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Los Angeles fast food workers are ‘particularly vulnerable’ to transmission of COVID-19, say researchers 2021-03-29 | Instant News

Los Angeles – Poor working conditions in fast food restaurants – as well as failure of workers and customers to adhere to physical distancing protocols and wearing masks – could put fast food employees in Los Angeles at greater risk of contracting COVID-19, according to a recent released report from the University of California, Los Angeles and UC Berkeley.

Researchers analyzed demographic and government data, surveys, and media reports. They found that a third of fast food restaurants in the city employed at least 20 people, “suggesting shared appliances, work spaces, bathrooms, and rest areas,” says the report.

In addition, the report highlights numerous surveys showing that service jobs, including fast food, are “highly vulnerable” to the transmission of COVID-19. One survey, from the UC Berkeley Food Labor Research Center, found that 84% of fast food employees work within 6 feet of someone who is not wearing a mask, while 44% said at least one colleague has contracted the virus.

Other findings:

  • 54% of food service workers interact with at least 10 unmasked people in one shift.
  • 37% reported their workplaces did not have mandatory training on COVID-19 safety protocols.
  • 58% of workers are reluctant to enforce the COVID-19 safety protocol.

The household environment of fast food workers can also exacerbate the spread of COVID-19, the researchers found, because workers tend to inhabit multigenerational homes. More than two-thirds of workers live in a household with four or more people, and one-third live in a household with someone over 55 years of age.

“It’s important to remember that COVID-19 transmission from fast food workplaces can then impact households and surrounding communities,” co-author Tia Koonse, manager of legal and policy research at the UCLA Labor Center, said in a press release. “The majority of fast food workers live near their place of work and are more likely to use public transportation.

“Most live with four or more people, which makes social distancing difficult or impossible, and about a third live with people over 55. This means workplace outbreaks increase the risk of community spread in densely populated working-class areas of Los Angeles. “


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Wisk Prepares to Launch Trial to Advance Autonomous Passenger Transport | Country | Instant News

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and WELLINGTON, New Zealand, March 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Wisk, the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) company behind the first independent flying air taxi, is developing a Transport Trial, which will advance autonomous passenger transport under the New Zealand Government’s broader Airspace Integration Trial Program (AITP) . Wisk is working to launch an implementation phase later this year.

Wisk Transport Trial, part of New Zealand Airspace Integration Trial, will advance autonomous passenger transportation.

In February 2020, Wisk announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the New Zealand Government to establish a Transport Trial under the broader AITP. Since then, both sides have carried out the detailed planning of a highly structured and integrated program, with pilot implementation expected to begin in the second half of 2021.

Wisk also carries Insitu Pacific Pty Ltd., a Boeing subsidiary and an industry-leading unmanned air systems (UAS) company, is into a program to support the pilot. Through this partnership, Wisk will combine its leadership in autonomous flight operations and state-of-the-art technology and Boeing expertise to realize the goal of passenger testing: evaluate, test and demonstrate the safe integration of unmanned aircraft into existing airspace.

Wisk brings more than a decade of autonomous eVTOL expertise to trials, including learning from about 1500 test flights and support for Boeing’s expertise in integrating pilot and autonomous technology. Built on the core values ​​of safety and collaboration, Transport Trial will address the challenges of airspace integration and help realize significant opportunities for urban air mobility across a wide range of industries and applications.

“Wisk has always seen a distinct advantage from New Zealand, including the globally respected Civil Aviation Authority and flexibility for Long-Range Aircraft Systems (RPAS), “said Gary Gysin, CEO of Wisk. “These factors, combined with the advantages of testing and operating in relatively low airspace and the innovative culture of early adoption, make New Zealand is uniquely positioned as a leader for autonomous UAM integration trials. “

New Zealand provides a unique opportunity and we are very proud to have been recognized by the New Zealand Government as the industry’s first airspace integration partner, “he added. Anna Kominik, Asia Pacific Region Director for Wisk. “New Zealand a focus on decarbonizing its economy as part of the evolution of electric transportation that is directly in line with Wisk’s mission to provide safe, daily flights for all through effective, accessible and sustainable urban air mobility solutions. “

Autonomy, electric aviation and urban air mobility are set to redefine transport and these trials will help lay the groundwork for the future of transportation.

For more information on the New Zealand Government Airspace Integration Pilot Program, look here.


Wisk is an urban air mobility company dedicated to providing safe, daily flights for everyone. Wisk’s eVTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aerial taxi, will allow passengers to pass through traffic and reach their destination faster. Based in San Francisco Bay Area and New Zealand, Wisk is an independent company supported by The Boeing Company and Kitty Hawk Corporation. With a decade of experience and approximately 1500 test flights, Wisk is shaping the future of daily commuting and urban travel, safely and sustainably.

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The First Person Straddles Two Hemispheres | Lifestyle | Instant News

I have to wear warm clothes, because I face my first fall, then winter and spring. The shorts and flip-flops of my summer clothes don’t work.

New Zealand has acted early and hard against the pandemic and has eradicated it, five times now, surviving with a total of 26 deaths, five per million. Each time, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, together with the minister of health, provided clear science-based leadership, encouraging the “New Zealand Team” that if we all work together we can eradicate the virus. We have done it.

