Quarantined evacuates wrote a petition asking to be tested for coronavirus. That’s why the CDC said no

The CDC has already said no to the first request: the displaced people wanted to be tested for the new coronavirus.

The displaced people arrived at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego last week, fleeing the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic. Yeah, two of the IDPs were diagnosed with the virus and were isolated in a nearby hospital.

Fearing that more people could be diagnosed, the displaced people circulated a petition thanking the CDC for their support but also asking for the five changes.

According to an evacuated who asked not to be named, about a third of those placed in quarantine in Miramar signed the petition. NBC-San Diego he was the first to report the existence of the petition.

“We believe that testing everyone at the facility would help identify potential suspects as soon as possible so that we can implement the appropriate treatment,” according to the petition, which is written in Chinese and English.

The evacuated from Wuhan, China, wrote a petition asking to be tested for the new coronavirus.

While the CDC is monitoring the health of evacuates with twice-daily checks for symptoms such as fever and cough, the agency is not testing them for the virus.

The 15th U.S. coronavirus case is an evacuated at an Air Force base in Texas

According to a CDC official, the coronavirus test often results in a false negative if given too early when the person is infected but still shows no symptoms.

“Testing someone who is asymptomatic may not produce a true result if an infection has not yet been fully ascertained. A false negative could provide a false sense of security,” according to a statement Thursday by Dr. Christopher Braden, a CDC official who is with the displaced persons at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

The CDC states that Braden has explained the problem of false negatives to displaced persons. However, in the petition, the displaced people had a different impression of what the CDC was saying.

“[We] understanding the current job hiring of the CDC is that the virus will not spread until symptoms develop, “according to the petition.

What it means to be under a federal quarantine

In his statement to CNN, Braden said that asymptomatic transmission can take place.

While a federal quarantine doesn’t exactly look like a four-star hotel, people are entitled to food, water, housing and medical care and are free to communicate with family and friends, James Hodge, director of the Center for Public Health Law and Policy at Arizona State University, previously told CNN. But they cannot leave the specified location until the federal authorities declare it.

In their petition, the displaced people expressed gratitude to the CDC.

“First of all, THANK YOU for the support that CDC has provided to the displaced persons in Wuhan at the Miramar quarantine center. Each member of the center and CDC staff has been very careful to help us from medical needs to those of life. We really appreciate your dedication and hard work! “

The displaced persons then listed their requests. They started with the request to be tested and then added four more: Prevention of meetings of a large number of people in small closed environments; delivery of personal protective equipment to displaced persons, including masks and sanitizing alcohol for room disinfection; supply of hand sanitizer to reception and playground; and disinfection two or three times a day in public areas, “including playground, laundry, door knobs, etc.”

In their petition, the displaced people had four other requests: prevention of gatherings of large numbers of people in small enclosed spaces; delivery of personal protective equipment to displaced persons, including masks and sanitizing alcohol for room disinfection; supply of hand sanitizer to reception and playground; and disinfection two or three times a day in public areas, “including playground, laundry, door knobs, etc.”

“We believe that these are fundamental measures to mitigate the potential risk of spreading the virus at the Miramar center and that they are proactive measures to protect the health of this group and the safety of the American people,” says the petition.

CDC officials said they are listening to the displaced people’s concerns.

“CDC has worked with partner agencies to address concerns raised by the evacuee. Numerous changes have been made to many of the procedures to address these concerns and we are doing our best to make everyone as comfortable as possible,” said CDC spokesman Benjamin. Haynes said in an email. “They were kind and we thank them for the collaboration.”

Harmeet Kaur of CNN contributed to this report.


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The new coronavirus “is probably with us beyond this season, beyond this year,” says the CDC director

“We are currently in an aggressive containment mode,” said Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the CDC, dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN chief medical correspondent, in an interview.

“We don’t know much about this virus,” he said. “This virus is probably with us beyond this season, beyond this year, and I think the virus will eventually find a foothold and get a community-based transmission.”

As of Thursday, there have been 15 cases of the coronavirus novel confirmed in seven states: eight in California; two in Illinois; and one in Arizona, Washington, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Texas.

