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The Karachi Zoo upgrade on the cards to meet global standards | Instant News

Sindh Regional Government, Housing and Urban Planning Secretary Syed Najam Ahmad Shah and Karachi Administrator Laeeq Ahmed visited Karachi Zoo on Friday to ensure animal welfare and to monitor the facilities provided to visitors and all other administrative matters.

The secretary said Karachi Zoo is an excellent recreational facility for city residents and there is a need to upgrade facilities there to meet global standards in an urgent time.

Shah and Laeeq instructed the people concerned to make a special bear enclosure as early as possible, and directed them to provide all medical facilities and complete natural habitat for the animals.

“Regular animal health checks and special food should be provided for regularly caught animals and birds.”

They reviewed the construction work being done at the zoo and were directed to auction off shops. While giving a briefing, the project director said that all work under PC-I zoo renovation work has been completed.

Shah said Karachi Zoological Park is a very good place for entertainment as well as useful information and knowledge. He added that all the animal’s nutritional and medical needs must be taken care of in the best possible way and no negligence will be tolerated in this regard.

He said that a committee chaired by Senior Director of Sports, Culture and Recreation Mansoor Qazi will oversee the speed and quality of the appointments. The two also visited the zoo’s historic Mughal Gardens.


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Yasmin reviewed the development of Sahulat Health Card distribution | Instant News

LAHORE: Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid reviewed progress on the distribution of Sahulat Health Cards in Sahiwal and Dera Ghazi Khan during a meeting on Saturday.

Main Secretary of Punjab, Chair of Planning and Development Abdullah Sunbal, Secretary of Finance Iftikhar Sahu, Secretary of the Department of Health and Special Medical Education for Lawyers Nabeel Awan, Secretary of Additional Development Dr Asif Tufail, Punjab Health Initiative Management Company MD Dr Ali Razzaq and other officials also attended the meeting. . The Minister of Health reviewed the implementation status of the distribution of Insaf Health Cards in the Sahiwal Division and Dera Ghazi Khan.

Finance Secretary Iftikhar Sahu shared the latest news about the activity within the stipulated time limit.

The health minister said, “In the current fiscal year, all families from the Sahiwal and Dera Ghazi Khan divisions will be given a Sahulat Health Card. So far, 42 percent of people have received Sahulat Health Cards in the two divisions. By December 2021, all 22.93 million families will receive health insurance. Cardholders can avail health insurance facilities of up to Rs. 720,000. The distribution of cards is a big step towards making Prime Minister Imran Khan’s dream come true. We believe in spending taxpayer money only on people. The homework for card distribution in the Sahiwal and Dera Ghazi Khan division families was done. “

He said the Minister of Home Affairs was monitoring the development of the Sahulat Health Card distribution. The people of Punjab will greatly benefit from the Sahulat Health Card facility. Provision of quality services in the health and education sector is Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision. Cardholders can avail free medical services from more than 300 public and private hospitals in Punjab. Beneficiaries of the card pray for Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, “the minister said.


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In Yves Saint Laurent’s Secret Love Letter | Instant News

What better way to show love than a creative greeting card?

For more than 25 years, French designer Yves Saint Laurent uses her fashion illustration skills to express her gratitude to her friends, collaborators and clients with a LOVE card. He did not give these cards on Valentine’s Day, but instead were given them as a happy New Year greeting card to welcome the year positively and brightly. Saint Laurent’s sacred tradition took place every year from 1970 to 2007, with the exception of 1978 and 1993 in which he called them “the years without love.” It remains a mystery why those years were considered terrible for the French Couturier. When those years showed heights in designer creativity, in 1978, the designer created a spectacular costume for Jean Cocteau’s game, Two headed eagle (Eagle with Two Heads) and in 1993 the release of her fragrance “Champagne” was the third best-selling fragrance in all of Europe.

As Saint Laurent said, “without grace, there is no grace.” The sentimental gesture of holding the words of joy presents the values, memories and passions of Saint Laurent in a cartes de voeux. Cards are a person’s way of expressing a celebratory expression to spark positive power through physical messages and images where the recipient gets a sense of instant gratification. Saint Laurent embraces the power behind imparting a line of longevity to objects that can normally be forgotten and discarded. This is Saint Laurent’s endeavor as an artist in various forms by creating poster-sized greeting cards that demonstrate his understanding of art, history and style. It is an extension beyond the commercialized art fame of the fashion world.

Saint Laurent centered its “LOVE” slogan around new ornaments, color palettes, and graphics using collage techniques, colored pencils, gouache and markers. Showcasing designer appreciation of artists Henri Matisse, Jean Cocteau, Georges Braque and Andy Warhol. Saint Laurent follows an artist’s mindset by changing his card style every decade.

In the early 1970s, the style started with the YSL snake motif wrapping “LOVE”, which represents creativity, rebirth and transformation. Saint Laurent has retained the brand’s motif for countless decades because it is a precious symbol that recounts Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge’s first arrival to Marrakech in 1966 where their first home is referred to as Dar el Hanch, the Snake House in Morocco.

