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KPT confiscated the ship carrying suspected Iranian oil | Instant News

KARACHI: Authorities at the Karachi port have detained an oil vessel for declaring the port of loading to be Oman and Iraq, not Iran where petroleum products were originally loaded on it, sources said on Saturday.

The East Wind Shipping Company stated in the manifest that the ship’s cargo – MT MORIOKA – had been loaded from Sohar, Oman and Khor Al Zubair, Iraq. The ship was searched at the port of Karachi and the person in charge of the conveyance admitted that the goods were actually loaded from BIK, Iran and Iranian origin.

Sources said the captain of the ship also acknowledged that the ship never went to Oman or Iraq as given in the list of Last Called Ports. The ship has breached the port of origin and BIK, Iran is under various sanctions by the international community and there are no banking routes through which money can be transferred.

In addition, the price of Iranian cargoes is much cheaper than Omani products and the amount transferred in this case must also be very large. “If the matter is analyzed, it is suspected that a large amount has been or will be transferred beyond the legal price of the cargo, because the money is intended to be laundered through state channels,” said an expert who requested anonymity.

Further examination of the letter of credit document revealed that this contract was tied to cargo originating from Oman and nowhere else was the importer’s violation of the letter of credit.

“The ship is still in port and has not been allowed to leave or leave the port without prior permission until the process of recording statements from all crew members is complete,” added the expert. Sources said customs authorities have also approached the State Bank of Pakistan to nominate a key person to assist in the investigation.

Neighboring Iran wants to export petrochemical products, steel and liquid oil to Pakistan in exchange for rice, meat and other agricultural products in barter trade arrangements, the top official said. Iran is willing to start bartering trade with Pakistan with the energy and agriculture sectors that have the potential to increase exports and imports, said Iranian Consul General Reza Nazeri last September while meeting with businessmen. The Iranian government is ready to facilitate Pakistan’s private sector to promote bilateral trade and investment, he said.

The two-way trade volume between Pakistan and Iran is negligible. The reciprocal trade between the two countries is not in accordance with their respective potentials. Currently, bilateral trade stands at $ 359 million including exports to Iran of $ 36 million while imports are $ 323 million.


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Weather: Wet weather provides relief in parts of the North Island | Instant News

Much-needed rain is expected to hit Auckland in the coming days. Photos / Files

As parts of the North Island continue to experience water restrictions, some much-needed rain is about to fall.

The sub-tropical low is expected to bring wet and windy weather to the North Island in the coming days.

Rainfall is expected to fall on Northland, Auckland and the Coromandel Peninsula, with possible local flooding.

However, the rain will bring some relief for those with water restrictions, with weatherwatch.co.nz saying this week’s forecast for rain could “make a big difference”.

“Auckland could be 40mm and, at the higher end, some sections could be as high as 100mm. The Coromandel Peninsula, which is even more open, may see a chance of more than 150mm of rain.”

Rain is not expected for those in the west as there are lower numbers of the Bombay Hills to the south.

As of February 13, the total storage for the Auckland dam was 60.66 percent.

Dam rates are down 23 percent so far this year, but it appears that Aucklanders are doing well with their water consumption.

Yesterday’s Watercare figures show that the Auckland area consumes 459 million liters of water.

Strong winds are also expected to cross the North Island from overnight and into Monday, possibly persisting for the next several days.

The wind and clouds have spread around the northern part of the country and will continue.


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Food Trucks Are Steering Around The Pandemic, And Getting A More Friendly Reception | Instant News

Over the last decade, food trucks have become a hit in the culinary world. They have inspired cookbook, film and television competitions.

Wheeled kitchens appeal to chefs who are tired of busy restaurants and people who want to start a world of food without spending any physical investment.

With minimal upfront costs, compared to conventional restaurants or franchises, they grew into a $ 2.7 billion industry, according to Food Truck Operator, a website that tracks developments in the world of food trucks.

And, now, they are becoming more visible as the pandemic continues.

Although the events they rely on for business have waned, food trucks have become an alternative for diners who can’t sit inside restaurants, and want something different from their signature dish.

Across the country, from Savannah to Dallas, Wilmington to Seattle, food trucks are getting a warmer reception than the days when they argue with restaurants over their ability to operate.

Food trucks benefit from one of the trends I predict for 2021: restaurant helps other restaurants.

With the closure of the indoor dining area, some places allow food trucks to use the parking lot and available space to stop and serve.

