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Senator pledged to approach the European Union for human rights violations by the National Bureau of Accountability -ANI | Instant News

Islamabad [Pakistan], January 17 (ANI): Senate deputy chairman Saleem Mandviwalla announced on Saturday that he would approach the European Union (EU) and other international human rights organizations against human rights abuses by the Bureau of National Accountability (NAB), reported Dawn.
Regarding his decision to move to the EU, he said, “Since NAB has violated human rights, I have decided to approach the European Union and international human rights organizations against it.”
A meeting with the bereaved family of retired brigadier Asad Munir who committed suicide following excesses by anti-corruption watchdogs completed his steps. He worked with the military as well as the government and faced many questions from the NAB.
Munir’s body was found hanging from a ceiling fan in his apartment located in the Diplomatic enclave in March 2019, reported Dawn.
“I am surprised, from that widow, Munir tried to kill himself with his gun, but luckily the bullet stuck and then his wife kidnapped him. However, after a few days he hanged himself in shame. by the NAB, “he said.
“I have learned that more people have committed suicide, because of NAB, compared to those who died in NAB custody. That is why I decided to seek details from the Prison Inspector General about how many people were in prison because of NAB. Because of the details. will be sought from the Senate platform, it will be accepted very soon. I observe that, apart from NAB, all departments are cooperating with parliament, “he added.
He also promised to move the bills to stop the Bureau from assassinating people’s characters and arresting them at the investigation stage.
Senator Mandviwalla said he would soon pass a bill advising that NAB should not interfere in private business, not be allowed to arrest people at the investigation stage and not share details with the media, Dawn reported.
Earlier also, Mandviwalla had leveled charges against NAB for committing grave human rights abuses and accused Imran Khan’s government of using anti-corruption watchdogs to undermine the anti-government opposition movement. NAB is also investigating the case against Mandviwalla. (ANI)

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Accusation sheet against Imran, Musharraf: PML-N | Instant News


The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on Wednesday slammed the prime minister for his tweet about recent disclosures by Broadsheet LLC and stated that the indictment sheet presented by the international asset recovery firm against former military rulers Pervez Musharraf and Imran Khan himself and not against his party.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said the latest disclosures by Broadsheet is the “tip of the iceberg” and urges recovery firms for full transparency on money laundering by the country’s elite. He further asked the company to also reveal who stopped the investigation.

Chief executive of Broadsheet The LLC, Kaveh Moussavi, has claimed that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif offered the company a bribe for dropping an investigation into its foreign assets and added that the deal was offered by someone claiming to be Sharif’s nephew in 2012.

Speaking at a joint press conference with PML-N leader Musaddiq Malik at the Parliament House, Maryam alleged that PM Imran while seeking a follow-up to the Broadsheet report had indeed asked for a “clean problem” for himself.

“Imran Khan wakes up in the morning and starts suing the NRO. The disclosure of the leaflets has exposed former military dictators Pervez Musharraf and Imran, ”he said.

The two leaders said that Musharraf had given Rs6 billion to an asset investigation company to formulate a case against Nawaz Sharif.

Maryam accused SAPM Shehzad Akbar of negotiating with Broadsheet. He said Musharraf had given Rs6 billion to asset recovery companies and now the ruling regime is paying another Rs4 billion for it.

He accused SAPM Akbar of seeking a commission from Broadsheet and demanding that negotiations between the PM’s aides and asset recovery be published.

Broadsheet, with its revelations, “has provided an indictment against a dictator and an elected ruler”, he said.

“The prime minister-elect, through his political statement, has asked his opponent to discuss the Broadsheet issue,” he added.

Responding to a question about his relationship with the former military dictator, Musaddiq Malik said he had worked on the project with Dr Nasim Ashraf (former chairman of PCB) during Musharraf’s tenure but never or was part of Musharraf’s cabinet.

My request is that the government should make a call Broadsheet and questioned who asked for the commission from him, he said.


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Police arrest a fugitive drug dealer at a Karachi meeting, two policemen are injured | Instant News

KARACHI: Police on Saturday claimed to have arrested a drug dealer after a meeting in the city’s Orangi City which also left two policemen injured including a SHO, ARY NEWS reported.

