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Trillions of Dollars in Our Taxes on New Nuclear Missiles? Let’s Stop Omnicider! | Instant News

As a global pandemic wreaks havoc on human health and economy, it seems like the right time to consider our country’s priorities, huh?

No, it turns out, for a war machine. US is ready for that spend at least a trillion, and perhaps several trillion, of our tax dollars to completely overhaul and upgrade our entire nuclear arsenal over the next three decades. Predictably, eight other nuclear weapons nations – Russia, China, France, Britain, Pakistan, India, Israel and North Korea – have followed suit, so like it or not, we are in a new arms race. It’s hard to imagine a more colossal waste of money, energy, and human intelligence, especially with the pandemic and climate chaos beating us, so hard.

The really chilling part of this insane scheme is the new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) to replace the Minuteman III missiles stationed in Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado. Bureaucratically dubbed the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD), the Pentagon or prime contractor Northrop Grumman might immediately give him a ridiculous name meant to convey his destructive power (previous missile monikers include Atlas, Titan, and ridiculously, Keeper of the Peacekeeping).

Let’s beat them up and call it what they are, Omnicider, because a nuclear war involving such a missile, which would carry a warhead tens or hundreds of times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb that killed more than 140,000 people, could end all lives. in this world. And more importantly, let’s leave it behind, eliminate the entire ICBM leg of the nuclear weapons triad (its most unsafe and unstable leg, nuclear submarines and long-range bombers being the other two legs), and move on to get rid of this cursed planet. weapons, including the signing Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

There are myriad reasons why Omnicider is such a bad idea – its exorbitant price tag, the opportunity cost of investing our tax money in missiles and warheads instead of human and environmental well-being, and its contribution to a new arms race that threatens global peace and security.GBSD has a starting price tag of $ 100 billion, with an entire life cycle cost of $ 264 billion, and that possibility is too low. When was the last time a major weapons system was under budget? Chirp, chirp, chirp of crickets.

Great article by Elisabeth Eaves in the Atomic Scientist Bulletin dig deep into the various aspects of this ignorance. He noted that canceling the program would not be easy, with economic and political support entrenched behind the leg of the ICBM triad. In addition to the states mentioned above, where the missile silos are located, Utah is the site of Northrop Grumman’s new headquarters building for the program, and plans to test the missile’s solid fuel system nearby. Also add California to the list, as the missile’s test flight was launched from Vandenburg Air Force Base, which was targeted to land on Kwajelein Island in the Marshall Islands (or in the Pacific Ocean).

People in the state are subject to nuclear attack simply because these facilities are located there, so local opposition is expected. Of course, we all retreated, even a limited nuclear war could because nuclear winter, wiping out nearly all life on Earth.

There are myriad reasons why Omnicider is such a bad idea – the exorbitant price tag, the opportunity cost of investing our tax money in missiles and warheads instead of human and environmental well-being, and its contribution to a new arms race that threatens global peace and security are few. . It seems difficult to make an affirmative case for the program.

How did we get here? As the Eaves article chronicles, President Barack Obama has, in a dubious bargain, agreed to conservative senatorial demands to spend large sums of money to “modernize” (aka remodel and upgrade) the entire US nuclear weapons complex in exchange for ratifying a simple New START treaty with Russia. Recently extended for five years by Russia and the Biden government, New START allows each country to deploy 1,550 nuclear weapons; The US and Russia’s nuclear arsenal comprises more than 90% of the global nuclear arsenal.

Even though Biden was Vice President at the time, he was not at all bound by this previous decision. He and Congress can and should decide to cancel Omnicider and other nuclear weapons programs for better and more life-affirming priorities – tackling the pandemic, reviving the economy, building affordable housing, providing universal health care, canceling student debt, enduring climate chaos – whatever we decide to be a government. Even some conservatives argue that there are more pressing priorities in the Pentagon’s budget – increasing conventional power and dealing with cyber threats, for example – that cost more money than new nukes.

