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Nuapay expands its Open Banking platform throughout Italy and Germany | Instant News

Open banking pioneer Nuapay, empowered by Sentennials, today announced the expansion of open banking payment capabilities to German and Italian banks.

The Nuapay expansion will allow German and Italian partners to offer an open banking payment solution, which supports seamless 2-account payments for their customers.

The launch connected 308 banks in Italy and 435 banks in Germany to the Nuapay Open Banking platform, connecting 134 million European accounts and reaching 98% and 70% of payers in each country. This adds to Nuapay’s existing open banking connections in the UK and France, which account for more than 90% of payers in these markets. In the coming months, Nuapay’s payment integration will expand to other European markets, including Spain, making it one of the leading open banking payment platforms in Europe.

Germany has long shown a preference for cash over digital alternatives. However, the pandemic saw a shift in consumer preferences indicating that the market is ripe for innovation.

Meanwhile in Italy, even before the pandemic hit, the government was trying to increase the use of digital payments by citizens to tackle cash-related fraud. Before the pandemic, 86% of Italian transactions were conducted using banknotes and coins, according to central bank estimates. However, research shows that the market has seen a staggering 80% increase in mobile payments in 2020 compared to 2019. The government is also encouraging consumers to use digital payments with a Christmas cashback campaign. The cashback initiative launched over Christmas asks users to register their payment method on the IO app – a new government app to provide access to public services and benefits – to receive a 10% automatic refund on every transaction from the state.

Nick Raper, Director of Nuapay, comments: “Allowing access to safe and efficient Open Banking payments in Germany and Italy came at a perfect time as the pandemic put the final nail in the coffin. Access to Nuapay’s Open Banking connection, through our platform, will enable businesses to avoid high card payment fees and provide customers with safer payment options. As Nuapay is the only Open Banking provider with a fully inclusive payment solution, including integrated money transfers, refunds, recurring payments, full installment and reconciliation plans, partners are empowered to provide customers with innovative payment experiences, and expand their service offerings. . ”

Nuapay’s Open Banking Platform also received “Best Use of Open Banking in Merchant Payment Ecosystems” at the recent Merchant Payment Ecosystems Conference (MPE), which is usually held in Berlin annually. The award, announced at a virtual conference on February 23, 2021, recognizes the features and functionality built into the Nuapay Open Banking platform that enables Payment Service Providers (PSP) and Merchants to reap the benefits of open banking payments.

Demonstrating its continued commitment to growing its payments business across Europe, Nuapay has obtained a second EU Payment Institution license from ACPR – the French banking regulator. The license allows Nuapay to continue to offer its payment services in a post-Brexit world to more than 1,000 EU clients.


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Call of Duty: Mobile pro Sol was assassinated in Brazil | Instant News

Source: SOL / Activision Blizzard

Brazilian professional Call of Duty: Mobile player Ingrid “Sol” was assassinated on Monday in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The perpetrator of the crime was allegedly a fellow COD Flashlight player. Sol was only 19 years old at the time of her death.

Senter is now facing eligible murder charges, having reportedly confessed his crimes to the police.

“Our player SOL was brutally murdered,” the organization Jaguares Esports said in a WhatsApp message. “I wish I could have been more sensitive about this but we were surprised. He disappeared a few days ago and was found dead by a psychopath who stabbed and recorded and posted it on social media, “.

Sol competes in professional Call of Duty: Mobile for FBI E-sports.

Krony, the manager of the FBI E-Sports team, posted a story to Instagram that said, “He is an extraordinary person, who we will remember every day when the sun comes up, every day the sun’s rays touch our bodies. Every time we look at the Sun, we will remember it. “

According to a report by portal R7, Senter stabbed Sol to death while the two were inside her home in North Sao Paulo. Flashlight then reportedly posted images of Sol’s lifeless body to a WhatsApp group before confessing to the police.

An investigation reveals that Flashlight planned his attack, including writing down his intention to kill him in a book obtained by the police as evidence in his case. According to a video released by Viva ABC, Flashlight said “my sanity was just perfect” when he was arrested. He went on to clarify “I want to do this.”

Violence against women has been an increasing problem in Brazil over the past few years, both inside and outside of esports. The IPEA 2020 Atlas of Violence shows that more than 4,500 women were murdered in Brazil in just 2018.

“In the Mobile COD scene, many players are under threat and we are campaigning to fight against all kinds

abuse of our women, “explains the Jaguares Organization in twitter. “Reflect on what happened and try to contribute to a sports scenario that is healthier and more accessible to everyone.”

In a follow-up tweet, the organization stated, “Brazil does not yet have an official COD Mobile women’s championship. Jaguares and a team of other women ventured into mixed scenarios and we’ve suffered from a few episodes of manhood. Femicides will not be tolerated!# JustiçaPelaSol. “


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Yodlee launches credit decision-making technology to Australia and New Zealand | Instant News

Envestnet | Yodlee (NYSE: ENV), the leading data aggregation and data analytics platform for digital financial services, today announced the launch of its dedicated Australia and New Zealand responsible lending product, Envestnet | Yodlee Credit Accelerator.

