270 Pakistanis in quarantine on the border between Pakistan and Iran

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270 people from Iran were transferred to the Quarantine Center, located in the House of Pakistan for two weeks in Tufts.

According to PDMA officials, Pakistanis who come from Iran will stay in the Pakistan House built for pilgrims in Tiffan, which was given a quarantine center, while the Basic Health Unit of Tiffan became the isolation room. Suspicious patients will be kept in the isolation room.

Authorities say a large number of Iranian drivers in Tufan are waiting to return to Iran, who have not yet been allowed to return to Iran. These drivers were coming to Pakistan with LPG gas and freight containers and trucks from Iran. According to sources, several Pakistanis have been trapped at the border due to the closure of the border in Mirzawa, on the Iranian border adjacent to Tufan.

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Shakir Baloch, Baluchistan Health Services DG, says a team of doctors from the Islamabad National Health Institute arrived in Quetta by helicopter. These doctors will train the rest of the doctors and the Tufts medical team to treat the Corona virus.

He said the federal government, WHO and UNICEF were requested to provide thermal guns, masks, gloves and laboratory kits.

It should be noted that the border between Pakistan and Iran has been closed to prevent the Corona virus.

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The border between Iran and Pakistan closed for the second day due to the threat of the corona virus

The border between Pakistan and Iran is closed for the second day in Balochistan due to the threat of the Corona virus, the test is in progress. Prime Minister Baluchistan says that the Karuna virus is a challenge that both the government and the people have to fight together.

Balochistan’s actions are underway in view of the possible threat to the Corona virus. Transit between Pakistan and Iran has been suspended in five places, including Tufan and Gwadar.

PDMA has established a 100-bed medical camp in the border area, while visitors are being inspected at Pakistan House.

Prime Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal has said that all possible measures are being taken to prevent the Karuna virus. According to the provincial government, the process of detecting all transitory points, including airports, will continue.

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Iran threatens to move coronavirus to Pakistan, sale of the Tuftean border – ARYNews.tv

Chaghi: Pakistan was alerted after confirming the virus in Corona and Coronavirus Virus, and the Tufan border was closed while the transit door, the transit and the passport door were also closed.

According to the details, the investigation has been closed for fear that the killer virus will be transmitted by Iran to Pakistan, while a strict examination of pilgrims returning from Iran is underway.

Bidirectional commercial activities have been suspended and Pakistan has stopped heavy traffic.

The Baluchistan government spokesman informed the ARY News program in Sweera informed that the border between Pakistan and Iran has been closed, no one is allowed entry.

Liaquat Shahwani said that Pakistanis in Iran will have to obtain certificates, citizens from Iran will be observed for 14 days. The chief minister himself, Jamal Kamal, is monitoring the situation.

Chief Secretary Balochistan has banned citizens from going to Iran and said visitors will not be granted permits.

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The Chagai administration has deployed 10-member staff at the point of entry. The Corona Isolation Neighborhood has also been established at the District Headquarters Hospital, while the PDM has reached 10,000 months.

Chief Secretary Balochistan made it clear that no one can visit Iran until the situation improves and expressed his hope that the situation regarding the Karuna virus is not alarming, the province and the country are safe, but measures must be taken security.

The provincial government has ordered interested authorities to install those who enter Iran from Pakistan for two weeks in a detention camp and carry out periodic checks so that the dangerous virus is not transmitted to Pakistan.

The Assistant Special Health Officer, Dr. Zafar Mirza, said yesterday that the International Health Regulations are being implemented at the points of entry, but no case of coronavirus has been reported in Pakistan.

The Deputy Special Minister said that the Main Minister of Balochistan himself is monitoring the Karuna virus prevention measures.

Earlier, Liaquat Shahwani said that around 5,000 Pakistani pilgrims present in Iran, Pakistani pilgrims in Iran will return in March, talk to Iran and keep visitors there now, no one will go to Iran until the Karuna virus is overcome. Will

The number of coronavirus deaths in Iran is believed to have increased to 8, while the number of people affected has reached 43.

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‘The border between Pakistan and Iran stops traffic’ – Daily Jang-Latest News-Pakistan

'The border between Pakistan and Iran stops traffic'

The Provincial Directorate of Disaster Management, DG Imran Zircon, said that after the outbreak of the Corona virus in Iran and deaths from all traffic on the border between Pakistan and Iran near Taftan stopped.

