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Sekiro gets the boss hastily in the October free update, new clothing and messaging system | Instant News

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Screenshots: From Software/Activision

From software Excellent ninja adventure Sekiro: Shadows die twice Will get a free update on October 29 to coincide with the launch of the game on Stadia by publisher Activision Announced this morning.

This update will be ax (The modifier has already done this Last July), as well as brand new clothing for shinobi and indirect messaging system of the same name. These “leftovers” (as the news says) are short game fragments that will enrich the world of other players. But different from the brothers and sisters in “from software” Dark soul Either Blood source, Where the spectrum record shows how other players died, and you can record the remnants at will, so that players can show cool technology or bring gay ninjas into hidden secrets.

Boss rush is divided into two modes: “Power Reflection”, which allows the player to return to the boss fight and play again; and “Power Gauntlet”, a single challenge, which requires the player to continuously defeat multiple enemies like a typical boss impulse. Success will bring players two of the three new costumes, and the third can be unlocked by simply defeating the game.

It’s crazy to see this ax, Has not received any DLC since Launched in March 2019, Has always received such a big update. After that I have been thinking about returning to the game and its fierce battle system finishing Ghost on the horse, So this may just be the driving force I need to rejoin in the end. This update will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Stadia.


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