This offering will enable financial service providers to access fast and accurate consumer data to make smart lending decisions.

The current credit evaluation process is manual, fraud can occur, is vulnerable to the use of outdated bank reports, resulting in high operational costs and inaccurate reports. For Australian and New Zealand financial institutions and FinTech innovators, Envestnet | Yodlee Credit Accelerator can quickly and cost-effectively provide a complete, accurate, and real-time financial picture of borrowers. This technology takes advantage of flexible, consumer-permissible and secure data acquisition that enables financial service providers to produce comprehensive reports that include income and expense summaries that demonstrate compliance with Responsible Lending guidelines. It also helps to identify major credit risk and lifestyle factors, such as whether the applicant has children, eats out regularly, pays bills on time or pays large amounts of interest on their credit card.

Powered by Envestnet | A market-leading aggregation of core data and Yodlee’s machine learning capabilities, Credit Accelerator categorizes and enriches income, expenses, and transfers, creating deeper and more accurate credit insights. This intuitive technology will allow for multiple, automated and curated feedback points, which will increase categorization, and adapt it to credit use cases and internal schemes or regulations. In addition, there are options for lenders to build Envestnet | Yodlee’s advanced API technology into their application or service.

For consumers, the automatic and easy retrieval of financial data from this technology will eliminate the need to submit written reports. This will also increase confidence in the accuracy of loan decisions, knowing lenders can see their complete financial picture. Subsequently, reports were generated by Envestnet | Yodlee Credit Accelerator will increase the speed of receiving loans, because credit decisions and loan disbursements can be tracked quickly with this complete and easily accessible financial picture. To date, obtaining a complete understanding of the applicant’s expense and income history to meet Responsible Loan guidelines can take weeks, even months. Envestnet | Yodlee Credit Accelerator can pull up and present data reports in less than ten minutes.

Poskitt Team, Country Manager, Australia and New Zealand at Envestnet | Yodlee said “the responsible lending landscape in Australia and New Zealand is in a potential transition period with governments proposing to write off their responsible lending obligations (RLOs) to boost economic growth after COVID-19. Therefore, the need to use technology and data to help make accurate and insightful decisions has never been higher. This new technology provides immense strength to financial service providers and consumers as they can feel secure knowing that accurate decisions are being made. ”


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Secret market arrangement in Karachi to sell stolen cell phones | Instant News

Cell phone representation image. Photo: Files

Karachi police on Saturday revealed that there was a market in Liaquatabad Number 10 where confiscated cell phones were sold.

A press release issued by a police spokesperson said the information was obtained from two street criminals who were arrested by the Karachi Police Special Investigation Unit (SIU).

According to officers, they were captured by SIU from the PIB Colony, and illegal weapons and other valuables were taken from their possession.

As per the details, both of them were ordinary criminals and had been previously arrested for being involved in other crimes.

The authorities further said that the defendant used to sell gold jewelery that was confiscated at the PIB Colony.


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Yasmin reviews the progress of the mobile health unit | Instant News

LAHORE: Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid reviewed the progress of the Prime Minister’s Health Initiative and Mobile Health Unit at a Primary and Secondary Health Ministry (PSH) meeting here on Tuesday.

PSH Department Secretary Capt (r) Usman Younis, PSH Development Additional Secretary Omar Farooq Alvi, Prof. Javed Ch and senior department officials attended the meeting. PSH Department Secretary Capt (r) Usman Younis informed the minister about the latest updates and developments from the Prime Minister Health Initiative and Mobile Health Units. The minister said, “Under the Prime Minister’s Health Initiative, improvement work is under way in eight districts in the province namely: Attock, Mianwali, Chiniot, Kasur, Lodhran, Jhang, DG Khan and Rajanpur. Through the Mobile Health Unit, screening for hepatitis, HIV / AIDS, malaria and TB will be initiated in addition to initiatives to improve EPI indicators. “In accordance with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision, the best facilities must be provided for remote areas. Through the Mobile Health Unit, registered hepatitis, HIV / AIDS and TB patients will be provided with free medicines as well. We are trying to upgrade all BHUs to models 24 hours, he said.

Roadmaps for development indicators in 11 districts under the Punjab Human Capital Investment Project with World Bank support were also reviewed.

7,280 beds for Corona patients: The Punjab government has dedicated 7,280 beds for Covid-19 patients across Punjab of which 6,399 beds are still empty. There are 200 public sector hospitals under the administrative control of the Ministry of Health & Special Medical Education and the Department of Primary & Secondary Health Care throughout the province. Punjab has recorded 1,30,229 COVID patients recovering since the start of the epidemic. In the last 24 hours, 112 patients have recovered. The Punjab government has dedicated a total of 2,174 beds for patients in the public sector hospital in Lahore where 1,890 beds are empty. The Punjab government has dedicated a total of 4,547 beds in isolation wards to COVID-19 patients in public sector hospitals across Punjab where 4,208 beds in isolation wards are empty.


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