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Canadian international and domestic sporting events affected by COVID-19 | National Sports | Instant News

List of Canadian international and domestic sporting events affected by COVID-19:


– The 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics were postponed until 2021.


– NHL suspends the 2019-20 season, impacting seven Canadian teams in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. The League has also delayed the combination (June 1-6 in Buffalo, N.Y.), awards (June 18 in Las Vegas) and drafts (June 26-27 in Montreal).

– The American Hockey League delayed the 2019-20 season, impacting teams in Toronto, Belleville, Ontario, Winnipeg and Laval, Que.

– ECHL cancels the 2019-20 season, impacting teams in Brampton, Ontario and St. John’s.

– Three Canadian junior hockey leagues – Ontario Hockey League, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and West Hockey League – canceling the remainder of the regular season, playoffs and Memorial Cup.

– World women’s hockey championships 31 March – 10 April in Halifax and Truro, N.S., canceled.

– Canadian Hockey canceled all national championships until further notice.


– Major League Soccer delayed the season, impacting teams in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Montreal is increasingly affected by the CONCACAF Champions League suspension.

– The Canadian Premier League holds 14 days of pre-season training, starting March 13. Then delay the start of the season, originally scheduled to start April 11. Impact teams in Langford, BC, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton Ottawa and Halifax.

– Canadian male friendship vs. Trinidad & Tobago 27 and 31 March in Langford, B.C., canceled.

– Canada vs Australia friendly match on April 14 in Vancouver is canceled.

– Canada Soccer suspends all approved soccer activities until further notice.


– The NBA has suspended the season, impacting defending champions Toronto Raptors. The players, coaches, and team staff went into isolation after a match in Utah where the player tested positive for COVID-19.

– National Basketball League of Canada suspends the 2019-20 season, impacting teams in Halifax, Charlottetown, Moncton, N.B., St. John, Kitchener, Ontario, London, Ontario, Sudbury, Ontario, and Windsor, Ontario.

– Men’s FIBA ‚Äč‚ÄčOlympic qualification tournament June 23-28 in Victoria is suspended. TBA new date.


– Major League Baseball says its schedule will be suspended for at least eight weeks, starting March 16, impacting the Toronto Blue Jays.


– The Rogers Cup women’s tournament in Montreal is postponed until August 2021. The men’s tournament in Toronto is still running as scheduled for now.


– The National Lacrosse League canceled the rest of the 2020 season, impacting teams in Toronto, Saskatoon, Halifax, Vancouver and Calgary.


– Betfred Super League postpones the season, impacting the Toronto Wolfpack.

– Premiership Rugby cancels season, impacting Toronto Arrows.


– Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Court March 30 – April 5 in Toronto canceled.

– Canadian East and West Championships April 16-19 in Windsor, Ontario and Saskatoon were canceled.


– World figure skating championships March 16-22 in Montreal are canceled.


– The world curly women’s championship March 14-22 in Prince George, B.C., is canceled.

– National mixed doubles and senior championships March 16-22 at Portage la Prairie, Man., April 25-30 national wheelchair championships in Boucherville, Que., And under-18 championships April 20-25 in Sudbury, Ontario, were canceled.

– Mixed doubles world championship and senior championship April 18-25 in Kelowna, BC, canceled.

– Grand Slam of the Curling Players Championship April 7-12 in Toronto and Champions Cup April 29-May 3 at Olds, Alta., Canceled.


– Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal June 12-14, postponed.


– Cross country skiing World Cup 20-22 March in Canmore, Alta., Canceled.

– Cross-country World Cup skiing March 13-15 in Quebec City was canceled

– Canadian cross-country ski championship March 25 – April 2 in Vernon, B.C., canceled.


– Canadian biathlon championships on March 16-22 in Quebec City are canceled.


– Fast track Grand Prix March 14-15 and March 19-22 finale at the Olympic Oval in Calgary was canceled.


– Starting the regular CFL season is postponed until the beginning of July.


– $ 1 million Queen’s Plate racing at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto has been postponed indefinitely


– Olympics and Paralympic Trials April 16-19 in Gainesville, Ga., Canceled.


– Arctic Winter Match 15-21 March at Whitehorse is canceled.

– North American Indigenous Games 12-18 July in Kjipuktuk (Halifax), Aldershot and Millbrook, N.S., postponed.


– NorAm finals March 17-24 and the Canadian championship at Panorama Mountain Resort, B.C., are canceled.


– U Sports canceled the men’s and women’s university hockey championships, which began in Halifax and Charlottetown, respectively, on March 12. The national men’s and women’s volleyball championships are canceled March 13-15 respectively at the University of Winnipeg and the University of Calgary.


