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Fruita, Central girls, Caprock boys get home playoff games | Sports | Instant News

The high school basketball season like no other has reached the state playoffs, with three local teams receiving home games in tonight’s opening round.

The Princess Monument of Fruita, who won their fifth Southwest League title in the last six years, received the No. 15 in Class 5A and host No. 18 Ponderosa (7-5) at 5.30pm.

The Wildcats (10-3) lost just one SWL game, to Central, but dropped the home-and-home series to Delta, the fifth seed in Class 3A. If Fruita wins tonight, the Round of 16 will be a tough one, likely to face second seed Regis Jesuit (11-1), who take on Eaglecrest (7-7) in the first half.

Central (11-3) plays Lewis-Palmer (6-7) at 5pm at home in the Women’s Class 4A tournament, and a win is likely to send the Warriors to The Classical Academy, seed No. 8, except for Berthoud, seeded 25th, can make mistakes.

Palisade (10-4) is the No. 28 and travel to No. 5 Falcon (13-1) at 7pm. The winner will face No. 12 Mead or No. 21 Coronado.

The other game in town tonight is at Caprock Academy, where the No. 10 Eagles (11-3) plays No. 23 Fleming (7-5). Caprock wants to stop the two successive defeats that have ended his regular season. Third seeded De Beque’s boys (13-1) received a first-round bye.

The Class 5A and 4A state tournaments have a 32 bracket, with Class 3A, Class 2A and Class 1A tournaments having fields of 24, with the top eight teams receiving byes to Sweet 16.

Boys Palisade (10-4) seeded No. 17 and played at No. 16 Aurora Central (10-3) at 7pm in the Class 4A tournament. No. 21 Grand Junction (9-5) plays No. 12 Holy Family (9-5) 6pm.

Montrose (14-0) received the No. 3 in Class 4A and host No. 30 Palmer Ridge (6-7) at 6pm.

Coal Ridge (11-3) is the No. 13 in the Men’s Class 3A tournament, hosted Buena Vista (8-3). Aspen (12-1) received the No. 6 and bye on the first lap.

In the Class 3A women’s tournament, Delta (12-2) has a bye to Sweet 16 and can face opponents from the Western Slope League – No. 12 Moffat County (9-3) Host No. 21 Manitou Springs (6-3), with the winner traveling to Delta on Thursday. The Panthers beat Moffat County 58-41 earlier this season.

Grand Valley Women (8-6) are seeded 24th and play No. 9 Pagosa Springs (10-3). Coal Ridge (11-3) is No. 15 and got a first-round home game against Ellicott (9-4).

Five Western Slope teams are in the Class 2A women’s tournament, with No. 2 Cedaredge (13-1) and No. 6 Paonia (12-2) receives byes at Sweet 16. Cedaredge awaits the winner from Plateau Valley No. 18 (6-8), who played in No. 15 Del Norte (9-5).

Olathe (9-5) is the No. 14 and will host tonight against No. 19 Sargent (8-6). Hotchkiss (8-6) is the No. 17 and is at No. 16 Lotus School for Excellence (13-0) in Aurora.

The coronavirus pandemic prompted CHSAA officials to reduce the number of teams reaching the postseason and shorten the playoffs to two weeks.

The last 16 matches in all classifications are Thursday and the Top 8 matches are all Saturday at the home site. The Final Four, also played on this year’s host site, is March 16, with championship matches in all classifications being played on March 19 and 20 at the Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs.


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HIGH SCHOOL BASIC BALLS: Games swept a pair of matches in the Champions Tournament | Instant News

CENTRAL Overcoming slow starts and scoring goals quickly was the theme of the Permian baseball team in Friday’s pair of Champions Tournament matches.

The Panthers started with a 20-6 win against Lubbock High, then ended the day with an 8-6 win against Plainview, with both matches at Ballpark Bank Momentum.

Permian (6-3) began to lead the doubles to a 2-0 loss to Lubbock High after a triple from Adrian Lara brought two runners to give West an early advantage.

