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CH girls, Cal boys win games with low scores | California | Instant News

HOUSTON – The Chartiers-Houston basketball team hosted the two boys’ WPIAL Class AA playoff preliminaries Saturday, and the Bucs split the game as girls knocked Frazier out in the opener while the boys fell to California.

Defense was the name of the game in a women’s contest when Chartiers-Houston held Frazier by five baskets in a 27-18 win.

In the men’s contest, California’s Nate O’Savage scored 11 of his game-high 27 points in the decisive fourth quarter to lead the Trojans to a 55-48 victory.

CH women’s coach Laura Montecalvo was impressed by Frazier’s defense.

“The Frazier defense is really holding us back, and we have a lot of young people having their first playoff experience,” he said.

“I give credit to Frazier, but that also makes us nervous. Overall, we defended and continued to play defensively. “

CH (10-6) used his height and length in defense to cause problems for Frazier (5-14), who had 19 turnovers while Bucs had 16 turnovers.

“We want to squeeze the keeper and keep the ball out of the post,” said Montecalvo.

Frazier played without starter for four years Kaelyn Shaporka and coach Winston Shaulis said his team missed him.

“She was absent on the pitch with her experience and leadership, but the girls struggled throughout the game,” he said. “I think we started, and played most of the game, with a great defensive effort.”

Baskets come at a premium price early with neither team making a single one in the first quarter.

Frazier led 3-1 after the first quarter and it was only after CH’s Dominique Mortimer shot the first three-pointer of possession in the second that sent both teams pitching the ball.

Trailing 7-3 early in the second half, Frazier raced 7-0 to take a 10-7 lead with 4:17 remaining. Molly Youch’s basket with 5:05 to play in the first half will be Frazier’s last field goal until Eliza Newcomer scores one goal with 1:39 time to play in the game.

The dryness lasted 19 minutes and 16 seconds.

CH closed the first half at 7-0 pace to take a 14-10 lead and hold an 18-12 lead going into the fourth quarter.

Mortimer leads the CH with eight points. Delaney Warnick gave Frazier seven points.

CH moved on to face third seed Winchester Thurston on Tuesday. It will be played on a neutral site to be determined Monday.

“It will be a difficult problem because they are very athletic and have a balanced score,” said Montecalvo. “They have a great experience, and we have to play a great defense and keep the basketball.”

California, 55-48

O’Savage’s big fourth quarter led the Trojans to victory.

“He’s had a big game,” said California coach Aaron Balla. “We want him to attack the ring and reach the free throw line.

“We also attack from defense when we get back to one-on-one defense.”

There were 47 fouls committed in the game with three Bucs committing violations and two Trojans.

CH ruined his winning chances by taking just 16 of 28 free throws and coach Rich Tranquill said that was key to the result.

“If I had to point out one thing, it might be a foul shot for us because we only touched more than 50 percent,” he said. “We’re doing a great job getting to the line, and so far this year we’ve been pretty good.

“I thought we were attacking the edge and I think we did a good job attacking offensively.”

California made 18 of 29 free throws, and after CH’s Alijah Vaden shot to cut California’s lead to 49-45 with 1:01 remaining, the Trojans made six of their eight.

Most of the first half was played evenly but the California round late in the second gave the Trojans the lead.

With the score at 13-13, the Trojans continued to pace 10-2 to seal the first half to take a 23-15 lead.

Prior to running to California, no team had led by more than three points.

The California season started with the hopes of winning Class 2A Part 4, but the Trojans season was halted twice.

Balla said the win was better because of the chaos his team faced.

“We had great energy from the start, we came out more positively and discussed a few things in the last two practices,” he said. “We can still run.

“After all this season, they deserve this. This is a turning point with senior trust and leadership. “

Austin Arnold (18 points) and Vaden (13) added speed to the Bucs’ scoring.

“They have had great years and are great kids,” said Tranquill. “We will really miss them because they are key pieces of the puzzle and we will have to work hard to replace them. I am very proud of the team and they have improved a lot. “

The Trojans and their six seniors head to top seeds OLSH for Wednesday’s first-round match (6pm).

“I like playing my best and the kids too,” said Balla. When you compete against the best, you can see where you are as a team. “


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The Californian variant is more contagious, generates worse symptoms, and may refuse vaccines | Instant News

Random variation is an essential component of all living things. It encourages diversity, and that’s why there are so many different species. Viruses are no exception. Most viruses are experts at changing the genome to adapt to their environment. We now have evidence that the virus that causes Covid, SARS-CoV-2, is not only changing but also significant. This is the twenty-fourth in a series of articles on how viruses change and what they mean for humanity. Read the rest: part one, The second part, Third part, part four, part five, section six, section seven, section eight, section nine, section ten, section eleven, part twelve, section thirteen, section fourteen, section fifteen, section sixteen, section seventeen, section eighteen, section nineteen, section twenty, section twenty one, part twenty two, and section twenty three.

