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Kirti Kulharis tri-tiered midi, co-ords, a top amp fashion deconstruction game | Instant News

There must be no stopping Kirti Kulhari as she makes one fabulous appearance after another on web series and Bollywood, but in the meantime, the diva has easily made her the glam that has left the fashionista in us inspired. From a nerdy minimalist look to contemporary styles, Girl on Train The actor has presented many fashionable looks during his upcoming film promotions, which a person’s Spring-Summer outfit must have.

While Kirti is seen wearing ethnic looks to promote her latest web series, Criminal justice, She is not shy about experimenting with various silhouettes Girl on Train promo. In one of the photos, Kirti is seen wearing a midnight blue shirt with a flap pocket combined with a pair of similar colored pants.

The coordinate set comes with silver studs on the front and on the cuffs, a strap attached to the waist for the tie and a top stitch detailing the whole. The high-waisted trousers feature a side zipper opening and the shirt and trousers are made of luxurious heavy crepe fabric.

Leaving her side-parted hair open to give her a comfortable look, Kirti wore a bit of nude pink lipstick and opted for minimal makeup with highlighted cheeks and full eyebrows. She completed her outfit with a pair of shoes from Primark.

The ensemble is credited to Indian fashion designer, Deepika Nagpal’s label which offers contemporary womenswear with sophisticated styles, luxurious fabrics, eye-pleasing colors and well-fitting clothes. The initial set of coordinates is cost Rp11,900 on the designer’s website.

Kirti Kulharis coordination set by Deepika Nagpal label (deepikanagpal.com)

Another set of images features a deconstructed gray cut-out diva with a high-low top paired with similar gray pants. Gray and white striped top with elastic collars, side pockets, and shoulder buttons.

Made of pure linen, the upper ends with an extended tail while the high waist pants are paired with a pair of black boots. She completed her look with several golden circular finger rings.

Pulling her sleek, side-parted hair into a low bun, Kirti opted for a neutral color make-up and put on some nude brown lipstick that matched her eye shadow. Kirti’s deconstructed gray ensemble is credited to the Indian luxury clothing brand, Chola, which boasts an ethos of simplicity and soulful design.

In the last series of photos that we passed out, Kirti was seen pulling off a nerdy look in a bright pink three-tiered midi dress. The photos show her in a handmade dress that comes with balloon sleeves and a back zipper.

Accessing her look with a pair of earth-colored earrings and large reading glasses, Kirti complements her look with a pair of brown strappy boots with white socks peeking out from above. Sticking to the side-parted sleek knot hairstyle, Kirti upped the glamor wit with a dash of pink lipstick.

The hot pink midi is credited to the Indian fashion label, Khara Cotton which means ‘pure cotton’ in Hindi and boasts minimalistic, clean cuts and relaxed silhouettes in pure fabrics, earthy tones and simple Indian motifs for prints. The initial ensemble is valuable Rp9k on their designer website.

Kirti Kulharis midi dress from Khara Kapas (kharakapas.com)
Kirti Kulharis midi dress from Khara Kapas (kharakapas.com)

The actor was styled by a celebrity fashion stylist in Who Wore What When. Kirti Kulhari’s playstyle has been circulating around fusion chic outfits lately and we can’t wait to recreate this fashionable look in the warmer months. What do you think?

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Men’s grooming and style by Yatan Ahluwalia: Fashion and make-up resolutions for 2021 – brunch features | Instant News

  • Hair: Natural, wavy texture. In short. Left natural, matt and dry. We use some hair wax to style the strands in place. Narrow sideburns.
  • Eyebrows: Trimmed in the middle and sides.
  • Face: Clean, shaved and smooth.
  • Skin: Beautiful, blackish skin. We use Valley View Organic’s clay-based natural and organic skin masks to clean and tighten pores and give the skin a smooth and even finish.
  • Lips: Thin and firm.
  • Others: Protruding collarbones visible under the exposed black jacket.

Ten things not to do this year:

1. Wear a coat without socks

Marvel fans should try the Spiderman socks from The Souled Store

There’s nothing worse than wearing a smart suit and a great pair of shoes without the socks. I’m not sure who or what started this trend, but it’s by far one of the worst fashion mistakes ever made. If you are a classic make-up artist, match the shoes, socks, and the suit. For variety and maybe a little fun, pick an eye-catching pair of socks and let your look elevate. It can be in a contrasting color or have an unusual print that is sure to get noticed and make you stand out from the crowd.