I’m grateful to be here, even though I miss my home and family there. But the longer I lived, the more I felt what my mother might feel. I’m the one with the strong accent here. Once, at our local market, I saw a girl, about 5 years old, standing with her mouth open, looking astonished, when I asked a helpful young man where I could find biscuits, (cookies). The girl had obviously never heard anyone “talk so funny”.

And there are constant reminders to drive on the left, oh and walk on the left, go up on the left, push my trolley or trundle, (shopping cart) on the left at the supermarket.

And I had to learn some new vocabulary and terms. If we are invited to come to a gathering, “carrying a plate” does not mean that we have to come with an empty plate, but rather bring a dish to share. And if we’re invited for tea, it’s probably not tea and cucumber sandwiches. Better check. Usually dinner.


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5 big signs that the trip is coming back | Business | Instant News

According to Peter Kern, CEO of Expedia, vacation deprivation is about to be replaced by a travel boom. He told CNN’s Julia Chatterley earlier this week that people were starting to think about their future trip “very quickly.” Reservations on the travel website for parts of the United States this summer are “all booked” and it expects Europe to follow suit soon as the number of vaccinations increases. due to the lack of business travel and the continued closure of many international borders. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still urges Americans – even those who have been vaccinated – not to travel. Using the 5-year estimates from the 2019 American Community Survey, Stacker compiled a list of the lowest paying counties in each state. Click for more information. But leisure travelers craving a getaway have helped drive demand for U.S. airlines, Airbnb and hotel chains. Here are some major signs of a travel turnaround: Air travel is skyrocketing American Airlines, United, Delta and JetBlue all said this week that they ‘saw a strong demand for seats from leisure travelers. Reservations were particularly strong during the traditional spring break and early summer. “The past three weeks have been the best three since the start of the pandemic,” American Airlines CEO Doug Parker said of advanced ticket sales. “We are getting closer to 2019 levels in the total number of bookings.” JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes echoed the optimism, saying there was “a lot of pent-up demand.” He added: “As people get vaccinated, they jump on planes to see people they haven’t seen in the year.” weeks, ”adding that it might even break soon. “It gives me optimism that a return in demand is underway,” he said. TSA numbers are rising. This request is reflected in data from the Transportation Security Administration. Air travel is up from a year ago for the first time since the start of the pandemic. According to the TSA, around 1.4 million people passed through security checkpoints at US airports on Thursday, up from 780,000 who were screened on the same day last year.More than 8.8 million people flew over the course. of the last seven days, and over a million. people have been examined each for the past eight days – the longest period of this type of the pandemic. Success! An email has been sent to with a link to confirm the listing. Fault! There was an error processing your request. Yet Thursday’s numbers are still at a greatly depressed level, as it accounts for around 60% of traffic on the same day in 2019 before the pandemic. feed Airbnb. The home-sharing website said this week it was seeing more bookings due to “pent-up travel dreams.” Some of the most searched cities and regions on Airbnb include Southern Maine, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and Montana. The number of people looking for properties with outdoor spaces was 35 times higher compared to the same travel period a year ago. It’s the latest green shoot for the beleaguered hotel industry, which, to put it bluntly, has had a dismal 2020.The budget-conscious chain has around 650 hotels across the United States. The company fared better last year compared to its competition as it was attractive to traveling healthcare professionals and other essential workers who had to work during the pandemic. Blackstone and Starwood Capital will also split the company, the owners bet that the chain will continue to grow. A Starwood executive told The Wall Street Journal that they expect people in training programs, divorced couples or on the move to stay at the hotel in the future. Twin theme California Adventure this week announced plans to reopen with limited capacity. on April 30, Disneyland is Disney’s flagship theme park located in Anaheim, California. It has been closed for over a year due to the pandemic. “This is the latest sign that things are returning to normal for the Disney company,” Robert Niles, editor of ThemeParkInsider.com, told CNN Business of the reopening. “The closure of the original Walt Disney park, even though the others were open, still reminded us that something was wrong.” At this time, only residents of California can visit the parks due to state health guidelines, the company said. Security measures include mandatory masks for customers over 2, social distancing, and the use of a new ticketing system to help manage capacity – Chris Isidore and Frank Pallotta of CNN Business contributed to this report. .

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What travel restrictions have been lifted? | Instant News