While further research is needed to fully understand the virus, Redfield told Gupta that the CDC has focused on surveillance to track cases and containment strategies to slow the possible progression of the virus in the United States. Slowing down the progression gives researchers more time to work on development test a vaccine is antiviral drugs for this new coronavirus. Currently, there is no known cure for the virus.
Concerns are growing about the spread of coronavirus in hospitals, the study suggests

“The containment phase is really to give us more time. This virus will become a community virus at some point in time, this year or next year,” said Redfield. “We have no evidence that this coronavirus is actually incorporated into the community at the moment, but with that being said, we want to step up our surveillance so we can base those conclusions on the database.”

The containment strategy refers to efforts to prevent widespread transmission of coronavirus in the United States, including the fact that people with confirmed cases remain isolated and placing restrictions on travel between affected areas around the world. Like containment measures have been widely used during Global outbreak of SARS in 2003, during which 8,098 people worldwide fell ill and of those, 774 died, according to the CDC.
The ban on travel to the United States on the coronavirus could backfire. that's how
Due to the current new coronavirus outbreak, the Trump administration has put in place travel restrictions which prevents foreign nationals from entering the United States if they visited China in the 14 days prior to their arrival in the United States.

The restrictions also apply to U.S. citizens who have been in the Chinese province of Hubei, the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic, in the two weeks prior to their return to the United States. Upon their return, those citizens will be subject to a mandatory quarantine of up to 14 days.

World Health Organization officials and other experts have criticized travel restrictions for foreign citizens, even claiming that such restrictions could backfire.

“We reiterate our request to all countries not to impose restrictions that unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade. Such restrictions may have the effect of increasing fear and stigma, with little public health benefit,” he said. WHO Director-General Tedros Ahanom Ghebreyesus he said last week during a media briefing in Geneva.

US officials defended the government’s response, saying they are taking important steps to prepare for the virus and slow it down – and that the timing of their efforts is critical.

& # 39; How will it work? & # 39; Airport officials are rushing to meet the demands of the new coronavirus travel rules

“Frankly, some people criticized when we decided that we wanted to temporarily stop the trip to the United States from individuals who were not Americans or permanent residents who had been in the hot zone for the past 14 days. Some people didn’t think it was what they would do.” Redfield told Gupta on Thursday.

“Well, we felt very strongly that our obligation was to do everything possible to protect the American public,” said Redfield. “I would prefer to be criticized for America’s excessive protection rather than America’s insufficient protection at this stage.”

As for travel restrictions for foreign citizens, Gupta asked: “Obviously, Dr. Redfield, the virus does not discriminate on the basis of race. Why us?”

In response, Redfield spoke more about restrictions on US citizens, saying, “The problem here was primarily a strong commitment to take care of Americans who will return, regardless of whether they have this virus or not – and you have seen it with over 800 individuals that the State Department repatriated and we have assisted in this. “

Concerns about the spread of the virus

When it comes to preventing the spread of the virus and learning more about the pathogen, Redfield told Gupta that he thinks that asymptomatic transmission of the new coronavirus is possible and worrying.

& # 39; There is no doubt: the main American doctor for infectious diseases says that Wuhan's coronavirus can spread even when people have no symptoms

In other words, Redfield said that an infected person who shows no symptoms could still pass the virus on to someone else, according to what the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention learned.

“There has been good communication with our colleagues to confirm asymptomatic infection, to confirm asymptomatic transmission, to be able to better manage the clinical spectrum of the disease in China. What we do not know is how much of these asymptomatic cases drive the transmission, “said Redfield.

“What I’ve learned in the past two weeks is that the spectrum of this disease is much wider than it was originally presented. There is much more asymptomatic disease,” said Redfield. “Some of the confirmed cases that we have confirmed have actually just presented with a small sore throat.”

Weeks after the outbreak, CDC had not yet been invited to China

In the meantime, Redfield said that the CDC has been eager to help China in its efforts to combat this outbreak. Almost six weeks after the CDC first offered to help China with the coronavirus epidemic, the offer has not yet been accepted.

The outbreak of the new coronavirus was first identified in early January.

