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Holiday food gifts from your favorite NYC restaurants and shops | Instant News

With the pandemic hitting the NYC restaurant industry particularly hard, the holidays are a great time to support your favorite local business. So many New York-based restaurants, bakeries, and food / beverage businesses offer nationwide delivery of their products, which means you can send your loved ones a taste of the city no matter where they are. From virtual cheese classes at Murray’s to pierogi samples from Veselka to the famous chocolate babka at Bread’s Bakery to sake made here in Brooklyn, there is something for everyone. Previously, we’ve rounded up our favorite picks for local shopping and spread the delicious cheer of the year.

All these products have been handpicked by the 6sqft team. We may receive commission for purchases made via this affiliate link. All prices reflect prices at the time of issue.

Courtesy of Murray’s Cheese

Murray cheese
Murray may be a national name these days, but even the younger generation of New Yorkers remember when it was just the original shop on Bleecker Street. For the dairy-loving person in your life, Murray has plenty to offer gift, from $ 95 Greatest Hits Collection to Moon Council Cheese Club. Another fun (and very 2020) idea is gift cards for virtual class.

Thanks to Katz’s Deli

Katz’s Deli
This 132 year old Lower East Side staple is a great gift idea for any member of your family who loves pastrami or anyone who loves this film. When Harry met Sally (You know, that scene). The best all-around gift is $ 150 New York flavors the package, which features pastrami, corned beef, hard salami, seedless rye bread, sour pickles, frankfurter and Katz bread, mustard, sauerkraut, and classic New York bagels. Another idea is Classic Subscription Plan, who delivers hand-carved meat samples and deli specialties to your loved ones every month. Prices range from $ 450 for three months to $ 1,050 for the full year.

Russ & Daughters Bagels, photo by Dale Cruse through Flickr cc

Russ & Daughter
Just a few blocks from Katz, this “mouthwatering” fourth generation (food accompanied by bagels!) Shop has been in operation since 1914. Make someone’s holiday morning special by sending them $ 179 New York Brunch. It comes with New York’s best Nova, natural cream cheese, hand-rolled bagels, chocolate babkas and Private Blend coffee with Russ & Daughters mugs.

Photo courtesy of Zucker’s

Zucker Bagels and Smoked Fish
These relatively new arrivals – they opened their first shop in Tribeca in 2006 – have brought New York’s bagel and smoked fish traditions to younger generations. One thing we love about Zucker’s is how they partner with other local suppliers (this drink comes from Acme Smoked Fish, pickles from Guss’ Pickles). They $ 99 Holiday Bagel Brunch for 6 people comes with six bagels (all hand rolled and kettle-boiled), three cream cheeses, Nova lox, Zucker’s famous everything-spice whisk, six holiday cakes (your choice for Christmas or Hannukah), and a bagel-cut knife.

Photo courtesy of Veselka

There’s something particularly comforting about a hearty plate of pierogies, and the East Village Veselka institute now ships them across the country. A 66 year old Ukrainian restaurant offers two dozen for $ 79, which allows you to choose your own (meat, potatoes, cheese, arugula and goat cheese, short ribs, or saurkraut and mushrooms). That $ 129 Complete Ukrainian Dinner for 4-6 people is another great option, as it comes with a choice of pierogies, a choice of soups (Ukrainian borscht, vegetarian borscht, chicken noodle soup, matzoh ball soup, or mushroom barley soup), and a choice of main dishes (beef stroganoff, veal goulash or bigos).