Speaking to the media, Imran Zircon said that after a full inspection on the border between Pakistan and Iran, transportation will be possible.

He added that hundreds of people come daily from the Tuftean border, those who come from Iran will be observed.

DGPDMA Imran Zircon also reported that a 100-bed mobile health unit has been delivered to Tifton.

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It should be noted that the death toll from the Corona virus in the neighboring country of Iran has increased to 6 since the death of another person in Iran, as of now 28 cases of Corona virus have been confirmed. ۔

Today, schools, universities and cultural centers have been closed in the 14 provinces of Iran, including Tehran and Qom, to prevent the Corona virus.

Due to the worsening situation, the head of QM Medical and Science University said in a message entitled ‘QAM Help’ that we are on the front line. We need help.

The World Health Organization also described the situation in Iran as “very worrying.”

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Pakistan, on the other hand, has established a security table by imposing emergencies in border districts in the outbreak of the Corona virus in Iran.

A team of 6 members of the Provincial Department of Health arrived in Quetta to provide the necessary training to local staff.

Iran receives about 300 to 700 people per day from Iran, FIA officials said.

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Corona virus; Pakistan-Iran border suspends traffic

All agencies have been alerted that no one will be allowed to enter and leave Iran, the spokesman for the Balochistan Government. Photo: archive

All agencies have been alerted that no one will be allowed to enter and leave Iran, the spokesman for the Balochistan Government. Photo: archive

Quetta: It has been decided to suspend traffic on the border between Pakistan and Iran to protect against the Corona virus.

According to Express News, the provincial government has decided to suspend traffic on the border between Pakistan and Iran to protect the Corona virus.

Baluchistan government spokesman Liaquat Shahwani told reporters that 45 doctors, 10 thousand masks, 72 thermal guns and 100 tents were sent at 5 crossing points. All institutions have been alerted that no one can enter and leave Iran. A publication has also been sent to the Federal Government.

On the other hand, Chief Secretary Balochistan Fazil Asghar says that the spread of the Corona virus in neighboring Iran is a disturbing process, while at the provincial level, all security measures have been taken to prevent the deadly virus and those coming from Pakistan to Iran. Projection of people.

He said that no one will be allowed to go to Iran when a medical emergency has been imposed in border areas, medical equipment has been contacted at all border points, food and food were provided to visitors at the Tufan border. The supply of medicines must also be guaranteed.


The greyhound will no longer allow border patrols to conduct unjustified searches on its buses

Greyhound will offer his drivers and employees updated training in response to the policy change, he said in a statement on Friday, and will put stickers on his buses to clarify his position.

The company will also notify the Department of Homeland Security in a letter that “we do not consent to unsecured research on our buses and in terminal areas that are not open to the public,” the statement said.

“Our main concern is the safety of our customers and team members,” he added, “and we are confident that these changes will lead to a better experience for all parties involved.”

The greyhound had faced the pressure of criticism, including the American Civil Liberties Union, who wanted the company to stop authorizing federal agents on its buses, claiming that the agency had a history of subjecting passengers to racial profiling in unwarranted interrogation.
Greyhound had he publicly asked for the end of the practice in 2018, stating it “had a negative impact on both our customers and our operations”. But he admitted that the searches were legal.
Friday’s announcement has arrived a week after the associated press of the Associated Press an internal note on customs and border protection that border patrol agents must have the company’s consent to conduct searches.

The memo reported by the Associated Press was a reiteration of the policy, a CBP official told CNN, to remind the workforce of the protocols that require agents to ask for consent before boarding a bus when they don’t have a warrant. .

The American border is bigger than you think

Border patrol agents have been trained at the Academy on protocols to seek consent for years. This memo was a reminder of the existing policy, the official said.

In a statement to CNN, a CBP spokesman said, “While CBP does not comment on materials believed to have leaked internal memos, management regularly releases information to strengthen existing protocols.”

Border patrol agents have been engaged in law enforcement operations in transportation centers for decades, the spokesman said.

“Law enforcement operations outside immediate borders are carried out in accordance with the law and in direct support of immediate border enforcement efforts,” said the spokesman, “and these operations function as a means of preventing smuggling and other criminal organizations. by exploiting existing transportation hubs to travel further across the United States. “

Greyhound said he welcomed “the clarity that this protocol change entails, as it aligns with our previously stated position, that is, that we do not agree to unwarranted research.”


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