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Fact examination: Photograph shows protesters destroying a statue in Bristol, England | Instant News

Social media users have shared photos online showing crowds of people throwing statues into the water, claiming this is happening in the United States. That scene actually happened in Bristol, England.

Reuters Fact Check. REUTERS / Axel Schmidt

Examples can be seen here and here .

The text on the picture reads: “I don’t want to know ‘Why did the masses destroy the American monument.’ I prefer to know ‘Why do we allow them?’ ”

This photo was taken in Bristol, England by photographer Ben Birchall for the Press Association through AP Images, and shows a statue of Edward Colston thrown into the port of Bristol here .

The photo description on the Associated Press Images website reads: “Black Life protests. Protesters threw a statue of Edward Colston into the port of Bristol during the Black Lives Matter protest demonstration, in memory of George Floyd who was killed on May 25 while in police custody in the city of Minneapolis, USA Image Date: Sunday 7 June 2020. ”

Colston gained wealth in the 17th century from the West African slave trade. A street and several buildings in Bristol are named after them ( here ). While the demonstration was part of the Black Lives Matter movement, this event did not take place in the US

The same photo is used by large news organizations that report protests.

BBC records show when the statue was overthrown can be seen www.bbc.com/news/uk-52954305 while Reuters footage of the statue was later pulled out of the water can be seen here .


Some of it is wrong. This photo was taken in Bristol, United Kingdom and shows a statue of Edward Colston thrown into the port of Bristol.

This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check Team. Read more about our fact checking workhere .


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Former All Blacks coach Steve Hansen insists New Zealand is not indebted to Australia because the future of Super Rugby is formed Rugby Union News | Instant News

Last Updated: 07/12/20 9:13 am

Steve Hansen spent almost 16 years with the All Blacks

Former All Blacks coach Steve Hansen urged New Zealand to be strong in their negotiations with Australia about the future of Super Rugby.

Super Rugby was stopped in March because the COVID-19 pandemic and the future of the southern hemisphere competition are being discussed.

Earlier this week, Australian Rugby (RA) chairman Hamish McLennan said their counterparts in New Zealand were trying to dictate possible trans-Tasman Super Rugby competition requirements, amid reports the NZR was trying to limit the number of Australian teams involved.

Hansen said he felt that New Zealand Rugby must do the best for their rugby players and insisted that they were indebted to Australia.

“Without controversy, we have been guarding Aussies for years,” Hansen told Stuff Media on Sunday.

“And every time we need something from them, especially at a high level, sometimes they disappear.

“Do we owe them something? No. But because we are our nation, and we care more about the game than ourselves, we bend and bend a little.

“I think NZ Rugby is in the mood to have a strong discussion because they only get one chance for that.”

Much of its impact centered on the composition of the Super Rugby of 2021, with both countries reportedly interested in exploring the trans-Tasman competition rather than returning to tournaments involving teams from South Africa and Argentina.

McLennan told Australian media this week that a leaked report stated that the preferred option by NZR was to have only two or three Australian parties in the trans-Tasman competition.

Hansen said what was most important was not to dilute the New Zealand team with more than five teams and to minimize travel for the welfare of the players.

“You have to start with what you want from him? Instead of, ‘OK, we will hold this competition,'” Hansen said.

“It must be truly competitive and produce world-class players. If you let it be facilitated, there is too big a gap between Super Rugby and the rugby test.”


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Former Black captain Kieran Read supports reform requests for the rugby calendar | Rugby Union News | Instant News

By The Associated Press

Last Updated: 06/06/20 8:00 morning

Former Black captain Kieran Read is in action for the Toyota Verblitz during the Japanese Top League season 2020

Former All Blacks captain Kieran Read supports the call for an integrated international rugby season but fears money “coming out of the north” might thwart efforts to create a global calendar.

Read believes international rugby needs to move away from the current schedule which often forces players from both sides to play Test matches out of season, but fears of a richer northern hemisphere may continue to influence how the global calendar is organized.

At present, the Northern Hemisphere team is conducting tests in the Southern Hemisphere in June or July – at the end of their season – and the Southern Hemisphere toured in the North in November and December. The international windows, which fall in the middle of the Super Rugby season or European club season, substantially extend the season for top players.

Re-elected World Rugby Chair Sir Bill Beaumont has promised to work towards a more integrated calendar which provides space for the Six Nations tournament and the Rugby Championship Test and professional competitions in the northern and southern hemisphere.

Sir Bill Beaumont spoke about the potential of the Nation Cup being reincarnated in the ‘Will Greenwood Podcast

Sir Bill Beaumont spoke about the potential of the Nation Cup being reincarnated in the ‘Will Greenwood Podcast

Beaumont is a strong supporter of the world Test championship, although his efforts to build one year ago were stalled by a standoff over promotion-relegation.

Southern hemisphere countries oppose Beaumont’s re-election, supporting the nomination of Argentine Agustin Pichot’s reforms. In part, Beaumont is considered to represent the status quo and is too protective of the Six Nations tournament and the English and French club tournaments. He has made it clear that he will oppose any steps to reschedule the Six Nations, which feature Ireland, France, Italy, Wales, Scotland and England.

