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Sale, vote buying is still continuing, said Shibli | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz Friday said vote sales and buying continued unhindered adding that Prime Minister Imran Khan was committed to ending the role of money in the electoral process.

Speaking to reporters here, he said vote buying undermines democracy and moral values ​​and the government is trying to bring genuine popular representatives to parliament and that’s impossible unless money politics and vote buying are eliminated.

Shibli pointed out that the public has now realized the importance of transparency in Senate elections, as they have done before.

The opposition has no reason to defend its position by opposing the government’s efforts for transparency in elections.

The minister argued that they accepted the will but forgot that Benazir Bhutto’s signature had been placed on the Democracy Charter for an open vote in the Senate elections. He again said that money politics needed to be eliminated and candidates should be chosen based on ability. He said the Pakistan Election Commission would also be strengthened further to improve the performance of other institutions. Answering a question about the president’s reference to the Senate election through open voting, the minister said the Supreme Court was discussing legal issues and in such cases, evidence was not needed.

Shibli said the PTI’s stance was justified, based on democratic principles and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also hinted at a trend towards open elections.

He claims the opposition is trying to confuse people by calling a vote of no confidence against the chairman of the Senate but it is a matter of internal DPR rules when a candidate will be elected as an outside senator.

The minister noted that opposition parties had agreed to amend the Constitution for an open vote in Senate elections but failed to do so despite ruling the country for ten years – five years each.

Shibli said PTI had a clear majority in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab and would also win seats in other provinces.


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Where Microsoft bought New Zealand’s $ 100 million-plus land | Instant News

Inside Microsoft data centers in the UK. Photo / Microsoft

Microsoft has bought land to develop New Zealand’s first data center for $ 100 million plus in a move praised last year by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Now the exact location of the site can be revealed.


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Beauty Expert Approved Face Mask for Fashion Month Skin Preparation | Instant News

How can designers, models and celebrities look so captivating during runway marathons, parties, and other fashion month events? They started off great skin. Meanwhile, fashion month, namely started in New York City on February 14th, much of it will be virtual this season, you can still expect to see A-listers put their best faces for digital events. Although spa visits and professional facials usually precede the show, this year’s focus is on home care meaning there are plenty of face masks that give spa-level results. Leading up to the new runway season, L’OFFICIEL consults with seven beauticians about their best options, from restorative clay masks to hydrating eye patches, to preparing skin for the fashion month.


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Buy once, buy well? Prince Charles launched a sustainable and expensive fashion line | Instant News

Entering the world of fashion is difficult at any age, but especially difficult for older people. But ahead of his 72nd birthday, Prince Charles has launched a sustainable clothing line.

“I have always believed in the ‘buy once, buy well’ philosophy,” the Prince of Wales told the Telegraph newspaper in an interview. In another interview with Vogue magazine, the Prince of Wales talked about how he hates to throw away anything and prefers to fix things that are outdated.

Under the new line of price tags, most people who buy clothes have to be greener and wear the same clothes over and over again simply because they can’t afford anything else.

Only one item in the 18-piece collection that debuted in collaboration with Yoox Net-a-Porter for less than $ 500 – a women’s cord-knitted cashmere turtleneck sweater for $ 475.

Merino wool coat and cashmere blends? Be prepared to pay around $ 1,500.

Charles and his educational charity have teamed up to create the Modern Artisan Project, which aims to promote the skills of British and Italian students in textiles, according to a statement from the foundation.

Profits from the collection will be donated to support The Prince’s Foundation, according to the Net-a-Porter website.


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Does your vote count? Trump said ‘Come see’ Switzerland said ‘Let’s talk …’ | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo)

Swiss voters may have signed on to buy new fighter jets, but that doesn’t mean the conversation is over. Pictured here: Boeing F / A-18 Super Hornet on test day at Payerne last year © Keystone / Valentin Flauraud

America’s election anxiety is far from unique. The experience of Switzerland’s recent referendum may offer some clues for managing polarization.

This content is published on 14 October 2020 – 11:00 October 14 2020 – 11:00 am Bruno Kaufmann

Bruno is the global democracy correspondent swissinfo.ch as well as long-term foreign correspondent for the Swiss Broadcasting Company, based in Sweden. He is also Director of International Relations at the Swiss Democracy Foundation and Vice President of the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy.

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In a time of fear for American democracy, US President Donald Trump refused to say whether he would accept the results of the November 3 election, warning his supporters to prepare for a democratic catastrophe.

“It’s going to be a scam you’ve never seen,” he said in the first debate between himself and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Trump also questioned the fairness of voting by mail – which began in the 1880s and is now accessible to 83% of US voters – and suggested the white supremacist group ‘Proud Boys’ should ‘wait’ until the results are known.

An accident to anti-democratic behavior in the oldest modern democracies is not uncommon in the global political landscape, according to New York University Politics Professor Adam Przeworski. He counted 68 countries that have never experienced a peaceful transfer of power.


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