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Lowes Foods to Host First Virtual Beer Hunt April 17 | Food Drink | Instant News

WINSTON-SALEM, NC (APRIL 9, 2021) —Lowes Foods, a Carolina-based grocery store known for its popular in-store Beer Dens featuring local craft beers, is holding its first Virtual Beer Hunt. Beer fans can find specialty boxes at all Lowes Foods Beer Dens. They contain five unique beers from NoDa Brewing Company, a trail mix of Lowes Foods Brown Bag and selected beef jerky, and two Lowes Foods Beer Den glasses for the event. On April 17thth, shoppers can go to a special link where they can see Chad Henderson, the head brewer of NoDa, guide them through the beer. They can also ask questions during this live broadcast.

In addition, participants will be given a QR code to scan and automatically check the beer on the Untappd app and get a Virtual Beer Hunt badge.

There are upcoming events planned too. Virtual Beer Hunt in May will be with Edmund’s Oast and June will be with Westbrook Brewing. Slezak adds, “These three craft beer partners are based in Carolina like us at Lowes Foods, and they offer a unique beer suitable for someone just starting out on their craft beer journey to beer nerds looking to discover the latest innovations ..”

Hunt Club’s Box – courtesy of Lowes Foods

NoDa Brewing Company’s Virtual Beer Hunting Selection

Hop Drop ‘N Roll – Winner of the Gold Award 2014 World Beer Cup®, American Style IPA. Hop in your face. A leap of crunchy, appetizing American oranges, dominate for the ideal IPA character. It jumps before, during and after boiling with additional Citra and Amarillo boils for a complex flavor profile. The rich golden hue comes from a mixture of British and American basic malt with Viennese accents and large quantities of malted wheat. This is the beer that started it all for NoDa brewery.

Fog Radio – Our Year-round Juicy IPA is brewed with a fantastic hops mix that leads to mostly juicy and tropical flavors on the front without much bitterness. Fuzzy and smooth with a moderate body from the heavy use of Torrified Wheat and Oats.

Stock Day – Lager is crispy and easy to drink for any adventure you choose. From mountains to sea. Every day is Lager Day.

Blood Orange Gose Beer – This German-style wheat beer made with kettle acids is brewed with German pilsner grain and local wheat malt. Pure blood orange provides a unique color, refreshing citrus taste and aroma, while salt balances the bitter taste.

Very Low Fog – A low-calorie, low-carb cloudy IPA enjoyed by people who crave good taste but no guilt. Haze So-Low is just that!

* Please note, the above beer combinations cannot be purchased alone. To sample all the options, the Tap Room needs to be visited or 3 packages 4 and 2 packages 8 need to be purchased.

About Lowes Foods, LLC

Founded in 1954, Lowes Foods employs nearly 9,000 people and operates 74 full-service supermarkets in Carolina. Locally owned and operated, Lowes Foods is truly a down-to-earth company committed to bringing society back to the table, by providing customers with the freshest and most innovative local produce from local suppliers. The company maintains a strong focus on exceptional attention to guests, with services such as Lowes Foods-To-Go personal shopping and discounted gas rewards. To learn more, visit lowesfoods.com or follow Lowes Foods on Facebook or Twitter. Lowes Foods, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alex Lee, Inc. For more information, please visit lowesfoods.com.

About Alex Lee, Inc.

Founded in 1931, Alex Lee is a family owned and operated company employing nearly 10,000 people. It serves as the holding company of Merchants Distributors, LLC, providing full-service wholesale distribution to supermarkets throughout the Southeast United States. Additionally, Alex Lee is the parent company of Lowes Foods as well as the Just Save food store in North Carolina. Alex Lee, Inc. based in Hickory, NC. For more information, please visit alexlee.com.


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Senate Election: PM Imran announces to support PML-Q candidate Kamil Ali Agha – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in 01 February 2021 18:24

Senate Election: PM Imran announces to support PML-Q candidate Kamil Ali Agha

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced his support for PML-Q candidate Kamil Ali Agha in Senate elections during a meeting with his leaders.

According to details, the PML-Q leadership invited PM Imran Khan, Chairman of the Punjab Assembly Pervaiz Elahi, Tariq Bashir Cheema and Moonis Elahi to also attend the meeting.

During the meeting discussed the Senate election. On this occasion, the Prime Minister announced his support for the name of the PML-Q candidate Kamil Ali Agha in the Senate election.

Meanwhile, the government has formed a Senate selection committee consisting of Chairman Pervaiz Elahi, Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar, and Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar.