As a bureaucratic checkbox for the program, the Army has rumored a Finding of No Significant Impact, or FONSI (Heyyyy !!! Does Henry Winkler agree with the acronym?), which states that testing various aspects of GBSD will not harm the environment. Because the US military is among the largest polluter on this planet, I am skeptical of this “finding.”

While this may seem like a small step, anyone can email the government your concerns about GBSD to [email protected].

Hopefully this will help trigger national and regional movements to stop these false programs, such as campaigns stop the MX missiles decades ago. Let’s vote for humanity, another species that has no say in nuclear policy, and Earth, over the omnicide.


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Around the World with Ryan Jacobson: The Travel Memories of a Native of the West Take Readers to 12 Countries | Daily News Alerts | Instant News

IN THE WEST – Traveling to distant lands may be on hold for most of us these days, but a local resident has allowed travel to 12 countries for Valentine’s Day – albeit by proxy. West, Ryan Jacobson, a 41-year-old college professor, published his first travel book last month – “The Adventures of Mr. Brightside” – which zoomed directly to the top of Amazon’s bestseller chart for travel books a few days after arrival. book – whose full title is “The Adventures of Mr. Brightside: One Man. One World. Three Very Different Budgets” – can travel with him as he travels through a dozen countries – from Portugal to Morocco; from Albania to India; from Sri Lanka to Thailand; from Laos to Cuba; from Mexico to Belize; and from Panama to Peru – and share stories about gorgeous beaches, fairytale campaigns, delicious daiquiris, and divine desert experiences. Readers can also experience the countries in three completely different modes: with a “very low budget “, a” moderate budget “and on” a full luxury budget “. Jacobson invites his readers to travel with him sipping champagne at a Michelin restaurant on the 65th floor of a world-class hotel, then, the next morning, packs his backpack, hires a motorized rickshaw, and heads for his. home for the next four days: a cramped dormitory full of strangers. The book is more of a “how not to travel,” Jacobson joked one afternoon last week, describing his travels, highlighting some of his favorite places, foods and experiences, and explained how he landed on his Unusual plan.Originally, the seasoned traveler said, he planned to travel the world in 12 months while visiting 12 countries and spending just $ 1,000. He was planning to call this travel project “Venture Twelve”. But after “crunching a few numbers while sipping a martini in his parents’ hot tub,” he realized – and his family members agreed – that he would never survive a limited budget. “So I went back to the drawing board,” wrote Jacobson in his prologue. “While it is true that I enjoy the finer things in life, I also have the ability to ‘take it hard’ and get dirty.” Jacobson, who spent a summer teaching in war-torn Uganda and traveling the Grand Canyon for a week – and sleeping on a picnic table – also visited some of the country’s finest wineries and wineries and s he is “mingled with celebrities” in speakeasies and mansions. “The point is, I’m like a cuttlefish,” Jacobson said. “I have the ability to blend into any environment I need to survive any situation I find myself randomly landing in.” So, he landed on his plane, and after about a year of dedicated planning, he set off on his trip. With a special backpack – one that could easily fit in the overhead luggage compartments of planes – filled with comfy clothes and two designer suits constantly in a hurry for those chicer moments – he went to taste camel burgers and lionfish, crickets and scorpions, swimming in Erin Burke, a sommelier who grew up in Ledyard – and first met Jacobson when the two were working as summer bartenders at the Windjammer in Misquamicut – met Jacobson in Morocco and again in Italy, Albania, Montenegro, Hungary, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Panama and Colombia. Although she particularly enjoyed their stay in the Sahara where they stayed in a five-star tent, Albania could have been her favorite, she said. “I would like to go back to Albania one day,” said Jacobson. “It was so special and so different,” said Burke. “There are mountains and then there are incredible beaches.” Said Burke reading “The Adventures of Mr. Brightside” it was like traveling with Ryan again. “It’s so much like him,” she said. “You can hear his voice.” Jacobson’s cousin Rachel Doyle from Westerly agrees. “As I read ‘The Adventures of Mr. Brightside’, I could hear Ryan’s voice telling the stories and visualize him going through his many adventures,” she said. “His book is funny laughing out loud. … I couldn’t put it down.” My husband, Sean, and I bought two copies, ”Doyle added. We read it simultaneously and then discuss it. … I am already looking forward to the rest. Last week Chris Tillinghast Taylor, a Facebook friend of Jacobson’s, posted this message to the author: “Ryan, I finished your amazing book today in the wee hours of the morning. It was so much fun to read. Your humanity shines through your words and your humor is one of a kind. Thank you for sharing your courageous and incredible adventure. It was an honor to experience your travels by proxy. Jacobson caught the travel bug when he was young, said his mother, Michelle Jacobson of Westerly, and showed interest in vacation planning from an early age. Ryan and his older brother Corey – “loved planning a family vacation,” added Michelle, who still remembers how Ryan would “follow up” whenever she and her sister plan a family vacation. Her son, she said, has been a certified lifeguard, bartender, sommelier, reporter, elementary school teacher, middle school teacher, high school teacher, and English as a second language teacher. And now he’s a published author. However, she says, how her son – voted “Friendliest” by Westerly High School class members of 1998 – was able to travel the world, with his cousin, Vanessa Ravenelle Harwood, was only with ” the grace of God. ”“ He has a terrible sense of direction, ”she joked. “The Adventures of Mr. Brightside,” said Ryan, wh o dedicates his book to his “loving parents, William and Michelle Jacobson,” will leave readers with an “immense urge to travel,” but at the same time an appreciation for being able to. read “in the comfort and safety of your own home”. to view photos and learn more about Jacobson’s travels, visit [email protected]

