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Marriyum Aurangzeb called PM Imran apathetic, cruel – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in November 26, 2020 12:08

The opposition party will not give up in front of the elected government: Marriyum Aurangzeb

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) spokesman Marriyum Aurangzeb on Thursday described Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan as apathetic and cruel.

In his statement, the PML-N leader said that the PM had come to Lahore to check the situation of the party president and Opposition Leader in the National Assembly (NA) Shehbaz Sharif in prison.

Opposition parties will not give up before this “elected” government, he said.


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Turkey summons EU envoys, Germany, Italy after the interception of commercial vessels bound for Libya | Instant News

The Turkish Foreign Ministry late Monday summoned the ambassadors of Germany, Italy and the European Union to protest against the illegal interception of Turkish vessels bound for Libya during the EU-led Operation Irini in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“These countries have sent diplomatic notes. In that note, it is affirmed that the incident violates international law and that our right to compensation is protected,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said in a statement.

“Operation Irini is a side operation. It is an operation that aims to punish the legitimate Libyan government and does not inspect weapons supplies to rebel General Khalifa Haftar, and is engaging in arbitrary practices,” Aksoy previously emphasized.

A German frigate participating in the EU-led Operation Irini unlawfully stopped and searched a Turkish commercial cargo ship carrying food and paint supplies to Libya in the Eastern Mediterranean, security sources said.

Footage obtained from the interception shows armed soldiers boarding the ship in a manner that resembles a counterterrorism operation.

Confirming a report in Der Spiegel news magazine, a German spokesman said the Hamburg frigate had intercepted ROSELINE A about 200 kilometers (125 miles) north of the Libyan city of Benghazi on Sunday evening.

Aksoy noted that the Turkish ship’s captain cooperated with Operation Irini’s forces and shared extensive information about the ship’s cargo and navigation but faced hours of inspection despite their cooperation.

“All staff were detained and the captain was held at gunpoint by soldiers during the questioning,” said Aksoy. He added that the search was carried out without the approval of the ship’s country of origin.

He went on to note that the intervention only ended after Turkey balked at the unlawful search.

Aksoy strongly condemns the search of the Turkish commercial vessel and the treatment of its staff as criminals.

He underlined that interception in international waters requires flag state approval and that UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions do not abolish this obligation.

Aksoy also said the European mission had adopted a double standard against the legitimate government in Libya and was specifically targeting commercial ships bound for Libya from Turkey.


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America’s Cup Funding: The New Zealand team issued a ‘public condemnation’ of the service, as part of a document release | Instant News


Grant Dalton is chief executive of the New Zealand Team and American Cup Events, the company that was awarded taxpayer funds to host the event. Photo / Jason Oxenham

The New Zealand team has issued a “public condemnation” of government departments for giving taxpayer tens of millions of dollars in funding, accusing him of inappropriate behavior and calling for a review.

The syndicate today released a series of documents including letters to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment as well as Auckland Mayor Phil Goff and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

America’s Cup Event, a company run within the headquarters of Team New Zealand that shares Grant Dalton as its chief executive, has been awarded up to $ 40 million in taxpayer funds for the 36th place in the world’s oldest international sporting competition.

Earlier this year MBIE launched an investigation into ACE’s handling of money, partly as a result of allegations made by the whistleblower, former contractor Mayo & Calder.

“In the face of the unsubstantiated and libelous accusations again against ETNZ / ACE and its directors, we feel that we must now set things straight by trying to respect the process that is due in this saga throughout the year,” the New Zealand Team said in a statement. unsigned.

“We wanted to avoid public condemnation like MBIE but because of their actions to hide their completely inappropriate behavior through this protracted contract process, we now feel obliged to release a series of letters addressed to MBIE and the minister asking MBIE to account for them. . action. “

According to the New Zealand Team “these letters describe a very different story from the one currently being presented”.

The Herald reported today that the Serious Fraud Office appears to be looking at taxpayer funding for the America’s Cup.