“There is a lot of information we don’t know – that’s why I offered to provide assistance, direct assistance and send our CDCs over there on January 6th to really help them gather that information and also to help us see the information first hand, we have to contribute to make the right public health recommendations for our nation, “said Redfield.

“That letter has not yet been answered by the official Chinese government,” he said. “We believe we are the best in the world in this space and we are ready to help and assist them, but they are an independent nation that must make that decision in which they will invite us.”

According to the WHO, there are over 47,000 laboratory confirmed cases of the worldwide coronavirus novel, with the vast majority in mainland China.


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United States Coronavirus: Some test kits shipped to the states are defective, says CDC

As a result, the CDC is remaking parts of the test kits after some inconclusive test results.

The kits were sent to the United States to expedite the testing process, said CDC’s Nancy Messonnier journalists Wednesday. States discovered the flaw during the verification process. For quality control, when states get any test kits, they first check that it works.

“When some states were doing it, we received feedback that they weren’t working as expected, in particular some public health labs in the states were getting inconclusive results, which means that test results would not return as false positives or false negatives. , but they were read as inconclusive, “said Messonnier.

Some states have notified the CDC that they have not been able to validate the test and the agency is regenerating a reagent used in the test that is not working consistently.

Not all states have been affected. Illinois Public Health Department he said he didn’t have any problems with kits and continue with his tests for coronavirus.

State laboratories that have been successful in verifying that the kit works can continue with the tests. Those who were unsuccessful must wait for the CDC to send replacement parts. The CDC has not confirmed the number of states concerned or the date on which they will receive replacement components.

“We have several levels of quality control to detect problems like this,” said Messonnier. “We are looking into all these problems to understand what went wrong and to prevent these same things from happening in the future.”

Since it was part of the verification process, the tests did not concern actual clinical samples from potential patients, he said.

14 have been confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States, with the latest reported among US displaced persons at a base in San Diego county in southern California.

The patient is part of a group under a federal quarantine order after returning on a flight chartered by the State Department from the coronavirus epicenter in Wuhan, China. The flight arrived at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar on February 7th.

More than 1,300 people died of the virus and over 60,000 have been infected – the vast majority in mainland China.
The World Health Organization and the United States have declared the epidemic a public health emergency.


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200 people in Atlanta monitored for coronavirus | news

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – The Georgia Department of Public Health confirmed Tuesday that around 200 people in Atlanta are being monitored for coronavirus.

These individuals have recently returned from China and are self-monitoring for symptoms of the virus from home. The DPH said it did not show any symptoms and that there are no travelers to Georgia who have returned from Wuhan or Hubei province and have requested quarantine.

DPH epidemiologists contacted people by phone to establish a self-monitoring plan and gave them instructions on how to contact the agency before seeking health care if they develop fever, cough or shortness of breath.

President Trump issued a federal proclamation in January that included a travel ban for non-US citizens entering the country from China and channeling flights from China to one of 11 airports in the United States, including Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport Jackson.

In addition, the proclamation requires a mandatory 14-day quarantine for return travelers who have been to Hubei province and 14 days of supervised self-monitoring for return travelers from anywhere else in China.

The CDC said that the overall risk of coronavirus for the general public is low, but the best way to prevent infection with any respiratory virus is:

• Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

• Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

• Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

• Stay home when you are sick.

Cough or sneeze into the elbow or use a tissue to cover it, then throw the tissue in the trash.

• Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

The flu is still widespread in Georgia, according to the CDC. The agency said it is not too late to undergo a flu vaccine as it is the best prevention against the disease.


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Passengers on the cruise ship docked near New York City will be evaluated for coronavirus, says CDC official

“There are people on the ship who have a history of traveling to China and therefore CDC and local health officials will board the ship when they dock to do a port evaluation for the coronavirus,” the source said.

Ambulances and stretchers were placed on Friday near The Anthem of the Seas in Bayonne harbor – a New Jersey city south of Manhattan – and personnel were boarding the ship, aerial video of CNN affiliates in New York shows .

“I was informed about the cruise ship (Royal Caribbean) arriving this morning,” tweeted the mayor of Bayonne Jimmy Davis. “I am sure that NJ DoH, CDC and PA NY / NJ are prepared and equipped to answer any concerns this morning.”

