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Louis Vuitton Is The Most Popular Fashion Brand In The World In 2020 | Instant News

A study conducted by money.co.uk Data compiled from Google searches for 12 months shows that the most searched fashion brand in the world is none other than Louis Vuitton. Leading all other super brands by far, Louis Vuitton is the most sought after label in no less than 47 countries, including France, Great Britain, Germany and Sweden. The two runners-up are Gucci and Chanel, who appeared in top searches in 13 and 12 countries, respectively.

In terms of its demographics, LV’s popularity remains largely in Europe, although Gucci, especially the mini-series with Gus Van Sant, is popular in Japan, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Italy. On the other hand, the 12 Chanel countries are concentrated in Asia, especially in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos and Thailand. Further down the rankings, Calvin Klein was most searched in 11 countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Chile. The American brand coach, which occupies the sixth position is popular in countries such as Brazil and Saudi Arabia. For American and Canadian buyers, Loewe is the most sought-after brand.

In case you were wondering, here’s a list of the top 10 most searched fashion labels around the world last year (numbers mark the number of countries where the brand was most popular):

1.Louis Vuitton: 47
2.Gucci: 13
3. Chanel: 12
4.Calvin Klein: 11
5. Rolex: 9
6. Coach: 4
7. Tony Burch: 3
8. Loewe: 2
9. Valentino: 2
10. Fendi: 2


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Robbie Williams launches oatmeal brand | People | Instant News

Robbie Williams launched his own brand of oatmeal cakes.

It is believed that this “feeling” successful producer is paying attention to his latest business adventure, which may see him creating his own secret recipe series of oatmeal cakes. According to reports, after Robbie became a member, he was preparing to cooperate with WW reached a deal (formerly known as “Weight Watcher”). The spokesperson of the brand.

A source told the grotesque column of The Sun: “He is really passionate about this and hopes to bring it all over the world.

“This is a delicacy in his hometown of Stoke-on-Trent, and he thinks everyone needs to try it.

“He tried the recipe [his wife] Ayda and other family members – they love them. “

Oatmeal cakes eaten in his hometown are usually paired with a traditional cooked breakfast, usually with grilled cheese.

For Robbie, the news about the food came after he revealed that he almost died after being poisoned by mercury from eating too much fish. Excessive mercury levels can cause skin cancer and cause lung disease.

The 46-year-old singer joked that he still considers the dead paintbrush to be a “victory” because he compares the mercury in his system to the music award Mercury Award dreamed of by music.


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China Airlines uses a new Boeing 777 cargo ship to deliver NZ fruit to Asia | Instant News


China Airlines used a new Boeing 777 cargo plane to bring New Zealand cherries and other fresh produce to Asian markets during the holidays.

The first flight between Christchurch and Taipei will take off tonight carrying about 85 tonnes of fresh food, about half the amount of cherries.

South Island cherry growers are eager to get thousands of tonnes of their crop onto the high-value Asian market. Air capacity is short as most goods were carried in the belly of passenger planes before Covid-19 rocked air travel.

Taiwanese airline special carriers can carry up to 100 tonnes.

A new freight service will operate three times a week and the cherries on this evening flight will go to Taipei and connect services to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Bangkok.

Lobster will be shipped to Shanghai, avocado to Bangkok and clams will be flown to Korea, part of the airline’s network of 93 destinations outside of Taipei.

China Airlines has been operating in New Zealand for more than 10 years and its freight services have been subsidized this year by the country’s government air transport capacity scheme.

Pre-Covid China Airlines operates daily passenger flights of A350 or B777 Taipei-Brisbane-Auckland and returning flights on the same route.

China Airlines has a fleet of 66 wide-body aircraft, 18 of which are Boeing 747 cargo and one 777 cargo stationed on the Christchurch route.

China Airways flies a new Boeing 777 cargo plane between Christchurch and Taipei.  Photo / Provided
China Airways flies a new Boeing 777 cargo plane between Christchurch and Taipei. Photo / Provided

Air New Zealand Cargo expects to fly about 2,500 tonnes of cherries to Asian markets in January – the equivalent of about 21 Boeing 787-9s.

