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The government will call the NA session for a vote of confidence | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: When Prime Minister Imran Khan announced Wednesday to request a vote of confidence from the National Assembly, the government will now provide a summary to the president to call a new session of the lower house of Parliament. Clause 7 Article 91 of the Constitution explains how the prime minister can gain the trust of the National Assembly. According to Article 91 (7), the prime minister will serve as long as the President’s will, but the President will not exercise his power under this clause unless he is sure that the prime minister has not ordered the confidence of the majority of the people. Members of the National Assembly, in this case he will summon the National Assembly and ask the prime minister to obtain a vote of confidence from the Assembly.

However, the President will call a new National Assembly session for the prime minister to ask for a vote of confidence after the government’s summary is moved on the matter. In accordance with the Code of Conduct and Business Conduct in the DPR, 2007 National Assembly, after the session, the resolution for the vote of confidence will be moved as the order of the day. Then the practice will start immediately through voice sharing.

However, if there is no trust, notification of settlement must be given by not less than 20% of the total members of the DPR. Resolutions will not be voted on for up to three days and no later than seven days. Speakers are likely to initiate the ongoing session on Thursday (today) if the government is in a hurry for a confidence move.


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PTI is calling for the disqualification of Gilani for the ‘video’ of his son | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: A video appeared on social media on Tuesday depicting Senate candidate Yousuf Raza Gilani’s son, Ali Haider, allegedly speaking to a lawmaker about methods to squander his Senate vote, sparking demands from the ruling PTI to the Pakistan Election Commission ( ECP) to disqualify the former prime minister from running.

According to Geo News, it is unclear who the person Ali Haider is talking to in the video. In a press conference, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Political Communications Shahbaz Gill urged the ECP to pay attention to Yousuf Raza Gilani.

“This corruption video once again proved Imran Khan right when he said this mafia would never allow transparent Senate elections to take place,” he said. PTI’s Fawad Chaudhry also called for Gilani to be disqualified outside the ECP office.

Ali Haider Gilani responded to the allegations in a later press conference, saying that he had met many people while campaigning for his father. “All NA members are our constituents,” he said. “Everything is honorable to us,” he said.

Gilani said he had met with PTI lawmakers to get votes for his father, adding that it was his right. “Not once. I will meet them hundreds of times because it is my right,” he said. “For every election, we have been involved in the search for a ‘voice of conscience.’ We do not believe in vote buying,” he added.

He said he asked for a vote of “love and conscience” from MPA PTI, adding that many members wanted to vote for his father over Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, who is competing with his father for the general seat in Islamabad.

Separately, Elder Gilani himself responded to the video and asked why the ruling PTI “doesn’t trust its own members”. He said if they object to a member’s meeting with his son, the party should control its own members. “Don’t talk about us. It is our right to ask for votes. I have even written a letter to Imran Khan Sahib to vote for us. If he doesn’t vote for us, that’s his business, “he added.

PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who stands with Yousuf Raza Gilani, said the Pakistan Democratic Movement “has won”. “Whatever happens tomorrow will be a bonus.” Talking about the alleged gerrymandering, he said PTI had not even resolved the problems of its own members. “We succeeded in making the government worry about its members,” he said.

About the video, he said: “I want to explain and emphasize that the PPP is fighting for this election for democracy. And we are fighting in these elections with our politics and our contacts. And how it is done (PTI) [give the impression] that there is money being used, attacks the character of the opposition.

“If money is used, the government uses money, the country uses money. Public money is being used. State money is being used. Their assembly members have admitted on television that 500 million rupees have been pledged for each MNA. Imran Khan uses state money to bribe his own members.

“And our efforts are focused on convincing people to vote with their conscience. And thank God, we were successful in this endeavor, and Imran Khan’s corruption efforts faltered. “


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Pakistan calls for increasing infrastructure investment in poor countries hit by Covid | Instant News

NEW YORK: President of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), Pakistani Ambassador Munir Akram said he believes the establishment of public-private facilities under the umbrella of the United Nations can provide sufficient financing for infrastructure investment in developing countries affected by the coronavirus to spur the economy . development.

“Such a facility would be a useful complement to efforts being made on other platforms to mobilize investment in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” he told members of the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on Monday.

