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Hockey Pak faces a big challenge | Instant News

LAHORE: Lockouts due to the global pandemic have added to the problem of a dilapidated national hockey sport and as the Secretary of the Hockey Federation of Pakistan, Asif Bajwa said, under the current situation they will face major challenges in the coming days.

Coronavirus and lockdown will also have a negative impact on the country’s economic sport situation. Speaking to the media, he said that because of the postponement of national and international events due to the corona virus, national hockey players had become unemployed and “we will face more severe challenges in the coming days.”

The Federation’s Hockey Secretary said that because of the virus, all foreign tours of junior and senior national teams including the Asian Junior Cup and the Azlan Shah Cup had been postponed while the domestic calendar would be restructured if the situation improved.

The PHF secretary said that the goal of the players’ online fitness plan is to keep them active and fit. On the other hand, work is ongoing in the Pakistan Hockey League but holding the league this year depends on the circumstances.

In addition, PHF has suspended all national and international activities until August. According to the PHF schedule, the national junior hockey team is scheduled to play 12 matches against the Dutch, German and Belgian junior teams in the first week of May.

The European national hockey team tour in June-July has also been postponed due to the corona virus situation in these countries. If life returns to normal after coronavirus, training camps for the national team can be held before August, but no domestic hockey events will be held until August.


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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nature Day Event Presents New Content And Challenges | Instant News

May will come. That means the new bug is set to be reached Animal Crossing: New Horizons. corona virus A pandemic is not enough to prevent seasonal rotation of bugs in this popular game.

Here is a list of bugs and characters who visited and where they will be this week.

(Photo: Screenshot of Twitter from @omizucrossing)

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The ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Nature Day program presents new content and challenges

Nature Day is an event that was introduced at 1.2.0 patch update last week. Running from April 23 to May 4, the update has a new factory and two new character trips to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Leif is one of the visit characters that you might encounter. Based on IGN, he was a friendly slacker who would reappear near Resident Services to sell shrubs and flower seeds.

However, the items he will sell will not be authentic on your island. So, if you are trying to improve your yard and interbreed some new flowers, you should keep an eye on him.

Other visit characters added in the latest update are Redd. This naughty fox has gone by Jolly Redd, Cousin Redd, and many other names. He sells antique works of art and sculpture. Although some of the inventory includes original artwork, not all merchandise is original, so always check carefully.

You will see Redd on the beach the next day after you give at least 40 donations to the museum, and Blathers mentions the improvement of the museum’s art. Talk to him, and he will give you a piece of original artwork after a bargain.

Northern Hemisphere

Tarantula is out and Scorpions are in it. Just like those pesky big spiders, Scorpions will chase players around and sting them if they are approached too aggressively, so be careful. You can find Scorpions on the floor at night from 7pm. until 4 a.m.

Violin Beetles and Rosalia Batesi Beetles will now start acting on tree stumps throughout the day, with Rosalia Batesi Beetle selling 3,000 fun bells. In ponds and rivers, Pondskaters and Diving Beetles will now appear between 8 am and 7 pm ..

Things are also different in the New Horizons sky. The Great Purple Emperor Butterfly has emerged from its cocoon and can be seen from 4am to 7pm.

At the same time, Dragonflies can be seen from 8am to 5pm. Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing butterfly – which sells for 4,000 bells – can be observed flying around the island between 8 am and 4 pm

Southern Hemisphere

The South continues to take part in a large number of native trojan horse species that roam the island, but there are at least a few new arrivals in May.

First is Mole Cricket, a computer virus hiding underground that you have to listen to and then dig. They can be purchased for 500 bells and can be found all day (and night).

Damselfly is another flying computer virus that can be found everywhere on the island at any time. And Tarantula replaces Scorpion as a ground-based bite insects that scare the villagers starting at 7 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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The challenges of the FBR were even stronger when officials tested COVID-19 positive | Instant News

KARACHI: The Federal Revenue Board (FBR) faces a daunting task of achieving its current fiscal year revenue collection target, revised at least three times, because officials fell ill after testing positive for the corona virus, sources said.

The source said at least 23 officials at the Quetta Regional Tax Office (RTO) tested positive for having the corona virus. FBR is already facing shortcomings in revenue collection due to the coronavirus outbreak. Now the strength of the FBR field is also affected by the pandemic, sources added.