Courtesy of Feltman

Feltman from Coney Island
Help your sweetheart through this really tough winter by recreating summer BBQ. And what better way to do this than with a real Coney Island hot dog? Not only do Feltman have historical roots, but they do a lot of fundraising work for 9/11 veterans and charities. They $ 54.99 Vacation Hot Dog Package comes with a pack of genuine Feltman hot dog cases, a pack of genuine Feltman hot dogs without skins, two packs of Martin long potato rolls (because can you eat hot dogs with the others?), deli-style mustard, and one Feltman knit beanie. For Black Friday, from November 20-29, Feltman is offering a 20% discount on all online orders; just use the promo code FRIDAY at checkout.

photo by Viviana Rishe in Unsplash

Fulton Fish Market
Sure, eating oysters is delicious, but it’s also fun to accept them as gifts and learn how to shell them. The historic Fulton Fish Market in the city center shipped dozens of their mollusks nationwide. As they noted on their website, “Pacific Oysters tends to be sweeter and smaller in size, meanwhile Atlantic oysters known for its salinity. “For those of you who are more kitchen-averse, there are too options shelled available.

Courtesy of Donuttery

You’ve probably seen these delicious mini donuts in markets around New York, and this year, you can give someone a gift to make their own. Donuttery’s $ 29.99 DIY Donut Kit Comes with a one-pound donut mix, four sugar donut donuts, a donut holder, and an instruction guide.

Courtesy of Fat Witch Bakery

Fat Witch’s Bakery
Speaking of miniature candy, Fat Witch Bakery, which started in the 90s at Chelsea Market, now ships individually wrapped brownies around the country. That $ 33.50 The Great Witch’s Favorite Tin makes a great gift; It comes with 2 original brownies, 2 caramels, 2 walnuts, 1 blonde, and 1 double chocolate.

Thanks to Seed + Mill Halva

Seed + Mill Halva
A more recent Chelsea Market success, Seed + Mill brings halva – the “flaking, sweet, melt in your mouth flavor, texture” made from sesame seeds – into the mainstream. Apart from making more than 30 flavors of halva, they also sell organic tahini and various sesame spices. That $ 45 Halva Trio makes a unique gift and complements it with pistachios, sea salt dark chocolate, and raspberry varieties.

Magnolia Cakephoto by Ralph Daily through Wikimedia Commons

You can call it Sex and the citythe famous homemade cupcake cliché, but definitely delicious. That $ 65 New York Dozen the package – which comes with four red velvet and two each of classic, vanilla & chocolate cake with vanilla & chocolate buttercream – is a great gift for someone sweet, as is $ 65 a dozen Christmas or $ 65 A dozen Hanukkah if you want to go festive. But true New Yorkers also know that banana pudding is the ingredient that makes sweet dreams come true. Maybe we suggest $ 70 Chocolate Hazelnut Combo Pack? It comes with three containers of classic banana pudding and three containers of the Nutella variety.

photo by stu_spivack through Flickr cc

Milk Bar
What started as a Christina Tosi shop in the East Village is now a national sensation, changing the way we think about birthday cakes forever. For holidays, Milk Bar offers The Pepp Rally for $ 80 (which includes a six-inch peppermint bark cake and a can of peppermint pretzels) and Season Greetings for $ 120 (which comes with a six-inch peppermint bark cake, a dozen truffle boxes of peppermint bark, and the famous Pie Milk Bar). Another fun option for kids is cookie tins or truffle cake.

William Greenberg
Nothing says New York City like classic black-and-white pastries (just ask Jerry Seinfeld, who famously says you need to get a little chocolate and vanilla with every bite) and William Greenberg has been known for their cakes since the Upper East Side Shop first opened in 1946. You can send The $ 59 pack contains 12 giant cakes or The $ 49 package contains 18 mini cookies. There is even a gluten free options!

Photo by Brian Kennedy

Bakery Bread
We can’t think of anything we do do not like from Breads Bakery, but if you want to introduce your out-of-town friend or relative to this Jewish bakery and pastry shop, it’s best to start with their famous babka. Named the best city by countless media outlets, it is made “using cultured butter from France, Nutella, and Belgian dark chocolate chips.” (We know, we drool too.) Ship a a pack of three for $ 49.95. Another option is $ 79.95 pack of six which comes with three chocolate babkas and three cinnamon.