According to the details, shared by authorities, SHO Mominabad and other policeman Faizan were injured during a police meeting with suspected drug dealer, Aashiq alias Bhola.

They claim he was wanted by the authorities in 22 cases of drug trafficking and remained on the run in cases registered against him from 2004 to 2021.

The police had transferred the accused to another location for further investigation while the injured policeman was transferred to the hospital for medical treatment.

In another stunt against a well-known drug dealer justThe police claim meeting a suspected drug dealer as a major breakthrough in their efforts to rein in the city’s drug mafia.

One of the most wanted drug dealers Dadan Abro was executed at a police meeting early last week, Karachi police said.

According to police, Abro, who was killed in the last week of December near Faqeera Goth in the SITE Area, while eight of his alleged henchmen are being held, is wanted in at least 30 cases where he is being held in many police jurisdictions.

Police said Abro was indicted in 30 cases ranging from charges of murder, attempted murder, police ambush and extortion, among others.

On the night of December 28, police raided his hiding place over information after two suspects fled from police reach and into the wild after police burned bushes in search of the suspect.

Later, police said they found Dadan Abro’s body and his machine gun.

After the chase, police claimed to have raided various drug dens and found two Kalashnikovs, eight pistols, round, and 120 kilos of marijuana.

They also recovered eight motorcycle.




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The Karachi police chief forms a team to catch the killer of Zain Ali Effendi | Instant News

The day after Zain Ali Effendi’s murder, the great-grandson of renowned educator Hassanally Effendi, the Karachi police chief formed a high-ranking police team to catch the hitherto unknown killer whose case was registered on the complaint of the victim’s widow.

SSP East District Sajid Sadozai will lead the investigation team, which consists of Jamshed SP Farooq Bajarani Division, Darakhshan SDPO Zahid Hussain, Ferozabad SHO Aurangzaib Khattak, Jamshed Quarters SHO Chaudhry Zahid Hussain and Jamshed Quarters SIO Imtiaz Ahmed.

According to the related notification, the additional IGP Ghulam Nabi Memon has directed the team to investigate the case and arrest the murder perpetrators and recover all looted items.

Senior officers from the Karachi police, the Sindh Counter-Terrorism Department and the intelligence services visited Effendi’s home and placed zoning restrictions, because one of the perpetrators had called his gang.

The police chief came to the victim’s house, where he discussed the case with his family. He told the media later that Karachi police arrested several gangs and caught criminals in the past, and that the police would have to work hard if such an incident happened.

He said a special team had been formed and all evidence had been collected. When asked about White Corolla gang involvement or personal animosity, Memon said nothing could be said for sure until the investigation was over.

However, he continued, the White Corolla gang member had just been arrested by the police. Experts from the forensic division of the Sindh Police also came to the victim’s house to be examined and to collect evidence.

The FIR of the incident, which occurred in the early hours of Wednesday near Peoples Chowrangi, was registered at the Jamshed Quarters police station over Effendi’s widow’s complaint. Police have included a section on killing someone for offering resistance during the robbery attempt in the case.

According to the complainant, four men broke down their bedroom door at 4:20 am and started begging for jewelry and collecting valuables, and they shot her husband after he turned down the robbery offer.

“I immediately gave them my chain and ring. After my husband fought back, one of the robbers pushed my husband out of the room and shot him, ”she said. The robbers also fired three or four more shots and also tied the domestic servants with ropes.

Investigators say that according to statements from the housemaid, the main motive may not be robbery: after entering the house, the robbers asked for Effendi, and when help directed them to his room, they immediately entered and shot. he died.

Officials said the robbers had taken a gun and cellphone with Effendi’s license and his wife’s chain. They suspect that the culprit may be trying to change the nature of the incident.

“In some cases, the perpetrators tried to change the nature of the incident because they wanted the case to appear like robbery so they ran off with some valuables to mislead the police,” said the senior investigator.

The officer said that their investigation was in its early stages, so nothing can be said for sure about the nature of the incident, as it could be a robbery or a target assassination.

Police have obtained CCTV camera footage from the victim’s house showing that the perpetrator appears to be from Afghanistan and wearing a shalwar kameez and trainer. The footage shows them arriving home by car at 3:25 a.m. and leaving after 55 minutes.