Developing country investment needs for sustainable infrastructure are estimated at $ 1 trillion annually, the head of ECOSOC told OECD members in his keynote address, indicating that existing platforms have not been able to generate adequate investment.

Underlining that the COVID-19 crisis has crushed aspirations to achieve the SDGs by 2030 in developing countries, especially the poorest among them; The Pakistani envoy said the recession was deep, inequality was increasing and financial inequalities were growing.

Highlighting Prime Minister Imran Khan’s initiative for debt relief in April, Ambassador Munir Akram welcomed the temporary suspension of debt by the Group of 20 (industrialized nations) which brought “breathing room” to developing countries.

In May, he said, the UN Secretary General, together with the prime ministers of Canada and Jamaica, started discussions on financing recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, identifying many options that were being resolved.

At a special session of the UN General Assembly, Akram added, Prime Minister Imran Khan proposed a five-point action plan, which calls for an equitable supply of the COVID-19 vaccine to developing countries and a suspension of debt payments for most countries that are struggling until the pandemic ends.

“The general framework group of 20 (G-20) can provide a basis for swift action for debt relief under restructuring even if this is done on a case-by-case basis,” the Pakistani envoy said. However, he said, private creditors should be persuaded to participate in debt relief restructuring which has not been carried out so far.

In this connection, he proposed the creation of a new $ 500 million Special Drawing Rights (SDR) and redistribution of unused rights to developing countries.

In addition, the head of ECOSOC said there was a need for expansion of soft loans by multilateral development banks, expansion of Official Development Assistance (ODA), targets by all developed countries, and fulfillment of their commitments to mobilize $ 100 billion in unattainable annual climate finance.


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Dr Yasmin calls for a local family planning strategy | Instant News

LAHORE: Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid appealed to stakeholders to work together to achieve maternal and child health and family planning targets in a meeting with delegates from the World Health Organization and Unicef ​​in the Committee Room of the Department of Primary and Secondary Health in Jakarta, Tuesday.

Secretary of the Department of Primary and Secondary Health Usman Younis, Secretary of the Department of Health and Special Medical Education for Lawyers Nabeel Awan, Secretary of Population Welfare Ali Bahadur Qazi, CFO of Unicef ​​Punjab Wilbroadd Ngambi, Dr Akhtar Rashid, Dr Yahya Gulzar, Dr Ghulam Nabi Qazi, Dr Khalid Mehmood, Dr Faraz Khalid, Dr Naveed and others attended the meeting. The minister discussed with the delegation the steps being taken in the province to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, family planning and indicators of maternal and child health. He shared with the delegation about specific steps regarding family planning.

The Minister of Health said, “The government is taking a number of steps to improve health services for people under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision. We put special emphasis on Maternal and Child health and state-of-the-art hospitals are being developed in Attock, Mianwali, Muzaffargarh, Sialkot and Rajanpur. Recently, a very important stakeholder meeting was held under the chairperson of the Punjab Assembly Ch Pervaiz Elahi. All stakeholders must make joint efforts in family planning. We have a wonderful human resource who comes in the form of Lady Health Workers. A joint working paper will be developed in coordination with UNICEF and WHO. Dr Yasmin Rashid said, “Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced the distribution of Health cards to all residents in Punjab. In December 2021, all 20.93 million families will be given Sahulat Health cards. Punjab has upgraded 22 nursing schools to nursing colleges. Midwifery schools are being upgraded. “

Meanwhile, the Minister of Home Affairs assigned all the CEOs (Health) of Punjab to develop local strategies in family planning. She spoke as the main guest at a seminar on Family Planning at a local hotel organized by the Population Welfare Department.

People’s Welfare Minister Hashim Dogar and others also attended. The minister said, “I congratulate the organizers for holding such an important event. The most important part of family planning is maternal health. We have developed a joint strategy with the Population Welfare Department on family planning under the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar. Dr Yasmin Rashid said all CEOs of Health should work closely with the Population Welfare Department on family planning. Health and education facilities are essential for the development of a healthy society. The Ministry of Health will fully support the Department of Population Welfare. Our future generations can only be guaranteed by providing better facilities for mothers, he said. The Minister of People’s Welfare Hashim Dogar said in his speech that his team was very grateful for the support for this big cause.

