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Rugby: All Blacks whore Dane Coles has hinted at the possibility of retiring after the 2021 season | Instant News

Dane Coles at All Blacks training. Photos / Photosport

By Sam Smith for RugbyPass

All Blacks and Hurricanes whore Dane Coles has given a big clue that 2021 may be his final year in professional rugby in New Zealand.

Coles has dropped his contract with New Zealand Rugby at the end of this year, but the 34-year-old suggests this could be his last hurray when speaking with RNZ ahead of Aotearoa’s upcoming Super Rugby season.

“The last year I came with Canes. I haven’t completely ruled out staying, but I have to appreciate it this year,” he said.

“It’s always a special time to be back with the players. I’ll try not to think about it [last season with the Hurricanes], I will only try and contribute to the group and I still have the same desire to appear and help the team. “

RNZ reports that Coles plans to retire from rugby at the end of 2021, with last year’s unusual season forcing him to examine his options.

Dane Coles in the Hurricanes v Blues match.  Photos / Photosport
Dane Coles in the Hurricanes v Blues match. Photos / Photosport

While he hasn’t fully committed to hanging up his boots by year’s end, Coles noted that winning the Aotearoa Super Rugby crown with the Hurricanes “will be the last delivery”.

“That would mean a lot more.

“We are working hard to try and achieve that.”

If Coles withdraws from this year’s game, the All Blacks will face the prospect of heading into the 2023 World Cup in France without one of their most experienced players.

With 74 tests, Coles has been a vital part of the All Blacks squad since his international debut in 2012.

He started in New Zealand’s 2015 World Cup final win over Australia, ahead of Keven Mealamu, and regained his place in last year’s All Blacks starting lineup after trailing behind Codie Taylor in the pecking order at the 2019 World Cup.

Taylor stands as an obvious candidate to fill Coles’ shoes if the latter asks for time in his career, while Asafo Aumua continues to develop as a long-term prospect for the All Blacks and the Hurricanes.

Outside of the two, the only other prostitutes in New Zealand with an All Blacks experience are Liam Coltman and Nathan Harris, none of whom have caught the eye these days, whether it’s due to lack of appearances or injuries.

Dane Coles and Wallabies midfielder Nic White fighting over the ball.  Photos / Photosport
Dane Coles and Wallabies midfielder Nic White fighting over the ball. Photos / Photosport

Experienced rake Ash Dixon stands out at Super Rugby and Miter 10 Cup level in 2020, but, at 32 years old, his trial debut may surpass him.

The likes of Kurt Eklund and Andrew Makalio have also been impressed, as reflected in their picks in last year’s North and South Island squads, but the All Blacks remain without an obvious third-choice prostitute to fill a potential void Coles will soon be leaving.

Whether Coles can be persuaded to stay afloat until the next World Cup remains to be seen, but the veteran rower said playing in the tournament in two years is still possible.

“Don’t ever say no,” he told RNZ. “Especially with Roger [Tuivasa-Sheck] come to rugby, it would be awesome to play with him. I don’t rule anything out, I’m likely to keep playing as long as I can until the coach says that’s enough. “

For now, Coles remains intent on helping the Hurricanes to their first title since 2016, with the Wellington franchise kicking off Aotearoa’s Super Rugby campaign against the Blues at Sky Stadium on 27 February.

“I still love playing for New Zealand and I’m still excited about it. I’m still driven to achieve it and it all started with playing for the Hurricanes.”

This article first appeared on RugbyPass and republished with permission.


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Switzerland- Rights groups are calling for a halt to Ethiopian repatriation flights | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Amnesty International has urged the Swiss government to reconsider the possibility of repatriation flights of Ethiopian asylum seekers.

This content is published January 25, 2021 – 18:57 January 25, 2021 – 18:57 swissinfo.ch/ug

Rights groups say they are concerned about reports of a planned deportation operation next Wednesday from some Ethiopians whose asylum requests were rejected by Switzerland.

Amnesty said the east African country was unsafe because of ongoing political tensions, including serious human rights violations in the northern region of Tigray ahead of parliamentary elections scheduled for June.

The Swiss Ministry of Justice’s State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) did not comment on the report by the Migrant Solidarity Network group.

SEM said last week that repatriation flights to Ethiopia were possible despite the coronavirus pandemic.

