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Too Many Food Delivery Investors – WSJ | Instant News

It’s not a good week to be a side dish in the food delivery room.

After baking the delivery platform No. 2 England, Deliveroo in it public debut on the London stock exchange on Wednesday, investors moved to scorch US middlemen. Both can leave lasting burns in the sector.

Back in December, it seemed that investors were coveting food delivery stocks with almost as much vigor as vaccines. Now that the shoot has emerged, investors’ tastes appear to have changed. US market leader DoorDash shares close 86% above their public offering price on their first day of trading late last year, but it has been down nearly 30% in the months since restaurants started welcoming indoor dining again.

DoorDash, at least, still boasts a monster market value of over $ 50 billion on a fully diluted basis, nearly 8.5 times the size of its closest US pure game competitor. Other companies in this sector that have gone public recently have not been that lucky. Olo’s software-as-a-service platform, which counts shipping platforms as both a competitor and a customer, has seen its stock drop 24% since its public offering less than two weeks ago. Meanwhile, the eagerly awaited public offering for London-based food delivery platform Deliveroo closed 26% below its offering price on Wednesday.

It seems that investors’ appetite for food delivery can be spoiled by a story – like food – with a little hair on it. Even though revenues increased 54% last year amid the pandemic, Deliveroo has still managed to lose money, even based on adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. Now, future profitability is even more questionable after Uber Technologies recently lost a UK court case that resulted in a reclassify the landmark from its ride-hailing driver as workers, entitling them to benefits such as vacation pay and a pension. The decision has left skeptics worried that food delivery drivers will be next on the regulatory menu. For Deliveroo, which accounts for roughly half of its sales in the UK, that would be very expensive.


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Dog Fashion for Your Pandemic Puppy to Be Fancy | Instant News

Off Brand is a column that studies fashion and beauty trends.

RECENTLY On a sunny day, a French bulldog named Hector walks with his owner to a cafe near their home in Los Angeles. As usual, Hector wore a $ 380 French leather “Dorró” collar and a $ 520 “Tascher” strap, both beige. That day she left the $ 680 “Colombo” harness at home, even though it was one of her favorites. Everything is made by Pagerie, a high-end dog accessories company launched by its owner, Mandy Madden Kelley, a lawyer turned fashion influencer into entrepreneur. According to Ms. Madden Kelley, a neighbor who was walking with a cat (this is Los Angeles) stopped and asked where Hector’s accessories came from. “It really looks like Hermès or something,” said her admirer.

For Ms. Madden Kelley – a New Zealander who blogs about motherhood, beauty and, yes, dogs – it was a fulfilling moment. “I felt very proud to say that it was a brand I launched,” he recalls. Pagerie, which it calls “the first ultra-luxury fashion house for pets,” made its debut on e-commerce sites during the pandemic accompanied by an image of models dressed in neutral colors walking in a charming Weimaraner fashion. Its peeled look is in stark contrast to much of the pet fashion world, which leads to cuteness and ornamentation – like the French bulldog I saw on Instagram wearing a T-shirt that says “I’m the lost Kardashian” and clutching a tiny t-shirt. faux fur pink wallet.

Ms. Madden Kelley got the idea for her business when she moved to America in 2014 and started attending fashion week. At events and events, he witnessed stylish ninth-dressed women at Chanel and Dior, but accompanied by dogs in not-so-polished plastic clothes. “I feel like there’s a disconnect between the way they present themselves and the clothes their pets wear,” she said.

Luxurious pet accessories have never existed before. Hermès, Goyard, Louis Vuitton, and Dior all made necklaces and necklaces; some offer more substantial accessories such as dog beds. Goyard straps and collars, in particular, are an ultra ne plus for pet-owner fashionistas in the most status-conscious corners of Paris, New York and Tokyo. But Ms. Madden Kelley is looking for something more considered, which takes into account the shape of the dog like the way her design heroes Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Hans Wegner shape the chairs around the human form.


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German Winds and RWE Solar Giants Ride on Renewable Waves | Instant News

Alex Kraus / Bloomberg

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The Infiniti QX55: Unapologetically Fashion-Forward | Instant News

FIRST WORD from the “unapologetic” press release, meaning: “The Unapologetic Infiniti QX55 starts at $ 46,500 MSRP….” That’s some jazzy grammar right there, Thelonious. Why not be in the mood to apologize? Gravel machine? Crypto-maniac control setup? Price? Marketing means never apologizing.

I suspect Infiniti floated the idea that its new mid-range premium coupe crossover style was controversial, hoping to tap into that love / hate energy from consumer psychology. Ironically, the QX55’s normcore beauty leaves almost no one behind: sassy big grille, 20-inch wheels, slick roof, cute rump. Tesla’s Cybertruck wasn’t.

Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury division (of the Paris-based Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance), has had some tough years in the US, largely due to an aging product line that is geared more towards sedans. Meanwhile, the brand’s SUV offering has also been on the fangs for a long time. The QX55 is the first of two new family cars to enter the marquee for the 2022 model year. The other is a three-line SUV (QX60).

The flagship of the Infiniti fleet remains the large and uncontroversial QX80 SUV. Everyone agrees it’s vile.

The QX55 shares most of what makes the crossover of the QX50 family tick – a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with variable compression ratio (VC-Turbo) relationship; continuously variable transmission; and front-biased all-wheel drive, standard on the QX55 – but remodeling the package in a rigid, fastback shape over bigger wheels and tires. The QX55, Management Notes, is a hollaback for the pioneering and underappreciated FX model (2002-2013). I may have observed that the old design of the rear of the cabin looked a lot cooler, but how can that help?


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Greensill Whistleblower Tips Warns German Regulators of Last Year’s Fraud | Instant News

The German banking regulator received a series of whistleblower tips over the past year that made “multiple allegations of fraud” at Greensill Bank, prompting it to sue for repairs at the bank, according to an internal German government report reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The regulator, known as BaFin, received the first series of warnings in the second quarter of 2020. The information alleges that some of Greensill’s assets were backed by fake invoices, according to the report, which outlines the regulator’s efforts over the past year to supervise banks.

BaFin received another alert in the third quarter of 2020 and three other submissions this year. The German-language report, which did not specify the origin of the filing, said the information raised “concerns about the financial situation of the Greensill Group as well as various allegations of fraud.”

There are mainly concerns about the loan Greensill Bank is making to the GFG Alliance, a metals company owned by the British-Indian steel magnate Sanjeev Gupta.

A Mr. spokesperson. Gupta declined to comment.


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