UVAS milk marketing: The sixth three-day agricultural advisor training workshop on “Milk Marketing and Social Mobilization” begins at the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) here on Tuesday. UVAS Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Masood Rabbani led the inauguration session of the workshop. Dairy Cattle Project Team Project Manager Dr Humera Iqbal and 40 participants from 22 public and private sector organizations as well as livestock department officials in Punjab and Sindh were also present.

The objectives of the workshop include: applying the Whole Family Extension Approach (WFEA), engaging agricultural advisors in training modules focused on milk marketing and also giving them the opportunity to learn from each other about livestock.


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Covid 19 coronavirus: Outrage over abuses, fears about ‘conspiracy theories’ during lockdowns | Instant News

Community leaders said they understood the frustration of Auckland being locked down, but called for people to focus on crushing the latest outbreak.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said a man made a mistake go to the gym while waiting for the results of the Covid-19 test.

Announcing the latest lockdown last night, he voiced frustration, but urged Kiwi not to embarrass the 21-year-old man who allegedly violated health advice.

Papatoetoe High School Principal Vaughan Couillault has been working on the repercussions of the recent cases over the past two weeks.

His school set up a testing station after the mid-February outbreak and his community is his home several locations of interest the place where the last case was visited.

Principal of Papatoetoe Vaughan Couillault Middle School said frustration was understandable but that people who used energy to berate the latest case should reconsider their priorities.  Photo / Provided
Principal of Papatoetoe Vaughan Couillault Middle School said frustration was understandable but that people who used energy to berate the latest case should reconsider their priorities. Photo / Provided

Couillault today said the recent breach reports will irritate everyone who has adhered to the rules and protocol.

“That’s a large part of our community,” he told the Herald.

“That group of people is going to get frustrated, and frustrated for a variety of reasons.”

He said the disruption stems not only from an alleged violation of the Covid-19 guidelines, but from an admission of “how slippery this virus is”.

Auckland returns to its stricter coronavirus regime less than two weeks after a brief three-day “breaker” lockdown began on Valentine’s Day.

Couillault said that despite this, Kiwis must move forward and focus on doing the right thing for themselves and the wider community.

He agreed with the Prime Minister that while the frustration is understandable, attacking the latest case has not helped.

“The energy you spend giving your opinion on something that happened is a bit of a waste of energy.”

Neighborhood council member Manukau Efeso Collins told Newstalk ZB that the community is frustrated and also faces conspiracy theory issues and misinformation.

“Sometimes you’ll have a brother, sister, aunt or uncle littering.”

He said that despite the unhappiness of the latest cases, people should concentrate on education and reuniting those who made mistakes.

South Auckland has faced a lot of criticism in previous outbreaks, Collins said, and the community knows the whole country is watching.

He said local residents, including young people, had worked hard to comply with health regulations and advice.

“We didn’t just do it for ourselves and for our own whānau. We did it for the wider Aotearoa nation.”

Collins told ZB challenges arise from poverty and a lack of official information distributed to homes where English is not the first language.

He said community leaders, some church leaders and social institutions had tried to educate citizens where the central government’s message was not getting through.

The councilor said information should be shared in multiple languages ​​including Samoan, Tonga and Hindi, which are widely spoken locally.

Collins is also concerned about misinformation.

“We are all now going to be locked up at home with people who believe in conspiracy theories, who will convey their message.”

That will spark tension in some homes, Collins said.

He called for patience and people to guard against complacency.

Collins said many New Zealanders would probably now accept that Auckland, where the outbreak recently emerged, should be prioritized for vaccinations.

The city is also the main entrance for people coming from abroad.

Some people on social media voiced sympathy, but others expressed derision after reports of someone ignoring instructions to stay home while waiting for test results.

“I think the kid will fully realize the consequences now. He’s going to be through quite a bit in the coming days,” one Twitter user responded to a question from former broadcaster Rawdon Christie.

Other people online have embraced the “naturally I finished my set” meme to interpret recent events.

The phrase is attributed to New Zealander Cameron Leslie, who was in Norway during the 2011 Oslo bombings.

Describing TV3’s Campbell Live show, he said he was finished his gym workout despite the attacks.

Leslie apologizes but the line is used in the marketing of Mr Vintage and Tui’s beer, which Leslie disapproves of.

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