Prime Minister Imran Khan assured the League leadership that he would continue consultations with allies over Senate elections. Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Pervez Khattak and Shafqat Mehmood attended the meeting on behalf of the government.

During the meeting, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi also invited the Prime Minister to inaugurate the new Punjab Assembly building which was accepted by Imran Khan.


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Northern Australia’s decade-long syphilis outbreak prompted a national response | Instant News

Australia’s top medical agency is calling for a coordinated national response to end the syphilis outbreak that has been spreading across the country for 10 years.

Sexually transmitted infections are easy to treat but have spread to parts of Queensland, the Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia since January 2011.

It mainly affects young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in remote and rural areas, particularly Northern Australia.

More than 3,600 people have been diagnosed since the outbreak began, according to federal Health Department data.

“It is very clear that there is a very ineffective response to the epidemic of this very significant disease in four states,” said NT president of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Robert Parker.

“And there is absolutely no coordination from various states and territories in dealing with it,”

Australia currently does not have a national CDC, but the AMA has asked the Federal Government to establish one since 2017.

In a statement, a spokesman from the federal Department of Health said a body called the National Framework for Control of Infectious Diseases, which was endorsed by the COAG Health Council in 2014, was considered a better choice than the national CDC.

Dr Robert Parker has been calling on the national CDC to address this issue since 2017.(ABC News: Samantha Jonscher)

Easy to care for, hard to control

Syphilis can be diagnosed with a blood test and treated with penicillin.

But Dr Andrew Webster, head of clinical governance at Darwin-based Indigenous health service Danila Dilba, said infections could have catastrophic consequences if not treated early.

“This is a very challenging disease to treat because people don’t necessarily know they have the disease until they come to a clinic, get a blood test, and then be identified so we can treat it,” said Dr Webster.

“If left untreated, it can lead to tertiary syphilis which can make something that looks like dementia, in my opinion, in layman’s terms.”

Syphilis can also be passed from pregnant women to their children, with departmental data confirming at least 10 congenital cases and three deaths across Australia since 2011.

“If this epidemic occurs on the Queensland-New South Wales border… there will be a lot of interest and federal intervention.

“Because Aboriginal children are in remote places, the Federal Government doesn’t seem to care.”

Funding cliff scare

In 2017, a group of state and federal government health officials developed a strategic approach to dealing with the outbreak, which was supported by the ministry’s advisory board in addition to an action plan.

$ 21.2 million in federal funding goes to Aboriginal community-controlled health organizations to fund additional staff and on-site testing through 2021.

John Paterson, CEO of NT Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance, said that the fund expires next month.

He questioned what the screening and education programs in remote areas meant, which he said needed more resources.

“That’s not enough,” he said.

AMSANT chief executive John Paterson in Darwin.
John Paterson, CEO of AMSANT, said health organizations need more funds to address this problem.(ABC News: Mitch Woolnough)

Dr Webster praised the Federal Government for its efforts so far in controlling the outbreak, and hopes funding and good relations with Indigenous health organizations will continue.

A department spokesman said the government’s response would be reviewed this year before further commitments were made.

He said the syphilis drug was also added to the Emergency Medicine Supply Schedule in September 2019, and it is intended to treat infections for Aboriginal populations in non-remote areas in a timely manner.

Indigenous medical groups hope the positive relationship they built with the government during the COVID-19 pandemic response will help streamline responses to other major health issues in the future.

“This allows us to get our input and have a voice and ensure that Aboriginal voices are heard,” said Paterson.

“A very similar model is what we should strive for to tackle STIs too.”


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PPP describes itself as a supporter of democracy but issues a maximum rule: Murad Saeed – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in 12 January 2021 11:15 p.m.

The PPP describes itself as a champion of democracy but issues a maximum rule: Murad Saeed

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Communications and Postal Service Minister Murad Saeed said the Pakistan People’s Party described itself as a fighter for democracy but issued maximum regulations during his own rule.

Speaking in the Senate about motions under Rule 218 sponsored by Opposition Leaders and other opposition lawmakers, he said the PPP government had passed a total of 150 regulations, adding that 74 were passed by the PPP in the first two years of its rule.

He said the PPP government had issued a no objection certificate (NOC) to the federal government for the development of Bundal Island.

He said, before giving his remarks, the opposition must also understand the articles of the Constitution regarding property ownership.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had paid special attention to the development of South Balochistan and an amount of Rs. 600 billion is allocated for the development and prosperity of this region. He said that the previous government was responsible for poverty in Balochistan.

The Minister said that with the development of the Islands, local youth would have job opportunities. He said that the opposition did politics by using different cards on the basis of regions such as the Sindh Card, Baloch Card etc.

