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The Tigers return home after a disastrous New Zealand tour | Instant News


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Brazil saw 76,178 new daily cases of COVID-19 | Instant News

Brazil reported 76,178 new cases of COVID-19 with 1,997 deaths over the past 24 hours, said the health ministry, Trend reports citing Xinhua.

Brazil thus has registered 11,439,558 cases with 277,102 deaths so far, he said.

Sao Paulo, the state most affected by the disease, recorded 434 deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 63,965. Local health authorities say state hospital capacities are nearing the limit.

In the states of Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Parana as well as the capital city of Brasilia, people are lining up for beds in intensive care units.

The new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified over the past few months, with a spike in deaths in the 20-50 year age group.

The National Health Monitoring Agency on Saturday ordered oxygen supply companies to provide weekly reports to help manage supplies for hospitals.


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Rubel, Shoriful is ready for the New Zealand challenge | Instant News

Bangladesh pioneers Rubel Hossain and Shoriful are sure to do well in a challenging limited-over series against Blackcaps in their backyard.


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One of the three 2000GTs to ride again | Instant News

It is believed that in the 1960s, Japanese cars were inferior to Western cars in terms of quality, performance and reliability.

However, this is not the case, because Japanese cars are becoming more and more popular around the world and generally prove to be more reliable than many products in the United States and Europe.

The models of Japanese manufacturers can compete in almost every field, from economical hatchbacks to sturdy off-road vehicles and sedans, but what they lack is luxurious high-performance sports cars.

In the 1960s, Europe provided world-class cars such as Jaguar E-Type, Porsche 911 and Ferrari 250 GTO. The United States has Corvette and other luxury models, but Japan lacks in this area.

Until 1965, Toyota 2000GT was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. This model will continue to change the way Japanese people drive and become the first million-dollar Japanese car.

This is the story of 2000GT

After the Second World War, Japan has undergone major changes. The country had to be rebuilt, and many manufacturers shifted their focus to manufacturing economical cars and utility vehicles. It wasn’t until the first Japanese Grand Prix in 1963 that Japanese drivers began to take an interest in racing performance. Just a year later, Toyota began to develop luxury high-performance models to showcase the company’s technical and engineering capabilities.

The person in charge of the project is Saito Masaichi, who is the main contributor to the development of the Toyota automobile manufacturer. His profile is simple: “Do whatever is necessary, not only to produce the 2000GT, but also to make it the best, and perhaps one of the best cars in the world.” The 2000GT will need to be practical and easy to drive, and the engine should be Located on the front wheels and driving the rear wheels, in the end it must reflect a design comparable to more expensive European models.

Fortunately, Yamaha approached Toyota with a prototype they designed at about the same time. The prototype was originally developed for Nissan, but the competitor company rejected the offer for unknown reasons. However, Nissan adopted elements from the design submitted by Yamaha and continued to create 240Z, the main competitor of 2000GT.

However, Toyota approved the Yamaha design and used it to improve its conservative brand image. Toyota’s designers Ichiro Yoshino and Tomio Nozaki took the A55X prototype and further developed it into the 280 A1 prototype as we know it today, which debuted at the 1965 Tokyo Motor Show.

The first appearance was one year after Saito Masaichi commissioned the project. The 280 A1 caused great excitement and curiosity. However, buyers must wait until 1967 to obtain a production version of this new Toyota sports car.

Toyota 2000GT

The production version of the 2000GT provides a smoothly flowing body made of aluminum. This is also Japan’s first standard limited-slip differential and all-round electric disc brake.

This Japanese sports car is powered by a 2.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine developed by Toyota, but has many improvements from Yamaha, such as the DOHC aluminum nozzle-the result is recorded as 110kW and 175Nm, enough to earn the title of top station wagon. From 0-100 km/h, reach the top speed of 215km/h in 10 seconds.

Although the 2000GT’s performance is impressive considering its power output, Toyota is still struggling to compete with cars like Jaguar E-Type and American Corvettes. However, it did not impress the media all over the world. Roads and tracks The magazine called the 2000GT one of the most exciting cars they had ever driven and compared it with the Porsche 911 at the time.

The 2000GT also won the 1967 Fuji 24 Hours Endurance Race and also achieved success on the track. In the 72-hour test, it also set several FIA world speed and endurance world records.

In the United States, Carol Shelby himself entered two improved 2000GT vehicles in the SCCA production car series in 1968.Despite these achievements, the most famous moment of 2000GT appeared in the 1967 James Bond movie You can only live twice.

Due to Sean Connery’s figure and relatively small cabin, two 2000GT convertible versions were shot specifically for the movie. Toyota simply cut off the roof and replaced it with a soft-top unit.

The 2000GT’s main competitor, the Nissan 240Z, did not arrive until 1969. Nissan’s 240Z incorporates a similar styling to Toyota, so it focuses more on performance at the expense of luxury performance. After just three years of production, the last 2000GT left the factory in 1970 and only completed the total construction cycle of 351 cars.

2000GT changed the world’s perception of Japanese cars, which in turn influenced the design of Toyota’s most iconic sports cars, such as Supra, GT86 and even Lexus LFA.

The production of 2000GT is so limited that it is widely regarded as Japan’s ultimate classic, which has been reflected in auctions around the world. Among these prestigious events, the most primitive example was sold for nearly 15 million rand.

Three of them

Of the 351 2000GT models produced, only three were designated for use in South Africa: Pegasus White’s chassis numbers MF10-10131 and MF10-10206 and Thunder Silver’s MF10-10207. These three vehicles arrived on the coast of South Africa between 1967 and 1968.

For many years, Toyota South Africa has had one of these examples, the chassis number is MF10-10207. The car is part of the company’s private collection, which includes rare racing cars and other iconic Toyota and Lexus models.

In July, Toyota Gazoo Racing announced that it will produce replacement parts for Toyota 2000GT as part of the GR Heritage Parts project and will sell them at home and abroad.

This move paved the way for Toyota South Africa to make a decision to reinstate its 2000GT with full insurance. One of the biggest mysteries (and adding to the mystery) is that according to various sources, the vehicle was produced with Thunder Silver, but other sources remember that it was white, and in its current state, it was Painted in sun red. .

Toyota has been documenting the restoration work starting in 2020 and will reveal the different stages of the complete nut and bolt restoration of the iconic car. When we take you behind the scenes and showcase the passionate people behind this once-in-a-lifetime project, more details of its mysterious history will be revealed. The legendary 2000GT made history and buckled history.

Source: MotorPress


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Instagram accidentally hides likes for some users | Instant News

Instagram error Hide likes From The company accidentally expanded the long-term running test of the feature and tested it with some of its users on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for Facebook, which owns Instagram, told CNN Business: “We are testing a new experience where you can hide things you like in… posts.” “Today, we inadvertently added more Of people are testing, it’s a mistake-we’re working on fixing this issue and returning the count to those people as soon as possible.”

Several users reported that they saw their profile changes on Tuesday, and the number of likes was replaced with “and others.”

Instagram has conducted limited testing of the change for many years -In 2019, the company stated that it will start removing the number of likes from a limited number of accounts in Canada. Instagram hasn’t provided a timetable yet, hoping when it can spread the hidden likes widely.

Instagram said at the time that although followers cannot see the total number of likes received, the owner of the account can still see it. Users can click to see the full list of accounts that like the post, but they cannot see a number to highlight how many people like it.

Instagram formulated this move to help relieve the pressure of accumulating likes on the platform. Likes shown as likes on Instagram are often used as a measure of popularity.

-Kaya Yurieff of CNN Business contributed to this report.


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