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Chow Line: Fridge setting can reduce food waste | | Instant News

Q: I buy fresh fruits and vegetables every time I go to the grocery store, but it seems like a lot of produce ends up in the trash, because I didn’t have time to eat them or forgot they were in the fridge. Do you have any tips on how I can avoid this?

A: You are not alone. Americans nationwide throw away about 80 billion pounds of food in a typical year, researchers have found.

For example, about 30% of the food produced in the United States is wasted each year, and most of it occurs at the consumer level. Food waste accounts for 15% of all solid waste in the United States and contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions.

And a new report released in March by the United Nations Environment Program found that of all food wasted in homes, restaurants and shops, 17% was thrown away. The UNEP 2021 Food Waste Index report also found that 8% –10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are related to food that is not consumed.

In addition, the report found that households waste 11% of their food at the consumption stage of the supply chain, while food service and retail outlets waste 5% and 2%, respectively.

But there are ways to reduce that food waste, says Alisha Barton, a family and consumer science educator at Ohio State University Extension. One way is to re-evaluate how you store food in your refrigerator. Doing so helps not only the environment but your wallet as well, he said.

“In the United States, the average person throws away 238 pounds of food per year or about 21% of the food they buy,” wrote Barton in Figuring Out Your Fridge, a blog posted on Live Healthy Live Well.

Site, which can be found on livehealthyosu.com, is a free resource offering science-based consumer insights and information. It is written by OSU Extension educators and specialists in family and consumer science concerned with health and wellness. The OSU Extension is an extension of the Ohio State University School of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CFAES).

“This wasted food costs consumers an average of about $ 1,800 per year,” he said. “Fresh fruit and vegetables are the biggest contributors to this loss.”

Here are some tips that Barton suggests to help you optimize your fridge and fresh food storage:

Take time each week to clean and record your fridge and freezer. This task can be completed in 30 minutes. Take time to dispose of expired food and food scraps while wiping up spills and cleaning surfaces. When food is returned to the refrigerator, note what needs to be used and plan accordingly.

Use this cleaning time to check the temperature of your fridge and freezer. Your refrigerator must be at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The freezer temperature should be set at 0 degrees. Checking this temperature regularly can help ensure your food stays fresh for longer.

Use a glass jar. Consider using recycled glass or glass jars for food storage. It’s great for keeping food fresh and it’s easy to see what’s inside. The glass jars are easy to clean and their airtight seals keep food fresh. To reuse a jar, simply wash the jar and remove the label.

Throw in the towels. Wrapping fresh broccoli or cauliflower in a slightly damp towel will keep it fresh. Storing spinach or lettuce in a glass container with a dry towel on top will help keep it fresh and fresh.

Don’t over shop. You may be excited about a good deal, but if you don’t have plans to use up a large number of items to sell, those good deals can be a waste of food. Try to remember how many items you will use, and avoid buying more than you need.

Cleaning and keeping track of what’s in your fridge will help avoid over-buying, he says.

“You know your fridge and your habits more than anyone else,” wrote Barton. “Consider your habits and the foods you enjoy when you find a system that works for you.”

Chow Line is a service of the Ohio State University College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and its outreach and research agencies, Ohio State University Extension and the Ohio Center for Agricultural Research and Development. Send an inquiry to Chow Line author Tracy Turner, 364 W. Lane Ave., Suite B120, Columbus, OH 43201, or [email protected].


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ANF ​​destroyed seized drugs, liquor bottles in Karachi – Crime | Instant News

Published in 16 February 2021 16:36

ANF ​​destroyed confiscated medicine, liquor bottles in Karachi

KARACHI (Dunya News) – The Anti-Narcotics Unit (ANF) in a drug burning event held in Karachi burned confiscated drugs and destroyed bottles of foreign branded drinks.

ANF ​​Directorate General Major General Muhammad Arif Malik was the main guest at the event which was held at the Rangers Shooting Range on the Karachi Super Highway.

In 2020, the Anti-Narcotics Force seized $ 1.65 million worth of drugs. ANF ​​confiscated 1452 bottles of foreign branded liquor. Medicine was burned while foreign liquor was destroyed.

ANF ​​Directorate General Maj. Gen. Muhammad Arif Malik said the ANF had 3,800 personnel. In the last two or three years, ANF has seized most of the drugs in the world.

He said that it was impossible to control drugs without community help. Drugs have reached the elite, even in universities adding that drug money is used in every crime, including terrorism.


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Italian Beauty Mozzafiato Platform Debut Online | Instant News

Introduce Enchanting, a new retail platform that showcases collections of iconic Italian beauty brands in one place.

Launching an e-commerce platform on November 2, 2020, Mozzafiato’s mission is to rediscover the American beauty experience through Italian culture and spirit, with products ranging from ancient fragrances to clinical innovations in an immersive shopping experience.

The website experience offers a personal guide into the expertise, legacy and generational knowledge of each Italian company and their family. In addition, visitors to the site will be taken to the geographical location of each brand region, visually enjoy and discover the diverse Italian cities and landscapes.