He said former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif offered a bribe to British law firm Broadsheet investigating his foreign assets. On the other hand, he said that the whole world recognized Imran Khan as a sincere and honest leader.

He said in the Panama case, the ‘Qatri letter’ was given because they did not hide their corruption. She said that when Nawaz Sharif’s sons couldn’t get an ID card, they bought a flat in London.

The minister also quoted a BBC report on Nawaz Sharif’s property and accused the former PML-N Minister of printing money by acquiring Iqama.

He said the former PML-N minister accused the PPP of being involved in money laundering and remittances on board, but they had now forgotten all the charges against each other. He said fake accounts were dug up and fake companies were given loans while Ayan Ali was found in a money laundering case.

He said that PPP and PML-N are currently trying to protect each other but Prime Minister Imran Khan will not give them the NRO from their corruption.

Murad Saeed said that Nawaz Sharif was holding meetings with various lobbies and conducting politics in London. He said that Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar were fugitives.

He demanded the Chairman of the Senate to hold a debate on London property and all other important issues related to the corrupt practices of his previous tenure.

He said that no dams had been built since the Ayub Khan era and the economy had collapsed in the previous tenure.

The only agenda of the Opposition is to target state institutions and punish the NRO for its corrupt practices.

He said Pakistan was on the FATF gray list during the previous government’s tenure, but that the opposition tried to blackmail the government into FATF-related legislation.

The minister said the head of JUI-F had assets in all cities in the country and he was trying to save them.

The minister said that 172 textile units were closed during the last year of PML-N’s service but are now fully operational due to the efforts of the incumbent government.

He said the 6147 kilometers long road project would start in the near future, adding that 3,000 kilometers and 1,800 kilometers of roads had been built over the tenure of PPP and PML-N respectively.


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2020: what’s emerging in the world of fashion | Instant News

Upcycling is the biggest trend from one year to the next. Also, fashion designers seek local sources and are digital savvy

2020 is the year when big ticket buyers put down $ 594,750 for a plastic crown at the Sotheby’s auction (the crown was worn by the late New York rap icon Notorious BIG). “Forty percent of clients this year are new bidders for Sotheby’s,” Charles Stewart, CEO of Sotheby’s, told Bloomberg. In fact, jewelery sales are booming here and at Christie’s as well, with amazing emeralds and blue diamonds hitting the market. This online convenience has extended to most categories, resulting in a decent presence at the main Instagram Live event (Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s with Bergdorf Goodman in September) and digital fashion week (Shivan & Narresh’s Wilding 20s at Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week in October) ). Some of the trends:

Thrift stores are booming

Instagram savings are when Instagram accounts sell vintage and upcycled fashions. Whether it’s @bombayclosetcleanse, @ carols.shop, or @therelovecloset in Chennai, the pandemic has made it easier for clients to remove their barriers to bringing used clothes and accessories home. Frequent collaborations with fashion-forward women, bargains for Gucci and Jimmy Choos shoes, and charities (with #chennaitaskforce, for example, for the Covid-19 relief effort) sweeten the deal.

Cecilia Morelli from Le Mill

Cecilia Morelli from Le Mill

Instagram Live festive editing

Marielle Wyse of @wyselondon is known for her dazzling velvet and knit dresses. During the Instagram Lives pandemic, she lifted clothes and encouraged feedback from customers and followers. Getting them to book in advance is easy. In their hometown, indie designers and shop owners are also starting to realize that they know their products very well. Le Mill’s Cecilia Morelli recently put together a Christmas gift acceleration guide, featuring home décor and accessories. “Everything I’ll show your boyfriend under ₹ 15,000,” Morelli began, pulling out candles from Bombay Perfumery, festive headbands from World of Style (stock for Prada), bracelets bearing the Balenciaga logo and for husbands, limited edition vases from Ashiesh Shah.

Salvatore Ferragamo x Microsoft

Salvatore Ferragamo x Microsoft

Wearable AR

Is bespoke luxury possible with social distancing? Back in October, Florence-based fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo teamed up with Microsoft and technology partner Hevolus to help clients customize their iconic Tramezza range of shoes. It involves 3D reproduction, from material to color, choosing a Derby or double monk strap among others. Clients can put their initials on the sole or get their name handwritten on the inside of each shoe. With the Microsoft HoloLens 2 smartglass featuring augmented reality for optimal configuration, hopefully this ‘made to size’ technology is a sign of things to come.