My choice: Try other Spiderman or Marvel character prints from The Souled Store.

2. Combine cool and warm colors

It’s a fashion mistake that many men make. Never mix cool and warm colors – so don’t wear blue with brown or brown with green. Know your colors: blue, purple, green and purple are cool colors while red, orange, brown and yellow are warm colors. This golden rule should apply to your clothes and accessories. When wearing metallic tones, stick to one color palette – all gold or silver. Never wear gold and silver together.

My tip: Men with dark skin should wear warm colors while those with pale skin should wear cool colors. Black and white, looks good on everyone.

3. Sleep with synthetic fabrics

Hypoallergenic sleepwear made of organic cotton from Ruh- The Soul will ensure you get a good night's sleep

Hypoallergenic sleepwear made of organic cotton from Ruh- The Soul will ensure you get a good night’s sleep

Sleeping naked is good for your skin and body. If that’s not an option, wear a night suit or sleepwear that feels like second skin! It is recommended to use breathable and ventilated fabrics that are lightweight, soft and very comfortable. Apart from the metabolic effects of sleeping in the buff, removing your clothes improves blood circulation, which is good for your heart and muscles. The quality of sleep you enjoy also increases the release of growth hormone and melatonin, both of which have anti-aging benefits.

My choice: Organic cotton sleepwear range from Ruh – The Soul. The color palette is limited, but the materials and cuts are very comfortable.

4. Wear clothes that don’t fit properly

You can buy the most expensive suits, wear the best brands but spoil it all by choosing sizes and sizes that don’t fit your body. Oversized clothes became popular in the 1980s and it’s been almost 40 years since then. Likewise, trying to fit into clothes that are too tight or clothes that you are wearing too thick, doesn’t work. To look good, you need to feel good and that only happens when the clothes fit you and look like they are made to fit you.

My tip: Make sure the shoulders don’t droop, the handcuffs don’t fall on the palms of the hands and the bottom ends just under the ankles and over the edges of the shoes.

5. Buy fake leather

Handmade leather boots by Escaro Royale are versatile and popular

Handmade leather boots by Escaro Royale are versatile and popular

There are too many faux and faux leather brands and products out there, especially on some popular e-commerce platforms. If quality and durability are important, I suggest you invest in the real thing. Footwear and ankle-length boots will be popular this year, especially when paired with skinny jeans or sexy leather pants in your wardrobe. Choose between styles that come with or without straps and pay attention to interesting elements like buckles and outer layers – both trendy and fashionable this year.

My choice: Attractive ankle length, handcrafted, custom made boots from Escaro Royale. Take a look at them for the other design and color variants they offer.

6. Put on thick coarse thermals

The Heattech range from Uniqlo is ideal for this winter

The Heattech range from Uniqlo is ideal for this winter

For those who live in a place where thermal is very important in winter, you should avoid fabrics that are thick or rough and make you feel uncomfortable. My advice is to wear only a soft, hypo-allergenic cloth so you don’t itch or have unwanted breakouts. In any case, avoid clothes that make you appear wrapped or stuffed under a fitted shirt or trousers or track. I suggest you go with a seamless style – meaning no one knows if you have anything underneath.

My choice: The Heattech range from Uniqlo, which is super soft, almost smooth and very warm. The collection uses four different threads that optimize comfort by absorbing body moisture and converting it to heat trapped in the fiber air pockets.

7. Making mistakes during online interactions

Make sure you don’t make a fashion mistake at the zoom meeting. You must be well dressed and for the occasion. There’s nothing worse than having a business meeting (from home), showing off your best (or worst) casual wear. Therefore, don’t look too overdressed. Looking smart is one thing while looking overdressed and overly dressed is another. Pay special attention to the top – your shirt, tie or jacket. Make sure the knot is secure, the shirt buttons are closed and the jacket looks neat and tangle-free.

My tip: Contrast the colors of your clothes against the backdrop. It will grab your attention and your face, especially on Multi-screen Zoom calls.