Read, who retired from the Rugby Test after last year’s World Cup in Japan and after leading the All Blacks in 52 of 127 tests, hopes an agreement can be reached that will better integrate the global season and give fans more interest.

“I want to see some sort of consistency around the season,” he told the Stuff news website on Tuesday.

“That would be better for everyone involved and especially for the players. So you don’t play outside the season, which shortens your season [and] which means you will not recover well and be ready for next year. “

Read also join many fans in the call for further tours by countries that are playing the test, a step away from the existing competition.

“I think the tour is important for international games,” he said. “The way I see it and the way the game makes money will determine and the money may come out of the north.

“The tour for me is more on the end of the year tour that we have to experience a little. It was the best time for a player and I think the fans might be able to feel it too. When you get a competitive series it certainly makes a pretty good display.”


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NASCAR released the June schedule | Instant News

The NASCAR team finally learned the next step after running four races in 11 days in Darlington, S.C., and Charlotte. They head to Bristol.

Bristol follows a pair of races in Charlotte, including the Coca-Cola 600, and the first two events on the revised calendar start Sunday at Darlington Raceway.

The Bristol Stop featured the Xfinity Series race on May 30 followed by the NASCAR Cup Series race on May 31. Atlanta Motor Speedway (June 6-7) has one race in each of the three national series, including a double header on Saturday with the Xfinity Series and Gander Trucks.

The crew was at Hampton, Ga., When the coronavirus pandemic caused NASCAR to postpone the race in March.

Martinsville Speedway held another NASCAR Cup Series midweek race under the lights on Wednesday, June 10, three days after the race in Atlanta.

Homestead-Miami Speedway (Sunday, June 14) hosted the NASCAR Cup Series night race after the Xfinity Series race the previous day. It will be the second of two Xfinity Series races in Miami, the first will be part of a double header with Gander Trucks on June 13.

The last confirmed NASCAR race released on Thursday was at Talladega Superspeedway. The ARCA Menards Series and the Xfinity Series double header on Saturday, June 20, will be pursued by the NASCAR Cup Series on Sunday.

Also confirmed Thursday, the race at Kansas Speedway (30-31 May) and Michigan International Speedway (5-7 June) was postponed indefinitely. The Chicagoland and Sonoma races were canceled last week.

– Field Level Media


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When is the COVID-19 vaccine ready? | Instant News

The story so far: On April 23, Oxford University began a phase-1 human clinical trial of its vaccine – ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 – against a new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. A single dose of vaccine candidates will be given to 1,112 healthy volunteers to study safety, ability to produce an immune response and vaccine efficacy. Oxford University is optimistic about the positive results of vaccine candidates and has planned to get millions of vaccine doses before the end of the year even though the results of the final phase of the trial (phase-3) are awaited. The vaccine candidate was developed by the University Jenner Institute which began trials on humans on April 23 together with the Oxford University Vaccine Group.

How was the vaccine tested constructed?

The vaccine, ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, uses the common cold virus (adenovirus) which causes infection in chimpanzees. Adenovirus has been genetically altered so that it doesn’t grow after being injected. Its construction carries genetic material from new coronaviruses that make spike proteins. Surge proteins are found on the surface of the virus and play an important role in binding specific human receptors found on the cell surface and entering the cell.

By introducing genetic material from protein spikes, vaccine candidates will help the body recognize it and make antibodies against protein spikes. The antibodies produced will help improve the immune response and prevent the virus from entering human cells and causing infection.

Oxford University has used a vaccine made from adenovirus construction for more than 320 people and has found that it is safe and well tolerated. It does cause temporary side effects such as fever, headaches or diseased arms but is otherwise safe.

Has it been tested on animals?

The adenovirus construction has been used by Oxford University researchers to test the safety of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) 2002 and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). After the safety of the MERS vaccine was proven in trials conducted in the UK, the trial began in December last year in Saudi Arabia, where MERS outbreaks often occur.

Safety of vaccine candidates was previously tested on six rhesus monkeys.

A single dose protects all six animals for almost a month even when exposed to high levels of the virus, increasing the confidence of researchers.

How is the clinical trial process?

Up to 1,112 healthy volunteers from Oxford, Southampton, London and Bristol have been recruited for phase-1 trials. Volunteers, both men and women between 18-55 years old, are being recruited for the trial. A single dose of vaccine candidates will be given to volunteers. Participants will be randomly assigned to receive vaccine candidates (ChAdOx1 nCoV-19) or ‘control’, the MenACWY vaccine, for comparison.

Oxford University uses the MenACWY vaccine – which protects against four types of meningococcal bacteria – rather than copy control. The participants will not know whether he accepted the vaccine candidate or not. University researchers will also test two vaccine candidate doses given four weeks separately to a small group of 10 volunteers to assess the dose and immune response.

For the control group, why are vaccines for meningococcal bacteria used and not copy?

