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The PTI prepares for upheaval in the Sindh Senate poll | Instant News

KARACHI: PTI Sindh is gearing up for upheaval in tomorrow’s Senate elections as at least six of its MPs are unlikely to vote for party candidates in the Upper House elections.

According to PTI insiders, three more MPAs, including members of parliament elected from minority seats, are not linked to the PTI leadership and are likely to announce not to vote for candidates from that party. In addition, three PTI MPAs, including Karim Bux Gabol, Shahryar Khan Shar and Aslam Abro, have announced that they will not vote for the PTI candidate in the Senate elections. Concerned over the development, the PTI has directed all of its MPs to gather at a local hotel on Tuesday from where they will be brought together to vote in the Sindh Assembly to avoid ‘robbery of votes’.

Earlier on Monday, three PTI MPAs announced that they would not vote along party lines in the Upper House of Parliament, amid accusations from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf that the Pakistan People’s Party was pressuring the MPA to change loyalties in the Senate. opinion poll. Just two days before the Senate elections, PTI leaders, including former opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly Firdous Shamim Naqvi and president Karachi Khurram Sher Zaman, announced that three of their MPA parties were kidnapped on Sunday night and alleged that the PPP-led province government suppressed three ” The missing MPA “to change loyalty in Senate polls. However, in their video statement, PTI MPA, Karim Bux Gabol, Shahryar Khan Shar and Aslam Abro, on Monday when denying the kidnapping reports, announced that they would not vote for the PTI Senate candidate. Furthermore, they criticized the PTI central leadership for giving tickets to Senate candidates in exchange for money. Gabol, who is the PTI MPA from East Karachi District, said he could not support the candidate who had “bought” the ticket. “I am a PTI worker and will remain with the party, but cannot vote for its candidate in the Senate elections because the party has given tickets to candidates in exchange for money,” Gabol said in a video message available with The News. He also criticized the federal government led by the PTI for “stepmother treatment” of Sindh and said the party had failed to live up to popular expectations.

Shar, a PTI MPA from Ghotki, alleged that the party gave Senate election tickets to candidates from Sindh without consulting the MPA. Shar has supported a PPP resolution in October challenging a presidential regulation that paved the way for the federal government to take over provincial islands. “I raised the Sindh issue in front of the prime minister and governor, but they didn’t pay attention,” Shar said. [PTI government] have no programs for Sindh. “

Shar announced that he and the others would not select the candidate chosen by the prime minister. Abro, another PTI MPA from the Jacobabad district, also announced not to vote for the PTI candidate in the Senate poll.

Meanwhile, a PTI leader told The News that three more MPAs, including a member of parliament elected from a minority seat, would also announce not to vote for a candidate from the party. Announcing the new development, Naqvi and Sherzaman told a press conference that the three more party MPAs were not in touch with them and their phones remained switched off.

Naqvi and Sherzaman alleged that the PPP used pressure tactics through the Sindh Police, including baseless case registrations, against the PTI MPA to force them to vote for PPP candidates in the province. Naqvi accused Gabol of giving the video statement under great pressure. “On Sunday, I spoke with Gabol who convinced me he was backing the party candidate in the Senate poll. If someone follows Gabol’s previous statements, he always criticizes PPP for bad governance and corruption, holding him responsible for the destruction of the province, ”said Naqvi. He said that three of the PTI KKP, including Gabol, had been missing since Sunday evening and warned that if anything happened to them, the Sindh government would be held responsible for it.

He demanded the Pakistan Election Commission to take action against the PPP horse trade in Sindh province for the Senate elections.

Naqvi said the joint opposition in Sindh had only nominated five candidates – three in the general seat, one technocrat and one for the women’s seat given its collective strength of 65 in the provincial assembly. The joint opposition in Sindh consisted of the PTI, MQM-P and GDA. “We have proven our good intentions in Sindh by not demoting one more candidate than the number of seats we have. Those with bad intentions have submitted additional candidates, ”he said. PTI president Karachi Khurram Sherzaman said the police had also registered an unsubstantiated case against MPA Raja Azhar and were pressuring him to shift allegiance in the Senate elections. He said that cases had also been registered against the Korangi party president and other workers.

Sherzaman said that the manipulation of the Senate poll began with the arrest of Opposition Leader Haleem Adil Sheikh. “Since then, PTI members have been regularly intimidated and threatened,” he accused.


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Covid 19 coronavirus: A ten day delay in detecting new Melbourne cases has authorities racing to trace contacts | Instant News


The view on Melbourne’s St Kilda Beach last night. Photo / David Geraghty, News Corp Australia

Australian health authorities are bracing for the worst after it emerged that Victoria’s latest confirmed case of coronavirus had gone undetected for 10 days.

During that time, those infected visited a number of densely populated areas – including a major shopping mall on Christmas Eve – which exposed thousands of Melburners to Covid-19.

There are no new Covid cases in the community at this time, the health authority said, but 170 of the main contacts from yesterday’s eight cases have been identified and more cases are expected in the coming days.

“I hope we will see more cases out of the 170 close contacts and also that the number continues to increase in terms of secondary contacts,” said lead examiner Jeroen Weimar.

The race is now to trace contacts and test as many people as possible to contain the outbreak, which is believed to have spread from Sydney.

The person suspected of being “patient zero” in the new outbreak visited Sydney before returning to Melbourne on 19 December.

NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian has warned his state to “prepare for it,” as the true scale of the northern coastline is revealed. Video / Sky News Australia

Victoria has closed its border with NSW, which is struggling to contain an outbreak that started on the north coast but has now spread across the city and beyond.

A new cluster at Croydon in Sydney’s inner west grew again yesterday, with more details on extended family movements at the epicenter of the outbreak released.

Authorities in both states appealed to the public to avoid last night’s New Year’s celebrations amid concerns it could lead to a “supersebar” event.

While people in Sydney adhere to it, it’s a different story in Melbourne, where hundreds of people packing the beaches of St Kilda and Federation Square to ring in 2021.


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The Imran government is bracing for the opposition ‘Long March’ | Instant News

(MENAFN – IANS) y Hamza Ameer

Islamabad, 22 Dec (IANS) Imran Khan’s government in Pakistan appears poised to taste its own remedy with immediate uproar from those who are now opposing it recalls the long marches by Khan and his party at the time. has lived for more than three months.

Similar attacks have now been planned by an alliance of opposition parties against the Imran government which came to power in 2018.

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), an alliance of at least 11 opposition parties, which has been holding massive public gatherings in major cities across Pakistan, is now preparing for a long anti-government march aimed at overthrowing Imran. The Khan government they say is headed by a “puppet prime minister”.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has reiterated his stance on staging a long march against the government, insisting that there is no time left for dialogue.

“Now there will be a long march in Islamabad to get the resignation of Prime Minister Imran Khan,” he said.

“Imran Khan does not care about the reality on the ground and has no solution to the problems facing the people. Only the PPP knows how to provide assistance to Pakistan’s poor people in difficult times,” he added.

Bilawal said that the 11-party alliance, the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) would take the latest calls to launch a long march, adding that the poor, workers, students and farmers would take part in what he called the giant anti-government. March.

“We will bring the poor, unemployed, students, farmers and all those who have problems with this elected government to Islamabad with us,” he said.

“The dialogue will be held after this puppet prime minister leaves. When we get to Islamabad, this puppet will leave the government alone,” he added.

PDM has become the main resistance for the government led by Imran Khan, which argues that the main agenda of the movement is to seek influence and assistance for political leaders from corruption cases.

Imran Khan, in a recent statement said that no matter how strong the opposition parties are, he will never give them influence over what he calls stolen people’s and state money.


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