During his visit to Effendi’s house, said former chairman of the Police-Citizen Liaison Committee Jamil Yousuf

the media that the murder had actually occurred because they refused the robbery offer. He said the robbers first took the servants hostage, then took the gold jewelery from Effendi’s wife, searched the warehouse and also shot Effendi there. He also said there were five robbers involved in the incident.


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SC is not satisfied with NAB’s work, warns of action | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Wednesday granted bail to Dr Dinshaw Anklesaria, one of the defendants in the fake bank account case, with the direction that he will not leave the country and will cooperate with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on ongoing investigations.

Bench three members of the top court presided over by Judge Umar Ata Bandial heard bail requests from Dr Dinshaw Anklesaria and Jameel Baloch, the defendants in a fake bank account case. Rashid A Rizvi, Dr Dinshaw’s advisor, and the Attorney General’s National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Asghar Haider appeared before the court.

The court, after listening to the parties concerned, gave a guarantee to Dr Dinshaw and stated that the defendant would not leave the country and would ensure his cooperation with the investigative team of the anti-corruption agency in the case.

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) did not challenge these assurances to Dr Dinshaw. Dr Dinshaw, an accountant for the Park Lane Estate Company, and Jamil Baloch, director of KDA, were arrested in a case of fake bank accounts. The NAB alleged that Dr Dinshaw as the chief minister’s adviser had sent two applications signed by him regarding the designation of the plot in Bagh-e-Jinnah, Karachi. It is said that according to Dr. The Dinshaw land belongs to Bagh-e-Jinnah, Karachi.

According to the NAB, Dr Dinshaw also faces charges of taking out loans for fake documents. He is said to be involved in benefiting the Park Lane Company through a fake bank account. At the start of the trial on Wednesday, NAB prosecutors told the court they were not against Dr Dinshaw’s bail but would challenge government officials’ bail. Hakim Sajjad Ali Shah, another member of the judge, observed that the anti-corruption agency was reluctant to arrest influential people. Judge Mazahir Ali Akbar Naqvi observed that NAB did not arrest people who had evidence, adding that NAB arrested government officials of the first class. He expressed annoyance at the partial action by NAB, saying that what NAB was doing. Action was taken by NAB, but the consequences were borne by the court. Then the Supreme Court was blamed for acquitting the perpetrators. A goat thief is sent behind bars but people involved in major corruption are free to roam. NAB does not have the authority to work as desired. If NAB wants to work on its own terms, NAB has to amend Article 9 of the NAB Act. There are references, then there are other references if this is a joke. The court will hold accountable those who stop NAB from working.

The NAB prosecutor stated that the defendants were brought to the accountability court within 24 hours of their arrest.

Judge Umar Ata Bandial observed that the anti-corruption agency must ensure equal treatment to the accused. “We want the anti-corruption institution to be strong and free from any pressure that can guarantee a fair defendant’s accountability,” said Judge Bandial. The judge further observed that the relevant law enforcement should be applied in a similar manner, adding that stern action would be taken against NAB as it did not guarantee fair accountability as required by law.

The public prosecutor dismissed the impression that there was pressure on anti-corruption institutions. Regarding this, Judge Umar Ata Bandial referred to various forums that considered the KPK only bringing in government officials and did not touch the real beneficiaries in an instant.

At the last trial, the court requested a comprehensive report from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on steps taken to treat the accused equally apart from providing a report within two weeks of its policy on the accused’s arrest.

Judge Umar Ata Bandial has observed that one defendant has been behind bars for 20 months while others are roaming free. Hakim Sajjad Ali Shah has observed this stance adopted by the NAB as showing a partial approach.

“One person was arrested on petty charges while the other despite being involved in the heinous crime moved freely,” said Judge Bandial, adding that the NAB did not apply its laws to the accused on an equal basis. Justice Bandial has observed that it is the apex court’s responsibility to protect citizens’ freedoms and their fundamental rights.

Rashid A Rizvi, Dr Dinshaw’s adviser, has conveyed that his client has been behind bars for 20 months, adding that only his client has been arrested while other defendants roam free.

The court observed that elderly people like Dr Dinshaw have been arrested while 27 other defendants are free.


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