicycle bonuses”. People who live in the city center with a population of more than 50,000 people are entitled to contributions of up to € 500 for the purchase of bicycles, e-scooters, or anything that does not use a combustion engine. Bonuses can be requested to cover up to 60% of new vehicles.

Each city also encourages cycling with the introduction new cycle paths in Milan and a project in Bologna to encourage cycling to work. “Cycling to work“The project will see companies contributing to the Bologna board if they are seen as actively providing biking incentives to work through employee miles-based cycling or reducing bicycle sharing costs. In Rome, share an electric scooter being driven with 1,000 new vehicles added to the fleet and an option for a return of up to 60% on rental costs from mobility bonuses.

Public Transportation Goes Green

Pictures of Venice “Clean” channel under COVID-19 lockdown became viral in March. Although the real reason is the mud, which is usually stirred by ships, settles back to the bottom of the canal, Venice’s air pollution levels have indeed dropped as a result of less ship exhaust fumes. The Venetian Council has now announced that by 2030, the city’s fleet of water vessels and ferries will be replaced new model with a hybrid engine. Private boat owners will also be given subsidies to install hybrid engines.

In addition, the European Investment Bank (EIB) has announced it will invest € 450 million in a project by the Italian state-owned railway company FS Italiane to introduce 135 new hybrid trains. Regional trains will have a lower environmental impact by producing less pollution and becoming more efficient.

Continuous COVID Recovery

EIB will also support green public sector projects in the province of Trento in northern Italy. The bank is expected to invest € 300 million in sustainable recovery projects in areas such as transportation, renewable energy and urban development. The fund will also be dedicated specifically to combating climate change. Every city or public entity in the province is eligible for investment if they propose an environmentally friendly recovery project after an economic crisis triggered by a COVID-19 emergency.


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LCWU gives Idul Fitri bonuses to class IV staff | Instant News

The Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) administration has approved Eidi (Idul Fitri bonus) for university employees.

On the instructions of the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Bushra Mirza, the administration approved the provision of Eidi for all class IV employees of the LCWU main campus in Lahore and the university’s Jhang campus.

Prof. Dr. Bushra Mirza said the university decided to offer Eidi to class-IV employees, including security guards, drivers, infantry soldiers, due to the prevailing situation. He added Eidi would be distributed among around 500 university employees. The university will transfer salaries to all staff on May 18.


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Citizens announce ticket refund policies for the delayed baseball season | Sports | Instant News

The Washington Nationals on Tuesday became the last Major League Baseball team to release details of its ticket refund policy for games affected by the coronavirus pandemic, more than a week after 29 other league teams communicated refund information to their fans.

Season ticket holders and individual game buyers can choose a full refund, including related fees, for the amount spent on tickets and parking for games that they cannot attend due to plague or 100% credit, plus an additional 50% credit applicable to this season or 2021.

Related costs, according to a team spokesperson, consist of costs per order and ticket as well as shipping and handling fees and are not accounted for in the total credit option of 150%.

Those who have a season ticket requesting a refund are asked to contact their account representative directly. Individual-game refunds can be requested online.

Tickets returned do not qualify for an additional 50% credit, which can be applied to tickets, seat upgrades, food and drinks, merchandise, or ticket contributions to first responders, frontline workers or other community organizations. The policy covers games scheduled for March, April and early May, and will continue with the calendar of the upcoming season.

With games that are technically postponed, not canceled, since the Opening Day was originally scheduled, MLB initially instructed the team not to offer refunds for games that were not played until plans for the revised schedule were formed. Meanwhile, many teams, including citizens, have suspended or postponed season ticket payments.

After a pair of fans sued MLB and Commissioner Rob Manfred, seeking ticket refunds and class action certification status, MLB changed the tone last month, announcing that he would work with the team to coordinate new ticket policies, including optional refunds. The team began launching their latest ticket policy during the last week of April. The Nationals are the only club that hasn’t announced an update on May 4.

The recent radio silence of the World Series champions regarding their renewed policies frustrated single ticket holders and plan holders, with some indicating on the Reddit topic on the subject that they had filed consumer protection complaints against the team with the DC Attorney General’s office.

“We are lucky,” Chris Earls, a season ticket holder since 2005 who shared the full season plan with colleagues, said in a telephone interview Monday. “We don’t need money back. That’s just the principle that makes me so excited. Very annoying because they have no information at all from the Nationals. “

Earls, originally from Missouri, said he bought several tickets for the St. Louis Cardinals is scheduled for this month at Busch Stadium. After the Cardinals announced their ticket refund policy on April 29, Earls accounts were automatically returned, without any action on their part.

The Nationals do not provide updates via email or on their website about when fans can expect an announcement after MLB allows the team to issue a refund.

Most teams offer refunds or bonus credits to ticket holders who choose to leave money in their account. The Baltimore Orioles, for example, offer full refunds for games until May 31, or a 25% bonus credit that can be applied for regular season ticket purchases through the 2022 season. New York Mets offer a 10% bonus credit for one-match ticket holders and a 20% bonus credit for season ticket holders. The Detroit Tigers offer refunds for all single match and season tickets purchased through the team for April and May, or a 30% bonus credit based on the initial purchase value.


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Tyson Invests in COVID-19 and USMEF on Exports to Canada | Instant News

Tyson Invests in COVID-19 and USMEF on Exports to Canada

From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with your Agribusiness Update.

** Tyson Foods will distribute around $ 60 million in bonuses to truck drivers and other front-line workers who keep their food distribution running efficiently during the coronavirus outbreak.

According to Motley Fool at www.fool.com, 116,000 employees will receive a $ 500 bonus, although Tyson will not cut checks until July.

Demand for packaged and processed food is high now because people stay at home, stock up, and eat at home rather than restaurants.


** The USDA has reduced import requirements for Chinese fragrant pears.

However, according to thepacker.com, fragrant pears that are eligible to be shipped to the US must now be planted in the Akesu or Korla region at a production location registered with plant health officials in China and approved by the USDA.

In addition, the USDA said packaging houses must have a tracking system that will allow fruit traceback to individual production sites.


**WE. companies that export pork, beef, and lamb to Canada now face simpler and clearer requirements, thanks to a joint initiative by the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Cheyenne McEndaffer from the U.S. Meat Export Federation said that the revised regulation would benefit US exporters and their Canadian customers.

He noted that input from USMEF and other industry associations allowed problems to be identified and addressed.


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Government considers bonus system in civil bureaucracy | Peshawar | thenews.com.pk | Instant News


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