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Coronavirus vaccine for UK NHS staff may be available before Christmas: Report | Instant News

The National Health Service (NHS) could launch a potential COVID-19 vaccination program for its staff in the next few weeks as the UK government is reportedly preparing a national vaccination program before the end of this year. According to The Daily Mail, the head of the NHS Trust sent an email to his staff revealing that health services had been asked to plan a national vaccination program before Christmas and that frontline medical workers were expected to be prioritized.

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An internal memo sent by Glen Burley, chief executive of the George Eliot NHS Trust Hospital in Warwickshire, states that the vaccine is expected to be given in two doses, with a gap of 28 days. According to the report, Diane Wake, chief executive of the Dudley Group NHS Trust has also informed her staff that a potential COVID-19 vaccine in the UK is expected to be available sometime in December.

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Laws to go through the EU approval process

As per the report, the British government has introduced new laws that will allow the country to go through the EU approval process to initiate an initial vaccination program if safe drugs are available before the end of this year before the post-Brexit transition ends. A government source told the newspaper that if a safe and effective vaccine was available before December 31, the law would help them spread the program without needing approval from Brussels.

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The UK’s COVID-19 cases have increased since the start of last month. The country recorded more than 23,000 cases on October 24, reporting one of the highest daily figures in all of Europe. According to Johns Hopkins University, the UK has registered more than 8.54,000 confirmed cases to date with 44,745 deaths.

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British pub banned Rishi Sunak for life after he refused free school meals, World News | Instant News

A pub in Britain has banned British Chancellor Rishi Sunak for life in retaliation for voting against free school meals for children in the country.

The Mill pub and restaurant Il Mulino linked in Stokesley in North Yorkshire used the social media platform Facebook to express their sadness and anger at Sunak’s decision.

“The government chooses not to provide free school meals. This is disgusting! What’s worse MP Matt Vickers Simon Clarke MP & Jacob Young – MP for Redcar & Cleveland Rishi Sunak all voted against the scheme. DISGUSTING !,” wrote the post.


He further announced the ban on the four politicians, saying, “All four are now banned from The Mill & Il Mulino for life. I don’t want their business.”

The remarks came after Rishi Sunak opted not to extend the government’s temporary free meals to school children as part of a campaign led by British team footballer Marcus Rashford – a decision that was heavily criticized across the country.

“Shame on our government, this is very wrong !,” wrote the post.

Mill’s Facebook post has been shared over 11,000 times (and counting) with over 530 comments supporting the team’s decision.

To add to the movement, the owner also announced that he will deliver at least 100 hot, freshly cooked meals to three food banks to help local residents amid the pandemic.

“Next Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday I will send 100 freshly cooked healthy meals to 3 separate food banks in the Middlesbrough area,” the post wrote.

He also criticized the government for mishandling the COVID-19 pandemic which has claimed thousands of lives in the country, pushing Britain into a second lockdown.

“I never knew that a government was always wrong at the end of every argument. Forget about the bad handling of Covid and concentrate on what happened yesterday,” he said.

He also attached a copy of The Mill’s subsidized menu from the House of Commons which reads, “You know who subsidizes that? YOU!”


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Britain will return 5,000 ancient artifacts to Iraq | Instant News

23 Oct 2020

The British government will return nearly 5,000 stolen artifacts to Iraq, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s office said on Friday.

Kadhimi, who was appointed prime minister in May, arrived in Britain earlier this week for an official state visit. During a tour at the British Museum in London, the Iraqi leader was informed of Britain’s promise to return the clay tablets and other artifacts to Iran. The goods are expected to be shipped next year, in what Kadhimi’s office says is Iraq’s largest looted artifact return.

Included in repatriation are a The Sumerian legacy is 4,000 years old Found by museum experts for sale by an online auctioneer in May 2019. The limestone statue is believed to have been taken from a temple in Iraq that was heavily looted during the Gulf War and again in 2003.

Thousands of antiques were looted from Iraqi museums amid the chaos of the American invasion, with as many as 15,000 people missing when the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad was searched in 2003.

Iraq has begun to recover some of its lost treasure. In July 2019, the British Museum helped return more than 150 stolen artifacts to Iraq and Afghanistan, including ancient Mesopotamian texts written in cuneiform script.

The stolen Iraqi artifacts have also reached the United States. In 2018, arts and crafts network Hobby Lobby paid a $ 3 million fine and agreed to return some 3,800 contraband artifacts to Iraq. The Museum of the Bible in Washington, founded by Hobby Lobby President Steve Green, announced in July that it would return thousands of other potentially illegally acquired artifacts and would improve its policy of acquiring the treasure.