When the SARS-CoV-2 variants developed mutations, they increased their ability to spread, make sick, and fight antibodies, resulting in more tougher cases of Covid-19. Earlier this month, I detailed one of the variants that started circulating in Southern California (B.1.427 / 429). In the weeks since then, the spread of the virus has been predictable, and the most recent data describing its structure and spread echoes the dangers I fear transmit to people in California, the United States, and the world at large.

To refresh, the viral strain was first described by a genome sequencing attempt from Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. From their variant surveillance efforts, they have been tracking the dangerous strain of SARS-CoV-2 since July 2020. In the months since then, B.1.427 / 429 has spread among the population to more than half of the isolates analyzed in California in recent times . January. We postulated that their different mutations – S13I, W152C, and L452R – would result in higher transmissibility and increased antibody resistance, similar to the strains of Great Britain, South Africa and Brazil. This mutation and other mutations are depicted in the image below. I am talking in more detail about individual mutations and their functions here.

Looks like our fears are manifested. New data announced by Dr. Charles Chiu of the University of California San Francisco demonstrates B.1.427 / 429’s destructive abilities in detail. The study, according to Chiu, will be published in the future day. Samples collected from a number of California states showed 19 to 24% more variants were transmissible. One elderly care facility experienced an almost six-fold increase in transmission from the previous virus.

In addition, it appears that viral load has also increased among patients. Compared with individuals infected with the non-B.1.427 / 429 version of the virus, those infected with the California variant were measured viral load about twice as high. A greater viral load has some dire implications. First, people who are infected are much more likely to experience severe symptoms or symptoms in general. Second, they may have a longer duration of infection, shown in a study of a group of NBA basketball players player. Third, they have a greater chance of infecting other people, because every sneeze, cough and breath carries a larger proportion of virus particles.

As expected, the mutation in B.1.427 / 429 conferred a significant level of antibody resistance, both for natural antibodies from previous infection, and those given by vaccination. Much of this can be attributed to the L452R mutation alone, which is located in the receptor-binding domain: the mechanism that connects to the ACE2 receptor in human cells. One version of the virus called CAL.20A which only underwent this mutation saw an infectivity rate that was 40% higher than the common B.1.427 / 429 strain and 200% higher than the initial wild-type virus in the cohort. gorilla at the San Diego Zoo.

Further research from the San Francisco study showed increased virulence as well. In line with observed increases in viral load, the investigators found a 21% increase in ICU admissions and an eleven-fold increase in mortality among those infected with B.1.427 / 429.

However, spike protein may not be the only source of this embarrassing data. Various mutations outside of the spike protein can lead to increased immune escape, transmission, and virulence as well. Among these mutations are the T114I and S385T point mutations in non-structural protein 4, which is a transmembrane protein. Changes to this mechanism can increase immune escape, which this breed exhibits. Mutation of P323L into non-structural protein 12, which is present in many strains such as the UK, South Africa, Brazil and many more in the US, is involved in transcription. Mutations in this mechanism are likely to increase viral load resulting in transmission and virulence. The various mutations outside the spike protein are depicted in the image below.

These numbers are staggering. They describe the full power of the variant. In a matter of months, B.1.427 / 429 grew from one isolate to more than half the cases in the state. Undoubtedly, this variant has spread along the Pacific coast to the continental United States. We find ourselves in battle against an emerging horde of strains, all equipped with advanced weaponry: immune escapes, increased virulence and greater contagion. We have to upgrade our tools too with stronger public health efforts, variant surveillance, and maybe an adaptive vaccine if we are to win this war.


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I packed my bags to visit the real inspiration of Windows XP wallpaper | Instant News

I Don’t always think about the iconic Windows XP wallpaper, but when an article or video appears on my social media feeds that reminds me of it, nothing else is overwhelmed except happy memories.Thanks recently SFGate Article i think iYing in a bush The cool breeze is blowing across my skin.I can see the clouds forming the Windows logo and Hear Joyful piano melody When I pressed the power button of an old Fujitsu laptop in my head, the strings hummed.

Windows XP wallpaper pictures Photographer Charles O’Rear photographed the “Bryce” Mountain in Sonoma, California. He uploaded a photo taken in 1996, He helped co-found a photo agency.A few years later The stock photo agency was purchased by another stock photo agency (one that Microsoft often uses). TTo make a long story short, he eventually sold the photo to Microsoft for permanent use, and this is what the photo becomes Windows XP The default desktop wallpaper.

When I think of the rolling mountains and the vivid blue and green, two memories come to mind immediately.The first is an airport with my Fujitsu laptop sitting on my lap. There is a small wired mouse on the armrest. When I hold it, it is twice the size of a mouse pad. My phone leaned my phone against my left ear and sneaked on one of my Star wars galaxy Guild companions, we took the car to a tavern near Naboo.