The Panthers replied with a pair of runs to tie the game and then proceeded to break it all.

The Permian used the rest of the second and most of the third to take complete control, pushing 15 runs to lead 17-3 into the fourth.

Both teams will add three more points to the scoreboard before the end of the game, giving the Panthers their fifth win of the season.

Permian’s afternoon match with Plainview looked much slower from the start.

The Panthers and Bulldogs didn’t score until Kylar Blankenship scored in the bottom third to give Plainview the lead.

Plainview held a 2-1 lead until the Panthers found another blast to take the lead for good. The Permian scores the top six points of the sixth round.

The Bulldogs answered with three points in the sixth inning and another run in the seventh but never got back to it.

Head coach Tate Criswell said the Permian’s slow start could be attributed to a combination of little things, including playing lots of games in succession on consecutive days.

“Sometimes you start slowly, but I’m happy with how we continued to fight,” said Criswell.

Part of the Panthers’ success came from the dugout, with teammates supporting each other after each game and plate appearance.

“We’ve worked so hard that we want to celebrate every single thing because we’ve invested a lot of sweat into the baseball team and program,” said Criswell. “The best thing you can get after doing something offensively or defensively is a high five and a kind word from your teammates. They want to give them what they want. “

The Panthers finished the day with 21 RBIs, including 16 RBIs against Western in the morning game.

McKay ran Permian with four RBIs that day.

Permian will finish his appearance at the Champions Tournament against Canyon Randall at 10am Saturday morning at Momentum Bank Ballpark in Midland.

Criswell said he believes the tournament provides the Permian with a good way to prepare for the upcoming District 2-6A match.

“We will play three series of matches every week against the same team. “You have to be able to water it and move on to the next game, the next inning, the next throw,” he said. “I love tournament games, you spend a lot of time with the team.

“You can see all kinds of competitions from all over the state and play baseball.”

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PTI is calling for the disqualification of Gilani for the ‘video’ of his son | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: A video appeared on social media on Tuesday depicting Senate candidate Yousuf Raza Gilani’s son, Ali Haider, allegedly speaking to a lawmaker about methods to squander his Senate vote, sparking demands from the ruling PTI to the Pakistan Election Commission ( ECP) to disqualify the former prime minister from running.

According to Geo News, it is unclear who the person Ali Haider is talking to in the video. In a press conference, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Political Communications Shahbaz Gill urged the ECP to pay attention to Yousuf Raza Gilani.

“This corruption video once again proved Imran Khan right when he said this mafia would never allow transparent Senate elections to take place,” he said. PTI’s Fawad Chaudhry also called for Gilani to be disqualified outside the ECP office.

Ali Haider Gilani responded to the allegations in a later press conference, saying that he had met many people while campaigning for his father. “All NA members are our constituents,” he said. “Everything is honorable to us,” he said.

Gilani said he had met with PTI lawmakers to get votes for his father, adding that it was his right. “Not once. I will meet them hundreds of times because it is my right,” he said. “For every election, we have been involved in the search for a ‘voice of conscience.’ We do not believe in vote buying,” he added.

He said he asked for a vote of “love and conscience” from MPA PTI, adding that many members wanted to vote for his father over Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, who is competing with his father for the general seat in Islamabad.

Separately, Elder Gilani himself responded to the video and asked why the ruling PTI “doesn’t trust its own members”. He said if they object to a member’s meeting with his son, the party should control its own members. “Don’t talk about us. It is our right to ask for votes. I have even written a letter to Imran Khan Sahib to vote for us. If he doesn’t vote for us, that’s his business, “he added.

PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who stands with Yousuf Raza Gilani, said the Pakistan Democratic Movement “has won”. “Whatever happens tomorrow will be a bonus.” Talking about the alleged gerrymandering, he said PTI had not even resolved the problems of its own members. “We succeeded in making the government worry about its members,” he said.

About the video, he said: “I want to explain and emphasize that the PPP is fighting for this election for democracy. And we are fighting in these elections with our politics and our contacts. And how it is done (PTI) [give the impression] that there is money being used, attacks the character of the opposition.