But such operations into conflict areas were not included, a spokesman told Swiss news agency Keystone-SDA.

In November, The Swiss government pledged CHF2 million ($ 2.3 million) for humanitarian assistance in the violence-stricken Tigray region. It has called on all parties to respect international humanitarian law.



How Switzerland responds to online disinformation

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how disturbing the problem of “fake news” is if left unchecked.


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US Unrest: National Guard troops step into Washington as the state responds to requests for help | Instant News

Against the backdrop of the US Capitol, members of the National Guard change shifts as they exit through an anti-scaling security fence in Washington. Photo / AP

Busloads of buses and cargo of planes, National Guard troops poured into the nation’s capital on Saturday, as governors responded to US defense officials’ urgent requests for more troops to help guard Washington even as they watched anxiously at possible violent protests in their own states.

Military leaders spent most of the night Thursday and Friday calling on the state in an unprecedented call for more National Guard troops to help lock down large swathes of the city in the days before President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. In the dribs and drabs, the governor replied, some agreeing to send an extra dozen, 100 or even 1,000, while others said no.

The calls reflect concerns that violent extremist groups are targeting the city after a deadly uprising on the US Capitol on January 6.

Threats range from armed insurgents to possible attempts to plant explosive devices on so-called soft targets. But as Washington begins to resemble an armed camp, with more than 25,000 guards set to be in the city as early as next week, concerns about violence in the state capital have mounted.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown said she rejected a federal request to send at least 100 more National Guard troops to DC “I don’t think we can safely fulfill that commitment,” Brown said. Oregon has agreed to send 30 to Washington, but state leaders are concerned about violence at the state capitol in Salem.

Others agreed, sparking dizzying bursts of military and convoy flights into the region.

“The peaceful transfer of power is a central principle of American democracy, and Connecticut stands ready to help protect our country.” said Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, who initially agreed to send 100 guards and on Friday agreed to send 200 more.

In all, more than 130 US Air Guard flights in the past 72 hours have brought at least 7,000 Guard troops to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, according to US officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal numbers. Thousands more were in buses and military trucks, rumbling down the highway to Washington.

Army General Dan Hokanson, head of the National Guard Bureau, called in general aides across the country, and others, such as Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, called in governors for help. McCarthy praised the state, saying defense and military officials were well aware of the threats they also faced.

“The governors and TAG were great. They helped us a lot,” McCarthy told The Associated Press.

“That’s the problem – that in the midst of a very dire situation you see how great this country is, everyone is getting together and helping each other get through this.”

Troops walk behind a security fence in Washington as security is stepping up ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.  Photo / AP
Troops walk behind a security fence in Washington as security is stepping up ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Photo / AP

What began in early January as a routine deployment of some 350 DC National Guard members to aid protests that are expected to explode over the past two weeks became a much larger operation to protect the inauguration and the US Congress Building, and to block access to the city and its many historical monuments.

When the protesters entered the Capitol on January 6, only a little over 100 National Guards were scattered around the city, guarding the Metro’s checkpoints and entrances. Hours later, five people are dead, the Capitol is in disarray and 1100 DC Guards have been activated.

The next day, as information arrived about more planned violence, requests went out for 6,200 members of the Guard from surrounding states.

On Thursday evening, as law enforcement and defense officials flooded maps and conducted security drills, they concluded they needed at least 25,000 to lock down Capitol grounds and vast areas of DC, including the National Mall. And they agreed that most of the Guards would be armed.

At that time, a new chapter of summons to state governors and military leaders began.

Many governors were willing to help, but they made it clear that the state capital was their priority. Some agreed to send more, while others couldn’t. And the numbers vary widely.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf doubled his initial commitment from 1,000 to 2,000. Other states managed to collect an additional dozen.

After reviewing threats against its own country, Minnesota decided it could significantly increase its contribution and would send 850 guards rather than the 130 originally deployed to leave, according to the state’s aide general, Major General Shawn Manke.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has agreed to send 700. On Friday, he announced he would send 300 more – even as he ordered nearly 600 to secure the Ohio state home in Columbus. So it is with the Governor of North Carolina.

Roy Cooper initially agreed to send 200 guards, and on Friday a Ford Porter spokesman said the country would send 100 more. Iowa first said it sent 250 and now the number is 265.

