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Cam Newton Throwing Curveball Mode In Big Poncho For Cardinals Game – CBS Boston | Instant News


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The New Zealand cardinal opened up questions about the bishop’s actions regarding abuse | Instant News

Cardinal John Dew of Wellington has asked an independent investigator to determine whether the late bishop of Dunedin took appropriate action when he received a sexual harassment complaint.

The New Zealand Church’s National Office of Professional Standards has appointed senior Christchurch investigator Micky Earl of the firm Corporate Risks to carry out an investigation into Bishop John Kavanagh, who headed the Diocese of Dunedin from 1957 to 1985.

A statement from the New Zealand bishops’ conference said Cardinal Dew reported a number of abuse victims in Dunedin diocese had complained that Bishop Kavanagh, who died in 1985, was not properly handling their complaints about sexual abuse by priests.

Cardinal Dew referred to concerns about Bishop Kavanagh to Rome under Pope Francis’ 2019 decree, “Vos estis lux mundi.”

“I was told by Rome that the complaint about Bishop Kavanagh’s handling of the complaint of abuse did not fall within the scope of Rome because he had died. I therefore instructed NOPS to carry out an investigation under our church protocol for the issue of abuse, A Path to Healing,” said cardinal in his statement.

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He said Earl would investigate “what information Bishop Kavanagh has regarding the sexual harassment complaint and whether he is fulfilling his duties as bishop in the way he responds to and manages the complaint.”

Earl’s recommendation can help form the basis of any decision to rename Kavanagh College in Dunedin.

That Otago Daily Times in Dunedin reported the act involved a former Catholic priest, Magnus Murray, who abused boys in Dunedin from the 1950s to the 1970s. The newspaper reported that the act was brought to the attention of Bishop Kavanagh in 1972.

Bishop Kavanagh transferred Murray to Australia and later allowed him to continue his public ministry on the North Island, where more victims have appeared, the Times reported on November 18.


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Pakistan: Christian parents request the release of the kidnapped daughter, aged 13 | Instant News

Arzoo the King on his First Holy Communion Day

Source: ACN

The parents of a 13-year-old Christian girl who was kidnapped in Pakistan have joined a Catholic charity in their fight to win back their daughter who was kidnapped by a man who forced her to marry him and convert to Islam.

Aid for the Church in Need (ACN), which supports persecuted Christians, is providing legal aid and paralegals in the case of Arzoo Raja, a Catholic, who was kidnapped from his home in Karachi.

Lawyers for Tabassum Yousaf are scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday, October 28) to represent the Arzoo family at the first hearing of the case at the Sindh High Court.

After Arzoo disappeared, his parents lost their jobs and reportedly received threats from their kidnappers, and now ACN will help cover their legal fees and daily living expenses.

In an emotional cry for the return of their daughter, a copy of which was sent to ACN, Rita, Arzoo’s mother, said: “In the name of God, please save our daughter. We are very worried. Please help us.

“The kidnappers and their supporters scared us and we were in danger from these people. Please listen to our cries.”

According to the First Information Report (FIR), Arzoo’s father, Raja, told police that the 13-year-old was kidnapped from his family home in the Karachi Railway Colony on the morning of October 13, shortly after his parents left for work. Two days later, police called the family to say that the kidnapper, Ali Azhar, a 44-year-old Muslim, who is married and has children, has presented a marriage certificate with Arzoo, which states the girl is 18 and that she is willing to convert to Islam.

The family has an official birth certificate which shows that Arzoo is 13 years old.

Social activists, lawmakers and many Christians staged a protest outside the Karachi Press Club on Saturday (24 October), demanding the enforcement of the Child Marriage Restriction Act, which prohibits marrying a minor.

Highlighting the challenges of addressing the persecution of religious minorities across Pakistan, Regina Lynch, director of the charity project, said: “There is progress at the national level but it is important that the authorities responsible for defending victims – namely police forces and judicial authorities – break free from pressure. extremist groups. “

The Movement for Solidarity and Peace calculates that each year up to 1,000 young Christian and Hindu girls aged between 12 and 25 are kidnapped by Muslim men, marry forcibly and convert to religions.

Aid to the Church in Need is running a petition asking British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to grant asylum for Maira Shahbaz, a 14-year-old Christian girl who went into hiding following death threats from her former kidnapper, who raped her and forced her to marry her and convert to Islam. To sign a petition visit: www.acnuk.org/petition


Help for a Church in Need: www.acnuk.org

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Pakistan: AKS brings salvation for families during the alarm | Instant News

Distribution Covid-19 packet discard © Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad

Report on ambulance sent at the height of the lock in Pakistan shows how it allows you to save the lives of more than 2,000 Christians under the threat of starvation.

