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The scariest horror game of the decade | Culture | Instant News

With Halloween weekend still ahead of us, there’s no better time to relive the scariest horror game of the decade. Whether it’s hiding from cannibals after an emergency landing on an island, repeatedly walking the same hallway, or getting stuck on a space station with greedy aliens, the games below give players the most gruesome Halloween experience.


“Outlast” is a first-person survival horror game that follows an overly curious journalist who finds himself exploring an abandoned mental hospital. Accompanying him on this eerie journey is his trusty camcorder, but apart from that, players will find little or no other item to help them in their game. Instead of fighting enemies, “Live Longer” focuses on stealth and solving puzzles to progress through the game area. This creates a truly terrifying experience as players are completely defenseless when it comes to protecting themselves.

The asylum is made up of dark hallways, cramped spaces, flickering lights, enough battery to keep the cameras on, and a bunch of crazy patients who have been there too long. “Outlast” clearly takes influences from classics like “Resident Evil” but maintains its own identity while showcasing some of the genre’s new and exciting styles.


“Forest” is another survival-horror game that can be played alone or with a group of friends. Instead of exploring a mental hospital, players fall on an unmarked island and must find a way to survive. The island is inhabited by a strange group of local residents. What I mean by strange groups, naked, screaming, multi-legged creatures whose newborns attack players in groups of hundreds. It’s really weird, but “The Forest” is entertaining and packed with content.

During the day, players must collect essential items such as wood for fire or cloth and bones for spears. At night, they have to endure the horror that appears in the forest. The enemies began to increase in number and change in strategy the longer the player survived. I will never forget to watch the creatures slowly circle around my tent one lonely night. I watched closely from within my walls as they surveyed my nighttime habits, but finally dispersed without attacking. The following night, the onslaught continued as they destroyed my camp and ended my hopes of surviving another day.

“Resident Evil 7: Biohazard”

“Resident Evil 7” was published by Capcom in 2017 and sparked comparisons with the original release in the franchise. Players are no longer aiming slowly through the third-person perspective known as “Resident Evil 5” and “Resident Evil 6”. On the contrary, it is new first person installments combines a recent genre direction with elements of survival that made the series popular years ago.

The story begins with the main characters looking for their kidnapped loved ones, which eventually leads them to explore various areas of the family’s farm. Of course, this is “Resident Evil”, so stay tuned for lots of blood, puzzles, craft, and terrifying creatures to emerge. If one is looking for a more terrifying experience, “Resident Evil 7” is also available for virtual reality.

“Alien Isolation”

“Alien Isolation” takes the premise of what made “Outlast” a huge hit and transfers it to the world-leading AAA title “Aliens”. The player will be trapped in the space station and chased by an alien as he crawls around the airways and ditches to jump at Ripley. I’ve never experienced the constant stress and horror of knowing that something was chasing me, no matter what I did. Even after knowing my predicament, “Isolation” continues to surprise me with new elements that still scare me to this day.


The famous “PT” story. It was released by Kojima Productions in 2014 as a playable teaser for the next installment of the “Silent Hill” series. Director Hideo Kojima worked with filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro and actor Norman Reedus to create what will become the most famous video game teaser of this decade and possibly of all time. However, Konami – the game producer – has a very public and messy relationship with longtime developer Kojima. This was the catalyst for the cancellation of “Silent Hill” and the removal of “PT” from the shop, but in the end, the creation of a horror game legend.

“PT” is a first-person horror game played on a loop. The player will drop the same L-shaped passage only to open the door at its end and return to its original place. With each trip, something will change in the hallway. It could be the lighting, the baby crying in the background, the fridge strangely hanging from the ceiling or maybe not at all. It presents a riddle for players to figure out, even if they aren’t aware of it at the time, while maintaining the tense and terrifying feeling of being trapped in a haunted hallway. Although players will no longer be able to download this title, the game has easily established itself as one of the most famous horror games released in the last decade.

The last ten years have been a great representation of what the horror genre can produce and how it can change over time. When the Halloween celebrations are over, don’t miss the chance to enjoy some of the biggest horror games of the decade.

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ICC will start the Food Sevice Pathway class 9 November | Business | Instant News

TUPELO – Itawamba Community College has scheduled Food Service Pathway classes at Belden Center (3200 Adams Farm Rd.) Starting November 9.

Classes will meet Monday to Friday from 8: 30-16: 30 to 11 December. Classes will not meet Thanksgiving week.

This program includes the Food Safe Manager Certification, Serve Safe® Alcohol Certification, CPR, certificate of completion, proper food handling standards, kitchen safety practices, culinary techniques, interviewing and resume building skills, money handling and the front of the house and back of home operations.

For more information or to apply, contact program director Christy Scheuer at [email protected] or (662) 407-1505; or line coordinator Josh Gammill at [email protected] or (662) 407-1569.


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The I-70 patching project between Terre Haute and Brazil begins Monday | | Instant News

The Indiana Department of Transportation has announced that the patch project is continuing on Interstate 70, and line restrictions will begin on or after Monday on the eastbound line between Terre Haute (Exit 11) and Brazil (Exit 23).

There will be one 12 foot wide strip open in the area the contractor will patch.

The contractor will work on the three mile segment on the east line to start and then move to the west line. Construction is scheduled to last until November 25.

The contract was awarded to Rieth-Riley Construction for $ 9.5 million. The project will patch the interstate in both directions from the 5.2 mile marker to the Indiana / Illinois State line and on I-70 from Indiana 59 to Indiana 641 / Indiana 46. Construction is scheduled to continue through the end of November.


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‘How blessed I am to be here’: For German-born Okie, the anniversary of the end of WW2 and the fall of the Berlin Wall evokes feelings of gratitude | Local News | Instant News

Schnoor’s introduction to Tulsa, with the freedom of the American brand, was eye opening.

“I couldn’t believe how different it was from the city I came from,” he said. “Just being able to go to a restaurant and order food – it was a very drastic change from my life.

“Every day is a joy to get up and go,” he said.

Schnoor finally got married.

He met his wife, Peggy, when a flat tire on the side of the road stopped to help.

The couple, who raised three daughters and a stepson, were married for more than 50 years before his death.

Schnoor returned to Germany on visits for many years.

He saw the famous Berlin Wall, erected to keep the population from the communist side locked up. He hated her and everything she represented.

However, Schnoor felt certain that the barrier could not last.

“I always believed people would rise up and destroy it,” he said. And that’s what happened.

Schnoor, who still has a sister in Germany, made more visits after reunification in 1990.

He is happy with his homeland, finally free from the Nazis and Communists and faces a brighter future.


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ICC Food Service Pathway classes will commence Oct 5 | Business | Instant News

Itawamba Community College has scheduled Food Service Pathway classes at Belden Center (3200 Adams Farm Rd.) Starting October 5.

Classes will meet Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm to 3 November.

This program includes Serve Safe® Food Manager Certification, Alcohol Serve Safe® Certification, CPR, certificate of completion, proper food handling standards, kitchen safety practices, culinary engineering, interviewing and resume building skills, money handling and front of house and back of house operations. .

For more information or to apply, contact program director Christy Scheuer at [email protected] or 407-1505; or line coordinator Josh Gammill at [email protected] or 407-1569.


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