The big military response comes as Congress and law enforcement authorities try to figure out how the US Capitol captured the dramatic power of January 6.

The leaders of four committees in the Democratic-controlled House sent a letter on Saturday seeking briefings and documents from the FBI and other federal agencies as part of their review of the insurgency.

The call for more American soldiers also underscores the Pentagon’s limits on the use of active duty troops. Under the law, they cannot be used for law enforcement, and officials intend to avoid the emergence of armed active forces being used against US citizens on American soil.

Active duty forces routinely prepare to respond to emergencies in Washington, such as flight violations in restricted airspace over DC, and rapid reaction forces are on standby. Other active duty units will take part in various inauguration ceremonies.


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Switzerland- How fly farming gives new value to food waste | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Black soldier fly larvae are able to digest large amounts of organic waste, while simultaneously producing animal feed, biofuels and fertilizers without consuming raw materials.

This content is published on 16 January 2021 – 10:30 16 January 2021 – 10:30 Armando Mombelli

A journalist originally from Ticino and the Grisons, I am primarily concerned with federal politics, business, energy and innovation.

More on the author | Italian Department

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Startup TicInsect, based in the southern Swiss region of Ticino, plans to set up Switzerland’s first bio-waste treatment plant, where several hundred million of these voracious insects will work.

Most of us may wonder what flies are for, especially when they are constantly buzzing in front of our noses and don’t stop bothering us. Believe it or not, these insects can perform very useful tasks for us such as making a significant contribution to reducing resource waste, deforestation and climate change. They can be valuable allies in creating a circular and sustainable economy.

Accelerated biological conversion

The pesky flies can recycle, cleanly and efficiently, a large amount of food waste generated by industry, households and agriculture.

Nearly three million tonnes of organic waste are generated in Switzerland every year. In the absence of a suitable separate collection system, most end up in incinerators. Getting rid of material with high nutritional and energy value is not only a waste but an economic mistake, ‘said Elisa Filippi, founder and CEO of TicInsect.

Filippi, who has a degree in animal production science, opened a laboratory in the Italian-speaking city of Tesserete last year with the aim of showing how organic waste can be managed and processed in new ways. The workers at this pilot plant are tens of thousands of black army fly larvae, a variety that is highly resistant to disease, cold and other environmental factors, and easy to handle and accustomed to living in crowded conditions wherever they find them. organic matter. The larvae are very greedy and can eat pizza in a matter of a few hours.




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Christmas Cyclone: ​​Yasa forms near Fiji, a possible threat to New Zealand | Instant News

New Zealand

MetService National weather: 11-13 December

The first tropical cyclones formed overnight in the southwest Pacific, and some models track them straight to New Zealand just before Christmas.

Astrologer Niwa said Typhoon Yasa was currently between Vanuatu and Fiji.

Weatherwatch.co.nz says it will spend the next few days circling in a giant circle for strength. The storm is expected to change from a category 1 to a category 3 hurricane when it passes through Fiji on Wednesday.

While Fijians were alerted, Weatherwatch said modeling from various agencies showed Yasa’s 40 percent confidence could reach New Zealand about a week from now.

One scenario has a potentially destructive cyclone in Northland and turns to the country’s top on Monday.

One of the models had Typhoon Yasa hurtling toward Northland.  Image / Weatherwatch.co.nz
One of the models had Typhoon Yasa hurtling toward Northland. Image / Weatherwatch.co.nz

“WeatherWatch has about 40 percent confidence this low will reach New Zealand, maybe a week from now. However, the hurricane will undergo major structural changes at this point which means any number of future scenarios are possible from a serious blow to a low weak that brings only a little rain, to which falls and misses entirely. “

The trust level is based on modeling from various agencies over the past few days and reflects our current beliefs, Weatherwatch said.

In October, Niwa warned that the country faced a slightly higher chance of experiencing a former tropical cyclone over the next six months, caused by warmer oceans and the developing La Nina climate system.

Each season – usually around the end of summer – at least one of these wild and destructive systems runs within 550 km of New Zealand, bringing strong winds and torrential rain.

This season, Niwa predicted the potential of two players.

Meanwhile, today marks a stretch of golden weather with the settled plateaus of the two islands for the coming week.

Some parts are expected to reach 30C and higher, with Christchurch expected to be scorching Wednesday and Saturday.

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