Amy Parsons, CEO of Mozzafiato commented, “This is a moment in Italy to captivate the North American market with its culture of unmatched beauty. In the same way that Italian culture and lifestyle has created a timeless love for its design, fashion, food, wine and cars, the world is ready to open its love of Italian beauty. American consumers have proven their interest in exploring various beauty brands in one location. Mozzafiato turns that concept into a beautiful and emotional experience with this truly authentic and unique collection of Italian products. “

The Mozzafiato collection includes seventeen brands to start with, representing regional diversity across Italy, with product lines covering skincare, fragrances, bath and body, men’s lines, and home.

The Italian beauty brands represented include Acca Kappa, Acqua Dell’Elba, Acqua Di Bolgheri, B&C Natura, Borghese, Carthusia, Farmacia 1561, Marvis, Ortigia Sicilia, Parco 1923, Perlier, Proraso, Rudy Profumi, Skin & Co Roma, Storie Veneziane , Tuttotondo, and Lorenzo Villoresi.

In the future, Mozzafiato also plans to open a series of immersive retail stores in more than 20 major markets in the US and Canada. The same level of care, education and Italian authenticity will form the basis for the physical shop Mozzafiato.


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Sheikh Rashid claims Imran Khan will hold back the inflation genie in two months – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in October 19, 2020 20:05

Sheikh Rashid claims Imran Khan will hold back the inflation genie in two months

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Federal Minister of Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has claimed that Imran Khan will hold back the inflation genie in the next two months.

In detail, he said that the opposition could not be left completely free. The government will also do something after the PDM Quetta meeting. Laws should be enforced on desecrating the tomb of Pakistan’s founder.

Responding to the functioning of the Awami-Azad Kashmir Muslim League, the Federal Minister for Railways said that international pressure was increasing on the country and disturbances were also being created in the country.

He said that the real agenda of the opposition is that we may not win the Senate elections but Imran Khan will also have a majority in the upper house in March.

Sheikh Rashid said that every member of the government wants to stop inflation. Imran Khan’s treasure is in trouble. The country was plundered with such brutality that inflation did not stop for two years.

The Minister of Railways said that the opposition held rallies and if the government could be sent packing with demonstrations, then at any time someone could rally against democracy.

The Federal Minister of Railways said that the tyrants did not even spare the holy site of Pakistan’s founder. Laws had to be enacted to desecrate Quaid’s tomb.


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Step directly towards this in the middle of the home game | lifestyle | Instant News

Bright lights and the sound of carnival music are gone, but you can still step into the midst of fun at home. Rig the game the way you want and treat your family to some backyard games. Choose your own gift to give, such as a pile of stuffed animals that you never donated to Goodwill, or play for housework.

Settings for dropping coins. Different sizes and shapes of glasses are ideal for more challenging games. Mark the specifics for the prize winner or see who gets the most hits.

The coin falls

My personal favorite carnival game is coin drop. With your nickels in hand and various glasses, vases, jars and anything not filled with water, take your shot and flip a coin into the jar.

Prizes are awarded on a scale of how many jars where the coins enter. The more jars, the bigger the prize.

Or choose some random glasses that are the only ones that will pay for additional frustration and difficulties.

This is best played on a large table outside with various levels to add to the difficulty.

Ring Toss

This classic game is probably the easiest to get from this list. All you need is a few bottles of different sizes and rings that can fit around the neck (or not).

Shower curtain rings can increase the level of difficulty given its size and lighter weight, bangle bracelets that you can use to hoard youth can also be used. Really any ring is at least a little bigger than a bottle.

Put the bottles in a container of milk or soda to keep them grouped or stick tape around it and place it on the table.

Stand at least 6 feet (we all know this distance well now) and start throwing your ring.

There are several ways to “win” the game.

The first, and the classic version directly from the exhibition, is to choose some of the most difficult bottles to throw on the ring to present the biggest prize.

Or try the race element. Two players have 60 seconds to throw the ring into as many bottles as possible. The one who wins the most.

Bean Bag Ladder Toss

Settings for lottery bean bag stairs. The steps marked on the stairs indicate the score. Get the bag through the steps and the player collects points.

Bean Bag Ladder Toss

This is similar to ball-skiing in the way it is played. Take the stairs, whatever their length, and stick a paper with a different score for each rung with the lowest score below.

Each player has four bags of beans that they will throw to the stairs. If their bag passes the stairs with a score on it, they get points.

Exchange trade offs between players and note where each person stands during the game.

The player with the most points wins.

Fired RaceLike a family reunion or your parents’ work picnic, pick up some pillowcases that you don’t care about, or a few burlap sacks if you are lucky enough to have them. Set the starting and ending lines on the grassy stretch of your lawn or garden and ask drivers to take their mark.

One person screams away or blows the whistle, and the racer jumps to the finish line.

With very few settings and mature competition, the sack race is always the winner.

(Secure COVID-19: Only people who live in the same house should be in pillowcases or burlap sacks together.)

Water balloons are thrown

Jeannie Whittle throws a water balloon at an opponent in her backyard.

Stir Water Balloon

For the hot August days to come, this can really cool you down.

With two people standing about 3 feet from each other, take one filled water balloon and start tossing it back and forth with each other.

After each successful throw, each person takes one step further than the other, increasing the distance with each throw.

When a balloon is thrown, it becomes softer and harder to hang which can cause falls, bad throws, or even a very desirable explosion in the next catch, soaking one player with water.

Whoever doesn’t get the balloon appears wins, although I will argue on a hot day, the person who is soaking wet is the real winner.


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