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Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation Releases New Travel Guides | National and regional news | Instant News

With 12 ecoregions within its borders, Oklahoma “has the most diverse mile-by-mile terrain in the country, and this diversity can be seen on the cover of the travel guide,” the agency said. It features an image of a rock formation found in the Black Mesa area near Kenton, as well as smaller photos of other landscapes in the state. The Guide to Oklahoma State and Outdoor Parks 2021 offers more than 200 pages of information and photographs about Oklahoma State Parks and other popular outdoor destinations in the state, as well as directories for outdoor activities, cabins and lodges. lodges, and camper and RV locations in the state. The guide cover features an illustration of the great blue heron. The newly expanded Oklahoma Motorcycle Guide includes 14 rides across the state, including the Talimena National Scenic Route and Route 66 – plus additional destinations and events for cyclists. Travelers can order or download the new guides at travelok.com/brochures. Many other publications from the Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation, including the Oklahoma Route 66 Passport, the Oklahoma Route 66 Guide, and the Oklahoma Indian Country Guide, are also available. .

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Geothermal Energy in the United Kingdom, a review by TownRock Energy | Think about GeoEnergy | Instant News

Geothermal resources in the UK (source: TownRock Energy, screenshot)

The new brochure by TownRock Energy based in the UK provides a good and brief overview of how the UK can benefit from the utilization of geothermal resources for heating.

Geothermal energy consultations, TownRock Energy has published a well-organized brochure on “Geothermal Energy in the UK – what, why, where and how

It is focused on geothermal energy for renewable heat in the UK.

It discusses why geothermal energy could be an option for United Key given that it could become “the most significant and sustainable source of heating and cooling globally by 2050”.

Explaining how geothermal energy works, the brochure highlights that 45% of energy use in the UK is for heating, while it is responsible for 32% of all UK carbon emissions. The context of the use of abandoned mines in the UK for heat extraction has been mentioned, the water contained in abandoned mines is around 75 billion cubic meters of water. With around 7 million homes in the UK can use mine water heat.

Because all of these mines are very deep, they contain extractable heat. In the UK the temperature at a depth of around 1,000 m (1 km) is around 30-50 degrees Celsius.

The highlighted brochure is geothermal resources available in the country with aquifer and minewater sources found in the South of England, heading eastcoast to Scotland and in Northern Ireland.

Published as a brochure, this is a great display for geothermal and gives a good review.

Source: David Townsend via LinkedIn


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