The FBR was assigned a revised target of revised Rs3.9 trillion for the current fiscal year after the coronavirus outbreak. The estimated pre-COVID-19 revenue collection was Rs 4.8 trillion. The actual FBR collection target for the current fiscal year is set at Rs5.6 trillion, which was first reduced to Rs5.2 trillion.

Sources said the RTO was sealed on identification last week and after disinfection the office reopened on Tuesday with limited staff. FBR decided to conduct a coronavirus test on all employees working at RTO.

Sources said that the case reported in the Quetta RTO was local transmission.

The FBR limits the RTO to work with work force of only five percent.

The FBR issued a circular on March 20 and directed all of its offices to reduce the number of employees by at least 50 percent. Furthermore, employees over 50 years must be permitted to work from their homes unless those whose presence is unavoidable for the smooth functioning of official business.

The office is advised to allow female staff (mothers of children) to work from their homes.

FBR said staff suffering from flu, fever or carrying medical history of frequent chest infections, asthma, heart related problems or other major illnesses should be allowed to work in their homes. “In addition, infrared thermal thermometers must be submitted to reception staff to monitor everyone entering the office building.”

“To avoid physical contact with the doorknob, all office doors remain open and the window of the room remains open to ensure ventilation,” he said.

Earlier in another circular on 27 February, FBR required all staff to use masks and facial cleansers during working hours.

However, precautionary measures have not been followed by the tax office. Sources say, tax officials do not use masks and facial cleansers due to lack of funds.

In such an environment, the tax office in Karachi is exposed to the virus. The sources said the tax office in Karachi was disinfected the day before on suspicion of coronavirus. Furthermore, the tax office will also test staff for COVID-19, the source added.


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Pritzker Talksuits Lawsuit Stay at Home Orders on ‘TODAY’ – NBC Chicago | Instant News

Governor JB Pritzker said on Tuesday that he was told that several people appeared to be laughing when an Illinois legal representative said in court that revoking an order to stay in the state would result in more deaths from coronavirus, calling the lawsuit itself “very irresponsible.”

Pritzker appeared on “TODAY” to discuss the state’s response to the coronavirus outbreak and the judge’s ruling on Monday that gave state representatives a temporary restraining order that freed lawmakers from permanent orders at the Illinois home.

State Representative Darren Bailey, a Republican from Xenia, Illinois, filed a lawsuit last week claiming Pritzker exceeded his authority and violated the civil rights of citizens. Pritzker on Thursday extended home stay orders to May 30, with more than 45,000 cases of corona virus and nearly 2,000 deaths across the state on Monday.

“First of all, the lawsuit itself is very irresponsible,” Pritzker said on Tuesday, “TODAY.” “This state representative wants to get celebrity for himself. He takes him to the local court, a local elected judge and gets a verdict that I think he knows will enter the local courtroom.”

“There were 90 people, I said, who were in the courtroom,” he continued. “Some of these people, all of whom seem to be related to the country’s representatives, they even seem to laugh when our attorney general’s representative talks about the fact that people will die if we take up the order to stay in this house. It’s vile, it’s disgusting frankly But we immediately begged for this. “

“This only applies to this one person, the state representative who filed the lawsuit, so we believe we will be able to cancel it but that is very irresponsible and sends the wrong message,” added Pritzker.

“We have only just begun to overcome our challenges with regard to COVID-19. We are reaching a peak time period; I hope we will be able to move to the other side of it in the state of Illinois but it does not happen if you remove all restrictions and everyone runs their business. The projection is that thousands and thousands of people will die and tens of thousands of people will get sick if we remove homes from home. [order] now.”

A judge has ruled against Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, issued a restraining order for extension of stay orders in the state of the state, putting plans in all states in jeopardy. Mary Ann Ahern NBC 5 reports.

Another trial in this case is scheduled for next week.

Also on “TODAY,” Pritzker said he had spoken with the White House about the need for supplies for corona virus testing, saying officials were committed to sending the country around 20,000 test swabs per day. He also reiterated his support for the gradual reopening of the state based on the recommendation of the federal government to begin reopening gradually after 14 days of a decrease in the number of hospitalizations for the deadly virus.

“At the moment, we still need to be hospitalized so this is not the time for us to remove the restrictions,” Pritzker said.


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