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What exactly brought together the ‘5 million team’ to eradicate Covid-19? | Instant News

New Zealand’s lauded response to Covid-19 has been laid on a Kiwi unit against the virus – but also the daily messages of Dr Ashley Bloomfield and Jacinda Ardern. Photo / Ross Giblin

New Zealand’s “team of five million” has been credited relentlessly for eradicating Covid-19 – but how can our leaders unite us when scientific evidence is ignored elsewhere?

Victoria University researchers have studied transcripts from a 1pm media conference, a regular Kiwi show this year, in search of communication lessons for future crises.

“We are widely and deserving of praise for having an evidence-based response to the pandemic, but our response is not just facts and figures,” said Dr Courtney Addison.

“It reflects profound ideas about right and wrong, about the value of life, and about what we owe as citizens.

“We are now asking how questions of right, wrong, good, bad, obligation and solidarity manifest in our leaders’ explanation of the pandemic – and their response to it.”

Addison and master student Dinithi Bowatte were already studying Kiwi scientific knowledge of Covid-19 when, in mid-2020, he and his colleague, Associate Professor Rebecca Priestley turned to the way science was explained to the public.

Since then, he’s worked closely with fellow anthropologist Dr Jane Horan to interview Kiwis, while Priestley – a prominent science communicator in his own right – has worked with media studies expert Dr Alex Beattie to analyze briefing transcripts.

The work all led to a project Addison and Bowatte led, focusing on the role ethics plays in direction.

More specifically, they want to understand how “anthropological ethics” is applied.

It is the assumption that local factors – be they social, cultural, political or economic – determine how we decide what is good or beneficial.

“This perspective also treats ethics as something we do through our relationships – when we try to do what’s right by each other and by ourselves,” Addison explained.

“So, applying this theory to our Covid-19 response, we are asking what moral reasons are important here in Aotearoa.”

In the new study, funded only by a Health Research Council grant, Bowate will examine transcripts to highlight what is known as “moral talk.”

“Those are references to good, bad, right, wrong, risk, concern, solidarity, responsibility, best interest, and so on,” explained Addison.

Researchers sought to identify themes that stood out, such as whether some explanations were given more weight than others – and if these changed over time.

Bowatte says some interesting changes have been documented by the researchers.

“What is surprising this year is research showing that Kiwi confidence in science, scientists and even politicians has increased as a consequence of our successful national response to Covid-19,” he said.

“That’s very interesting because it can easily fall that trust, as we have seen elsewhere around the world.”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and director general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield arrived for their daily reports on September 4.  Photo / Mark Mitchell
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and director general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield arrived for their daily reports on September 4. Photo / Mark Mitchell

He said a 1pm briefing from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and health director general Dr Ashley Bloomfield ultimately proved a big part of how Kiwis access and understand scientific knowledge.

“I’m very interested in knowing about the way they talk, or the things they say, that convince the public to believe they know what they’re doing,” he said.

“I think understanding these things can help the broader field of science communication, because we have serious scientific issues like climate change that need to be discussed – but it’s important that we talk about them in a way that empowers the broader public.

“The communication that comes out of our national response is strong enough to make the Kiwi effectively ‘unite against Covid-19’.

“It would be great if we could learn from this experience to prepare for the inevitable challenges we will have to face in the future.”

Associate Prime Minister Juliet Gerrard’s chief science adviser agreed Kiwi’s trust in the experts made a “big difference” in tackling the threat.

Risk communication is one of the most frequently asked topics by his international colleagues.

“You can get the best scientific advice in the world – but as tragically illustrated in some countries, it makes no difference if nobody believes it.”

The Health Ministry’s own chief science adviser, Dr Ian Town, also praised Bloomfield and Ardern’s cautious and unifying message from the Beehive’s podium – but also the efforts of all Kiwis this year.

“A team of five million people won that day.”


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PIA canceled four ATR-72 aircraft lease deals | Instant News

KARACHI: Cash-strapped Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Saturday said it had removed four French-made ATR-72 aircraft from its fleet due to expensive lease arrangements, high operating costs and low profitability.

The first ATR-72 – registration number APBKY – has departed Karachi for Johannesburg, South Africa, while the other three will also be returned, a PIA spokesman said.

“The PIA ATR-72 aircraft have high operating costs and expected market value so that flight operations are not profitable,” he added. These aircraft were obtained on dry lease in 2015. The ATR-72 aircraft, each with a capacity of 66 seats, are more expensive than current market prices, but the carriers are unable to return them earlier due to long-term agreements.

Along with leases, PIA spends large sums of money on planes while on the ground. Therefore, on the instructions of PIA CEO Air Marshal Arshad Malik, PIA officials negotiated a deal with a leasing company to return the plane without cash penalties. “This is outside the norm of the leasing business,” said the spokesman. With Covid-19 affecting air travel around the world, the already struggling national airline has no choice but to return the plane.

The spokesman said that this deal was only possible because of the personal efforts of the PIA CEO and the support of the board, which saw the extreme pressure the pandemic was putting on the aviation sector.

“This will save the national airlines, millions of dollars in rent,” which airlines have to pay because those planes are grounded due to the current pandemic situation.