Photo by Kate Previte

We would be remiss not to include this famous half pound cookie on our list. There isn’t much to say other than that they are amazing and worth the wait. But lucky for your family and friends, they can bypass the queue and have it delivered straight to their home. That Miscellaneous Signature Cookies get all four flavors (chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chip chip, dark chocolate peanut butter chip, and oatmeal raisin). They cost $ 27 for four cakes, $ 49 for eight, and $ 68 for twelve.

Photo courtesy of Senza Gluten

Sugar free
Don’t let the gluten-free special person in your life miss the sweetness of the holiday. Senza Gluten, which owns a bakery and brick-and-mortar restaurant in the Village, ships their goods across the country. Vacation favorites included Candlenut Snowball Mini Cake, Chocolate Walnut Mini Chubbies, Bread Butter Mini Cakes, and classic Chocolate Chip Pastry.

Brooklyn Kura courtesy of

Brooklyn Kura
This Industrial City brewery is the first in New York City and one of only 15 in the country. If you send wine as gifts too often, consider it $ 65 vacation package. It comes with homemade Japanese sake granola, sake-kasu rice cake, a bottle of Junmai Ginjo Namazake (Number Fourteen) and Junmai Namazake (Blue Door).

Brooklyn Gin
Other hangover gift ideas are a a bottle of Brooklyn Gin ($ 43.99). Founded in 2010 by two Brooklyn men, small batch gin is made and distilled just a little in the north of the state at Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery. Made with fresh orange peel and hand cracked juniper, the makers are proud to say this drink is good enough to drink on its own.

Photo by Matt Weinberg, courtesy of Wolffer Estate

Wolffer Estate
This Hamptons-based winery makes some of the nicest roses, which you can find across town all summer. But today, we will drink it all season long. With the convenient delivery service, you can get bottle delivery even at the last minute. We’re partial to Summer in a Bottle Rosé, but Sparkling Rosé will also be a wonderful gift.

Courtesy of Threes Brewing

Threes Brewing
This Gowanus brewery is great for putting together a group in their large backyard, but since we weren’t able to do it this year, we were able to bring the fun home. For holidays, Threes offers a gift package (one for Science lover and another for beer enthusiast), three months beer subscription, fund A $ 30 tasting kit which includes a fun virtual beer class.

Courtesy Partners Coffee

Coffee Partners
With Partners Coffee, a Brooklyn-based small batch specialty coffee roaster, you can ship beans sourced from around the world. This year, for the holidays, they are bringing back their fan-favorite seasonal coffee mix, Miracle On North 6th Street, which has a record of familiar holiday flavors such as orange, cinnamon and malbec.



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The Italian yeast company works full tilt as a lockdown loom | Instant News

Italians are sure they will find yeast on supermarket shelves, hell or high water.

There is absolutely no need to attack supermarket shelves and stockpile on yeast amid a possible lockdown, be it local or national, as Italy is battling a second wave. covid-19.

This is a message from the Yeast Group of the olive oil producers association Assitol Italian, reassuring consumers that they will find the yeast no matter what.

The promise came as Italy tightened restrictions, with certain regions already in “soft lockdown” mode, and doctors called for a total lockdown.

During the national lockdown in the spring, many Italians discovered – or rediscovered – the art of bakery.

While supermarkets in other countries on lockdown sold out of toilet roll, Italian supermarkets were selling yeast.

“We have worked hard throughout the year and we will continue in the coming months, realizing the importance of this ingredient in our daily lives” – Paolo Grechi, president of the Assitol Yeast Group told the Adnkronos news agency – “Consumers can be reassured: we will be in their side is also at this difficult time. “


image source

Investindustrial acquires CMS Ingredients to drive acquisition-led growth in Italy and China | Instant News

CSM Ingredients comprises Rhône Capital-backed European and International CSM Group activities and assets dedicated to bakery ingredients.