8. Use cables

The Bluetooth earbuds from Hammer have a secure grip and drop-free design

The Bluetooth earbuds from Hammer have a secure grip and drop-free design

It’s 2021 now, and there’s no more reason to wear wired headsets. There are many wireless ear pods available to choose from. Make sure your ear pods have a secure grip and free-fall design, which makes them perfect for intense workouts, runs or even cycling trips around town. Go for a slim design but make sure the pods feel comfortable.

My choice: The Bluetooth earbuds from Hammer, which are equipped with a durable rechargeable battery that have a longer play time and standby time. Affordable and gives more than your money’s worth.

9. Stale smell

The fresh orange kistna eau de toilette from The Body Shop smells fresh and is suitable for use during the day

The fresh orange kistna eau de toilette from The Body Shop smells fresh and is suitable for use during the day

Make sure you follow a routine of good personal hygiene – one that makes you feel and smell good throughout the day. Choose an alcohol-free deodorant stick (or roll) and a deodorant spray to control sweat and body odor. Take them wherever you can. Finish with a fresh, long-lasting fragrance. Look for a small bottle that can fit into your men’s bag, even when you’re on a flight or traveling.

My choice: Eau de toilette for men made in France by The Body Shop, which combines fresh orange and lemon top notes and cedarwood and vanilla base notes. It smells fresh and is suitable for use during the day.

10. Don’t shave

I want to emphasize the importance of shaving in 2021 and every year thereafter. Masked or unmasked, there’s no reason (or excuse) for you to look untidy or unkempt. Facial hair (read mustache and beard, including beard) has a glorious moment and as we move back and forth to look clean shaven and groomed.

My tip: Always shave after showering – if the skin and hair above it are soft and hydrated.

The author is a consultant and trainer of drawing, style and care

From HT Brunch, January 3, 2021

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Sonam Kapoor Ahuja goes to pick flowers in winter clothes in a Prada sweater, Fendi boots and Bhaane jacket – fashions and trends | Instant News

After making heads turn with her clever layering play in all ensembles of Bhaane, Bollywood fashionista Sonam Kapoor Ahuja raise the standard of casual mode in comfort and luxury as she steps out in London wearing clothes from Prada, Fendi and Emilia Wickstead all-in-one display. Putting her clothes legs forward, Zoya factor The star was seen picking flowers from “her favorite flower shop on the hill of Notting” in a fashion this winter.

Taking to his Instagram handle, Sonam shared tons of photos featuring him on a sizzling avatar. The diva was wearing a pink sweater with a round neck pattern from Prada, tucked inside a silver knee-length skirt by Emilia Wickstead.

Sonam cut a stylish figure in a classic utility jacket by her husband, urban wear brand Anand Ahuja ‘Bhaane’ and matched the look with a golf cap. The gorgeous styling is complemented by a pair of red leather boots from Fendi and Sonam, complementing the look with a sky blue handbag.

Leaving her beautiful hair on her back, Sonam is seen posing with a bunch of roses. Wearing a hint of nude pink lipstick, Sonam complements the glam smarts with minimal makeup and mascara-laden lashes.

The photos are entitled, “Beautiful flowers + prettier clothes = a happy Sonam. Twirl at Bhaane. All day. Every day. #AllBhaaneAllDay #BhaaneTurnsEight #HappyBirthdayBhaane (sic). “

Sonam has always proven to be the epitome of modern femininity by choosing fashion ensembles with modern silhouettes and the use of strong colors. The simple combination of traditional and contemporary styles, his unique style and his ability to really pull off any outfit not only fascinates international designers but also makes him dominate the fashion world since he stepped into the industry.

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Pillow Shoes – The Latest Trend to Win a Fashion Set | Instant News

Browse through the spring collections, There is no denying the entry of the comfortable shoe trend from the designer. Turning away from the usually dominant runway heel, we find styles like comfortable thongs, clogs and a variety of home shoes including everything from shabby logo sandals to colorful platforms to woven leather slides. In their S / S 21 collection, Louis Vuitton offers another look to comfortable shoes with their “cushion shoe” – a sock-like boot made of layered nylon and topped off with the brand’s iconic monogram logo. Just launched this week, we’ve seen it everywhere.