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PM House has cut its budget: Shibli | Instant News

By our correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz said that the government has taken steps to control inflation and hopefully commodity prices will fall soon.

He spoke with federal government employees protesting in front of the Pak Secretariat on Wednesday. The minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan monitors inflation on a daily basis and he is committed to solving government employees’ problems on a priority basis. He said the government was trying to increase the salaries of government employees in the upcoming budget. He said the Prime Minister’s budget had been curtailed and other departments were being told to follow suit, and that federal government employees were a priority. He assured the protesting employees about the initial compensation for their demands.

The minister also addressed the inauguration ceremony for the newly elected board of directors of the Upper Dir Press Club at the National Press Club, for which he thanked him for heading to the federal capital.

Senator Shibli opposes the alliance of the opposition party, the Democratic Movement of Pakistan (PDM), and alleges that it has provided another example of selfishness and opportunism by trying to distance itself from the protests of secretariat employees.

He blamed the PPP and PML-N regimes for the problems faced by government employees and demanded the two ruthlessly plunder and plunder national resources while piling up their own assets.

The Minister of Home Affairs sounds optimistic that there will be an initial solution to the problems of Secretariat employees. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had mentioned government employees at most Cabinet meetings. He noted that the prime minister directed the relevant authorities to immediately resolve the issue of government employee salaries.

A high-level Cabinet Committee has also been formed in this regard. These include federal minister Pervez Khattak, Sheikh Rashid, Abdul Hafeez Shaikh. This committee is currently talking to employees. The protesters will be satisfied.

He alleges that the root cause of today’s problems is the incompetence and lack of previous government planning.

He gave an example, like other sectors, the media tried to raise the narrative of national interests. He said journalists will continue to play a key role in highlighting their local, regional issues as well as promoting narratives of national interest.

The minister said that despite all the challenges and in spite of the global coronavirus outbreak, the country’s economy has bounced back and every sector including construction and textiles has improved. “Pakistan’s economy is performing much better than other countries in the region and in the coming days inflation will drop and job opportunities will be created. “The proposal to give health cards to journalists throughout the country, including Islamabad, will be submitted to the prime minister,” he said.