– Toronto Defiant esports Overwatch League team homestand event April 18-19 canceled.


– The League of Nations Games involving Canada, Serbia, Australia and China scheduled for June 19-21 in Calgary were postponed.


– Spruce Meadows (Calgary) cancels summer.


– Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Court June 25-28 postponed.


– World Series Triathlon 27-28 June in Montreal postponed.


– Tour de Beauce international road stage men’s racing June 17-21 in Quebec has been postponed.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 12, 2020.


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WASDE reports bearish on corn; mixed soybeans | News | Instant News

OTTUMWA – The monthly report on World Agriculture Supply and Demand, published by the United States Department of Agriculture, provides some surprising results.

The prospect of US corn this month is for reduced imports, greater feed and residual use and lower food, seeds, and industrial use.

Somewhat surprisingly, Thursday’s WASDE report was seen as bearish for corn when compared with pre-report forecasts. Feed and use of the remainder increased 150 million bushels to 5.675 billion based on corn stock reported as of March 1.

Lower estimates of corn used for ethanol also support greater feed and residual use. The corn used to produce ethanol was reduced by 375 million bushels to 5.05 billion based on the latest indications from the Energy Information Administration data, showing an unprecedented reduction in ethanol production and consumption of motor gasoline as a result of COVID-19.

The report does indeed predict an increase in the amount of corn used for alcohol for drinks and manufacturing use. With supply falling fractionally and usage declining, the final stock has been raised by 200 million bushels to 2.092 billion.

Corn prices are weighted according to the season average received by producers reduced by 20 cents to $ 3.60 per bushel. Estimated global crude grain production for 2019-20 increased by one million to 1,403.8 million tons.

This month’s foreign grains outlook is for greater production, lower trade, higher fractional use and greater stock compared to last month. Corn production was increased for the European Union and Belarus, with a partial reduction for Indonesia and Laos.

Major global trade changes for 2019-20 include corn exports that are projected to be higher for the EU, with a partial reduction for Russia. Corn imports were increased for South Korea, Turkey, Algeria and Indonesia with lower projections for Vietnam, Taiwan, Cuba and Mexico.

The final stock of foreign corn has been raised, largely reflecting an increase for Thailand, Taiwan, India and Turkey which more than offset the decline for Argentina and Mexico. The final global stock of corn, at 303.2 million tons, rose 5.8 million from last month.

The WASDE report gives mixed results for soy. Changes in supply and use of U.S. soybeans for 2019-20 include lower exports, use of seeds and use of residues with a higher crush and higher final stock.

Soybean exports are declining mainly due to strong competition from Brazil. The use of lower seeds reflects planting for crops 2020-21, indicated in the March 31 Prospective Plantings report.

Residual use is reduced based on indications in the March 31 grain stock report. Soybean crush has been increased based on higher soybean meal exports and increased domestic removal.

The use of domestic soybean meal is estimated to be higher with the expected reduction in supply due to lower ethanol production. Final inventory is projected at 480 million bushels, up 55 million, with higher amounts only partially offsetting lower exports, seeds and residual use.

The average season soybean price is estimated at $ 8.65 per bushel, down five cents. Soybean oil prices are projected to be 30 cents per pound, down 1.5 cents reflecting an increase in production and ending stock.

The price of soy flour hasn’t changed at $ 305 per short ton. The outlook for global oil seeds 2019-20 includes lower production, exports, and stock compared to last month.

Global soybean production was reduced by 3.7 million tons to 338.1 million due to lower production for Argentina and Brazil. Argentina’s production was reduced by two million tons to 52 million, reflecting the dry conditions in the main growing areas during the end of February to early March.

Soybean production for Brazil was reduced by 1.5 million tons to 124.5 million due to dry conditions in Rio Grande do Sul while the plants were in the stage of pod filling and maturation.

Global soybean exports were reduced by 0.4 million tons to 151.5 million. US and Canadian exports were lowered while Brazilian shipments were revised upwards due to competitive exchange rates and exportable supplies.

China’s imports were raised by one million tons to 89 million, reflecting higher Brazilian shipments. The final global soybean stock is two million tons lower than last month because lower stockpiles in Brazil are partially offset by higher US and Chinese stocks.