It can be hard to believe the United States launched the ’15 Days to Slow the Spread’ campaign and a near-lockdown of the country and the world for non-essential travel a year ago. A year later, there are fewer travel restrictions as the health situation improves in several regions. ANAHEIM, CA – February 18: General views of Disney California Adventure Park at Disneyland … [+] Resort, partially reopened for outdoor food and shopping on February 18, 2021 in Anaheim, California. (Photo by AaronP / Bauer-Griffin / GC Images) GC Images Vaccine Replaces Mandatory Quarantines Travel restrictions have gradually eased in the United States and around the world since late spring or early summer 2020. At the same time, governments have been adapting their travel guidelines to the latest medical technology. For example, people might be able to waive the mandatory quarantine for up to 14 days by having a negative coronavirus test result. Getting a pre-arrival test may be the best option to avoid any potential quarantine. As more people around the world become eligible for the coronavirus vaccine, states and countries are allowing fully vaccinated people to waive testing and quarantine requirements. Shorter quarantine periods States have also reduced the mandatory quarantine period from 14 days to 10 days. It may also be possible to waive all or part of the quarantine with a pre-arrival qualification test or by passing a follow-up test. Some of the states that have flexible self-quarantines include: Alaska Connecticut Kansas Maine Maryland Massachusetts New Jersey New York Rhode Island The states of Vermont may continue to require visitors to complete a travel health form or face a legal penalty. potential. Some States Relax Travel Restrictions Here are some of the destinations that are relaxing their travel restrictions. Massachusetts About 10% of the US population currently receives a full vaccination. More and more states are waiving travel restrictions for people who travel at least 14 days after their last dose. Massachusetts is one of the first states to waive its mandatory quarantine or test negative before travel for those fully vaccinated. People who have also tested positive in the past 90 days and have been successfully quarantined can opt out of quarantine or the diagnostic test. Travelers will need to show proof of a positive test result to show they still have active antibodies. Bay State also has one of New England’s most restrictive travel orders for out-of-state visitors. For example, visitors from border states cannot enter unrestricted, as most states allow. Only visitors from “low-risk states” can enter without quarantine or having to undergo diagnostic testing if they are not vaccinated and are traveling on non-essential travel. For a very long time, Hawaii was the only state on the list. These states are now classified as low risk (as of March 3, 2021): Hawaii Missouri Oregon Puerto Rico Washington Hawaii Hawaii also plans to allow fully vaccinated people to enter without undergoing a diagnostic test or having to self-test. in quarantine. This exemption could come into effect as early as May 1, 2021. New Mexico New Mexico has abandoned its mandatory self-quarantine effective February 11, 2021. Prior to February 11, this notice did not even allow an exemption for testing diagnostics. While quarantine is no longer necessary, the state still strongly recommends a 14-day self-quarantine. California California continues to recommend a 10-day quarantine for out-of-state visitors and returning residents. California residents have a greater incentive to travel within the state, but it is still advisable to stay within 120 miles of their home. Disneyland plans to reopen on April 30, 2021, but only residents of California can initially book tickets. Disneyland’s occupancy limit depends on the current state of health of Orange County: Red: 15% capacity Orange: 25% capacity Yellow: 35% capacity Stadiums may also reopen as of April 1, 2021, with reduced capacity. Chicago Chicago (Illinois has no statewide travel restrictions) now only has a two-tier travel advisory. States and territories are assigned an orange or yellow risk rating: Orange: 10-day quarantine or negative pre-arrival PCR test Yellow: no quarantine or pre-arrival testing required As of March 9, 2021, 24 States and one territory (Puerto Rico) have a yellow rating. Social distancing is expected, but entry requirements for the trip are minimal for visitors. Belize Belize is waiving mandatory pre-travel testing or self-quarantine for travelers with proof of vaccination. Mexico Mexico was one of the first countries to reopen international travel in the summer of 2020. Americans can reach Mexico by air, but the land border remains closed to non-essential travel. You won’t have to quarantine or take a pre-travel test to get to Mexico. But the United States currently requires a diagnostic test on re-entry. Dominican Republic In what might be a surprising decision, the Dominican Republic no longer needs a pre-arrival diagnostic test to enter this Caribbean nation for most international tourists. Instead, arriving guests can take a random breath test. Authorities say that between 3% and 15% of people will be tested with those showing potential symptoms of COVID-19. Most Caribbean destinations continue to require a pre-arrival diagnostic test to enter the country without quarantine. Iceland Iceland is a European nation welcoming Americans back from March 18, 2021. The only caveat is that tourists must be fully vaccinated. Europe (Western Europe in particular) remains the “holy grail” of international tourism. Americans have not been able to travel to the continent since the start of the pandemic. For now, Europe is adopting a regional reopening approach. But regional variants trigger another round of lockdowns at the same time. Deploying the vaccine may increase the likelihood of Americans traveling to Europe, but the Schengen area remains a travel dream for non-essential travel. Seychelles Two small tropical paradises of the Indian Ocean open to tourists. Seychelles is the first of the two nations as of March 25, 2021. Most international visitors can travel to Seychelles. South African residents are a notable exception. Travelers can enter if they have a negative diagnostic test within 72 hours of arrival. Vaccination is not required and there is no mandatory quarantine with an eligible test result. Maldives The Maldives are the second tropical paradise to open up to tourists. This island nation opened in mid-2020 and has remained open ever since. Visitors must take a PCR test no later than 72 hours prior to arrival, but do not need to self-quarantine when staying at the same licensed resort for the duration of their stay. However, there may be additional restrictions when staying overnight on different islands or visiting the capital city of Male. Summary The regional non-essential remains relatively free for most states in the United States. Mexico and the Caribbean continue to be the most welcoming places for Americans to travel abroad. If the health situation improves, states can reduce travel advisories further, but still expect social distancing measures for the foreseeable future. Related Articles:.

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