He said that the fruit of our efforts had begun to reach the community and added that he would visit Dir Hulu to get information about journalist problems.


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Counties to Consider Adding Leftover Food Collections to Your Next Budget | Instant News

Arlington County Council will consider adding food waste collection to its solid waste service in its 2021-22 budget.

This change will allow residents to dispose of their leftovers with their yard waste in existing green trash cans. All organic material will be brought to the new composting facility and the service will cost less than $ 12 per year for those paying household solid waste rates, according to regional staff.

“We need to have more information in the spring,” Environmental Services Department spokeswoman Katie O’Brien told ARLnow by email.

County is considering the move after being encouraged by positive community feedback. The majority of the population, surveyed in November and December, say they support mixing leftovers and yard waste. The survey gathered 3,973 respondents, 79% of whom supported adding leftovers to their organic cart, said O’Brien.

DES pushes the feedback form to the household trash and recycling email list, which has about 27,575 people signing up, adds DES spokeswoman Jessica Baxter.

“We believe there is great support for this program – as evidenced by the feedback form and what we have heard over the years since the introduction of green organic carts with yard waste throughout the year,” he said.

This potential service change will only be available to those receiving residential garbage collection from the district – mostly people in single-family homes, as opposed to residents of apartments and condos serviced by private garbage collectors.

Currently, all district residents can leave their remains on the Earth Products Recycling Page in Shirlington (4300 29th Street S.) or Columbia Pike Farmers Market on Sunday. Districts also provide instructions for backyard composting.

Arlington’s quarterly garbage audits have revealed that food waste makes up more than 20% of what residents throw away. Based on district website, collect leftovers will support district goals divert up to 90% of waste from combustion by 2038.

During the week, the residents collect fruits, vegetables, meat and milk bucket table. After the buckets are full, residents will place the leftovers – in paper bags or compost bag – in their green organic cart and take it to the curb on trash pick-up day.

To limit odors, staff recommend lining buckets with bags, emptying them regularly and rinsing them occasionally. Freeze leftovers also reduce odor. Like yard decorations, leftovers will be taken to an approved composting facility.

County has collected grass clippings, cut flowers, brushes, fencing and foliage decorations year-round since 2016.

Photo (above) by Minnesota Pollution Control Agency


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The Italian political crisis raises concerns in Brussels over the spending pandemic | Instant News

Italian political crisis and resignations Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has raised concerns in Brussels that the distribution of the country’s pandemic recovery funds could be hampered.

Italy’s national parliament has approved the first draft on how to use the money, but there are still many details of the plan that have yet to be finalized.

But European Commission Executive Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis told Euronews that work on this must continue.

“We hope this work will continue. After all, Italy is by far the largest recipient of recovery funds, so there is a lot of interest across the political spectrum to ensure that the preparatory work is done and Italy can start receiving the money,” Dombrovskis told Euronews.

The most likely scenario is a third mandate for Conte, but there are concerns that new elections could slow down the EU pandemic money management process.

Irene Tinagli, an Italian socialist MP, told Euronews that Italy already had a good basis for its plans.

“Whatever happens in the next few days, we will not start from scratch and we have already made some reforms or ideas on how to speed up the implementation process because we know it will be a big challenge,” said Tinagli. .

But the political crisis in Italy worries some of the more financially cautious member states, such as Austria and the Netherlands, after initially showing reluctance towards the idea of ​​sharing debt to finance the continent’s recovery.

An Austrian parliamentarian, Lukas Mandl, told Euronews that EU funds must be spent carefully.

“Let me be frank – this is taxpayer money. Someone has worked hard for that money. It is a European citizen and that is why for each case we are obliged to take care of as much as we can,” Mandl explained.

Italy’s effective use of this money is seen as important not only for the country, but also for the credibility of the European project.


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