MBIE chief executive, Carolyn Tremain.  Photo / Provided
MBIE chief executive, Carolyn Tremain. Photo / Provided

MBIE previously confirmed that its chief executive, Carolyn Tremain, had had “discussions” with SFO director Julie Read. The SFO confirmed the discussion. Neither side will explain who started the discussion.

The statement by the New Zealand Team reiterated comments made to the Herald that “it would welcome any intervention by the Ombudsman or the Public Service Commission to see MBIE action through this protracted process”.

In a statement, MBIE chief executive Caroline Tremain said after receiving allegations about trouble at ACE, the ministry “used the contractual terms of the Host Place Agreement to engage Beattie Varley to conduct an audit”.

Tremain notes Horton’s comments that ACE’s initial approach to auditing was unhelpful.

“MBIE always treats all parties involved in the process with respect and strongly denies the many issues raised in the letter from ACE,” said Tremain.

He revealed that the mediation that was originally announced to cover the dispute over a $ 3 million design fee had been expanded to cover “matters of parties acting in good faith”.

Mediation is finally expected to begin in December. “MBIE looks forward to the end of this process.”

In August, an audit report by forensic accountant Beattie Varley – commissioned by MBIE – sharply criticized governance at ACE and the New Zealand Team, but concluded investigators saw no evidence that taxpayer event funding had been misappropriated.

In July, the New Zealand Team and ACE went to the High Court in Auckland to prevent the Herald from publishing details of Beattie Varley’s previous report.

New Zealand Team Leader Sir Stephen Tindall described Beattie Varley’s latest report as “total justification”.

He refused to answer questions or be interviewed. According to reports by GoodsTindall called MBIE’s chief executive, Carolyn Tremain, to ask about the nature of her discussion with the SFO, but she declined to say.

ACE chairman Tina Symmans also declined all interview requests.

No one from the Government was willing to comment on the recent reports, with Ardern’s spokesperson saying that was being handled by MBIE.


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Covid 19 coronavirus: New Zealand should adopt a ‘traffic light’ border system, experts say | Instant News


Two of New Zealand’s leading public health experts are calling on authorities to ditch the one-size-fits-all border control process for a risk-based approach.

This system will help facilitate travel from places free of Covid-19 while reducing the risk associated with people arriving from places where the spread is out of control.

University of Otago Associate Professor Nick Wilson and Professor Michael Baker call it a traffic light system.

Green light jurisdictions are those that have eradicated the virus and will ensure quarantine-free travel with some precautions for travelers.

Current border quarantine testing will continue to be conducted for those in the yellow zone – those with relatively controlled but ongoing spread of the virus.

Additional control measures will be implemented prior to travel to red light jurisdictions or, at the most extreme, no travel at all.

Professor Michael Baker, from the University of Otago's public health department.  Photos / Files
Professor Michael Baker, from the University of Otago’s public health department. Photos / Files

While the green light will be quarantine-free, it shouldn’t be without some control measures, said Wilson and Baker at The Conversation.

Control measures can include rapid testing, digital tracking, and paying a security deposit to be refunded if travelers adhere to the tracking system.

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However, speaking to the Herald this morning, Baker said he would not be over-emphasizing the details at this stage.

“I think you need a way to track people, no matter what system you are using,” he said.

“I think there will be concerns about quarantine-free travel for a period of time, but I’m not too worried about that detail yet.

“Basically, right in the middle [the traffic-light system] moving from one-size-fits-all to risk-based systems. “

Green light

Most Australian states and some Pacific Islanders will be given the green light, given they have eliminated the virus.

Baker said given the low transmission rates in New South Wales, it would not get the green light. Victoria also took a longer time without transmission, he said.

The jurisdiction must be able to prove elimination requirements are met to New Zealand standards, such as an adequate level of testing.

Travelers from zones deemed green can bypass quarantine under the traffic light system.  Photo / Provided
Travelers from zones deemed green can bypass quarantine under the traffic light system. Photo / Provided

Yellow light

Japan, South Korea and Singapore are jurisdictions where there is evidence of an ongoing but relatively well-controlled spread of the virus.