Musee YSL Paris

In 1972, Saint Laurent focused LOVE in the sunshine that connected her happy childhood in Oran with the radiant power of love. “I have vivid memories of the good days in Oran, where I was born. I can see that beautiful city with all races of people together, the Algerian, the French, the Italian, the Spanish, leaving a sign of good spirits, cheering. , and the desire to live with passion, “recalled Saint Laurent.

yves saint laurent, musee ysl, love

Musee YSL Paris

In the 1980s, designer experiments with typography from the Dada movement (1915-1920), Saint Laurent looked to the Dadaists who would drop random letters, experiment with punctuation, write words horizontally and vertically in a variety of semi-bold types. Graphics of the Art Deco movement (1920s-1930s) with an appreciation of decorative arts, rectangular shapes and symmetry with layered shapes are qualities that Saint Laurent finds qualities that apply in the design process.

musee ysl, saint laurent, love

Musee YSL Paris

In 1986, Saint Laurent created it Marrakech Majorelle Gardens her LOVE theme fountain with cobalt blue and yellow reminiscent of her Moroccan villas. The French couturier often draws inspiration from Loulou de la Falaise, Betty Catroux and other guests at his Villa Oasis.

ysl museum, yves saint laurent

Musee YSL Paris

In 1991, we see Saint Laurent’s play of mixed art influences with Rene Margueritte’s surrealism and P0p Art style. Andy Warhol. His pet bulldog card gift Moujik was painted by Andy Warhol, what better way to express the love of human friends? This card is special because of its quality which shows the double appreciation of Warhol’s friendship with Saint Laurent and in turn Saint Laurent puts a new spin on its own card.

musee ysl, yves saint laurent, love

Musee YSL Paris

The game of making mortal objects immortal makes these cards even more unique to collectors, art lovers and Saint Laurent fans. Far from being the original purpose of cards, nowadays they are objects of longevity of art taking the form of respectable works of art. Consider a handmade Saint Laurent card as an original, luxurious Valentine’s Day gift because its bold colors make any home a little more lively every day. After all, shouldn’t we embrace the energy of love in every aspect of our lives?


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All 29.3 million Punjab families get the Health card: minister | Instant News

LAHORE: Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid announced here on Monday that the Cabinet has officially approved the issuance of the Insaf Health Card to all families in the province.

Speaking at the Seminar on the Introduction of Typhoid Conjugate Vaccines by the Primary and Secondary Health Service, the Minister of Health said the initial campaign would start from 12 districts, namely: Lahore, Rawalpindi Mianwali, Chakwal, Pakpattan, Multan, DG Khan, Layyah, Rajanpur, Mandi Bahauddin, Gujranwala and Faisalabad . Secretary of the Department of Primary and Secondary Health Usman Younis explained to the participants the reasons for introducing vaccines.

The minister said, “I congratulate the department on launching a great campaign. Pakistan is the third country in the world to start a typhus vaccine campaign. Through this campaign, we want to spare children from this disease. I thank the World Health Organization, Unicef, and other partners for their support. “

Dr Yasmin Rashid said, “In December 2021, 29.3 million Punjab families registered in Nadra will be issued a Sahulat Health card. In the first phase, the seven districts of Sahiwal Division and Dera Ghazi Khan will be awarded cards. Sahulat Health Cardholders can take advantage of free medical services of up to Rs720,000. Cardholders will be able to take advantage of the free treatment facilities of all the empanel hospitals across Pakistan. For the first time in history, the government initiated a free health care program for the poor. Prime Minister Imran Khan has promised improvements in health and education when he takes over. “

Meanwhile, the Minister of Home Affairs gave a deadline of one week to the Headquarters Medical Supervisor of the Kasur Hospital (DHQ) Dr. Muhammad Laeeq Ch to improve performance. At the minister’s direction, the Director General of Punjab Health Services, Dr Haroon Jehangir, visited DHQ Kasur with his technical team. The Directorate General checks for attendance of officers, drug stocks, emergency, indoor and outdoor, laboratories, x-rays and blood banks, corona wards, EPI, mother and child units and facility status. The Director General was accompanied by a technical team including Dr Younis, Dr Sohail, Rao Alamgir and members of the roadmap team. The Minister of Health said the immunization of every child must be guaranteed. Delays in the eye examination unit will not be tolerated. Hospital staff should ensure implementation of SOPs by patients and visitors. The director general will have to submit a performance report in DHQ after one week and the close monitoring of all hospitals in Punjab will continue, he said.


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New Zealand’s best beaches: hidden gems | Instant News


Whale’s Bay, Tutukaka. Photo / Melinda Legg

The results are in! Today, our finalists are announced: 13 stunning Kiwi beaches chosen by you and the Travel team. Click here to see the result, and read about our 10 most popular beaches, and our three favorite wild cards.

But every New Zealander knows that some of our best stretches of sand are the hard to reach, the lesser known and the hidden gems.