The division operates eight manufacturing facilities – including one in China and one joint venture in Tunisia – serving more than 45,000 customers in 100+ countries mainly in the artisanal sector and industrial channels with a broad product portfolio focused on bakery ingredients, pastry blends, bakery fats , stuffing, glaze, toppings, and icing

Major brands include Artisal, Arkady, Braims, Craigmillar, Marguerite, Masterline, MeisterMarken and Ulmer Spatz.

In Europe, the main markets are Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain and the Benelux region, which generate annual revenues of around € 500 million.

Deep sector experience

Investindustrial – which has deep experience in the food & beverage production sector with many prior investments, such as fruit-based ingredients company Italcanditi and chocolate maker Natra – is excited about Italy’s footprint of CMS Ingredients, being the second largest country in terms of sales.

The deal also offers the UK-headquartered company a platform for potential acquisition-led growth to China.

Earlier this week, Investindustrial launched a € 600 million vehicle in partnership with China’s sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corporation (CIC) and Italian lender Unicredit to invest in Italian mid-market businesses.

Andrea C. Bonomi, chairman of the Investindustri Industry Advisory Board, said, “CSM Ingredients is a leading player across Europe, with a growing international presence, over 400 sales force and strong regional coverage. person


image source

AES Tiete shares in Brazil plummeted when BNDES reached an agreement with AES Corp | Instant News

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Shares in Brazilian electricity company AES Tiete Energia SA (TIET11.SA) fell 7.7% after the development bank BNDES agreed to sell part of its shares to the controlling shareholder of the company AES Corp (AES.N).

AES Corp offers to buy 65% ​​of BNDES shares in AES Tiete for 17.15 reais ($ 3.33) per share in cash. The sale will reduce BNDES shares to 9.9% from 28.41%, while AES Corp will hold 42.86% after the deal.

In addition to AES Corp’s offer to only state-controlled lenders, BNDES and all AES Tiete shareholders on Monday received a merger proposal from the electricity company Eneva SA (ENEV3.SA), involving cash and shares, with a premium of 17% above the market value of AES Tiete at the time.

The units at AES Tiete, which consists of one common share and four preferred shares, are drunk when the shareholders of the electricity company are left without the proposed agreement.

Eneva issued a statement on Tuesday saying it would “continue to work to generate value for its shareholders, focusing on developing its business plan and always paying attention to opportunities that represent the best interests of all shareholders and stakeholders.”

Shares in Eneva fell 1.8% in afternoon trading, underperforming the Brazilian stock index.

Reporting by Carolina Mandl, additional reporting by Jamie McGeever; edited by Jason Neely, Susan Fenton and Richard Chang


image source

BNDES Brasil received an offer from AES Corp for the shares of Aes Tietê: sources | Instant News

RIO DE JANEIRO / SAO PAULO (Reuters) – BNDES Participacoes Brazil [BNDESP.UL], a holding company for Brazilian state bank BNDES, has received a rival offer from AES Corp (AES.N) for its shares in AES Tiete Energia SA (TIET11.SA), according to three sources.

AES Corp has offered to buy 65% ​​of BNDES shares in AES Tiete for 17.15 per share, one source added. After this partial sale, BNDES will reduce its ownership in the company to 9.9% from 28.41%.

BNDES believes the bid by AES Corp could beat the 7.5 billion reais ($ 1.43 billion) bid made by Brazilian electricity company Eneva SA (ENEV3.SA), and will now analyze it, said the source. BNDES can make a decision this week, said the source.

AES Corp offered to pay BNDES in cash, while Eneva’s offer offered AES Tiete shareholders cash and new shares after the two companies merged. BNDES, which aims to sell its shares in AES Tiete, will remain with 8.3% in the new company.

The Valor Economico newspaper reported earlier about AES Corp’s offer.

Reported by Rodrigo Viga Gaier, edited by Louise Heavens


image source