CNN contacted New Jersey health officials and the governor’s office.

Cruise operator Royal Caribbean “is closely monitoring developments related to the coronavirus and has rigorous medical protocols on board our ships,” read a statement.

“Like airlines, we are participating in high levels of guest screening to check for the spread of coronavirus,” said the cruise line. “We continue to work in close consultation with the CDC, WHO and local health authorities to align with their indications and ensure the health and well-being of our guests and our crew.”

The passenger had no “idea” of the health assessments

Passengers were on the ship for 12 days, traveling to San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. John, St. Kitts and Antigua. They should have landed on Friday morning.

& # 39; A contaminated prison & # 39;: Scared and angry passengers are trapped on three cruise ships in the outbreak of the coronavirus

“We had no idea (about the health assessments) until we saw on the (local) TV in the cabin this morning,” said passenger Don Silberman. There was no announcement or information from the crew about the CDC’s ratings, he said.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Americans evacuating the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic are arriving on the west coast of the United States.

Coronavirus emerged from China two months ago. It killed 638 people, mainly in China, and paralyzed the world’s second largest economy.

It has infected over 31,000 in more than 25 countries and territories. The United States has at least 12 confirmed cases.

The Anthem of the Seas will sail on Friday at 4pm. ET.

Royal Caribbean “will carry out improved sanitation in the cruise terminal and on board, as part of our ongoing disease prevention efforts,” the cruise line tweeted to passengers who were supposed to board.

The ship “is still scheduled to sail and if you choose to cancel the regular cancellation penalties it would apply,” according to a tweet.

CNN’s Paul Murphy, Kristina Sgueglia and Melissa Alonso contributed to this report.


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CDC is monitoring Wuhan’s coronavirus at 20 US airports

The CDC previously announced better screening of passengers from Wuhan, China, in five airports: New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, the Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

The move to monitor multiple airports comes as the coronavirus continues to spread and the State Department prepares to evacuate US government personnel and private American citizens from Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic.

The U.S. Department of State on Monday ordered personnel working at the United States Consulate General in Wuhan to leave for the United States, a State Department official told CNN in a statement.

A direct flight from California, chartered by the State Department, is expected to depart from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport on Wednesday morning, local time, the State Department official said. It will stop to refuel at Anchorage, Alaska’s Ted Stevens International Airport, before arriving in Ontario, California, about 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

About 240 Americans are expected to arrive in Anchorage, Alaska Health and Social Services spokesman Clinton Bennett said. About three dozen US diplomats and their families are expected to be on board, an American official with knowledge of the matter told CNN on Saturday.

Priority has also been given to US citizens who are “most at risk of contracting coronavirus” if they remain in the city, the State Department official said. There are around 1,000 Americans living in Wuhan.

“All passengers will be subject to CDC screening, health observation and monitoring requirements,” the State Department said in a statement.

The State Department has released a level 4 warning for Wuhan, which means “no American should go to Wuhan while this virus continues to impact” Vice President Mike Pence said so.

Also on Monday, the CDC raised its travel precautions for China to its three highest levels, “warning”, which advises travelers to “avoid unnecessary travel” to the country.

The Ontario airport is preparing for the flight from Wuhan

More than 100 people died of Wuhan’s coronavirus and over 4,000 cases have been confirmed across China. Five cases of illness have been confirmed in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The virus may have spread before symptoms appear, Chinese health authorities said Sunday, which means that couriers may not realize they are infected before passing on the virus to others.

What we know about coronavirus cases in the United States
Ontario Airport said in a statement Monday worked closely with federal, state, county and city partners to prepare for the arrival of the Wuhan flight. The airport has “conducted extensive training in handling situations like this” and preparations for health, safety and security are underway before the expected arrival of the flight, the note reads.
The United States organizes a charter flight to evacuate diplomats and American citizens out of China in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic

The Ontario airport will operate in normal operations during the arrival of the flight and the facility is taking steps to minimize the risk to other travelers, staff and communities, reads the note.

Michael K. Callahan, Jennifer Hansler, Jon Passantino, Pauline Lockwood, David Culver and Ben Tinker of CNN contributed to this report.


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