More than 1 million kg of New Zealand sheep will be flown to England, about 600,000 kg of blueberries to Australia, more than 800,000 kg of capsicum to Japan and another 300,000 kg to Australia between December and March.

Cargo general manager Anna Palairet said: “This year, cargo has played a big role in helping our export community maintain international trade links at a time when global supply chains are severely disrupted.”

It also played an important role in keeping the airline afloat when a large part of its passenger network was not yet operational.


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Italian luxury brand, Bulgari, will make its New Zealand debut in a few days | Instant News


Inside Bulgari’s first New Zealand store, which opens in Auckland on 18 December. Photo / Provided

Upscale jewelry retailer Bulgari is only days away from debuting in New Zealand.

The Italian fashion house on Friday will open its doors to a 260 square meter luxury boutique on Queen St Auckland – its


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The sunscreen brand doesn’t live up to Consumer NZ’s retracted label claims | Instant News


Last November David Clark responded to a Consumer NZ report that revealed nearly half of sunscreens do not live up to label claims. Audio / Derek Cheng

The Cancer Society called for mandatory sunscreen testing after a NZ Consumer investigation found five sunscreens failed to provide claimed sun protection.

Of the 10 products tested, only half met the SPF claims and broad spectrum labels.

Those that passed were Cancer Society Everyday, Cetaphil Sun Kids Liposomal Lotion, Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face Superscreen, Skinnies Conquer with Manuka Oil Sports Sunscreen and Nivea Sun Sensitive Protect.

Cancer Society chief executive Lucy Elwood said her advice was that broad spectrum sunscreens with an SPF of 30 or higher were safe to use, if applied properly.

“But mandatory sunscreen standards mean the sunscreens sold here will meet reliable world standards, says the Cancer Society,” he said.

“We would like to see New Zealand introduce a regime similar to the Australian Therapeutic Goods Act. This will convince New Zealanders that standard sunscreens meet the same requirements as medicines. Currently, retail sunscreens are classified as cosmetic.

“It’s not good enough for a country like ours with the highest rates of skin cancer and melanoma in the world.”

In Australia, sunscreens are subject to strict production guidelines by the Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Act, said Elwood.

The Cancer Society is pleased that Consumer NZ’s recent test on their Cancer Society Everyday SPF50 + product meets SPF claims and broad-spectrum labels.

“Our products have demonstrated that they meet reliable standards for sun protection use. This adds to the assurance for New Zealanders who want to protect themselves from the sun.

Of the 10 products tested, only half met the SPF claims and broad spectrum labels.  Photo file / 123RF
Of the 10 products tested, only half met the SPF claims and broad spectrum labels. Photo file / 123RF

“The Cancer Society advises consumers not to panic – even if you have a sunscreen that doesn’t live up to its claims, the test results show all SPF 50+ products provide high protection,” he says.

“It’s a shame if consumers choose to throw away useful products that still provide sun protection.”

NZ consumer testing

All sunscreens tested by Consumer NZ have an SPF50 + label.

The other three sunscreens failed to live up to their SPF claims but lived up to their broad spectrum claims.

They are Banana Boat Daily Protective Sunscreen, Natural Instinctive Invisible Sunscreen, and Sukin Suncare Non-Touch Facial Sunscreen.

Banana Boat’s SPF rating is still high at 40.4 but it does not meet the SPF50 + claimed on the label.

Sukin and Natural Instinct turned out to provide only moderate protection, SPF15 to 25, rather than the advertised high SPF30.

New Zealand consumers say Sukin has advised that sunscreens are being retested.

Le Tan Coconut Lotion and Ecosol Water Shield Sunscreen do not live up to the SPF or broad spectrum claims made on their labels.

This is the second time Le Tan’s sunscreen has failed to live up to its SPF claims in testing, according to Consumer NZ.

Consumer NZ chief executive Jon Duffy said that in a country with such high rates of skin cancer, SPF claims had to be accurate.

“Making sure consumers can count on the claims labeling makes so they know they are getting a reliable product is very important,” he said.

“Second, as with any product, manufacturers need to be able to stand behind the claims they make on their labels.”

Duffy said sunscreen manufacturers found not living up to claims had to work to improve labeling.

Full test results are available at www.consumer.org.nz.

– Additional reporting: RNZ


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