York, a gourmet food and beverage store in Ann Arbor, Mich., Has acted as a food truck incubator, even giving one of its food truck friends room to cook.

Ricewood, specializing in barbecue, starting as a truck on the outside and then moving inside to serve brisket, chicken and burgers. It’s on the Food and Wine list of the best barbecues in the country, and regularly sells out of its food.

Meanwhile, York Yard, as the area is behind it, has hosted two other trucks. The Bao Boys sell Chinese bread filled with meat and vegetables, while the Juicy Oistre hosts an event featuring raw and grilled oysters, peeling and eating shrimp.

Across town, the Zal Gaz Grotto, a Masonic Inn, has given inside space to Cosa Sabrosa, a Mexican food truck whose menus range from tacos and burritos to drinks.

And, while some foodies make the trip to Ann Arbor to visit Zingerman’s Deli, Zingerman’s has also brought its food on the road.

Last year, they held two pop up sandwich series, called Reuben Tour, around Michigan and Ohio. He also takes his truck on Pie Tours, hauling his potted pies and dessert pies to restaurants, bars and other places in the area.

Its hospitality also extends to other parts of the country.

Hattiesburg, Miss, approved regulations giving trucks more access to business and residential zones, according to Food Truck Operators.

On Long Island, Bellmore, NY the Kiwanis Club hosts a food truck brunch court on Sundays at the Long Island Rail Road station on the Sunrise Highway. The event starts on January 10, and is scheduled for every Sunday through March.

In Chicago, meanwhile, two chefs drive a food truck to feed breakfast and lunch to the homeless, while a number of other food trucks offer their services to feed essential workers.

As the pandemic continues, food trucks are joining many of the trends embraced by conventional restaurants. Many take orders via the app or the Web and some have even signed up with delivery services.

That puts the food truck within reach of people who might just think of it as a lunchtime option near the office, or a snack near a farmers market.


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The paper tiger opposition, will never bring trust: Firdous Ashiq Awan | Instant News

LAHORE: Punjab’s Special Assistant to Chief Minister (SACM) on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said opposition parties would never submit a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Imran Khan because they are paper tigers.

In a press statement issued here on Sunday, he said December has passed and the last week of January has also arrived, but that the opposition has neither submitted a resignation nor went on a long march. He said February and March would also come and go, but the opposition alliance, PDM member parties would never submit a vote of no confidence against the prime minister in the assembly.

Special assistant says fake princess, prince and maulana will face internal conflicts. He said he had mentioned that the opposition alliance would never succeed in his designs. He said that the ‘prince’ had moved, but the ‘princess’ was still hopeful. “The servants’ faces were pale and trembling,” he said of the spokeswoman for PML-N.

Dr Firdous said that the PDM was winding down, and now Maulana had to prepare himself for the funeral prayers for that unnatural fellowship, because he deserved whatever happened to him. Disgrace is the fate of those who endanger people’s lives during the corona pandemic.

Dr Firdous said 485 new coronavirus cases had been reported while 24 coronavirus victims lost their lives in the past 24 hours. The death toll in Punjab stood at 4,561. What’s more, 19,090 coronavirus tests were carried out over the past 24 hours, so far 2,810,638 tests have been carried out in Punjab.


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The ECP should bring all political parties under the law, said Akbar | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan founding member Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Akbar S Babar said that the General Elections Commission of Pakistan (ECP) should bring all political parties within the scope of the law.

He spoke with Salim Saafi on the Geo News program ‘Jirga’ the other day.

He said that he was still a member of the PTI and would remain a member for the rest of his life. The foreign funding case is a case of national integrity. Our legal institutions still do not know their responsibilities, he added.

‘There is a problem of millions of rupees funding from the Middle East via’ hundi ‘(illegal means). He said that if the foreign funding case is proven, then those who manage it will be prosecuted. The meeting between the KPU chairman and Saifullah Niazai caused controversy, he added. He said the real estate issue was initiated by Aamir Kayani and these people who manage party funds. He accused Imran Khan, Arif Alvi, Umar Cheema, Asad Qaiser and Aamir Kayani of being part of investment and real estate under Bani Gala.

He said he had informed Imran Khan about foreign funding to the party and he also exchanged emails with him about the matter. He said PTI transferred the responsibility for foreign funding to two agents. They are not agents but two companies. These companies are registered by order of Imran Khan, and their Board of Governors is also appointed by him, he said.

He said USC’s close friend and Chairman Zulqarnain Ali Khan received foreign funds from the Middle East which came through ‘hundi’ at a private bank.


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