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Probes Brazil Braskem Bribery Claims in Mexico | Instant News

Braskem TO

has opened an internal investigation into allegations of bribery made last year by the former chief executive of Mexico’s state-owned oil company, according to securities disclosures.

The Brazilian petrochemical company said in filings Friday that it hired an unnamed US law firm to review claims by Emilio Lozoya, former CEO of Petróleos Mexicanos, also known as Pemex.

The testimony Lozoya provided to Mexico’s attorney general, including allegations involving parent company Braskem, was leaked to the press last year, adding fuel to what had happened. the widest-reaching corruption investigation in the modern history of Mexico.

Braskem and its parent, construction giant Odebrecht SA, paid a combined $ 3.5 billion to settle widespread bribery allegations with US, Brazilian and Swiss authorities in 2016. A Braskem spokesman declined to comment further on the disclosures. Odebrecht did not respond to a request for comment.

In his filing, Braskem said the allegations of illicit payments centered on the ethylene project with Pemex. Mr. Lozoya said he was taking bribes from Odebrecht, according to a complaint filed with Mexican prosecutors previously reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Braskem and a joint venture subsidiary in Mexico opened an investigation into allegations of compliance with its global compliance and governance guidelines, the petrochemical company said.

Pemex earlier this month said it had reached an agreement with a subsidiary, Braskem Idesa, to change the terms under which Pemex supplies ethane to petrochemical plants in southern Mexico. The 2010 contract renegotiation came after the decline in Pemex’s production meant that the company was unable to supply the gas in the amount used to make plastics that was originally stipulated in the agreement.

Former Braskem chief executive, José Carlos Grubisich, faces criminal charges in the US over the 2016 company’s settlement. A Grubisich lawyer last month said executives were in discussion with prosecutors to settle the charges.

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DNB Says Authorities Have Ended Investigations on Alleged Money Laundering | Instant News

Prosecutors suspended an investigation into the alleged involvement of Norwegian bank DNB in ​​handling payments from an Icelandic fishing company involved in the bribery investigation.


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Bank of Norway


A said on Friday that an investigation into his alleged involvement in handling payments from an Icelandic fishing company involved in the bribery investigation had been dropped.

The Norwegian National Authority for the Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime, known as Okokrim, launched an investigation in November 2019 following the disposal of WikiLeaks data and the subsequent allegations made in the Icelandic media.

DNB said in a statement on Friday that it had been informed that the investigation had not yielded any information that provided a basis for criminal prosecution of the individual and that the public prosecutor did not think the company sentence was applicable in this case. “Because of that the case has been closed,” said DNB.

WikiLeaks published more than 30,000 documents called “Fish Files”, which show that the Icelandic fishing group Samherji hf has for years paid billions of dollars to Namibian officials for fishing quotas in the country’s waters.

Icelandic media later claimed that Samherji used DNB to funnel more than $ 70 million to a shell company in the Marshall Islands, part of the proceeds from his activities in Namibia.

Samherji said the figure was actually $ 28.9 million and related to fees for the crew but did not disclose which bank was used for the transaction.

“The dismissal of the case confirms that the allegations are pointless,” Samherji said in a statement on Friday. “Samherji is pleased with this result, because the company has always maintained that the allegations regarding Samherji’s affiliated transactions with DNB are baseless.”

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Australian Judge: Suggests China connects defamed billionaires | World | Instant News

Chau Chak Wing leaves Federal Court in Sydney, 19 June 2018. Chinese-Australian billionaire Chau Chak Wing was awarded Australian dollars ($ 450,000) in damages Tuesday, February 2, 2021, after winning a defamation case over a state investigation broadcasters who pointed out that he was a member of the Chinese Communist Party who bribed Australian lawmakers to make decisions in China’s best interests.

Chris Pavlich

By ROD McGUIRK Associated Press

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) – A Chinese-Australian billionaire was awarded Australian dollars 590,000 ($ 450,000) on Tuesday after winning a defamation case over a state broadcaster investigation showing he was a member of the Chinese Communist Party who bribed lawmakers Australia to make decisions in China’s best interests.

Chau Chak Wing, a businessman, philanthropist and political donor, is suing Australian Broadcasting Corp. and Fairfax Media for the joint investigation that was broadcast on the national “Four Corners” program and published in the newspapers in 2017.

Federal Court Judge Steven Rares ruled in Sydney that the 45-minute television program, presented by investigative journalist Nick McKenzie, contained some libelous advice.

Two claims were rejected by the judge: that the program accused Chau of betraying Australia by engaging in espionage for China and allegations that Chau paid corrupt Chinese agents to help him infiltrate the Australian government on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.

But Rares found four allegations that proved defamatory, including that Chau, who became an Australian citizen in 1999, was a member of the Chinese Communist Party who worked for the United Front Work Department, the party’s secret lobby arm.

Also defamatory were allegations that Chau donated large sums of money to Australian political parties as bribes intended to influence politicians to make decisions in the interests of China and the Chinese Communist Party, the judge found.


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Raise funds before the Senate takes a political vote: Siraj | Instant News

LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Senator Sirajul Haq cited the distribution of millions of rupees among Pakistani lawmakers Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) just before the Senate elections on behalf of development funds, insolent political bribery and the continuation of corrupt practices. the same one that Prime Minister Imran Khan has denounced over the past two decades.

Sirajul Haq reminded the prime minister to refer to his own criticism of the previous government’s corruption to assess his own policies, he said while speaking to reporters after a meeting in Mansoora on Friday. “Isn’t that insolent hypocrisy,” Sirajul Haq asked the PM, adding that “in his days in opposition, he strongly condemned corrupt practices, but now he is following himself after coming to power.” He said PM was unmatched when it came to turning around. Development projects must be carried out through local government and the way Pakistan is implemented is undemocratic, immoral and legal, he added. He regretted that PTI failed to meet the expectations of the masses. He said corruption, unemployment and inflation had become trademarks of the PTI government, making the country a laughing stock around the world. He said the country needed honest and courageous leadership that could bring him out of the existing crisis.

Previously, he participated in the funeral prayer for JI leader Hafiz Salman Butt, who died of a heart attack on Thursday night. Large numbers of people from all walks of life attended funeral prayers. The JI chairman paid tribute to Hafiz Salman’s religious and political services and called his life a bright example of the struggle that every political and JI worker should follow. Hafiz Idrees leads funeral prayers for Hafiz Salman in Mansoora.


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UK regulators end fraud investigation into BAT | Local | Instant News

“BAT is pleased that the SFO has closed its investigation and the SFO has not taken any further action on this matter. BAT remains committed to the highest standards in conducting its business,” the company said.

It is unclear the status of the investigation by two US regulators whether BAT is in breach of international sanctions, the manufacturer said in its 2019 financial reports.

The regulators are the US Department of Justice and the Office of State Assets Control, a financial intelligence and enforcement agency within the US Treasury. The list of affected countries has not been disclosed.

“The group is cooperating with the investigations of the authorities,” BAT said in October of a US investigation. “The potential fines, penalties or other consequences at this time cannot be assessed.”

“It is not yet possible to identify a time scale on which this problem might be resolved,” he said.

On Friday, BAT said in a statement that “we are continuing to cooperate with the US authorities regarding their sanctions investigation. There are no further updates at this time.”

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Children, a US anti-tobacco advocacy group, has urged regulators and the US Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission Congress to carry out their own investigations into BAT relating to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.


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