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Villanova-UCLA, Texas-Gonzaga and more ATS games – The Athletic | Instant News

Time for a confession: I never bet on sports. Well, okay, that’s not entirely true: I play fantasy football (including the league I’ve been in with the same group of friends since we were sophomores in high school), which of course qualifies. And my brother and I placed a futures bet (successfully!) on Italy to win Euro 2020 before the tournament started, so we had a team to back up the competition (and an excuse […]

The 25 most important matches in the revolution of the spread of college football | Instant News

LSU’s adoption of, and success with, the principles of violations spread in the 2019 college football season signaled the end spread the revolutionary life cycle of violations. To commemorate this moment, let’s look back to the 25 most important and definitive games of the deployment revolution. 19 December 1980: BYU 46, 45 high school In 1980, Hal Mumme was a quarterback coach at West Texas A&M, asking existential questions about how passing games could be […]