On his way to London, Kadhimi, who also has British citizenship, met Prince Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Prior to his visit to England, he met German and French leaders.


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Corona virus pandemic: Germany warns against traveling to ski areas in Austria, Switzerland, Italy – travel | Instant News

Germany has issued travel warnings for popular ski areas in Austria, Italy and Switzerland, struggling to contain the spread of the virus corona virus as the rate of new infections rose above 10,000 a day for the first time. While the infection rates in Germany are lower than in much of Europe, they are steadily increasing, with a daily increase of 11,287 cases bringing the total to 392,049. The German death toll stood at 9,905. “The situation has become very serious overall,” Lothar Wieler, head of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases, said.

“We still have a chance to slow the spread of the pandemic,” he said. But he said people should stick to the rules and that Germany must prepare for an uncontrolled spread of the virus. On Wednesday, German Health Minister Jens Spahn became the latest leading politician to test positive for the virus. His spokesman said he had cold symptoms but had no fever. Government sources said he was fit for work. Berlin issued new travel warnings for Switzerland, Ireland, Poland, much of Austria and parts of Italy including the popular South Tyrol ski area.

The UK, with the exception of the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and overseas territories, is also seen as a high risk region. Under the warning, which takes effect from Saturday, travelers returning to Germany must be quarantined for 10 days. Quarantine can be lifted early, if tests carried out after five days turn out to be negative. The surge in Germany also prompted the Danish government to warn its citizens against traveling to and from Germany, except for the border state of Schleswig Holstein.

Germany’s move could have a significant impact on ski seasons in the Alpine countries. Especially Austria, which reported a record 2,435 new daily infections on Thursday, is a popular destination for Germans. Swiss Tourism spokesman Markus Berger said the news from Germany was definitely not good. The industry hopes that the situation will improve in the next month or two. “We assume that winter can continue,” he said. However, there is positive news for Spain’s Canary Islands as the RKI removed them from its risk list, raising hopes for German tourists over Christmas and New Year.

(This story has been published from a wire agency feed with no modifications to the text. Only the title has been changed.)

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Britain’s House of Lords rejects the Brexit bill; big blow to Boris Johnson’s government, World News | Instant News

The upper house of the UK parliament on Tuesday rejected an Internal Market bill that “broke the law” and inflicted a symbolic defeat on the government of the Brexit law.

It happened after Britain changed the provisions in the bill after which it became a point of dispute with the European Union and thus, exacerbated relations between the two.

The government’s internal market bill is designed to regulate trade among the country’s four constituent nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, after Brexit.

But it unilaterally rewrote the divorce agreement Britain made with the European Union last year, prompting legal action from the 27-nation bloc.

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The bill has passed the stronger House of Commons but in the House of Lords, colleagues including the Anglican archbishop voted by a 226 majority to express their “regret” over provisions that violated the agreement.

While the vote didn’t change the language of the bill, it did set the stage for detailed scrutiny by the rulers in the coming weeks. Many wanted to remove those elements, sparking a legislative dispute with the Commons before the bill became law.

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Michael Howard, a former ruling Conservative leader and leading Brexiteer, was among his fellow dissidents who voted against Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government.

“I want Britain to be an independent and sovereign country,” Howard said during the debate.

“But I want it to be an independent sovereign state that upholds the world, that keeps its promises, that upholds the rule of law, that respects its treaty obligations.”

‘Safe internet’

While Boris Johnson believes the previous provisions in the bill are a “safety net” against what he claims are the EU threat to impose tariffs on UK internal trade and even stop shipments of food from mainland Britain to Northern Ireland, the proposed legislation has established upset the Europeans who have launched a legal case against the country.

‘Bad call’

The government believes the law is necessary to prevent a split in the UK’s internal market once it is freed from EU rule in 2021, particularly in regards to Northern Ireland.

But the region, which has a troubled history, is meant to enjoy special post-Brexit status after consulting Brussels because it borders Ireland, a member of the EU, and the bloc has initiated legal action on the bill.

Tuesday’s vote comes with Britain and the European Union also stuck in a deadlock over protracted talks about their future trade relationship starting next year, and threats of a “no-deal” split are looming.

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier again urged Britain to use the little time left to reach a trade deal, but London still refuses to restart talks until Brussels promises to make concessions.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson telephoned some 250 business leaders to urge them to prepare adequately for the end of the transition period on December 31.

“It is imperative that everyone on this call takes seriously the need to be prepared, because no matter what happens … change will happen,” he told them, according to his office.

Johnson reportedly told leaders that the coronavirus crisis has created “too much apathy in business” to get ready for life outside the EU in what one of the attendees described as a lecture.


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