PIA CEO Air Marshal Arshad Malik, while congratulating the PIA team on the successful negotiations, said that this was not only a difficult decision at this critical time, but one that could not be avoided. “This airline will continue to operate other ATR aircraft, which will allow its operation on short routes. Meanwhile, under the supervision of the Pakistani government, PIA will soon acquire new aircraft in its fleet, which will greatly improve the airline’s products and services. “

New aircraft and upgraded service have long been expected from the national carrier, and these expectations will be fulfilled soon, the CEO said. Officials saw the termination of the deal as a “correction of direction”; a step taken in the right direction under the leadership of the CEO of PIA, the statement added.

For the nine months period ended 30 September 2020, Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited recorded a loss of Rs44.509 billion in its consolidated interim statement.


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Australia canceled a visit to Papua New Guinea amidst leadership challenges | Instant News

The Australian prime minister canceled a trip to Papua New Guinea Saturday as political turmoil in the Pacific nation cast doubt on the leadership of the ruling government.

Scott Morrison will meet his PNG counterpart on Wednesday but agreed to postpone the trip following a request from Prime Minister James Marape, a spokesman for Morrison said.

The decision came after several senior PNG ministers, including the deputy prime minister, defected to the opposition on Friday and voted to suspend parliament – marking a challenge to Marape’s leadership next month.

Morrison intends to visit the country on his way back from a visit with Japanese leader Yoshihide Suga next week.

Since May last year, Marape has ruled through a divided coalition.

The law blocked any challenges to his rule for the first 18 months but that period ended in late November.

Following the suspension of parliament, the country’s opposition said they had gained enough support to strike a vote of no-confidence against Marape when parliament resumed on December 1.

But the leader tried to defuse the challenge on Friday – calling it “normal PNG-style parliamentary business.”

He still has 52 MPs to support him and is in negotiations to secure the 56 members needed for a majority before the return of parliament, he added.

Papua New Guinea’s politics is very fluid and since independence, no party has ever held an outright majority, with parties relying on coalitions to govern.


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‘Feast of Little Italy’ canceled the 19th annual Jupiter event | Instant News

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – Over the past 18 years, the three-day “Feast of Little Italy” festival has filled downtown Abacoa with an average attendance of around 23,000 people. All are looking for Italian music, food and fellowship.

This year, the event organizer, Jerry Somma, has pulled a stop at an annual event driven by Cannoli because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We canceled the event because [the] “the current situation in our community and to protect the safety of friends and people who have supported us for almost two decades,” Somma said.

This announcement came when three sources told WPTV NewsChannel 5’s Taste and See South Florida, SunFest had begun dismissing full-time team members because of the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Foundations like Susan G. Komen have moved all fundraising events such as running and racing to virtual space for 2020.

Somma made her statement while sitting at a long table at Lynora’s Italian Restaurant in Palm Beach Gardens with a plate of lasagna (National Lasagna Day) in front of her that served as “good food”.

“We all know as Italian-Americans, good news or bad news, it happens in one place at the kitchen table,” he said.

Somma said that before canceling the event, the festival sought to spread things to create a more socially social environment for vendors and guests.

“This festival is always built on the family, and for a moment thought that one person fell ill or whatever attended the event did not suit me,” said Somma.

Little Italy celebration is the beginning for Little Smiles Toy Drive which provides holiday gifts for children in need. To help ensure Toy Drive succeeds this year, they began collecting six months earlier last weekend.

More from Taste and See South Flordia: Santa and his aides began Saturday’s event on Jupiter.

Somma said the cancellation had a large economic impact on food vendors and major sponsors such as Alfa Romeo FIAT in West Palm Beach.

The Feast of Little Italy said its 20th birthday event, which will take place 5-7 November, 2021, will be free to the public. It was an event that had been previously marked.

“Let’s get together, let’s take a break and let’s enjoy all that is Italian [in 2021]”Sum said.

This was one of the first events in South Florida that was canceled for the 2020-21 season for November.


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Revocation of the license of the pilot remained | Instant News

Lahore:the Lahore High court on Friday restrained the General civil aviation authority (CAA) from taking final decisions concerning the abolition of the commercial pilot’s licence by the Director.

Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti was ordered to stay on the court order filed by Bilal Chughtai, pilot, contesting the suspension of his license for the dubious one. Plaintiff’s counsel told the court that his client was issued a license air transport pilot (renewal) after passing all the examinations conducted by the CAA in 2015. He said that the authorities had renewed his licence from time to time until August 31, 2019.

The lawyer said that the Director General CAA issued the impugned order dated July 10, 2020 and suspended his license on charges of fraud, misrepresentation and in the face of failure to appear for the exam.

He argued that there was no evidence available on record to support the allegations attributed to the applicant by the authority. He acknowledged that the impugned order was appealed, but the Appellate body in the case that issued it. He argued that the civil aviation rules allowing DG to hear an appeal against the order violated the basic rights procedural rights guaranteed in article 10-A of the Constitution.

He argued that the rules in aviation is also contrary to the principle of fairness, because they do not include the right to be heard before ruling on the suspension. The lawyer asked the court to declare that the rules of provision of the CAA DG to sit on appeal against its order was unconstitutional and the Federal government will be used to ensure adequate protection against the order of suspension of Respondent.

The judge adjourned the hearing to a date to be determined later and restrained the defendant from making, any final decisions in contested proceedings.


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