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Mario Isola: Pirelli F1 boss who volunteers in the coronavirus fight | Instant News

In conversations with Super Mario, F1 as Pirelli’s head of conversation works at the forefront of the Italian COVID-19 battle, the 2020 season and more

By Craig Slater

Last Updated: 11/04/20 13:26


Pirelli F1 head Mario Isola speaks exclusively to Craig Sports from Sky Sports News about volunteers as ambulance drivers, the 2020 season and more

Pirelli F1 head Mario Isola speaks exclusively to Craig Sports from Sky Sports News about volunteers as ambulance drivers, the 2020 season and more

Mario Isola is an unusual F1 hero. The fact is he’s a more fictional superhero: responsible work; costume changes and special missions at night. Only he is real. F1 chief Pirelli first volunteered as a paramedic at the age of 18 and had served for 30 years in Milan’s ambulance.

After two weeks of alienation on his return to Italy (a Pirelli employee who worked in Melbourne tested positive for the corona virus), he quickly returned to the front lines when the epidemic in his native land reached its peak.

“Last week I did the night shift and it started at 7 pm,” he told me. “We never returned until five o’clock in the morning. We had one mission after another and after such a night it was quite difficult. I returned home and I needed to rest because it had a big impact.

“As a driver, I am isolated in front of a van trying to avoid contact with the people behind, but if necessary I have to support others, then I have to use extra protection.

“Weird. You can’t bring relatives of patients. It’s quite difficult on the psychological side, because any relative, any friend can be a big supporter. Instead they have to go alone to the hospital. Sometimes we talk about parents and because of that family don’t know whether they will see that relative again. “

If you watch the video, you can hear the fatigue in his voice. A lot has changed in a short amount of time. In July 2019, Mario held lunch with several journalists including myself and Ben Hunt, who reminded me of his other work through good article last week.

In the sunny Chelsea beer garden (remember that) Mario explains how voluntary work is mostly at night, giving him a perspective on life amid the luxury and sensation of F1. At that time he almost did not expect this. Even six weeks ago anyone in F1 expected this?

“I’m sure that compared to Melbourne and compared to [winter testing in] Barcelona there is a difference in perception of the problem. If you remember when we were in Barcelona for the first week everyone was 100 percent sure it was only a Chinese problem. “Ah, that’s not our problem. That is China. We will postpone the race. It does not matter. We will find a solution and we will be fine. ‘

“Then in seconds [test] Their session said the problem was in Italy. “Still, no problem.” Then in Melbourne everyone realized it was a world problem and not in one country. “

Pirelli F1 head Mario Isola speaks exclusively to Craig Sports from Sky Sports News about volunteers as ambulance drivers, the 2020 season and more

Pirelli F1 head Mario Isola speaks exclusively to Craig Sports from Sky Sports News about volunteers as ambulance drivers, the 2020 season and more

Daily work requires regular conferences with F1 teams and government agencies when embryonic plans for a revised calendar are formed. Beginning in July, with three weekends, one weekend holiday schedule depends on any tire supply.

“Eighteen races in six months is really a lot. We have produced tires for Bahrain, Vietnam and China so that all the tires are available. They are in containers that return to England. We have started production for several races and it is clear as soon as calendar draft appears we will work on a plan to produce the required tires.

“For events abroad, this is a little more difficult, not only for tires but also equipment because we have a number of kits that travel the world. If we start having triple headers, it will be difficult to cover all different countries. But I am sure they will create a situation that makes sense for us to supply tires. “

If the season can start again, can it also be stopped again? What if there is a second round infection? The Pirelli tested positive for corona virus after Melbourne recovered fully, but is the tire supplier in a very vulnerable position?

“Pirelli is on all teams. In Melbourne, we decided to avoid engineers visiting the installation area. We divided the workers into two shifts to reduce the number of people to have more room to avoid close contact.”

“In hospitality we separate offices, to avoid close contact. The Italians and British are separated to avoid spreading the virus to different countries. The craftsmen and engineers have contact with the team, so if anyone has contact with the Pirelli people then they spread the virus throughout Formula 1, so that’s not good.That is why we made many plans to reduce – I can’t say avoid – but reduce this possibility after we restarted.

“I hope that from this negative situation we can learn. We can learn how lucky we are in many different aspects of our lives. I think we have spoken in the past about this and I tell you that this type of voluntary activity has given me feedback how lucky I am in my normal life, but every day, the same nurses and doctors are far more exposed than we are, I am grateful for the people who sacrificed their lives. Suppose in Italy we have more than 80 doctors who died. risk their lives. “

Own risk borne lightly. He is one of the F1 heroes in all this – super Mario in real life.


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UPDATE: PIAA cancels winter championship, spring sports season Coronavirus | Instant News

The Northumberland Christian women’s basketball season will end in the Class A quarter-finals of the Class A state.