“If money is used, the government uses money, the country uses money. Public money is being used. State money is being used. Their assembly members have admitted on television that 500 million rupees have been pledged for each MNA. Imran Khan uses state money to bribe his own members.

“And our efforts are focused on convincing people to vote with their conscience. And thank God, we were successful in this endeavor, and Imran Khan’s corruption efforts faltered. “


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The Pastor of a Methodist church in Fiji resigned over allegations he abused 14 boys over the past three years | Instant News

A Methodist Church pastor in Fiji has now been removed as police investigate allegations he sexually abused 14 boys between 2018 and this year.

Police told local media that the alleged abuse took place on the island outside of Ovalau in the south of the country.

Communications Secretary for the Fiji Methodist Church Reverend Wilfred Regunamada said the man had been ordered to stop preaching.

“He was not allowed to participate in communion services,” said Reverend Regunamada.

“Due to the current investigation, he has been instructed to go and stay at his home.”

Reverend Regunamada said the man had worked in Ovalau for at least three years.

The ABC has made multiple attempts to contact Fiji’s police services but received no response.

It is understood that no charges have been filed against the minister at this stage.

There is no child protection policy

Reverend Regunamada said the Methodist Church in Fiji is in the process of developing a child protection policy, which will be proposed at a meeting later this month.

However, ABC understands that there is no policy with regard to child protection at the time of the alleged abuse.

“That is something we are working on,” said Reverend Regunamada.

It is also unclear whether the minister has received special child safety education as part of his theological training.

“We talked about how we serve young people … and we were taught the importance of, you know, how we behave in front of them,” said Reverend Regunamada.

He said the Fiji Methodist Church condemns all forms of violence against children and is committed to addressing the problem.

“I think we want to talk about it a bit more … you know, get this out of where it’s hidden.”

The community was shocked by the accusations

Ovalau resident Suliana Sandys said sexual violence was a problem in the region.(



People in Ovalau have expressed concern over the allegations, which appeared in local media reports last weekend.

“Many people are still confused … I don’t want to punish anyone until proven guilty,” said Ovalau resident Suliana Sandys.

Ms Sandys is a Methodist churchgoer and former CEO of the city council in Ovalau.

He said sexual violence was a problem in the region but he was not aware of any past cases involving the Methodist Church.

“There have been quite a number of child abuse cases,” said Ms Sandys.

“Some have been silenced because of the shame that members of society will inflict and the stigma on the child himself.”

‘About’ rate of sexual violence against children

While police continue to investigate the allegations and no charges have been filed, the matter has sparked concerns about child safety in Fiji more broadly.

Last month, 70 percent of all charges filed with the Fiji High Court relating to serious sexual harassment involved victims under the age of 18.

According to a report by the Director of Public Prosecutions of Fiji, some of the alleged victims were five years old.


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PM Imran Khan’s son poses for a photo after Friday prayers in Kenya | Instant News

Images of PM Imran Khan and Jemima Goldsmith’s sons, Sulaiman Isa Khan (left) and Kasim Khan (right). Photo: Instagram / imrankhan.pti.

Following the ritual of posting his photos on Instagram, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday shared rare photos of his sons, Kasim Khan and Sulaiman Isa Khan.

According to the caption, the photo was taken right after Friday prayers in Lamu, Kenya.

In the photo, Kasim and Sulaiman are seen standing next to a Kenyan man. The three were seen wearing thobes and traditional hats that Muslim men in Arab and African countries wear to pray.

The prime minister, however, did not provide other details of the image, such as when it was taken or what the boy was doing in Kenya.

Within two hours of being posted, the image garnered nearly 90,000 likes and more than 1,200 comments with PM Khan’s supporters and most ardent admirers praising the boys for adopting their father’s religion.

“Masha Allah, it is great to see them following Islamic teachings,” wrote one user.

“God bless your children, they are beautiful!” write another.


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