Current border quarantine measures will remain in place for the amber zone, however, the stay period at their facility will be shortened and replaced by home quarantine.

The period of isolation at home will be combined with the usual testing regime, with digital tracking, use of masks and heavy fines for any violations, according to The Conversation.

A bond will help ensure people adhere to their conditions of isolation.

Red light

A red light will be given to countries such as the United States, Britain and Russia where the virus is spreading out of control.

New Zealand residents returning from these places can be asked for quarantine before leaving their home country and also show negative test results before flying.

Wilson and Baker say the red light measure requires careful development, but that authorities should evaluate measures used abroad, such as pre-trip testing.

Masked health workers at the customs hall at Auckland International Airport in March.  Photo / Jason Oxenham
Masked health workers at the customs hall at Auckland International Airport in March. Photo / Jason Oxenham

How does the system help?

Baker said the traffic light system would help in two main areas: reducing the risk of border failure and increasing the capacity of MIQ facilities.

Allowing people from the green light zone to travel directly to New Zealand helps ease the burden on our facilities and MIQ staff.

“It reduces the risk of border failure because, if you will, you deny the faucet that is the source of the case,” said Baker.

“People arriving from high-risk countries boarding planes and the level of risk adequately reflects what is happening in their source country.

“As we continue the quarantine-free journey, you will divert a lot of people from the MIQ facility … You solve the two problems quite quickly by doing this.”

Experts have suggested that hotels should no longer be used as MIQ facilities for purpose-built hotels.  Photo / Sylvie Whinray
Experts have suggested that hotels should no longer be used as MIQ facilities for purpose-built hotels. Photo / Sylvie Whinray

Expert on standby for air base facilities

Baker has repeated calls for MIQ facilities to be established at Ōhakea Air Force base, located near the Bulls, after submitting the idea a few months ago.

He said one facility can help reduce the risk of border control failure, which can ultimately lead to community outbreaks.

However, the previous Government has indicated there are no plans to establish special facilities and local residents also disperse proposal.

Baker said the hotel was not designed to be an MIQ facility and there are still questions about how the virus spreads, as ventilation is a major issue.

“The finger has been directed at the lift and lid buttons of the trash but in truth, in most cases you can’t tell the difference between fomite (touching the surface) and aerosol,” he said.

“Those are things that will be fixed in a specially built facility … One of the benefits it provides is that the facility can also be used for future pandemics.

“This is a big decision to complete, but given the increasing risk of a pandemic of multiple scales, we think it will probably be a strategic asset to watch.”

Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield.  Photo / Mark Mitchell
Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Defense Force employee case

A The Waikato school hostel and hotel have closed after a positive case of Covid-19 could potentially expose members of the community on board.

On Friday, health officials confirmed a Defense Force worker from the Jet Park quarantine facility in Auckland tested positive for the virus.

A second worker tested positive after meeting them on Wednesday. That person caught a flight from Auckland to Wellington the next night.

Traffic queued up at Edsel St and Catherine St in Henderson for the test after Auckland returned to alert level 3.
Traffic queued up at Edsel St and Catherine St in Henderson for the test after Auckland returned to alert level 3.

Asked if there should be any major concern among the community, Baker said New Zealand was pretty good at beating the virus outbreak.

“New Zealand is good at tracing contracts and getting rid of this outbreak quickly,” he said.

“We can be optimistic and the problem is, apart from August’s Auckland cluster, the following six border failures were identified early and managed effectively.”

The golden rule is if someone has any symptoms they should stay home, seek advice and if told to do so, get tested for the virus, says Baker.

“That’s the most important act.”


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Two isolated PML-N KKL called CM Buzdar | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Mian Jalil Ahmed Sharaqpuri and Faisal Niazi, who were expelled from PML-N earlier this month, once again met Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on Saturday. During the meeting, the main ministers were informed about the problems of their respective constituencies. Noting the matter, Buzdar assured them that the matter would be resolved, local media reported. The chief minister said that the door was always open for Sharaqpuri and Niazi. The chief minister said that those who create chaos are enemies of the country’s development. He said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was the most popular political party in the country under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.


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