Fashion sets are quick to embrace high style in comfortable shoes. Pair it with all of sweatpants As for leggings, there is nothing better suited for 2020 than these comfortable shoes. As part of a larger movement towards comfortable shoes, we expect to see more versions popping up for spring. Looking ahead, see how people in fashion are already wearing the pillow shoe trend that is going to go viral.


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Meet Sandy Pierre | Days In The Fashion Insider’s Life | Instant News

Conquering to-do lists takes a little extra motivation in 2020. Many of us have found ways to rise above our daily lives, but thriving under the pressure of new norms is only part of Sandy Pierre’s job. A marketer for HePublisher, Hearst, Sandy carries on a demanding schedule while still finding time to be an active leader in its community.

Pierre is also a co-founder Hearst Black Culture, aiming to lift Black’s voice from within the Hearst brand portfolio and beyond. He launched the coalition in 2019 as a way to address the lack of diversity he saw in his own team. “I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to be creative [Hearst Black Culture]: a space for Black employees where they feel safe, where we can amplify Black’s voice, and help HR recruit more talent. ” Naturally, leading a simultaneous role in one organization – and its activities on the frenzy side, Secure My Brand—That means one day in Pierre’s life (especially in 2020) needs a lot of encouragement.

Ordering a busy agenda – day after day – can be overwhelming, but Pierre is a master at doing it in an easy manner. So, we’re working with SOREL to take a closer look at what keeps this creative creative in its A-game.

Dia / Olaide Ojekunle


I get out of bed between 7:30 and 8 AM and set the tone for a productive day by making the bed. After the usual breakfast of toast and avocado tea, I changed into my new WFH uniform: excessive sweating. It’s convenient and I can wear it to run errands. Finish clothes with a pair SOREL Lennox Hiking Boots adding some style to my everyday look. Plus, wearing real shoes makes me feel like I’m working in an office space.

After getting dressed, it’s time to make something happen. I start the work day by combing email and checking in with my team. No day is quite the same. On the marketing side, I usually do sweepstakes and make proposals for advertising campaigns. Video calling is routine, which is why I always make sure my style is versatile. Being comfortable really puts my mind at ease, and I don’t have to worry about getting too rigid – I can just be myself, being creative and focused on giving great ideas.


After a busy morning, I usually go out to recharge mentally. I stopped by to check on a friend and take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood. Whenever I couldn’t leave the house, I would try to take virtual practice classes to keep my energy high. After a brief lunch, it returned to the computer screen. Recently, I have been meeting face to face on the West Coast a lot. I pitched a PR agency to see how we could get talent for the next Karantini – a series of virtual Hearst Black Culture employee events launched during the pandemic.

What started as a corporate happy hour quickly evolved into a film screening with special guests, including famous actors and stylists. We just had an awards show where we partnered with a liquor brand, and they sent us cocktail kits to make the evening’s signature drink. One of the biggest goals we achieved was raising money for the Black Lives Matter movement during the protests following the George Floyd murder. We got Hearst to match it, and in total, we raised about $ 223,600 to funnel into various organizations.


Dia / Olaide Ojekunle


Under normal circumstances, I prefer to be out and about at the end of my day. Especially after a day of emailing and meetings, hanging out with friends can be a breath of fresh air. I try not to let my work life deplete me, and staying connected to my community both inside and outside of work is important. Now that there are outdoor eating places, it’s a little easier to meet friends at a local bar.

For an evening out, I opt for a polished, put-on look. I’ve been obsessed with slip dresses lately, and I love that they pair perfectly with my favorite fall boots—the SOREL Lennox Hiker. My appearance after work is about feeling relaxed, so I can really focus on my time with other people. I am an extrovert and being around people adds to my energy. After all, tomorrow is another day, and I’m going to need that energy to make big things happen.

Styled by Kia Goosby. VIEW 1: SOREL boots, sorel.com; Cardigan, vince.com; Tank top, cottoncitizen.com; Sports pants, donni.com; Socks, brothervellies.com; Necklace, analuisa.com. SEE 2: SOREL boots, sorel.com; Rain coat, apparis.com; Dress, silklaundry.com; Turtleneck, stories.com; Bag, blamelilac.com; Necklace, zoechicco.com; Ring, omathelabel.com; Earrings, mayabrenner.com.

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