Memory cascades with a domino effect. My first Windows XP device was a Fujitsu laptop, which I got as a high school graduation gift and will eventually be used in my four-year university.But before I went to college, I played nonsense Star wars galaxy All summer, even dragged my laptop to I am waiting for the flight to visit the airport where my friend is chatting with him. I will get up in the morning to be the assistant of the preschool teacher in the summer class, but before I leave, I will start the game and set some macros so that I can improve my entertainment level when I learn Windows XP.That was the good old days Before the real adult responsibility begins.

But the second, perhaps more important memory, Is Windows XP used to be My father is free Favorite Windows operating system. This is Microsoft’s first operating system for the consumer and commercial markets, so my computer engineer naturally likes it.He doesn’t like that halfBubble, halfThe blocky appearance of the start bar and its color match the “Bliss” wallpaper because it reminds him of Play-Doh, But other than that, he really only likes Windows XP.

For all the pleasant memories I and countless others have of that Bay Area hill, you’d think maybe I would’ve voyaged to find it—after all, it’s in the same state I live in. Maybe others have. And now that I know exactly where it is, I might just do it—and not just because I’m such a huge nerd I need to visit the real-life site that became the wallpaper for the operating system that helped define my college-era gaming years. (OK, maybe a little bit.)

You see, my dad wanted to be buried at sea. So we rented a boat that could take us to a quiet, serene spot off the coast of the Pacific Ocean to scatter his ashes. It was what he wanted. But that boat rental wasn’t cheap. It was worth it for his service, of course, but to go back to the same spot would cost the same amount. I haven’t found the right spot to go and really think about my dad in the same way I can visit other family members at cemeteries scattered across California.

Driving to the “Bliss” hill, though? That’s doable. To see a physical manifestation of the relationship my dad and I had? That seems like a good spot to visit.


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Man finds the exact location of the infamous Windows XP background | Instant News

This mountain is everywhere, but it is actually difficult to locate.

The iconic Windows XP default desktop wallpaper, located on a green hillside under a bright blue sky, is one of the most viewed photos in the world, but its universal pleasure has always plagued Internet residents because of their position in the real world Very confusing-some people think it is a real photo.

Editor in chief SFGate Recently, they set out to search for earthly themes in a computer background, and found wines covered with grapes on the alpaca farm and across the street from Highway 12 in Sonoma, California.

This photo even has an incredible backstory: on a Friday afternoon in January 1996, Charles O’Rear (Charles O’Rear) drove to see his current wife and took a photo of what is now legendary ” Picture of Bliss Mountain.

O’Rear said: “Most people who saw this photo, billions of people, thought it was not a real photo.” “Passing through the Sonoma Mountains in January, I always get a carpet of green grass, very beautiful. . I know, it’s just perfect light, perfect cloud.”

Mount Bliss window background
The “Bliss” mountain that appeared today.
Alami Stock Photos

O’Rear, 79, uploaded the photo to a stock photography company. When Microsoft discovered O’Rear’s photos, the company permanently paid an unknown but allegedly six-figure price to obtain its copyright forever, and as part of a $1 billion marketing campaign, it immediately posted it globally .

Although O’Rear has filmed for the Los Angeles Times, the Kansas City Star and National Geographic for more than two decades, he still clearly realizes that he is omnipresent​​” The image of “Bryce” Mountain will be his memory.

Mount Bliss window background
Charles O’Rear, his wife Daphne Larkin and their coffee table published “Napa Valley: Land, Wine, People” in 2011.
Alami Stock Photos

He told the publication: “Twenty-five years after shooting in National Geographic, there is no mention of geography on my tombstone.”

Although the image has brought him ubiquity and fame, he said: “The email for that photo was less than a week,” and he linked his legacy to the technology company and did not make him loyal.

He said: “I am obsessed with Apple.”

Gates window
Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates owned a Tablet PC in 2002.
Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images


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Ada County wastewater test showing COVID-19 variant from UK, California in Boise | Local | Instant News

“Although we have not detected … the variant in the clinical sample, we suspect it is circulating in Idaho,” said Dr. Christopher Ball, bureau chief for the Idaho Laboratory Bureau, in a news release.

Only 239 samples from the more than 136,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Idaho have been sequenced so far to check for mutations, according to a news release.

“The Idaho Laboratory Bureau is on track to sequencing SARS-CoV-2 samples internally by the end of the month, both of which will speed up time to generate and expand sample sizes in our strain sequencing program. In the interim, we continue to work with clinical laboratories across the state to accept samples for sequencing. “

Evidence B.1.1.7 “British variant” underscores the need for COVID-19 safety

Finding a variant in wastewater illustrates how Idaho’s battle with the coronavirus is far from over, and safety measures such as wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining physical distancing remain essential, according to the release.

“I am grateful we have a wastewater testing program, and it can tell us that this variant is in Boise so that we are reminded, once again, that we are not out of the woods yet,” said Mayor of Boise Lauren McLean in a news release. “We will get through this, and our community will recover, if we remain vigilant about keeping our distance, wearing masks and following other health protocols.”


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