More than 500 families in Faisalabad of Punjab province received food rations within the framework of the Covid-19 a package of assistance from the Catholic charity aid to the Church in need.

Amid reports that some local NGOs to refuse to give emergency non-Muslims, the project partners of AKS in the field has distributed over 70 per cent of aid to Christians, whose access to employment is confined largely to low paid jobs.The rest of the help of the AKS went to other vulnerable groups.

These programs focused on families daily wage workers, rickshaw drivers, sanitary and brick-kiln workers and workers who suddenly lost their jobs when the lockdown happened, and who did not have savings.

The website of aneel Mushtaq, Executive Secretary Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad, which cooperates AKS in the project, said: “the assistance that you gave helped to save people from starvation. Many of them had nothing to put on the table to feed their families and they were in a very terrible situation.”

In the food packages included a raft Covid related to AKS the help of a program Faisalabad which included personal protective equipment such as face masks and sanitisers for all 46 priests of the diocese and protective equipment for 100 catechists.

This assistance enabled clergy and laity to serve the faithful in a moment of great need.

Meanwhile, the ACS supports a program of scholarships to the needy children in 20 Catholic schools across the diocese of Faisalabad.

There was a campaign Covid also be mounted using local radio, and posters and leaflets for those without access to the Internet and social media.

Faisalabad was one of the three dioceses on the territory of Pakistan to benefit from the program by COVID AKS help over 5,000 poor families across the country.

In early April, the charity announced a 5 million euros (4.5 million pounds) Fund COVID and since then emergency and pastoral care, was released worldwide including in India, Syria and Brazil.

Mr. Mushtaq said that the needs in Pakistan remains acute with a partial lock is still in place. He added that Christians were among those suffering the worst as the economic crisis deepens.


Aid to the Church in need – www.acnuk.org

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Brazil: Pope Francis Hospital’s ship treating Covid patients in Amazonia | Instant News

Bishop Bernardo Bahlmann distributed medical supplies from the ship

The Pope Francis Hospital ship carries medical equipment and assistance to communities affected by the corona virus along the Amazon river, the Latin American Episcopal Council (CELAM) reports.

Brother Joel Sousa, from the ship’s medical team said, “This ship has performed miracles, bringing healing and hope to the inhabitants of the river.” With the current state of emergency, he said that there was even more need for work to save their lives.

The Pope Francis Hospital ship has sailed on the Amazon River for a year now, providing medical assistance and assistance to around 700,000 people, many of them from indigenous peoples – in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.

Experts warn that while deforestation in the Amazon rainforest continues, the lives of indigenous peoples are at greater risk because the death rate from the corona virus is twice that of the Brazilian population.

Their situation is exacerbated due to lack of access to proper medical care and great distance from the nearest intensive care unit.

In an interview published on the CELAM website, Brother Sousa said that the medical and logistical team on board had been reorganized to specifically combat the pandemic.

He said the crew was committed to raising awareness of Covid-19 and providing information to the local population and offering on-site first-stage outpatient care.

“We deal mainly with flu-like symptoms and mild cases of Covid-19,” he said, adding that “doctors carry out consultations, while we dedicate ourselves to the distribution of medicines.”

Among the crew of 32 meters long, there are 23 doctors, nurses, paramedics, chemists, and medical researchers. The ship has a consulting room, operating room, laboratory for testing and diagnosis, a pharmaceutical and vaccination center. These are equipped to do X-Rays, mammograms, echo-cardiograms and specialist medical visits such as ophthalmology and dentistry.

This initiative was founded and promoted by Bishop Bernardo Bahlmann of Obidos in the Brazilian state of northern Brazil, along with religious people from the Brotherhood of St. Francis of Assisi at Providence of God, who runs a hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

Pope Francis sailed in July 2019 and has since provided much needed assistance and care to many cities and communities along the Amazon River.

Pope Francis donated an ultrasound engine and sent a message of support when the ship made its maiden voyage.

In a letter to the crew and promoters of the ship, the Pope reminded them that “the Church was called” to be a ‘field hospital’, welcoming everyone, without distinction, “and he noted that, with this initiative, the Church now also presents itself as” home sick on the water. “

“Like Jesus, who appears to be walking on water, calming storms and strengthening the faith of the disciples, this boat will bring spiritual comfort and calm to the concerns of men and women in need, who are left to their destiny,” the Pope wrote.

Funds for shipbuilding were provided by the State after being compensated for collective damage by Shell Chimica and BASF SA after an environmental accident that killed 60 people and caused considerable damage.


DIVE – https://prensacelam.org/

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