Here are some of our favorite entries from readers who favored Aotearoa’s calmer coastline.

Don’t miss your chance to be crowned New Zealand’s Best Beach 2021. Please visit nzherald.co.nz/bestbeach to vote for your favorite from our finalists.

Pukehina Beach, Bay of Plenty

Pukehina Beach is the “hidden gem” of the Eastern Bay of Plenty coast. Outside of peak season, this small town of 200 people is a tightly knit community of fishermen and women, retirees and tangata whenua connected to the great Arawa waka. Beautiful beaches and beaches remind us of the old days. Many homes have been passed down from generation to generation, converted with just a touch of paint, perhaps a new deck. The cousins ​​slept all night in a bed that also housed longboards, surfcasters and kayaks. Aunts can be seen gathering kaimoana in the estuary, nannas and pop their fur babies for walks along the beach and meeting the local uncle – Hippi Pippi. From stunning sunsets to ever-changing coastal landscapes and a micro-climate of its own, Pukehina Beach with its soft white sand and turquoise waters is a truly unique Aotearoa beach experience.

Amber Stevens

Pukehina, Bay of Plenty.  Photo / Amber Stevens
Pukehina, Bay of Plenty. Photo / Amber Stevens

New Chums Beach, Coromandel Peninsula

Over the last 20+ years I’ve traveled with family and then friends, lots of picnics, lots of beach days, nights out, and some beach cricket games. The fact that you can’t drive out there weed out the crowd, and walking on it itself is spectacular! This is truly a magical part of NZ

Natalie Lions

New Friend, Coromandel.  Photo / Natalie Lions
New Friend, Coromandel. Photo / Natalie Lions

Whale Bay Beach, Tutukaka Beach, Northland

A 10-minute walk along the cliff-side gives you stunning views of the coves around Whale Bay. Once you go down the trail the beach itself has clear blue water (almost like the Maldives). Beautiful trees perfect for hammocks and small swings provide seclusion and shade, and small rock pools on either side for exploration. Among the famous beaches but with warmer water, it is a hidden gem. It is a must.

Melinda Legg

Whale's Bay, Tutukaka.  Photo / Melinda Legg
Whale’s Bay, Tutukaka. Photo / Melinda Legg

Kariaotahi Beach, South Auckland

I’ve been lifeguard for this beach for eight seasons now and been a part of junior surfing since I was 7 years old (now 21). From the experiences I have had from this beach during my time as part of this wonderful community and nature, I can safely say that it is by far the best beach in Auckland and the country.

Taylor Harvey

Karioitahi Beach, South Auckland.  Photo / Taylor Harvey
Karioitahi Beach, South Auckland. Photo / Taylor Harvey

Amodeo Bay, Coromandel

Our special slice of heaven. We first came here on our honeymoon nearly 16 years ago and have never stopped returning. It is rugged and far enough away to be quiet, so not overcrowded, and has the most amazing sunsets, and the best fishing spots are not far from the coast. This is truly a Kiwi experience. There is a river flowed by the ocean where there are many pet eels that you can feed and pat with your hands. It is surrounded by native bush and on quiet nights you can hear kiwis.

Karen Bates

Amodeo Bay, Coromandel.  Photo / Karen Bates
Amodeo Bay, Coromandel. Photo / Karen Bates

Taupō Bay, Far North

It’s special for its size, location, stunning views and chill feel. It epitomizes everything we look for on a classic Kiwi beach – unobtrusive, never overcrowded, part of a magical coastline, just a simple beach has it all. We love it.

Todd Male

Bethells / Te Henga Beach

I nominated for the best beach in west Auckland, Bethells Beach / Te Henga. It is one of the calmest, rugged beaches that are beautifully reflected on those sunny days. Always have awesome sunsets, places to swim / surf / fish, walk along cliffs, on the dunes, along the beach, special wildlife, and people from all different walks of life. You also have access to Lake Wainamu which is a short walk from the beach and is spectacular with its massive sand dunes reflecting off the lake. This cafe serves unbeatable post beach food.

Luke Campbell

Jackson Bay, West Coast

On a beautiful sunny day, you can enjoy a beautiful wild beach and feel like you are the only person in the world – sunbathing, looking for rare pebbles on the beach, at night building a driftwood fire. Just say it! On a day with wild weather, it’s like you’re in another world – foggy, rocky and desolate. One of the best spots on the NZ coastline so far.

Felicity Lynchard

Thorne Bay Beach, North Coast

Beautiful beach at Waitematā Harbor. Golden sand, shade of trees along the coast, rock pools with fresh water flowing between the rocks from Lake Pupuke. Overlooking Rangitoto and north to Whangaparāoa. Coupled with steep rises on the water’s edge for swimming near shore and avoiding rowing too far to reach deep water. Accessible only by walking around the waterfront or via footpaths from Minhaha Street – no car access so it feels more remote and secluded, yet you are less than 10 km to downtown Auckland.

Kim Leuila

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