Electric Pastels from Amrapali

Electric Pastels from Amrapali

Bold jewelry, candy colors

We’ve been interacting with Zoom a lot in the last few months and the jewelry brand is starting to take notice. The brooch has been introduced for some shining details and the layout and finish turn small, delicate jewelery into bold statements. At Amrapali, a new collection called Electric Pastel has been inspired by Chrome photography, with rose gold and two-tone enamelling in 925 silver.“After 2020, I think we can all use bright and fresh energy, ” said Tarang Arora, Creative Director Amrapali Jewels, added, “We are going into a new decade so let’s make it great.” With weddings minimized and travel plans canceled, maybe there is enough budget to go ‘grand’?

North face x Gucci

North face x Gucci


Collaboration has been steady, but the pandemic sandal must belong to Birkenstock in Arizona – thanks to input from Valentino, Proenza Schouler and Rick Owens. Meanwhile, Crocs also got a chance, with collaborations of Justin Bieber, Bad Bunny, and Post Malone. But if someone plans to return to nature’s activities this season, The North Face x Gucci collaboration will come to a complete halt. The winter jacket popular on North Face gets the most care, and the puffer jacket and windbreak come in a 70s feel. There are sleeping bags and tents as well for the complete experience.

Shivan & Narresh, and a model in their knitwear

Shivan & Narresh, and a model in their knitwear

Resurrection knitting

With travel delays during lock-up many of our designers have been forced to source their threads and raw materials from India. For Shivan & Narresh, who use econyl (cloth made from marine waste) in their swimwear, the organic yarn for their resort wear comes from Bengaluru and Ludhiana. During the pandemic, they set up their own knitting unit, thanks to two secondhand knitting machines that Shivan Bhatiya bought before March. Operated by hand, machines of sizes eight and 12 are used to make thick, smooth looking knits. “It’s a dying art and we only have one operator now, but designers can make this crochet look cool,” explains Bhatiya. With plans to order more of these machines from Germany and Taiwan, they say continuous processes will be a determining factor for the industry. “We are using biodegradable sequins for surface decoration, and are moving towards vegan leather,” says Narresh.

Meissen ZX 10,000 C sneakers and a Millefiori jacket

Meissen ZX 10,000 C sneakers and a Millefiori jacket

Flower power

With Illuminating Yellow (and Ultimate Gray) listed as Pantone colors for 2021, flowers aren’t leaving the mood board any time soon. Adidas Originals and German porcelain brand Meissen feature the ZX 10,000 C sneaker (₹ 16,999). Inspired by a traditional handmade flower vase, the Meissen ZX 10,000 C sneaker is made with a white midsole and a white leather top. The hidden floral design and subtle branding on the sole of this running shoe complete the picture. Another timeless staple for next year is a pero denim jacket with blooming flowers, from the SS 2020 collection. Named Millefiori (‘1,000 flowers’ in Italian), it celebrates the technique of the same name that was originally used to make beads. mosaic bead on glass.

2020: what's emerging in the world of fashion

Watches update

Tom Ford’s Ocean Plastic Watch

Made from 100% marine plastic, Tom Ford is transforming sustainable hand-wear and the emergence of ethical luxury. According to him, the Swiss-made model removes the equivalent of 35 plastic waste bottles from the ocean and is stored in recyclable packaging. With its 40mm round case and black DLC stainless steel screw case, this watch is all the more attractive. Is it waterproof up to 330ft and like the case, the strap is made of marine plastic. On the website for $ 995 (approx. ₹ 73,200).

2020: what's emerging in the world of fashion

The ‘Asymmetric’ Cartier Privé Collection Tank

The Parisian House has revised the 1936 Asymétrique with a contemporary rework. First designed by Cartier in 1936, this watch is unique with its unique design. The new Asymétrique timepiece is available in platinum, pink gold or yellow gold – 100 each in progress. Cartier has also released a skeleton model featuring the new 9623 MC movement amidst bare structures, again, in a limited edition of 100 pieces per model.

2020: what's emerging in the world of fashion

Code 11.59 By Audemars Piguet Grande Sonnerie Carillon Supersonnerie

Code 11.59 Grande Sonnerie is the latest chime watch from Audemars Piguet featuring Supersonnerie technology. The plates for each of the five watches in this very limited series are made by renowned enamelist Anita Porchet. She is also famous because of him Straw enamel work, which got its name from a small decorative gold or silver spangles, or spangles, which are cut individually from sheet metal. The terraces often use antiques spangles in his work, and the ones used for the number plates in Code 11.59 Grande Sonnerie Supersonnerie are all at least a century old. CHF 710,000 (approx. ₹ 5,87,50,800).


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