The MenACWY vaccine is a licensed vaccine given routinely to adolescents in the UK since 2015. The MenACWY vaccine is used as an “active control” vaccine to help understand participant responses to ChAdOx1 nCoV-19. The reason for using this vaccine, rather than copy control, is because researchers hope to see some small side effects of the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine such as arm pain, headaches, and fever. Saline does not cause this side effect. If participants only receive this vaccine or copy control, and then develop side effects, they will realize that they have received a new vaccine. It is important for this study, said Oxford University, that participants remain blind to whether they have received the vaccine or not, “such as, if they know, this can affect their health behavior in the community after vaccination, and can lead to bias in research results” .

While all participants will be told how to reduce the risk of infection, it is necessary that participants who receive both the vaccine are exposed to the virus and some are infected. Only thus will it be possible to understand if the vaccinated group remains protected or not compared to the control group. For this purpose, keeping participants in the dark about the vaccine received makes a strong trial.

What is the schedule for the trial?

Phase-1 trials are expected to be completed by the end of May if transmission remains high in the community. Phase-2 trials can be completed in August-September. According to Suresh Jadhav, Executive Director of the Indian Serum Institute Pvt. Ltd., phase-2 and phase-3 trials can be combined if the phase-1 trial results are encouraging.

When will the Pune Serum Institute start making vaccines?

According to Mr. Jadhav, the company will start producing vaccines once phase-3 or phase-2 / phase-3 trials begin. If the last two stages of the experiment are combined they will start producing vaccines at the end of June and be ready with millions of doses by the end of the year. The company is confident that it will produce 60-70 million doses of vaccine by the end of this year. He said, “Because we will start making it when the final phase of the trial begins, we will have millions of vaccine doses ready when the trial ends.”

How much does it cost?

In a tweet on April 30, Oxford University said that they partnered with AstraZeneca to produce and distribute vaccines as quickly as possible. It was said that the vaccine would be available on a “not for profit basis for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic”.

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NASCAR Just Got Beat By A Dog Show | Instant News

NASCAR has succeeded in one big thing with its iRacing Pro Invitational Pro Series: If you don’t miss a real car-stock race before these things come, you really miss it now.

They are holding another Sunday Cup video-game competition from the virtual Bristol Motor Speedway. This is the first sign that this is not real: All seats are filled. The last time the actual spring race was held in Bristol, only about a quarter of the seats were occupied.

But anyway. NASCAR and Fox won praise for trying to make this look and sound like a real race for their real advertisers and sponsors, but the best that can be said about the event is that it’s true. . . better than nothing. The result is doubtful (though not too long), and it killed several hours.

Then the official ranking comes on Tuesday. The fake race, which was broadcast on television on Fox and Fox Sports One, attracted 1.179 million real viewers, with a value of 0.71. The real race in Bristol last year, only on Fox Sports One, attracted 2.806 million viewers, ranking 1.71. OK, fake apples and real oranges.

But a week earlier, the iRacing event on Fox and Fox Sports One of Texas Motor Speedway pretended to attract 1.339 million viewers, or a rating of 0.81. That was a one-week decline of 12% in viewers and ratings for races of famous tracks that should be more interesting than Texas.

Fox and Fox Sports One can say the show from Bristol is the third most watched sports program on a TV schedule that was reduced because of the coronavirus pandemic. No. 1, once again, is Friday Night Smackdown on Fox, a rasslin event recorded before by the skeleton staff before there is no live audience.

But No. 2 is a repeat of the 2019 Beverly Hills Dog Show, which was shown on Sunday afternoon on NBC. Figures for doggies: 1,227 million viewers, rating of 0.81. So 48,000 more people watched the dog show rerun than the live video-game race that was shown two network.

WearingDon’t blame Fox, because he didn’t try to ignore this video-game race as the real thing. One of his commentators on Sunday is the always entertaining Clint Bowyer, who actually drives the race – and was involved in the initial clashes with Bubba Wallace. “I really need beer,” Bowyer said.

The race was a mess, with 12 periods of caution including 66 rounds of 150 rounds. Here’s the problem: iRacing is an impressive simulation, but the best native NASCAR drivers in that regard have video-game experience – and are far better than drivers with less experience, like Bowyer.

If the anonymous video-game champion is played instead of the actual NASCAR driver and ex-driver, the event might be better, but even fewer will tune. very good car driver.

Bristol is a short track, where crashing and pounding are common. The field was limited to 32 cars for the iRacing race on Sunday, opening up some space on the track, but the impact and impact on the back of the virtual package often made several cars spin.

All that will be fine – it’s just a video game, to cry out loud. The positive part about this accident is that the driver is not injured in real life, as happened in an actual race. So it’s all just for fun, unless the driver and fans know that, so there’s no tense drama.

Wallace was damaged twice on Sunday, using his “reset” before deciding to quit the race. He got a loud rebuke from his sponsor, on Twitter, of course. Daniel Suarez and Kyle Larson were then disqualified for trying to destroy each other. Only three riders lead the race.

Fox will keep trying, but the fans remain alert. Sooner or later, there will be real racing again, and everyone will be happy to see it after such a long break and forget all about the bad substitute. A fan called it “exaggeration,” which is a description as good as “better than nothing.”


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