Senior Shamokin Abby Doss will swim at North Carolina State next season after winning five state titles, the same amount after his junior season. Selinsgrove’s bid to be repeated as champions of baseball will be postponed until 2021.

The rest of the winter sports schedule – including the state championships for basketball and swimming – has been canceled along with the entire spring sports season, the PIAA announced Thursday.

“We are rather hoping for that,” said Northumberland women’s basketball coach Dan Severn. “Everyone is disappointed, but we all understand why they do this.”

Doss said he was also not surprised by the decision.

“Honestly, I thought it would come,” said Doss. “For me, it wasn’t too surprising. I was actually more disappointed and surprised that they closed the school because I was a senior. I was worried about proms and graduation. Hopefully, we can do something about it – even if it’s in the summer – for closing . “

He added that after the initial state meeting was postponed, he did not think he would get the chance to increase the number of state titles to seven. As a defending champion three times in the 500 yard freestyle, and a defending champion twice in 200 individual dressing styles, he is preferred to repeat in both events.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, I could be the only girl to do this,’ but I accept it now,” said Doss. “That makes me want to force myself for N.C. State, and get better in the long run.”

The high school sports season was stopped in the middle of the PIAA basketball tournament and before the 2A swimming championship. Practice for the spring sports season is underway, but the game does not begin before Governor Tom Wolf’s closure order for school. At that time, the PIAA postponed the championship for at least two weeks.

“I think they made a good call when they delayed everything for two weeks,” Severn said. “It’s unfortunate. I feel so bad for seniors.”

On Thursday, Governor Wolf closed the school for the rest of the year.

“Today’s decision by the PIAA Board of Directors is difficult for everyone. Their minds remain with the thousands of student-athletes, coaches, officials and family members who are affected by this decision, “said PIAA Executive Director Dr. Robert A. Lombardi. “However, the council’s position reflects firm priorities for keeping student athletes, officials, and school staff members and their communities safe, while following guidelines given by the governor, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.”

Seventeen other public high school associations have ended their sports season, the PIAA announced.

“We have maintained hope for the continuation of our winter championships and shortened spring to help bring a sense of normalcy to our community,” Lombardi continued. teach us: cooperation, patience, sacrifice, responsibility, respect and perseverance. “

Shikellamy track and field coach Jonny Evans is among those disappointed with the decision made.

“Lombardi said they held out hope for a short spring, and I held out the same hope,” Evans said. “I’m a little surprised they made a decision today.

“I know they pay great attention to our hearts. Safety is number one priority, and rightfully so.”

Understanding, however, does not make it easier for those who will now miss a season.

“I am very sad that all these children will not have the opportunity to compete this spring,” Evans said. “There are more than 50,000 kids out on track and field in Pennsylvania, and a quarter of them are seniors. For those who don’t get their senior years, it’s terrible.”

The Braves coach must notify his athletes Thursday afternoon, but cannot do so on his own because social distance guidelines are designed to limit the spread of the corona virus.

“I just sent a message through the Remind application and told them the news that was not favorable,” Evans said. “I say that whatever I may do for them when this passes, I will try to do … … I tell them how sad I am and how angry I know them.”

Treville Miller senior Danville is disappointed that Ironmen won’t be able to take up baseball in this season. Last year, Danville lost three matches once to the State Seal final.

“It’s unfortunate,” Miller said. “We all held out hope that maybe we would go back to school and play. The smell was rotten.”

Miller, who will pitch next year at USC-Upstate, said he felt lucky because he knew his baseball career was not over.

“My heart goes out to all the children who want one more season to play and play with their friends, and now don’t have that opportunity,” Miller said.

Doss, who focuses on swimming, said he felt for his friends who had the whole season destroyed.

“It’s annoying for people who do spring sports,” Doss said. “If I exercise in the spring, I will not know what to do. I am upset with them.”

Doss said he was glad the winter athletes had at least the opportunity to compete most of the season, and could experience senior nights.

Northumberland Christian ended the historic season, which included the program’s first district title.

“We are going further than we have ever experienced before,” Severn said. “A great match to end our season – a match against Bishop Carroll, which is a very good team. Our girls are playing very well. That is a memory they will remember for a long time.”

The focus has now shifted to the future, and through the current pandemic.

“We will be strong again next year and continue to move forward as much as we can,” Evans said.

“We just have to face it,” said Doss. “Olympians and CEOs and everyone is dealing with it and dealing with it in different ways. My cousin has a baby recently, and his father can’t be in the room, so there are ways it can be worse.”


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